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lg optimus l5

  1. piyushmehta24

    Thread [Q] get samsung touchwiz rom on lg e610

    please tell me that is there any way to get samsung touchwiz rom for lg e610!
  2. TheXorg

    Thread [L5/E610] [ROM] [JB] "SLUR" for E610

    Hello everyone, here you can see my first ROM that i made. SLUR means StockLikeUpdateRom, because it looks like the orginal LG Rom. Its based on Flatzki's JB Clean ROM. The Optimus L5 comes with Android ICS 4.0.X, and this updates it to 4.1.2, like the Optimus L5 II. I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR...
  3. piyushmehta24

    Thread flashable cwm

    this is the flashable cwm for lg optimus l5 flash it and have fun
  4. D

    Thread [TUT][L5] From Stock ICS to CustomROM step for step guide ROOT/BOOTLOADER/CWM/ROMS

    Hello guys, this is a Tutorial for the LG optimus L5 step for step Rooting, Installing bootloader, installing CWM and finally installing ROMS. I made this thread because i thought the other threads are a bit scattered all over the Lg optimus forums which is a bit obsecure. So here I set up...
  5. hackerxx

    Thread [Q][L7] Some questions about recovery[SOLVED]

    I tried flashing the recovery and it works but when I try to boot into it, there is this android lying down with the front panel open with a red warning label. I can't do anything but to remove battery. Is this normal? Sorry if its a stupid question.
  6. prasad12ka4

    Thread LG Optimus L5 E610

    As the Name states this thread specifically belongs to LG Optimus L5 Official Site: Specifications: (Credit GSMAreana.com) Detailed Review: Video Review: PC Suit: (Credit: misha007) Drivers: (Credit: misha007 / dragnan) Updater Tool (Credit: dragnan) Firmware: (Credit: misha007)...