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  1. MordenStudios

    Thread Starting to Work on Halium 10 Port for SM-A50

    Halium Port for Samsung A50 WARNING! Im not working anymore on this Project I am working now on an GSI Kernel! You can find the GSI Kernel on the same Pages It would be interesting to use Linux on a Mobile because of the new possibility's I hope i can finish this Project Halium Halium Docs...
  2. MordenStudios

    Thread Would a halium 9.0 port for Samsung A50 be nice?

    I'm currencly trying to bring Halium 9 to the Samsung A50 Whould you like it an would give it a try? What is Halium? Halium is the collaborative project to unify the Hardware Abstraction Layer for projects which run GNU/Linux on mobile devices with pre-installed Android. ( Halium Site )
  3. MordenStudios

    Thread Kernel Compiling error in make due porting to Samsung a50

    At the moment I'm trying to port Halium 9.0 to the Samsung A50 It worked well until I entered 'make halium-boot'. There I have the Error: Unrecognized Property "Vintf_Fragments" to get Log: click here Repo List and device specific things: click here ( all repos are for the porting required )...
  4. MordenStudios

    Thread Halium port to Samsung A50?

    I wanted to ask: Can someone port Halium to the Samsung A50? I dont habe that time to learn that, but eventually someone has time for it It would be really great if you could use Mobian or Ubuntu Touch in the Samsung A50