1. warmachine20

    Thread Lg g phoenix 2

    Phone screen blinks on main menu.. it don't Bink on the LG or download mode... Only blinks on the main screen. I flashed a few stock rom but the issue is still there..
  2. NolanLinuxDev

    Thread Patched Phoenix 2 boot image with Magisk (NOT WORKING ROOT YET)

    Now first off, this Magisk image would technically not work due to the small issue that the LG Phoenix 2's bootloader can't be unlocked. However, you could still, if you somehow manage to force a bootloader unlock and get into fastboot mode, flash this boot.img file and achieve Magisk root. The...
  3. C

    Thread LG Phoenix 2 Google lockout on my phone thats my wifes thats been off a year

    It keeps asking for the original email it was setup with. I cant set it up to any email. I am able to get it to do a verification but it wont take the email or password. I have been working at this for weeks now. Well not 24/7. It is active with my ATT sim card in the phone. I even try the...
  4. E

    Thread Help rooting lg phoenix 2

    I recently got a new phone and wanted to try rooting my lg phoenix 2. I'm new to this whole thing, so i don't really know what I'm doing yet. I can't find any info about rooting it, and I can't find it when looking up devices. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. T

    Thread New update.

    Its probably just a security update but its getting something new FYI. (Phone is updating at time of this post)
  6. C

    Thread Reprogramming files k371

    someone can follow the steps of this guide to get the files prog_emmc_firehosexxxx.mbn rawprogram0.mbn patch0.xml for this cell phone model and upload them to a server. https://tarciodownload.blogspot.com/2018/03/mbn-files-for-lenovo-devices-download.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOELi1Nz7vg
  7. marzhall24

    Thread ¿How can I make a backup of the firmware of k371? 11N version

    good afternoon colleagues of the forum, some have information about a software or crack type z3x that allows me to make a backup to my lg phoenix 2, I currently have it in version MM compilation 11N that I understand is the best since nougat is a battery drain . I already ask that the lg...
  8. H

    Thread Install LG Phoenix 2 Nougat Firmware (K371)(AT&T)

    Install LG Phoenix 2 Nougat Firmware (K371)(AT&T) Firmware Details:- Android Version: – Android v7.0 (Nougat) Release Date: – June.2017 Device: – LG Phoenix 2 Status: – Official Software version: – K37120j Type:- “ .UP ” Thank you :) link source: xda
  9. A

    Thread LG Phoenix 2 (K371) Android 7.0 Nougat Upate Coming Soon

    LG has just released the source code for the Android N 7.0 software for LG Phoenix 2 (K371) LG K371 V10B stock kdz firmware https://www.mylgphones.com/lg-k371-stock-firmware-v10b.html https://mega.nz/#!ywsjgRzB!0pi1P5y5glmb76pzBQz-rStBoOYjK1DiuVmKv9Lv4iI and LG UP DLL for LG K371 LG UP DLL...
  10. J

    Thread lg phoenix 2 boot verification failed MISMATCH_SIG_LEN

    I rooted and installed the twrp-3.0.2-0-h815.iso from the flashing apk, the lg phoenix 2 is giving the error boot verification failed MISMATCH_SIG_LEN Is there any way to restore I did factory reset by pressing power and volume down , factory reset is erasing but not fixing this issue. I can go...
  11. T

    Thread [Help] Need LG Phoenix 2(K371) stock rom

    Hello, For some reason, I corrupted my LG K371 modem, so I'm looking for the stock rom in .kdz or .tot or at least the Modem partition in order to fix my phone Thanks
  12. T

    Thread LG Phoenix 2 (K371) Network mode issue

    Hello, I've got a LG Phoenix 2(K371) phone that I bought from Bestbuy and unlocked through AT&T The phone is supposed to support the UMTS B1(2100 Mhz) frequency (as stated in specs). I'm in North Africa right now for a business trip and unfortunately I wasn't able to get any 3G data with the...
  13. B

    Thread [Q] Root_LG-K371(Phoenix2)_Help!!

    Hello comunity, maybe someone ask you about rooting LG Phoenix 2 before, but i can't find any method for this device. I read Unjustified Dev post "New Root Method for LG Devices" and it's very simple, but latter he write "Do not attempt this on devices with 5.1.1". I continue my search and find...
  14. D

    Thread Carrier Unlock LG Phoenix 2 K731

    Hi so I just bought the LG Phoenix 2 Go phone just as a backup device and wanted to know if there was any way to unlock the device. I know I can go and buy an unlock code from one of the retailers online but I wanted to know if there was a way to do it myself.
  15. K

    Thread Can't find root method for LG Phoenix 2 (LG k371).

    Hey all! I recently bought the LG Phoenix 2 (LG k371) from ATT, and I really want to root it. But alas, I was unable to find any root method that works for my phone. Does anyone know of a method that will currently work for my device? It is running MarshMallow 6.0. I can update with any other...