1. theskig

    Thread General Proximity sensor activation in direct sunlight (like in my old "1 II").

    This happened to me even with the 1 II (in use until a week ago): in direct sunlight the proximity sensor activates by himself. The problem occurs expecially when on the holder in the car during a sunny day, and as I use an app (WaveUp) to activate and lock the screen with the proximity sensor...
  2. thetanmaygupta

    Thread [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP [Poco M4 5G/Redmi Note 11E/Redmi 10 5G/Redmi 10 Prime+ 5G (Light)]

    Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is an open-source software custom recovery image for Android-based devices. It provides a touchscreen-enabled interface that allows users to install third-party firmware and back up the current system, functions often unsupported by stock recovery images. It is...
  3. Rainizu

    Thread Realme 7 RMX2151 brightness and night light flickering bugs on custom roms

    Hello, I just want to ask if these bugs can't be fixed namely the brightness not changing below 50% and when activating the night light it keeps on flickering. I have already tried Nusantara, Lineage OS Fan Edition, crDroid, and PixelPlus UI yet they all present the same bugs no matter what. I...
  4. xfx-net

    Thread I need to add flash light notifications to specific contacts.

    Good morning I want to install some led flash app for notifications of specific contacts in whatsapp. It already adds sounds to the specific contacts but I need to put lighting with flashing of the camera. any ideas? Thank you. Mod edit: Thread closed as duplicate of...
  5. ABSELT05

    Thread Notifications ring around camera hole, within or without Ambient Disaplay

    Video showcase Shot by Serial Kazama. Similar to this or a shine effect only around camera or tens of other styles can be used to indicate an event such as charging, music playing or a notification to help you to know even who texted you just by a glance far from...
  6. S

    Thread Fastest E-ink 13,3" Dasung Paperlike HD-FT

    I am missing my Yotaphone so I bought Dasung Paperlike HD-FT. It's the best e-ink screen I have ever used! Very high refresh rate and no input delay. Check here: NEW VIDEO XXXXXX Unboxing here: XXXXXX
  7. J

    Thread MIUI 11 - Ambient Display Breathing Light [BUG]

    So it would seem one of the features of miui 11 which I looked forward to is not as effective as I hoped. That is the pulsing breathing light. When the screen is locked, the ambient display brightness dims after a few seconds. If and when a notification comes, the brightness remains dim and...
  8. surfistche

    Thread Redmi Note 7 Global Version - Camera light issue

    Hello, I would like to ask if anyone has encountered the following issue: When I try to make night photos with light gathering in Pro mode, the camera gathers too much light. Now I try the following settings: WB - Auto; Focus Auto/100; Shutter 4/8/16 seconds; ISO 100 in 48 MP mode. Now what I...
  9. nextappsgen

    Thread [APP][FREE][4.2+] Light Meter - Lux Meter

    Light Meter is a tool for measure lighting by using the light sensor of your device. It’s an easy way to check and compare the level of lighting for different sources. Every second, the application recalculates and updates min, max, avg value based on previously acquired values. Also with this...
  10. sev7en

    Thread Light L16... say goodbye to Zeiss' XZ1.

    Hello, it's months I have parked my L16 and as it's an Android-based device, I applied the same as for the HTC Focus: the adb (shell) for the installation of some cool apps. The result is... amazing :) As you can see... we can do...
  11. alex_ncfc

    Thread Lots of white areas since updating to Android Pie 9.0

    I installed the Android Pie update for my P20 phone and I noticed that there is now a lot of white areas in the UI which are really bright - the pull down status buttons from the toolbar are now all white and so is the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. I preferred it before how it was...
  12. L

    Thread Is there anyway to get chop chop motion to turn on light in Android Pie?

    Got Android Pie (9). Is there a way to turn on torch/light using the hand motion? I have root but many mods haven't been ported to Pie yet.
  13. NoClemency

    Thread Phones that can see IR Light

    I'm currently working on a project and I wanted to see if anyone knows of a list of phones that don't have an infrared (IR) filter on the main camera. I'm currently working on a project where I need the phone to be able to see IR light. Can anyone provide a list of phones or phones that you...
  14. X

    Thread Note 9 Lightbleed issues!

    So I upgraded from my Note8 and found that the 9 has some pretty bad light bleeding. It's symmetrical on both left and right, at the bottom and top part of the screen edges. Not sure if I wanna get a replacement but you can even see it in broad daylight if you angle it correctly. It's quite...
  15. P

    Thread Disable Notification Light (OREO)

    Hi! Since updating to Oreo can't find a way to disable notification light (which I really hate) This thread is the closest I could find: 1. run shell as root, "chmod 644 /sys/class/leds/red/brightness" 2. run...
  16. Y

    Thread [HELP] Screen semi working (black but turning on)

    Hello, I need some help with this, my phone screen suddenly doenst work, the image is all black, the touch works and the screen gives light (it turns on) if i turn on the lights its clearly giving some light but the image is black. Any advice on what can I do? (btw i searched in the forum and i...
  17. mp107

    Thread [Q] A few (partially technical) questions about Android Go

    Welcome, I have some (partially technical) questions regarding the lighter version of Android - Android Go (Oreo Edition). 1. Does Android Go provide full support for applications dedicated to "normal" Android? Has it been somehow trimmed in terms of compatibility? Of course, I omit porting an...
  18. J_M_V_S

    Thread [Q] Notification light

    Hello everyone. I'm planning on buying the XZ1C for my wife and she's very picky about the notification light. Can anyone share photos of the notification light and customization options? (like colours, ability to customize options by app, etc). Thank you very much in advance.
  19. L

    Thread What EXACTLY is DEAD??? - No light on Home Button... at all !!!!!

    Hi Guys, I'm trying desperately to try and revive my HP Touchpad.... Purely because it won't turn on, and I can't find ANY other budget Tablet as a suitable replacement!!! Heck, even Touchpads now are selling 3x times the price I paid for mine new.... So basically I've seen and read MILLIONS...
  20. S

    Thread CSC enable hidden menus

    Hi guys, Anyone knows how to enable Manage App Data under Data Usage and Touch Key Light Duration menus via CSC or any another way Thanks
  21. jordi.id96

    Thread Yeelight Toolbox

    YEELIGHT TOOLBOX Requirements Developer mode / LAN control enabled for each device. Computer and Yeelight devices connected to the same local network. .NET Framework 4.5 or later. SlimDX End User Runtime (.NET 4.0) Supports Yeelight LED (Color), Yeelight LED...
  22. S

    Thread Did Swiftkey remove the classic "light" theme????? V.

    Hello I can not for my life find the "light" theme in Swiftkey settings or its theme store. Can I download the theme? Or is it over with Swiftkey? Should I stick with the old release? I can't take this 2D flat thing that spreads like a virus from Material to mac to windows 10 ... My brain don't...
  23. evronetwork

    Thread Changing the Dual LEDS

    Has anyone thought of changing the leds to brighter ones? Wondering if someone tried that(and failed? :p seriously I'm just wondering if someone tried to replace these smd leds to better ones) Led technology evolves quite fast so they should be better leds out there by now, or having the...
  24. luxandroid

    Thread [MOD][OP3][4.0.3][OB12] Dark_Light_colorMod_v1

    Dark_Light_colorMod_v1 This is made for my personal use. Moded default theme in OOS 4.0.3 Not compatibile with other MODs Updates may or may not come I do want some more things to do but when time allows Small changes made: removed dividers darker qs background darker incall_bg google blue...
  25. H

    Thread [App][4.2+] Samsung Button Light - Custom the backlight of Samsung buttons (NO ROOT)

    Play Store: About Galaxy Button Light: ✔ Samsung Button Light is simple tool help you can select how long the capacitive buttons (Recent apps and Back keys) stay light of Samsung devices ✔ This application has many...
  26. L

    Thread Moto Z Front Facing LED

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the Moto Z does have a front LED light that can be activated by changing /sys/class/leds/charging. It seems to be activated when flashing in fastboot (?), and is a small white light between the camera and speaker. The Moto X LED app seems to...
  27. deftoner

    Thread [Q] Red flashing light after screen replacement

    Hello there guys! First than anything, thanks for your time in reading this. This is not the kind of post that "help!! asap! need help NOW!" etc. I already replaced my wife's phone, but I'm curious what happen to the previews z5 Premium She dropped the like in a WWF ring. The screen...
  28. blackhawk2543

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] Zeus™ V1.3 - the ultimate strobe light!

    Zeus™ is the first to turn your phone into a strobe light / flashlight that listens to the music around you and flashes accordingly. DOWNLOAD IT NOW FOR FREE: Play Store Unlike conventional strobe lights, Zeus™ has a visually engineered UI with an inbuilt visualiser and has 3 modes: Clap...
  29. aakashasaj

    Thread How to turn off usb light from command prompt

    Hey friends i have connect usb light to Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (snapdragon Version), it went ON successfully, But i don't know as how to disable it's power supply or turn it off using command prompt, here are USB files...
  30. nadejo

    Thread suddenly right button light leaking to screen[pictures] UPS on its way(RMA) opinions?

    For some reason the softkey light of the right button is leaking to the screen. When i lowered my screen brightnes ive noticed there is a light shining from the right softkey in to the screen. Its leaking trough a tiny hole between the glass and the amoled screen. I guess its an adhesive...
  31. Jaws4God

    Thread LED Notification Colors

    I am still new to this phone.. but i'm trying to find out if the LED light allows for more colors than just Green and Amber ? I had tried LED Light Manager and it didn't seem to make other colors.. Now that i'm rooted and running Viper ROM.. I see that they only have options for "apps to use...
  32. Jaws4God

    Thread Notification Light while Charging

    I have noticed that while my phone is charging, (shows orange LED), it will not show any other notification lights.. It is like the charging LED is priority... is there a way to change that? I would prefer to know there is a notification while its charging without having to wake the screen...
  33. A

    Thread White spot on screen

    Hello, I noticed a white spot on the screen. It looks like an area on the screen might be displaying brighter. Has anyone else experienced this? I dont think is due to dead pixel. I have warranty but I lost the confirmation (paper) of the warranty. Does anyone knows a trick to solve this...
  34. M

    Thread Nexus 7 2013: controlling the status light?

    The Nexus7 LTE (2013) has a small notification LED that blinks when mail has been received. For me this is almost useless, but there are other things I would like it to do. I have been unable to find a programmatic way to influence this LED. Apps like LightFlow don't see it. It's not listed...
  35. D

    Thread Light weight ROM s5

    Hello my fellow S5 users! I just wanna know what people think is the most similar as ROM for S5 atm, when used S4 and S3 I used Slimrom as I'm not updated in the ROM univers I'm not sure what its called atm, but I would like something similar light weight but also customizable. I have looked at...
  36. S

    Thread [4.2.2] MediaPad 10 Link+ (S10-231u) | Light Rom

    Hi dudes, i am currently on making a rom for the Mediapad 10 Link+ (S10-231u). This ROM is just a part of the whole process. This ROM was an official update for the device and i extracted some files to get the system.img. I modified the files inside to make it a "very small" rom. Everything...
  37. B

    Thread Torch Light ( Battery Saving ) - Open Source

    * Instantly turn your phone into a bright Torch Light ! * The brightest, fastest, and most handy LED Torch Light ! * The Torch Light you will never forget to bring when in need ! * With the most elegant design and the fastest startup, The Torch Light takes full advantage of the LED light! *...
  38. B

    Thread Comparison of camera modes - Shooting in Low-Light

    Had a little bit of free-time so decided to do a simple test. What differences does the different camera modes provide in Low-Light? Here is the album for the pictures: All shots were handheld, 8MP 16:9, landscape orientation. Unfortunately, I don't...
  39. dmudd

    Thread Settings Dark Theme

    Is it possible to enable the Dark Theme in Settings? I've turned on Developer Options, but I don't see a way to change the theme for Light to Dark.
  40. S

    Thread Light Sensor values on Non-Sony ROM

    Hi, I noticed that on non sony-based firmwares (actually i'm on Euphoria OS, tried also CM) the light sensor acts weird. Looks like that enables the screen to get very (in this case, Ultra) bright and this causes me some problems. I'm not sure, but a sony-based rom "tames" the light sensor in...
  41. adewilt

    Thread Any succes to configure the notification Light?

    One of the reasons i bought this great phone is that it has multiple colour notification lights. I found it strange that you can only enable or disable them in the configuration of the phone. I've tried some apps from the Play Store to configure specific colours for specific apps, but non of...
  42. H

    Thread [i8150] Looking for a stable LIGHT, SMOOTH and BATTERY SAVING ROM

    Hey there, as I wrote in the title, I'm looking for a stable LIGHT, SMOOTH and BATTERY SAVING ROM for the Samsung Galaxy W i8150. At the moment I've got a cyanogen mod 11 (ancora) on my phone. This ROM sucks the battery much faster empty than the original Android 2.3.6 I had on the phone...
  43. R

    Thread [Q] Touch Key duration bug - lights stay on when set to stay off

    I've a SM-T700 Tab S 8.4 running lollipop, and I've recently noticed a bug. I don't know if it's new since the lollipop upgrade, but I didn't notice it before. I often use it to read in the dark, so I turn the brightness down and set the touch keys to never light up. However, after a while the...
  44. M

    Thread [Q] T-Mobile to Metro PCS switch

    I have a Tmobile branded Galaxy Light and am switching to Metro PCS. Two part question: 1. Will my phone work without any modifications, including unlocking, on metro? 2. If I flash the metro rom to get KK am I going to brick?
  45. PhallusOfGod

    Thread My phone won't turn on

    Ever since Lollipop, my HTC One M8 has been a battery hog! I'm running Venom 4.x.x and my battery only lasts less than 7 hrs. Yesterday my battery completely died, I went home to charge and it won't turn on at all. The red charge light kind of flickers when plugged in and nothing when unplugged...
  46. A

    Thread [Q] Turning on that notification light.

    Has anyone managed to get this working with root? Lightflow does not appear to be doing anything for me.
  47. Kotaless

    Thread [Q] Weird Notification Light

    Hey, I bought used Nexus 5 but notification light is too weird. I tried another rom but problem didn't solved. Anybody saw this before?
  48. KDB223

    Thread [4.3+][APP][ROOT] LED Control 1.3 - for Motorola Devices (MULTI-COLOR SUPPORT!)

    Hey people! UPDATE: Now supports MULTIPLE LED COLORS! Go ahead and give it a try! To the world, I proudly present my first ever Android app LED Control • So what does it do? Lets the user select kernel specific "charging triggers" for the device's LED which will make it light up when plugged...
  49. E

    Thread Heart Rate Sensor - Red Light

    I just updated to Lollipop today. Whenever the screen is on, if anything is put close to the heart rate sensor on the back, the red light for it comes on. I used to be rooted and had xposed. I uninstalled S health when I was rooted if that is a possible cause. I unrooted and uninstalled xposed...
  50. S

    Thread [GAME][FREE][2.3+] Light Stealing 1.3.1b

    We present you a new interestning arcade. Fight for to be first in top and become the best. -There are 3 game modes and each of them is interesning and difficult in int's own way. -Two difficulty levels for each game mode. -Global leaderboards. -Challange your friends to become the best. We...