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lg g8

  1. 放课后

    Thread [!] Error: extraneous data found IN version

    what can i do
  2. S

    Thread Lg G8 crossflash

    Has anyone successfully crossflashed the g820n korean version with us unlocked g820qm Kdz? Is it possible? Thanks
  3. cheger32

    Thread [ROM][Android 11][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS 18.1[LG G8][alphalm]

    LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) for US LG G8 (G820*) LineageOS (also known as “Lineage”) is a free and open-source operating system based on Android. It is the successor to the custom ROM CyanogenMod. #include "std_disclaimer.h" /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for...
  4. S

    Thread I need help I think I bricked my lg g8

    I tried flashing android 11 onto my lg g8 and now I can't even get it into recovery Please help! https://youtube.com/shorts/lngf7WjYde8?feature=share
  5. S

    Thread Lg g820n skt to open korean firmware flash

    Hi, My device is a LM-G820N. Currently iam running android 10 sk telecom firmware. I tried to flash android 10 open korean firmware with lg up by selecting upgrade option in lg up software. But it gives an error saying cannot change from skt to open korean firmware. Please advice, is this...
  6. SirOlive

    Thread [[GUIDE]] Flashing Custom GSI ROM to LG G8 (LG820UMx)

    This might be completely unnecessary (mods feel free to remove if it is), but I see a LOT of misinformation regarding GSI ROMs and the G8. So. Here's a guide/FAQ for those wondering if/what is possible: ***I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR PHONE, LOSE YOUR DATA, OR OTHERWISE DAMAGE YOUR...
  7. ENbuscaDEAprender

    Thread LG G8s Demo retail how to get more storage space

    i recently purchased a lg g8 demo of supposedly 128gb, but i can only use 4gb. I don't want to switch to another room, as I have read that the wifi doesn't work. So I'm just looking for more storage. With a file explorer I noticed that some repeated folders occupy much of the memory and I would...
  8. K

    Thread LG G8 sprint "Download mode"

    Good afternoon friends. I still have a problem on my phone "your device has failed a routine safety ..." after I locked the bootloader. I gave it unofficial for repair, they could not do anything there. But now, for some reason, my phone does not load in edl9008 mode, but there is dowmload mode...
  9. K

    Thread LG G8 "Your device has failed a routine..."

    Hay, i have problem. Previously, my phone was successfully unlocked, but tonight while charging, it went into the bootloop by itself. I tried to make Wipe through TWRP, but it did not work. After installing TWRP 1, I made a backup of all the firmware except for the Data section. I tried to...
  10. D

    Thread LG G8 (LM-G820QM) Unlocked

    I have LG G8 Alexa variant. Model LM-G820QM. I think ts on latest firmware "qm21e". Right now I live in India so the VoLTE is not working. I tried to cross-flash it to Open firmware but LGUP gave error "Cant change the device(AMZ_US > OPEN_US)". I have three questions. Can I cross flash Korean...
  11. Walchiney

    Thread unlock LG G8 live demo

    I'm smart on cell phone I'm from ** BRAZIL ** I found a LG G8 to buy only that it's on a live demo I wanted to unlock everything I know the chip doesn't work there I wanted to know if I can unlock all the options And all the memory but I don’t know how to change this specific model and I was...
  12. A

    Thread G8 Crossflashing Guide (Requires root and may have issues on korean + more variants)

    First, here is the link to the TWRP zip I made to crossflash the sprint g8 to Open US 20c: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=4181557 Second, crossflashing is really only useful for two cases: you have an at&t or sprint g8 that you bootloader unlocked for other reasons and want...
  13. R

    Thread Can I downgrade TMo G8 from 10 to 9?

    Hi. I have got G8 on android 9 very first stock firmware. If I will update it to latest Android 10 thru Bridge - and will it be possible to roll back to Android 9 if I'll have that wish? Thanks in advance
  14. A

    Thread FM radio app for G8

    Thank you in advance :o I am holding LG G8 (G820UMB) version with Android 10 which does not have FM radio app. If anyone can provide the apk would be helpful. :)
  15. Coreinsp

    Thread New LG G8S AOD issue.

    Bought a LG G8S today but have an issue with the always on display there's a faint Grey background that is only on the half of the screen to put it simple the from the top to half of the screen background is not fully black. http://imgur.com/a/XvYNAlG https://imgur.com/a/PoSFJep
  16. J

    Thread Hey, LG, why not unlock the bootloader so we can update what you can't?

    Seriously. Why doesn't LG unlock the bootloader on these phones so that we can get custom updated roms? They're abysmal at releasing updates, and that locked bootloader is the only thing holding us back from having a much better device. My factory unlocked G8 hasn't received a single update...
  17. jericho246

    Thread I managed to replace Sprint boot logo with normal LG logo (completely by accident)

    I finally received my LG G8 and wanted to tinker with it a bit. When I first powered it on, it had Sprint boot logo. But after some tinkering, it now has the normal LG "Life's Good" boot logo. Here's how I did it: First of all I installed Android 10 on my LG G8 LM-G820UM thanks to this method...
  18. B

    Thread Speed Test G: Galaxy S10+ vs LG G8 ThinQ

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmcFUfJsRKU WTF? Why G8 sucks against S10?
  19. wsimon98

    Thread Apps freezing when opening.

    I've had the LG G8 for a few days now. Right out of the box apps (including even the settings menu) seemed to be locking up. I downloaded a small update right after a factory reset. It seemed to have fixed it for a while, but it's happening again. I try and open an app, and am met with a blank...
  20. sabret00the

    Thread UK Release?

    Does anyone know for sure if the G8 is coming to the UK? If so, will it be available on carriers or will we have to buy it outright? I've heard very little about the release of this phone.