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  1. LeoPosas

    Thread LG GT540 Template for Screenshots

    Hello GT540 users, I just want to share my humble template of our device, so with this you can paste a screenshot of your ROM or whatever you want to show inside the device. :victory: How to use? Simple, just have your screenshot in your PC, then use some image manipulator like PhotoScape or...
  2. P

    Thread (ROM) (PORT) Novara OS 3.0

    Novara OS 3.0 Port It is a port of novara os for lg p500. Its very smooth and fast :) Its based on SDSL 3.0 BY MIROSLAV MM ★xLoud:victory: ★Beats™ Audio ★Bravia Engine (Soon need to add that :)) ★SGY...
  3. retroth97

    Thread [ROM][PORT][ICS]MIUIv4 2.10.12 based on IceCreamSwift [SnapSeries Port][12.11.12]

    MIUI v4 2.10.12 This is port from LG P500 LINK. It's based on IceCreamSwift Final 1.0 by miroslav_mm, so everything what works in his rom works here too. Working: Everything what works in IceCreamSwift Final 1.0 MIUI Launcher Lockscreen Themes Statusbar Tweaks ...and every MIUI feature...
  4. miroslav_mm

    Thread Android 2.3.7 base on AOSP v.2.0 with kernel by miroslav_mm

    Let's me introduce your New favorite ROM! Think it will be the same popular like SDSL! Android 2.3.7 base on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Working: 99.9% Not working: some BT-headset I ported and adaptive missing parts from CM7: - FM radio - DSP equalizer - FLAC support - OpenVPN -...
  5. LeoPosas

    Thread [APPS][LATEST] GB & ICS GAPPS - Google Apps for LG GT540 Swift - (2-Oct-2012)

    Hello SWIFT Users! :highfive: Here's the updated gapps for our LG GT540! :cool: =============================================================================== =============================================================================== ++ If you miss and think that some one of deleted...
  6. despotovski01

    Thread [RECOVERY]ClockworkMod Recovery For LG GT540 Optimus

    All credits go to the original ClockworMod Recovery developer Koush! He made it, I just built it. Disclaimer: I give no warranty for this product. It's distributed as-is. It has the potential to brick your device, so use this with caution! I've fully tested this recovery, and it's working for me...
  7. LeoPosas

    Thread [THE FINAL TOOL][EASY TO USE]★★★ AIO Android Toolkit 7.5 ★★★ [= May/04/2013 =]

    [THE FINAL TOOL][EASY TO USE]★★★ AIO Android Toolkit 7.5 ★★★ [= May/04/2013 =] :victory: Welcome to the... All In One Android Toolkit :victory: =========================================================================================== PLEASE USE THIS TOOL WITH CAREFULLY! ME AND XDA ARE...
  8. LeoPosas

    Thread GO Launcher EX 2.73 Beta 1 - (01/01/2012)

    Moved thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1423043 :o
  9. P

    Thread [Q] LG GT540 cannot go on the internet.

    So yay. My LG GT540 can make calls! However, it cannot go on the internet. I'm in the USA and using T-mobile. Can anyone tell me or guide me into how I can accomplish this, step by step? I'm very new to all this I want 3g/4g internet, if possible, not just the 2g Edge. The reps at T-mobile...
  10. P

    Thread [Q] Activating GT540 with T-mobile SIM, No activation code

    Hi there guys, my new phone arrived in the mail today yay! However, I totally forgot how to activate the SIM! These unlocked phones do not come with any activation codes for T-mobile and T-mobile asks for it to activate online. How do I bypass this? I'm sure I found the answer somewhere but I...
  11. P

    Thread [Q] Reputable seller for the LG GT540 in Pink?

    Hey guys, first of all, sorry if I'm not supposed to post questions in this thread (I saw other people posting questions and I thought this thread would be the most appropriate for my question). So feel free to move this post wherever you find appropriate, but please don't delete! I've been...
  12. M

    Thread [SOFT-MOD]Swiftdroid Triumph v2.0

    SOFT-MOD Swiftdroid Triumph Please don't ask for ETA-s, I'm only 16 I have to study a lot and you know things like that... Credits go to all XDA devs, who make our phones more beautiful. If you see your theme, app, rom, mod or something in my soft-mod, don't worry. I don't steal anything, I...
  13. K

    Thread [Q] LG Gt 540 Does not read SD card after App2sd

    Hi, My GT 540 does not recognize any sd cards at all. It is rooted. Tried hard reset, but still no luck. Also does not connect to LG PC Suit. All the option in Settings/SD card are greyed out, so its not on mass storage mode. Phone just does not see the card at all. :confused: This happened...
  14. M

    Thread [Q] Startup sound for GT540 CM7!

    Hi XDA! I would like to ask if there is a method(which really works) to set startup and maybe shutdown sounds for the LG GT540. In the stock 2.1 I remember changing startup/shutdown sounds easily, I just replaced the sound files with another. Or is there any script or any way to include...
  15. L

    Thread [Q] how to update clockworkmod

    hi i have problems with the new update of cyanogen mod 7 RC4 i have strange issues in the screen, i think the problem is because my clockwork mod is a old version, and i want to know if i can reinstal clockworkmod with the new version and my fastboot because when i press power+camera my fastboot...
  16. mikegapinski

    Thread [ROMS] Gingerbread, CyanogenMod 9 with preRC, MIUI 2.2.24 Build One

    All the stuff is on my website: http://mikegapinski.androidus.pl It is integrated with my twitter and it has an rss feed to be always up to date
  17. airbus360

    Thread [ROM][SOFT-MOD] OpenOptimusGT540 | Android 2.2 | Built to look like LG P500

    LG Optimus One Port for LG GT540 Beta 2 Version 1.0 "SoftMod" Out soon! Works: - WiFi - Wireless Tethering - Bluetooth - SDCard - GPS - Apps to Install to the SDCard - GSM (2g/3g) - Camera (MP4 Recording) - Sensors - Flash Player (Not all but some games/video websites) - Multiple...
  18. tejasjadhav

    Thread [ROM][Froyo] 2.2.1 | CyanogenMod 6 | Project Utopia | Miroslav_mm [UPDATE: 24/03]

    Project Utopia by Miroslav_mm CyanogenMod 6 Froyo 2.2.1 Original Thread: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=247306&st=80 Version 1.5 Final Changelog: 1. REVO kernel 2. ported OpenGL render from GB 3. SD-Card cache in CM settings 4. Link for Camcorder 5. OpenGL ES-CM 1.1 - increase 30%...
  19. Chxrlyglez

    Thread [Q] Somebody know how can i enable Ad Hoc Networks in Joestone Rom??

    Hi al!! Somebody know how can i enable Ad Hoc Networks in Joestone Rom?? :confused: I know WPA_SUPPLICANT need to be replaced for one modified, but i tried a diferent options and can´t do this Someone can help me?? Thanks in advance
  20. Chxrlyglez

    Thread [HOW TO] How to enable Ad Hoc Networks in Android 2.3.2 by Joestone

    Hi al!! Somebody know how can i enable Ad Hoc Networks in Joestone Rom?? :confused: I know WPA_SUPPLICANT need to be replaced for one modified, but i tried a diferent options and can´t do this Someone can help me?? Thanks in advance
  21. A

    Thread Cant Fastboot.. plz help

    i wanted to update my phone to 2.3...it had 2.1.. wen i tried to fastboot it showed waiting for device.. i even tried updating my drivers bt its nt working plz help..
  22. bretthutton

    Thread [Guide] Upgrading from 2.1 (or 1.6) to 2.3 swiftdroid [Revised by Stryker’s Lounge]

    Brief: Back up All - Contacts & Data (Remove Sim Card) [Unlock Phone] [Install 'z4root.1.3.0.apk' 955.48kb] [Install 'Rom Manager' Android Market][Install 'Superuser' Android Market] Ok the way we are doing this is 2.1 -> 2.2 fastboot -> 2.3.3 Start - First Install Driver on PC...
  23. bavarec93

    Thread [Q] URGENT HELP!! LG GT540 upgrading (form an1.6 to 2.1) failed!

    I have a LG GT540 phone that had Android 1.6 on it. I tried to upgrade it to Android 2.1 with the official program (I downloaded from the official web page) but it failed. :/ It started the upgrade but on 4% it stopped and now I can't use my phone. When I turned it on it has a blue background...
  24. J

    Thread [Q] LG GT540 - Best ROM?

    I just got an LG GT540 for traveling abroad (I use a Droid X on Verizon for most of the year). It was a good deal, but it came with Android 2.1 and I want to be able to use apps off the SD card. When I started searching around for ROM's, I found a plethera of SwiftDroid developer forums and was...
  25. despotovski01

    Thread [Q] How to make custom ROMs?

    I want to know how to develop my own ROM for LG Optimus.
  26. G

    Thread [Q] Mp GT540 is frozen on Android Loading Screen - Any Help?

    Hi, I've recently bought a LG GT540 (second hand) on CyanogenMOD 2.2 (Froyo) but it was on 02 and I'm on TMobile - The bloke at the market wouldn't unlock so I bought a code off the net and tried putting it in myself only to be displayed the error: Incorrect MMI Type. After reading some forums...
  27. S

    Thread [Q] Arabic font, Need Help please

    Hello :) I’ve been trying for weeks to solve Arabic font problem. The letters appears disconnected like this : أ ن ا ذ ا ه ب This problem was solved in this great forum for Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 when I tried to fix it with LG-GT540 android 2.1, My LG stopped working and I had to...
  28. TheGiga

    Thread [Library] The Official Optimus Reference Thread

    The Official Optimus Reference Thread Library Official Reference Thread You Can Find Anything that related to The LG Optimus GT540 here. Please Read The Rules Before Posting !! 1. LG GT540 Android 2.1 Eclair Update + Tutor 2. [2.1] Simple root instructions for Eclair 3. [App2SD] Working...
  29. S

    Thread multiboot on lg gt 540 (optimus)

    Hi, anyone knows how I can make subj. I want to make additional linux kernel boot from external mmc card.