1. jpcapob1979

    Thread s7 samsung link2sd loose link to second partition

    hi i have a strange problema with the app Link2sd i have my phone rooted with android 10 floyd rom. i use a galaxy samsung s7. if i move the app to the sd the app just works fine. but if i use the second partition and i reboot the phone i lose the app linked to this partition. it's very strange...
  2. V

    Thread Link2SD mount error

    I'm facing Link2SD mount error while trying to mount ext2 formatted sd card Here what the error says : "Mount script cannot be created. stop: failed to set property 'ctl.stop' to 'debuggerd' " I'm using Android 10 with kernel version linux 4.9, yes it was working before, but after reinstalling...
  3. N

    Thread Fire HD 10 2017: Is there an alternative 'su' other than Magisk?

    Before I get started, let me say that I love Magisk. It's a great app and works beautifully . . . about 99 44/100% of the time. I also love Link2SD Pro. It's my go-to app not just for linking apps to my SD card, but for freezing and unfreezing apps, moving things in and out of /system, and just...
  4. NeroNext

    Thread [Issue] Link2SD

    HI everyone, just a little problem i noticed once updated to OOS 9.0.2, suddenly my Link2SD app stop working, but, on my friend's OP6 with same config as mine, it is working, so i just thought it was my bad, maybe a missed settings or else, so i deleted data, and reinstalled the app, and still...
  5. L

    Thread [HELP] Link2SD. How to make it work without creating a new partition?

    That. I have an Xperia Arc S (LT18a) with a custom 4.0 ROM (Ultimate Xperia HD) and i just cant make Link2SD to recognize my 2nd partition. The classic mount: no such file or directory stuff. Which bugs me since i bought the Link2SD Pro version. I have the normal fat32 and a ext4 partition...
  6. larpoux

    Thread [Guide] Link2SD (or Apps2SD) on Galaxy Tab A (SM T-580)

    Hello folks. Before going further I need to apologize. I really fighted to use Link2SD on my Galaxy tablet and I succeeded more or less. I thought that my tentative could be useful to others. So I posted this topic. I worked a little more, and now I am convinced that I was wrong from the...
  7. madmartian

    Thread Failure moving user app to system app with Link2SD

    I am using Link2SD to convert a user app to a system app (not to be confused with moving to SD, despite the app name). I did this successfully on 3 Nexus devices without issue. On my Note 5 I get the following error: Failure mount: '/dev/block/platform/15570000.ufs/by-name/SYSTEM'->'/system'...
  8. leofa

    Thread Best Strategy to partition SD Card

    Hi Friends, I have a Redmi 4X which has 16GB internal memory but it`s always running out of space. So, I decided to expand it. I have rooted my device and inserted a 64GB Micro SD. I want to move apps to it, so I've installed Link2SD. Now it's the part where I'd like some explanation about...
  9. donthateme702

    Thread Link2SD Nvidia Shield Android TV Version

    Food for thought,it works on the phone,so the shield is just a very over sized phone. I think it would work.and plus your storage space can be devoted to whatever you choose! I got extra shield i'm going to play with and see if i can format it like my phone with link to2sd and see h it...
  10. D

    Thread Does LineageOS on N5 support app2sd or link2sd?

    Hi, My N5 is 16GB version, and I am almost running out of storage. I want to try to move some apps to an external SD card through a OTG cable. But I found the "APP2SD" option is gone. Then I turned to the link2sd app, but I could not get it to work. I have formatted my SD with 2 primary MBR...
  11. M

    Thread Can any Nougat roms to pass safetynet?

    Is there a way to get nougat roms to pass including cts?
  12. C

    Thread Installing A New ROM - How to deal with the Link2SD Partition?

    I've purchased the Link2SD license and have linked around 56 apps. Should I just reformat and create a new partition and then install the backed up apps and then proceed with linking those? :confused: Or just continue with the current partition whether it can index the old apps linking again ...
  13. A

    Thread Mount Error SDext2

    Hi, I am attempting to use Link2SD app to utilise a second external SD card. However, I receive mounting error. I have tried to emulate the scenario within (SM) script manager by running the mount script (see below). However, the error is the same. ("Permission denied or invalid argument")...
  14. aIecxs

    Thread [Tutorial] How to emulate Second Partition on SD-Card without formatting

    [TUTORIAL] SCROLL DOWN BELOW TO NEXT POST Seems i have accidentially written the nearly same Init.d Enabler like by Ryuinferno @ XDA. the small different, no busybox run-parts required, and is used (because SuperSU is running from
  15. M

    Thread [SOLVED][ROOT][DRIVERS] Drivers Aren't Working After Rooted

    Hi Guys After I've rooted the phone I can't open the Camera, I can't Transfer files from PC through USB, I can't Turn on the Bluetooth...Etc Please help me on this issues like are there a way to install drivers or anything? Thanks in advance GT-N7100 4.4.2
  16. R

    Thread Is there any way to run link2sd with CM13 or CM14

    I tried Link2sd and Apps2sd all in one and the problem is still there, it fails to create or recreate scripts, also Folder Mount fails to create its script, so I think the problem is how to make those scripts work. I heard that I should modify boot image to set selinux to permissive on boot for...
  17. B

    Thread How Can i Resize Partitions Already Created with Aparted?

    Hi, I'm trying to resize the partitions i created on my sd card with aparted and link2sd. They don't really seem to work that well. I broke a 32gb sd card into two 15 gb partitions but i can only access one of them so i'd like to fix it.
  18. J

    Thread Apps2SD or Link2SD Working with the K3 Note?

    Hello Everybody, Has anyone been able to get Apps2SD or Link2SD working with the K3 Note? I am running cuoco92s Android 5.0 ROM (which is great, by the way) and cannot get either Apps2SD or Link2SD to work. The external SD card is partitioned properly with an ext4 partition. The developer of...
  19. O

    Thread [Help me please] Link2SD Invalid Argument Error

    Hello, guys! I'm using Samsung i8190 with Cyanogenmod 12.1 rom with SanDisk 16 GB UHS-1 SD card. When I select the ext2 partition on Link2SD, I'm getting "Invalid Argument" error. Before I get this error, I've partititioned 10 GB second partition as primary with ext2 file format by using...
  20. isillo

    Thread [Q] Apps to SD on rooted S5 with Marshmallow

    Hi Is it possible to fully move installed apps to external SD card on Marshmallow ROM? In the past I was using Directory Bind app to do it and it was working ok but on Marshmallow its not working. Is there any solution to do that? I have read about Adaptive Storage feature being implemented on...
  21. F

    Thread Issue With Link2SD and SU With CM 13

    Good morning everyone, I just upgraded my phone to CM 13 obtained from here: Everything is working great with the exception of 2 things. The first being Link2SD which I have installed the latest...
  22. vickybonick

    Thread [TRANSLATE] Apps2SD: All in One Tool to manage your device and link apps to sdcard

    Hi all, I'll be glad If you can help me translating Apps2SD to your own language. About Apps2SD: Apps2SD has evolved from being an app which moves app data to sd card to an all in one app with many cool features. You can read more about Apps2SD on the official thread: Apps2SD[2.3+]...
  23. L

    Thread Link2sd and Marshmallow problem

    Hi guys I have a little problem and maybe some of you also have it. First i own a xt1541 8GB On Lollipop i use link2sd (payed app) and i'm very happy. Now on MM i cannot use it cause it cannot make mount point. allready tried with apps2sd but on reboot it wont work again. Also on MM external...
  24. kh34d

    Thread [Discussion] How to make Apps2sd work with [cm13] ?

    hi every body, some of us don't want to use adoptable storage for some reason . here in this discussion thread may be we find solution.;) guide :- 1- flash this thanx bonobo and cucumber09 details in this [/MENTION] post For other users "you must have permissive...
  25. M

    Thread Why are there so many duplicates on my phone after using Link2SD

    I have noticed that the internal storage of my tablet is filling up even though I have tried to link as many of the apps as possible to the SD card using Link2sd. I did a quick search for duplicates using Search Duplicate File(Super). What I found was that 1117 files where duplicated in both the...
  26. S

    Thread How do you overcome the 16GB storage limit?

    After using the phone for a while, even if you don't install lots of apps, the 16GB internal storage area will eventually get full. Facebook, chrome, twitter etc develop large caches on the device. The thumbnail file balloons to several GBs. Even if you have a microSD, Google these days limit...
  27. L

    Thread HTC One M7 dual sim 5.0.2 problems with link2sd app

    Hi everybody! I have a problem with the app link2sd: I created secondary partition as ext2, I created mount scripts and rebooted the system but every time I turn off and turn on my phone it asks to me to fast reboot the system because link2sd didn't open. Why? Can anybody help me? Thank you
  28. umo4u

    Thread {GUIDE} How to apply cm 12.1 updates if u have xposed etc etc

    hi guys.hope u all i am going to share how to apply cm 12.1 updates if u have xposed and link2sd,lets start thanks @ vandermark for making this guide short STEPS: 1.more than 90% battery latest cm 12.1 release/update from here...
  29. umo4u

    Thread Tutorial Link2SD/make more Space in Internal Memory with Link2SD for Moto G 3rd 2015

    Prerequisites: 1. obviously moto g 2015 3rd gen 2. bootloader unlocked followed by root (search for this in other threads) 3. make backup of your ext sd card as everything will be deleted (mine is 64 gb strontium memory card) 4.card reader (mine is Transcend USB 3.0 Super Speed Multi-Card...
  30. S

    Thread Link2sd making android 5.1 apps missing upon reboot

    Hi, Is any of you familiar why? LINK2SD MAKING ANDROID 5.1 APPS MISSING UPON REBOOT, also any idea why sometimes when I link my app using link2sd then once I reboot it only goes black screen without any reaction? :confused:
  31. libraraleleo

    Thread [Q] can't install link2sd

    hi i can't install link2sd (none of the versions): it says that there's no free memory but it's not so (i can install other apps)... i've already tried to fix permissions through recovery.
  32. vickybonick

    Thread Apps2SD All in one tool[2.3+]: Partition SD card and Move/Link Apps to SD card [ROOT]

    Hi all, This is my first post in XDA but I've been a regular reader as a guest. I've developed an app(Apps2SD) to move/link apps from internal storage to external SD card with lots of other cool features. Apps2SD has evolved from being an app which moves app data to sd card to an all in one...
  33. DinethIrusha

    Thread How to create a partition to use Link2SD for NokiaX2DS [TRICK]

    Create Partition and Format it as FAT32 using MiniTool Partition Wizard Select Recreate Mount Script Select FAT32/FAT16 and Press okay Then Reboot your Device!
  34. K0media

    Thread [Q] Phone won't recognize FAT32 SD card partition?

    Hi, I own a Xperia L C2014 with Android 4.2 and somehow, when I used AParted (to get 2 partitions, a FAT32 for files and a EXT4 for Link2SD) it did not recognize the FAT32 partition at all. The SD card is working fine because I re-formatted it several times and tested on another phone (Xperia M)...
  35. K

    Thread Using Link2SD again after flashing ROM

    Not a developer and pretty new to rooting still. I'd been using Link2SD to get more room in my Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G, that worked wonderfully. But a few weeks ago I had a phone issue and flashed a new ROM. Working just fine, I reinstalled some of my apps. Yesterday I was at the point where I...
  36. nigelmercier

    Thread [Q] LINK2SD SD Card 2nd Part. Not Found

    I've followed this tutorial to install LINK2SD All seemed to go OK (but then how would I know) until I get to: Steps to install and use link2sd[2.2.3 version]: •Let the media scanner finish the scanning process, then open link2sd app and you will see a pop up menu "Select the file system of...
  37. bogarty

    Thread [Q] Insufficient App Storage w/ 950mb Internal Space Free???

    I know there have been tons of posts about "insufficient storage", but I havent seen one that says what's really going on if I have 950 mb out of 1.5 gigs internal space free and am still getting this message regardless of whether I am trying to install apps from the Play store or from...
  38. GeekDrop

    Thread [Q] Does Link2SD work on the Note 3 with SafeRoot?

    Hey all, So I'm coming from a Galaxy S3 to a Note 3 that I've acquired (both VZW). On my S3 I had to use Saferoot in order to have a rooted ROM installed, and from a quick sniffing through the Note3 forums it appears I'll have to do the same for the Note3(?); I had problems trying to use...
  39. W

    Thread [4.1+][App]How to let the APP 100% move to MicroSD or USB OTG device by LetsGoApp?

    USB OTG Helper v6.6.1 download EaseUS Partition Master download MiniTool Partition download Attention: You create your MicroSD partition must be carefully ! The MicroSD have write times life,if you over-write it。 Whether MicroSD or OTG,it's strongly recommended to choose SanDisk(High...
  40. Timmmmaaahh!

    Thread [Resolved] [Q] Migrate 16gb to 32gb SD locks apps

    Hi all! I got a tough pickle here (I think). I migrated from a 16gb (class 7) to a 32gb (class 10) SD Card. I'm using a paid (yes, I support awesome developers! :D) version of Link2SD to keep phone memory clear, which links non-essential apps (data included) to an Ext2 formatted partition on...
  41. F

    Thread [Q] CM9 with INT2EXT+: GooglePlay download problems

    Hallo, I am working with the stable CM9 version and INT2EXT+ on my HTC Wildfire S which you really cannot use without any 'storage expanding' script. Its storage space is so horrible low. So thank you for this solution very much. The mentioned constellation is running fine and fast so far -...
  42. 2

    Thread [Q] No app login info will save

    Hi, None of my apps that require login info will permanently save that info. What this means for me is that I have to retype login info for Facebook, Messenger, Outlook or any other app that requires login. Anybody have any idea about a fix for this? note*: I'm running Link2SD and the...
  43. N

    Thread [Q] Can we get App2sd working?

    Hey Guys, i suffer from the fact that link2sd and app2sd do not work on my photon q. is there a way to get them to work? i searched on google and the forums but couldnt find anything to this topic. every help is appreciated. thanks
  44. H

    Thread [Q] link2sd AND BUSYBOX

    I rooted my HTC desire 816 dual sim but i can not install busybox and i can not use link2sd with it,please if any body can help
  45. spknair

    Thread [Q] Link2SD+Swap Memory+Niki Root - is possible?

    I am using XMD C2004 Firmware is 15.5.A.0.18 of C2005 Successfully rooted by Nicki Root. Swapped my memory My question is, can I use Link2SD & Memory Swapping simultaneously? Anyone using both. I had tried many times before. But no success. Please guide me, if it is possible or not Thanking you...
  46. D

    Thread [Q] SD Card partitioning serious questions

    First of all I want to inform you , that probably I have almost screwed my SD card (formats, data wipes, restores blah blah). The SD is 64 GB. Now I want to start everything from the beginning and prepare my SD for the Link2SD with a fat32 and an ext4 partition (if I ever will be able). But I...
  47. Kwipper

    Thread [Q] Cannot install game due to lack of memory.

    I have an LG Optimus F3 (Virgin Mobile) and it has a 4GB internal memory. Of that, only 1.23 GB is free for installing apps and roms. The game I want to download and run is Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour which is almost 2GB. 1.) I have my device rooted 2.) I have Link2SD installed 3.) I have a...
  48. K

    Thread [Q] How far does TWRP recovery backup alongside LINK2SD?

    If I were to have LINK2SD and foldermount installed and having some apps running from both internal and external and a couple of symlinks going on. Then I decide to backup up using TWRP and install a new rom on there. What happens to the apps and folders on the external? Do they stay there or...
  49. Corsario_Negro

    Thread [Q] Apps 'disappeared' after using Link2SD to integrate updates

    Hello, brand new Moto X user here. Android 4.2.2, XT1058 version. I rooted my phone as soon as I got it (without unlocking the bootloader), and it worked right away. I read the part about needing to use MotoWpnNoMo later, to kill the write protection, but I didn't do it. ¿Why? Because after...
  50. droidshan

    Thread [Q] Problem with Link2sd after resizing ext2partition

    Hi all... Im having problem with Link2sd after resizing the second partition. What I had done: Before resizing the partition I copied all the files from ext partition to my desktop I resized the partition to a smaller one, from 4.5 gb to 3.5. The total filesize in this partition was under 2...