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  1. T

    Thread [Factory Data Reset disabled by Kill Switch] Noob trying to unlock bootloader. Very Confused.

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by. So, I bought a V30 VS996 from Ebay. It was carrier locked to verizon, so I thought I'd try to unlock the bootloader on it. and was thinking the whole process would be pretty simple... I'm now dozens of pages into reading, and honestly, now I'm a bit lost. I'm on...
  2. JonnyTrulove

    Thread Cine Shot (Partial Motion Still Photos) working on LG V30 - APP link & Instructions.

    Cine Shot (Partial Motion Still Photos) working on LG V30 - APP link & Instructions. Hey all, been a while since I've had any new discoveries because I have been busy with a move across the country, but I think this one was worth waiting for :good: This post is a tough one to categorize, as...
  3. zomgalama

    Thread AOSP/Lineage based ROMS no APN settings on Sprint Devices

    Noticed this originally a month ago. On LineageOS and any AOSP based rom I no longer have any access to APN settings (they do show up if I remove my SIM but settings don't seem to stick on reboot). Is there any fix for this? Using APN editors don't seem to help either since they just say "APN...
  4. Arjomer

    Thread LG v30 screen blackout all sudden

    Hi, I've been normally using my v30 and all sudden the screen shut down, but everythuing was working, notifications, vibration, phone calls, etc. I've tried all button combinations but all i could do is reboot the phone but the problem still persists. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
  5. sakisus

    Thread Issue with ANT+ services and Oreo

    Hi there, I have an LGV30 (AT&T), stock ROM Except the signal issues I am pretty happy with it. I was wondering if anyone can help me on this one and thank you all in advance. My issue (since the Oreo update) is when I connect my Garmin USB ANT Stick via OTG cable the phone starts behaving...
  6. prawnguevara

    Thread What on earth is going on with V30's image processing? Why can't it photograph trees?

    Here is a gallery of what I'm talking about: https://imgur.com/a/dYAGmZh Whenever leaves or foliage are in the shot the camera seems to freak out and paint everything over in this impressionistic style. These images are not zoomed in, it's just what the full size image looks like. I've never...
  7. papamalo

    Thread Question about rooting and third party camera apps

    Question about rooting and third party camera apps I just got a new LG V30, and am happy with it's speed and function I want to root it, remove all unwanted bloatware, (Is there a current list of apps I can safely remove?) and check out some of the pixel camera apps I've been hearing about...
  8. shenoyjoseph

    Thread LG V30 Plus Latest Camera Update Enhances the Both Photo and Cine Video Experience

    Hi, last week I got camera update for my LG V30 Plus device. So I decided to check out the camera experience in the real-world scenario. Here is the video I made with LG V30 Plus to show you how camera features has been evolved till now ;). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXhwAU4AhYA...
  9. spacebar2011

    Thread LG V30+ H930DS regional restrictions

    Fellow V30+ users and anyone else that has experience with recent LG devices, I have a H930DS from India that I use in HK now. It's the exact same model that's sold here in HK (I got it from India because of the lower price, which a first!). Now, my problem is with VoLTE here. My carrier, CSL...