1. L

    Thread Managing Spotify Songs

    Hi, I search an app or web site to arrange/ sort my songs in Spotify like this website I would like to make genre based playlist (rock/disco/house....), mood playlist (chill, dance, sad...), years(1950,1960,2000...). The website...
  2. Frax3r

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [GCAM][A73] Custom Libs and Configs For A73

    Hello everyone! It took us a while but A73 finally got some development done and is ready for GSI or ROM usage. Both of which has it's own problems. Mainly camera quality. Samsung being samsung and qualcomm being qualcomm, we don't have full access to cameras in 3rd party apps so if we go...
  3. teble

    Thread [DexKit] Xposed Module Jni Lib | An easy-to-use, high-performance dex deobfuscation library

    Library: DexKit Project Link: About: An easy-to-use, high-performance dex deobfuscation library. Easy to use your CMAKE/Android projects. Highlight: JNI multi-threaded processing Dex bytecode, more efficient than JVM implementation. It single search is ms...
  4. BlackMesa123

    Thread [DEPRECATED][DEV][LIBRARY][5.0+] OneUI Design Library 2.3.0

    ⚠️ This library is deprecated and will no longer be updated. Please check the new oneui-core and oneui-design libraries. ⚠️ a library by @Yanndroid and @BlackMesa123 This library was made with one goal: allow everyone to create One UI styled apps. It contains most of Samsung's UI elements...
  5. 0x4f

    Thread [TOOLS][LIBRARY] GetPerms - Android wrapper class library to quickly get app permissions and other package data.

    GetPerms GetPerms is an Android wrapper library to get requested and granted app permissions, app metadata (icon, size, signature) and more! Want to quickly get an application's icon in just one line of code? Making a banking app and need to check the see if your app has been illegally...
  6. A

    Thread How do software development processes change?

    Hi guys, I am doing research for my master's thesis on frontend frameworks and component libraries and how they affect the software development process. I am mainly focusing on the relationship of the project manager (planning) - designer - developer. I would like to get a holistic view of the...
  7. D

    Thread Build Error

    I am trying to build a rom (for the flame (4) device) but I am getting this error that I cannot resolve, it pops up even with allow missing dependencies bootable/recovery/ error: "librecovery_ui_ext (SHARED_LIBRARIES android-arm64) missing librecovery_ui_flame (STATIC_LIBRARIES...
  8. H

    Thread [HELP] Xposed Module : load & hook native libraries

    Hi, After modding APKs and that XPOSED is now back for a long time I guess with EdXposed, I'm trying to make my first XPOSED modules by following tutorials. I've setup android studio, wrote my code but now I can't load native library. I guess it's a permission problem but coudn't figure how to...
  9. Xspeed

    Thread Unloading Xposed, package blacklisting in app_process?

    Hello We all know that there is no way of passing SafetyNet with Xposed enabled, in any existing form. So I've been thinking, couldn't we just make Xposed not run for specified packages? How hard would be unloading Xposed libraries from a forked process? Basic knowledge suggests calling...
  10. Quinny899

    Thread [DEV/LIBRARY]Amazfit Communication: 2 way communication for Pace/Stratos inc internet

    Amazfit Communication Library The Amazfit Communication Library is a reverse engineered and modified version of the Huami "Transporter" class (and its subclass "TransporterClassic"), along with its dependencies. This allows both sending and receiving data on both the phone and the watch, using...
  11. Beatsleigher

    Thread [Dev][LIB][MULTI-PLATFORM] JDroidLibv2! Java Android Communications Platform

    Welcome! Introduction After three years of inactivity, of me (the developer) simply enjoying life and riding bikes, I'm proud to announce that JDroidLib is being resurrected! Originally inspired by AndroidLib by regaw_leinad, JDroidLib is a Java class library aimed to ease the development of...
  12. A

    Thread [Library] CompareString

    This is a simple and useful library to compare Strings on any android version. Github:
  13. T

    Thread [Q] Xposed Framework on Cm12s?

    Is it possible to install xposed framework on cm12s? Through the xposed installer I always get an error: 'CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE: could not load library "" needed by "/data/data/"; caused by library "" not found' It also says...
  14. Bobbyloujo

    Thread [Library] BobEngine - Easy to use 2D game engine for Android

    Hello, XDA! I have created my own 2D game engine that utilizes OpenGL and sports many features to help make programming 2D games for Android as quick and simple as possible. I created this engine for use in my own projects but then I thought why no make it open-source? I think other people...
  15. Tooleap

    Thread [Library]Tooleap SDK - Create Floating Apps

    Tooleap SDK Make your app start floating above with Tooleap's floating UI Tooleap is a free SDK that enables Android developers to easily create a floating widget (a bubble) that floats at the front of the screen above any other app. Along with the side-screen that slides-in when the user taps...
  16. B

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to hook method from Android Support Library?

    I'm trying to hook a method (setBackgroundDrawable) in the class but I'm getting a ClassNotFound error. Here is my code: Class<?> ab = findClass("", lpparam.classLoader); findAndHookMethod(ab...
  17. Marurban

    Thread TO DELETE

    No longer available, please delete this thread.
  18. SimplicityApks

    Thread [LIBRARY][2.1+] ReminderDatePicker - Google Keep-like Date and Time Picker

    Date and time pickers have always been a hassle for me (no matter how awesome they looked). Having to choose from a few hundred numbers felt overwhelming and was neither intuitive nor fast. Luckily, Google found a sleek solution in the Notes app which I decided to replicate...
  19. D

    Thread [LIB][2.2+]Font Widgets

    Set of Android Widgets that support custom fonts(Typeface) Note: Font file type support may vary across different android versions Supported Widgets * AutoCompleteTextView (as FAutoCompleteTextView) * Button (as FButton) * CheckBox (as FCheckBox) * CheckedTextView (you get the idea...) *...
  20. Tory Gaurnier

    Thread [SOLVED][Q] Help adding Gradle based library to my non-Gradle non-Eclipse project

    I'm trying to use HoloColorPicker by Lars Werkman, now I'm not using Eclipse or the Android Studio, I'm doing everything via command line and advanced text editors (that's just how I like it). Now the problem I'm running into is HoloColorPicker uses Gradle, so it doesn't have a build.xml file...
  21. championswimmer

    Thread [Library][WIP] SimpleFingerGestures

    I have often come accross the need to implement to simple gestures like 2-finger swipe up, or pinch, or 1-finger swipe left etc etc. And unfortunately no such simple gesture library exists for Android, so I have started building one. The library sources are at...
  22. S

    Thread [Q] Google Play Music

    i just wanted to ask if its possible to start directly from "my library" and not from "listen now"
  23. gade12

    Thread [Library] ViewPager

    Hi guys. I am going to try to explain the scene of this library. HC/ICS and above are android versions that are in more than 75% of all android smartphones... This can cause one scene, you want to develop an application to HC/ICS or above... Your application need to use ViewPager, this is...
  24. S

    Thread [ MOD ] noAnalytics Remix - compile ROMs without Statistics Reporting!

    --- copied with permission from --- Developers Only Inspired by MaR-V-iN's work on freecygn and noAnalytics, I bring you noAnalytics Remix! Using Mar-V-iN's source, I recompiled the jar with JDK 1.6 and jumped through a few flaming hoops. Now it will natively compile...
  25. nikwen

    Thread [LIBRARY][GUIDE] DynamicShareActionProvider

    [LIBRARY][GUIDE] DynamicShareActionProvider Some time ago I had a conversation with SimplicityApks about Google's ShareActionProvider. We found out that it's not flexible enough as it doesn't allow dynamic generation of the data which should be shared. So here I release my open-source...
  26. AChep

    Thread [LIB] Header2ActionBar | 06.12.2013

    Hey there, Header2ActionBar is a library which implements the fading action bar effect that can be seen in the new Play Music and Google Newspaper apps. P2sNSF9LR6U Download the sample app Usage: Using the library is really simple, just look at the source code of the provided samples...
  27. M

    Thread Infrared library for HTC One

    I'm interested in writing a GOOD, free infrared remote app for the HTC One. As of right now, there are no good free infrared remote apps. If I am wanting to make use of the infrared blaster in a non-stock ROM (such as CyanogenMod), will I still need the HTC infrared library? Or does Android have...
  28. R

    Thread [Library] UpdateChecker

    Update Checker is a class that can be used by Android Developers to increase the number of users update their apps by showing a "New Update Available" Notification or Dialog. It checks for new updates downloadable by parsing the Play Store desktop page of your app. Changelog See complete...
  29. B

    Thread Android studio wont work with an api

    So, I am currently messing around with android programming, and i am using android studio and my ide of choice. I have made a few simple apps(calculator and whatnot) without issue. But now i am trying to make an app using the youtube data api. I can not even get started on it though because i...
  30. C

    Thread [LIB] Java ADB Library (AdbLib)

    Overview About a month ago I got the urge to do some reverse engineering of ADB so that I could write an Android app that would be able to talk to devices the same way that the adb command-line tool distributed with the Android SDK does (without requiring root!). The app that came about from...
  31. Adam77Root

    Thread Call recording on official ICS

    Hello everybody! As the title says, I got call recording fully working on official ICS. It probably works on official ZCLPD Chinese ICS, but only with the stock kernel. Angeeks rom has the good audio libs, but the bundled ardatdat's kernel doesn't support Chinese additions. What do you need...
  32. G

    Thread [Library]Build.prop Tools

    Build.prop Tools is a library that makes it easier for app developers to edit the build.prop file from their applications. I decided to make this library when I needed to edit build.prop from within an app I'm developing and I couldn't find a library to make this simple. So, after I had worked...
  33. Adam77Root

    Thread [Discussion] GPS performance

    After seeing it on many device forums, I realized that we need a separate thread for discussing GPS-related experiences, issues, etc. Let me start it: GPS seems to be the best on GB roms. Don't know about CM7.2, but stock GB and those built upon it are very good in giving a fix. I have found...
  34. S

    Thread Lounge - The Multiplayer Framework

    Hello Dev Community, we would like show you our project. Its about actually making a difference for the mobile gaming experience. :highfive: Check out our website our watch our quick prezi to see what it is all about. You can also check out on of our full talks at a Android Conference...
  35. C

    Thread [Android] Inscription library

    Here's my open source library called Inscription: This library is made to display information of your Android app, it currently features a change log dialog and a whats new dialog.
  36. erol.savas

    Thread [Q] Media Library Cleanup?

    Guys, do you know how to clean-up the media library on WP8? I have a Lumia 920. I've copied some mp3, m4a and m4v files manually into the Music folder via USB, which helped perfectly. Music+Videos app recognized all files I've copied and played them without any problems. However, things started...
  37. scio

    Thread Academic databases and their APPs

    Hi there, as a scholar I use many academic databases (journals, books) for my studies. The best thing I recently discovered is, some of them nicely work with our beloved NSTR! The first one is JSTOR: It has no dedicated app, but their website nicely supports mobile view...
  38. P

    Thread DataManagement Library for Easy Android Database Storage

    Storing objects to a Database for an Android application should be fast and easy as: dm.add(new StorableClass()); DataManagement is a new open source library that allows you to do just that. DataManagement is a Java Android library designed to help easily and efficiently store aggregate classes...
  39. P

    Thread [Q] Problem removing/updating SuperSU binary

    Hi, I have a small problem. Perhaps someone of you can help me. I asked this in the exploit thread as well as in the SuperSU thread but most I think just oversaw it. I had CF-root on ICS stock before upgrading to JB. Sow since I got JB (4.1.1.), I'm on stock without root. I tried the new...
  40. nkahoang

    Thread [GUIDE+LIB] Detecting Kernel Hardware Changes (ex: HDMI/Dock) - Java and No ROOT

    KernelSwitchObserverLib A natural pure JAVA library for detecting changes of Kernel Hardware (How to detect HDMI / MHL connection/disconnection; Beat Audio enabling / disabling; and much more on the fly from your app!) NO ROOT, NO NDK, NO POOLING (which means Battery friendly), PURE JAVA...
  41. Adam77Root

    Thread [KERNEL] My kernel patches

    Hi everybody! This thread is dedicated to containing all the kernel (and some other kernel-related) patches I create/port for our device. So I think it could help our kernel developers to focus on actual SGR-related work without worrying about examining and implementing everything that already...
  42. M

    Thread [Q]Error at setting up a larger library project Android

    Since I can not post links but they are necessary to not post a lot of code, I removed the prefixes in the beginning. They begin with the URL: Want to start a standalone android project with a button in another project. First made a simple main app with a button that was referring to another...
  43. georgetoon

    Thread [Q] Overdrive question

    I downloaded a library book via the Overdrive App. It'sn Adobe Epub file. However, I mistakenly wrote it to "My Library" while downloading. Now, it won't open in Overdrive, only in My Library. Not a big deal. Just wondering how I can change this as it appears to be locked out of Overdrive...
  44. S

    Thread [Q] How to check for app dependencies???

    I was thinking of making the walkman app from LWW work in or beloved W8/X8 and thats why wanted to know how to check the dependency of any application? Just tryin to do something... No offence... Wanna check the files it needs in the system folder to work... is hit and trial the only way, or...
  45. L

    Thread Augmented Reality Component

    Hi Developers, I wanted to let you know of two great android augmented reality components. They have already helped developers in their projects, I hope it does the same for some of you Augmented Reality Toolkit - $20 KoEye Augmented Reality - $130
  46. B

    Thread [Q] Kindle Fire Library

    Hey guys, I have no access to kindle fire library, which allows you to access free Prime account books. I have never been able to access these since I bought the Fire, which I immediately ran burritoroot, installed golauncher, gapps, etc. I went as far as to call tech support to see if I am not...
  47. TRS-80

    Thread Pros and Cons of Using CM7 ROM as Compared to Stock

    In another thread, albertwertz made these observations in a video he created: I figured this topic deserved a post of it's own, so as not to get lost within the CM7 support thread, so I created it. The only real concern I had, before switching to CM7, was what about Adobe PDF ebook format...
  48. powerpenguin

    Thread [Q] baked-in app (in custom ROM) keeps looking for lib in wrong place

    Hi there, I have a custom ROM in which I integrated many apps (to save /data memory). For the apps which have dynamic libs I put these in /system/lib. This works without problems for all apps except for com.intsig.BCRLite (which is Business Card Reader Light) It keeps looking in...
  49. J

    Thread [Q] request information about audio subsystem on gingerbread / semaphore

    While being an experienced linux user, I still consider myself android noob, so I hope I can get some info about the problem here (yes, and you said to be nice while I was registering, so please let me solve it myself, it may be a new challenge :p ) System:SGS I9000 8GB, not overclocked (tried...
  50. Blefish

    Thread Adding a library to recovery

    Hello, I am in the process of porting CWM to my device. My phone needs this rmt_storage, which processes some modem data. I extracted it from my device, added with the executable, but the problem is, it won't start. It gives an error about file not existing there, but it does. My...