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  1. Z

    Thread v405ua20a Android Q

    Hey guys, I got LG V40 for really good price here in egypt And it's at&t version So i need go update it to android 10 Anyone can help me ?? I need full guide to something to go with it I have good experience with unlock and change roms in xiaomi phones But it looks like this different...
  2. I

    Thread Request for LG V409N09e Android 10 latest firmware

    I recently bought used LG V40 from the seller online, and mine was a south korean model with software version of "V409N09e". I could not able to get a latest update with my WiFi and still stuck with Android 8.1.0 Oreo. Can anyone have latest Android 10 latest firmware for V409N09e or does any...
  3. TheElectronDude

    Thread My wifi won't turn on after reflashing os

    Model number : LM-V05UA Timeline of Events : 1. I unlock my bootloader using this guide : https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-unlock-your-lg-v40-via-9008-mode-every-variant-except-t-mobile.4042207/ 2. I flash twrp onto my phone using this guide ...
  4. D

    Thread Flash TWRP with phone already rooted

    I have an ATT LG V40 on android 8.1. The phone is already rooted and has magisk installed. I have been unable to get TWRP installed so I can flash a custom rom. It seems that being on android 8.1 is causing issues, but I am not really sure. I followed this guide...
  5. warmachine20

    Thread LG V40 keeps dropping cellular and wifi connection

    LG V40 keeps dropping cellular and wifi connection.. When ever I am connected to Wi-Fi data both the Wi-Fi and cellular network keeps dropping connection. If the phone is connected only by data network. it works fine. Have to put it on airplane mode then put on the Wi-Fi to work. This issues...
  6. C

    Thread Lg V40 ATT still on android 8.1

    Hello, I have bought an LG v40 ATT unlocked some months ago. I cannot update to android 9 via OTA none via LG Bridge because I think it needs an ATT account or sim card for it to update via the ATT network but I live in Europe. What can I do to update it to Android 9? Thanks in advance
  7. D

    Thread Stopped casting from YouTube app

    Hi everyone, I can't find any information on this elsewhere and wondered if anyoned else has experienced this or is having this issue. I have a factory unlocked non-rooted Sprint LG V40 phone. And it was working perfectly fine, but suddenly I noticed that it cannot cast from the YouTube app...
  8. N

    Thread How is the U.S Cellular Model?

    I just bought a U.S Cellular V40 on Ebay for $350. I currently have a U.S Cellular V30 I've been using for 10 months on Verizon and T-Mobile with zero problems. Apparently, all current U.S Cellular phones are factory unlocked. The V30 has no branding anywhere, no bloatware, etc. that you would...
  9. nyttliv7

    Thread Lg Email app

    Made me happy to see that lg put some effort into their own app lineup, like music with equalizer and even email. But for some reason email won't connect to server (on Wi-Fi) when adding gmail account. It's working only on LTE? Anyways, I gave up, disabled it and using the gmail app instead...
  10. nyttliv7

    Thread Debloating

    Guess people might know this already, but just to let you know, Package Disabler Pro works great to disable system apps, but be careful. I disabled all sprint stuff and some other stuff I don't need. No issues so far :) Of course some system apps will still boot after disabling them, but my...