1. R

    Thread Android SD cards and the ext4 filesystem

    Hello. What filesystem do you format your SD cards in for using with Android? I suspect most keep the factory format - exFAT or FAT32, which is a garbage filesystem, but can be read by Windows without extra trouble. When I was preparing a new card to put in a new phone the other day, I faced...
  2. Tooniis

    Thread [KERNEL][MAINLINE] Mainline Linux Kernel Fork [scorpio]

    Note: This kernel is not meant to be used with Android. It will not work with it. This is a fork of the mainline Linux kernel, meant to be used to run Linux distributions. It is as close as possible to the mainline tree, with only a device tree added for this device, and a few small patches...
  3. S

    Thread De-googled or linux phones

    Hi, I am completely new to the topic. Can you please help clarify the following: Are there any out of the box de-googled devices on the market now? Is there a list of Linux phones? What is the best approach for buying a Linux phone: Find the desired OS and then search for the supported...
  4. D

    Thread Linux on Huawei P40 (Kirin 990 5G)

    According to many news sites Huawei is preparing Linux based laptop with Kirin 990 processor: Wondering what would that mean to us - owners of Huawei P40 - in terms of possibilities to...
  5. B

    Thread Linux Distro emulation possible on Fold2 ?

    Hello everyone I've tested fold2 in store this week and I am in love with it, on my current tablet (android7) I run termux and andronix (with pulse audio) and get pretty good emulation, can listen songs in Andronix while coding in VncViewer. So recently I've decided to buy fold2 but as I...
  6. khalid2220014

    Thread The easiest way to run the Debian system on your Android phone ( without root or vnc )

    here is the way to run Debian on your Android phone without need to VNC or Terminal code 1-Go to play store and download Debian no root 2-then open the app and waiting to finish installing 3-then congrats your Debian is...
  7. LimenisR

    Thread Postmarket OS (or other linux os) on Motorola Moto G7 river?

    Hello all, I've not flashed a mobile device in a very long time. I was wondering if Postmarket OS is compatible with the moto G7 river? I've seen that it's compatible with other G7 variants but I've not seen anywhere explicitly say it will work with G7 river. I don't have enough knowledge about...
  8. Aman meena the don

    Thread Salfish OS or Ubuntu touch port for Mi Pad 1

    Hello developers, I am using Mi pad 1 since its release and noticed one thing that is the manufacturer just launched the device and then forgot about it, the hardware of this devices was beastly at its time of launch but because of lack of good software and software optimisation most of people...
  9. bhoopalkiran

    Thread What is the difference between Unix and Linux?

    What is the difference between Unix and Linux?
  10. gokayburuc

    Thread Alcatel One Touch P310X Android Tablet - Not Opening (hard brick)

    I have an Alcatel P310X Android tablet. Here the tech details below: TECH DETAILS: Android Version: 4.4.2 (Jelly Bean) I was using fastboot, ADB tools on Ubuntu Linux. While I was installing custom ROM (CM-13) I removed the recovery file...
  11. A

    Thread [LINUX][GUIDE] ROM Payload Image Dump

    Now we have dumpers for Win/Mac/Linux! Great!
  12. antoine62

    Thread [ROM][UBtouch][SM-T58X] Ubuntu Touch for the galaxy tab a 2016

    I got the system image to build without errors, so this mean that we will not need the treble port anymore, but apparently the halium7 rootfs installation is different from the halium9 version.
  13. L

    Thread [Tool][Linux] ADB Device Studio

  14. V

    Thread [NON-ANDROID]Native Linux thread for A8/A8+ (Arch Linux ARM, postmarketOS, ect.)

    This thread is for native Linux development on Galaxy A8/A8+. This means no Halium here. It's also aimed at people who know how to compile their stuff, ect., so don't complain to me about no fancy zip installer. I have made some fixes in our DECON framebuffer driver, ect that makes TTY, and...
  15. BigBrother84

    Thread Linux on lilac? Porting Halium, Ubuntu Touch.

    Hi, I really like Xperia XZ1 compact design, and the fact it's comfortable in use. However I'm a big fan of real Linux distributions and mobile decentralisation, privacy, that's why I decided to achieve what's in the title - Ubuntu touch on XZ1c :) Unfortunately, I'm still learning. For now...
  16. FerryAr

    Thread [MODULE] LHROOT | Systemless Linux Chroot Installer and Bootscript

    LHROOT Systemless Linux Chroot Installer and Bootscript Magisk Module Dependancies: busybox coreutils for make_image mke2fs for make_image Installation: Just flash the zip release via Magisk Manager. Usage : lhroot on terminal emulator and follow the instructions Once installed, to boot...
  17. Worldblender

    Thread Linux on the Acer Iconia Tab A500, 2020 edition

    I have become successful with getting postmarketOS to run on this tablet for the past 2 months, running mainline Linux (5.8.0 as of this writing). This allows us to use this tablet model for a little longer, without getting stuck on older Linux kernel versions. postmarketOS is an experimental...
  18. R

    Thread postmarketOS for G4 play

    Has anyone setup postmarketOS on their play: . If so, what was your experience with it?
  19. D

    Thread [Q] Lineage OS / screen unlock not working / can't get to TWRP

    Old LG G5 I had previously installed Lineage on. Was in a drawer until I decided to charge it up and let one of my kids play games on it. When I input the correct screen lock pattern, it goes black, then comes back to lock screen. I am able to hold power button to then select power off...
  20. K

    Thread DexOnLinux and DexOnChromeOS (No Root)

    Samsung announced a new feature with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the ability to access Samsung Dex on a Windows or MacOS device. This in my opinion was a game changer as it could allow users to use the insane power of their Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ devices on inexpensive hardware. Samsung...
  21. HolyChickenGuy

    Thread [Guide] Running Linux on Android with 3D Acceleration / OpenGL (Root Required)

    All credits go to: Hentacler for making Sparkle Meefik for making Linux Deploy Now on to the tutorial! Requirements: Sparkle Linux Deploy Termux Now you have all those apps installed lets continue Open Termux then enter: su Once in root mode enter: setenforce 0 Then exit: exit Open...
  22. M

    Thread linux on Tab S6

    Hey, Is it somehow possible to run linux on the s6? I ve been trying to run it in a nutshell using Anlinux and Termux. Unfortunately not successful. It may be due to disabled play services or mistakes made by myself though. Any experience or tips on that? And how about arm based linux...
  23. U

    Thread [ALI] postmarketOS (full GNU/Linux distro based on alpine linux)

    Hi everyone, I recently ported postmarketOS to the Moto G6. I do not recommend installing this if the device is your daily driver. Not much works besides the screen. This is more of a proof-of-concept. If you would like to try...
  24. S

    Thread [Request] Maru OS port

    I've recently become very interested in dual phone/desktop functionality and with HDMI out working on oneplus phones I want to try Maru OS. I plan on looking into it later, but I have never done anything like porting before (I only know VBA), so any help or anyone interested in porting this...
  25. deathmist

    Thread [ROM][GNU/Linux][OTA][] Sailfish OS for OnePlus 5T

    This work is released under the permissive MIT license. (click above image for higher resolution and quality images!) #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * I am NOT responsible for data loss, you getting fired because the alarm app failed or if you brick * your device. Please do some research if...
  26. deathmist

    Thread [ROM][GNU/Linux][OTA][] Sailfish OS for OnePlus 5

    This work is released under the permissive MIT license. (click above image for higher resolution and quality images!) #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * I am NOT responsible for data loss, you getting fired because the alarm app failed or if you brick * your device. Please do some research if...
  27. LivinOne

    Thread Windows Subsystem for Linux (Win10) to Root / Unlock HD10 & HD8 ?

    Anyone try doing the Rooting/Unlocking of HD10 & HD8 using Windows Subsystem for Linux (on Windows 10)? I don't have any Linux systems (except my Synology NAS) - trying to avoid having to spin up another system. thx!
  28. J

    Thread [KERNEL] [10/Q] Galts Gulch Kernel [4.9.206]

    This is a kernel for Q. Can be flashed in FK, sideloaded in booted TWRP, or pushed to /tmp/ and flashed in booted TWRP. - Q source with upstream Linux kernel 4.9.x merged and elementalX by flar2 merged. Upstream Linux kernel updates merged regularly. - Many optimizations by sultanxda...
  29. D

    Thread Connect S10+ to Linux

    I 've been trying to connect my new S10+ by USB to my Ubuntu (Linux) laptop to transfer some files. After connecting, ensuring MTP file transfer is the selected USB option, and allowing the connection, I cannot browse the phone's file system or transfer any files from my laptop. I also sometimes...
  30. X

    Thread Is it Linux or Android? Quectel EC2x cellular modems.

    The 4g modem EC21/EC25/EG25 (they are almost the same thing) are supposed to be linux based modems. I need help to make sure that. Also the guys of osmocom says its linux. The EG25-W is also the modem that will be used in the upcoming Pine Phone (please dont tell me "android is linux"). I must...
  31. -W_O_L_F-

    Thread [Linux] Porting native Linux to Galaxy Note9

    This thread is about starting native Linux on Samsung Galaxy Note9. This isn't my first attempt to do such thing. The history looks like Galaxy Spica -> Galaxy J1 (2016) -> Galaxy Note9. So I know what I'm doing :D Later I'll post instructions how to install and run it. Note9 isn't my main...
  32. M03

    Thread Nethunter Overlay [OP2] Android Pie [Lineage 16.0]

    This is M03, previously known as "Renjen-n00b". Back in 2016 NetHunter was ported to our beloved oneplus2 and I had my very first thread here :laugh: What is Kali Nethunter? Kali NetHunter is an Android ROM overlay that includes a robust Mobile Penetration Testing Platform. The overlay...
  33. GalacticRogue

    Thread [KERNEL] [GCC] [9.x] [BEETLE]

    BEETLE KERNEL FEATURES -Compiled with latest GCC -F2FS and sdcardfs support -CPU boost driver -advanced TCP congestion -Import qcom QNS wrapper driver - Fingerprint boost driver -some other UnderTheHood tweaks Changelog For Beetle v9/B] Notice : - This Kernel Can Be...
  34. Pr.TOSHIBA

    Thread Linux On Dex

    What does everyone think of Linux on Dex? Is it very useful? What kind of stuff do you use it for? I just got my Tab S4 and Linux on Dex is one of the things that picqued my interest in the device.
  35. M

    Thread Unlock bootloader Error 20031

    Hey all, Been trying to unlock the bootloader, but faced a problem. I got the error below when running the script to unlock. [14:46:11][ERROR ] Unlock request replied with error code 20031 [14:46:11][ERROR ] Error meaning: Add your account and device in MIUI's Settings > Developer options >...
  36. carlosalvatore

    Thread MT65xx (0e8d:2000) cdc_acm "Zero length descriptor references" [Solved]

    Hello, everybody, I am experiencing problems with my hardware/kernel module when connecting two softbricked devices: Motorola Moto C (xt1757) Fiesta Duo I6C (China phone) I am connecting them without battery so I can access them as /dev/ttyACM0; which would allow me to use SP Flash Tool...
  37. G

    Thread [GUIDE][Linux] Flashing Xiaomi .tgz

    Hello everyone, I recently had to flash a stock firmware file from Xiaomi (.tgz) and being primarily a Linux user I was quite disappointed by the fact that the company only provides a flashing tool for Windows. Either way, I booted into Windows and flashed it. I had a look at the logs later and...
  38. I

    Thread [TOOL] [LINUX] Tissot Splash Maker (mod all 5 PNG's in splash.img)

    Hey, Here is a simple to use program to build splash.img from 5 PNG's. The 5 PNG's are: 1. Mi logo screen on locked bootloader 2. Fastboot image 3. Mi logo screen on unlocked bootloader 4. 'System destroyed' image 5. 'Please lock the bootloader' early splash. I have ported the AutoIt3...
  39. L

    Thread Any way to install Kali Linux on SM-T530 ?

    Was wondering if there is a way to install Kali linux on the SM-T530 model. Could someone point me to a thread with a tutorial if it is actually possible ?
  40. CHR$+RND

    Thread Flashing TWRP via Linux [From Ubuntu 18 to SM-G360P]

    Most of the tutorials and support I keep finding are only available for Windows, is there a way I can flash the TWRP image with ADB in the terminal instead?
  41. N

    Thread Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Tails on Acer Chromebook C720P & Asus CS10 Chromebook stick

    placeholder I will try & summarise all my works to install Linux distros on USB's or using crouton on Chromebooks... Make sure you are in developer mode... 1. crouton Download crouton in ~/Downloads Useful command in Chrome/Chromium OS to install crouton Linux distro ubuntu xenial with xfce...
  42. CedricAnne97

    Thread Creating a linux 'distro' for an android device?

    Hi there, not sure if I'm on the right forum, but this seemed like the safest place to ask. I have this project in my head that I would like to try, but I have no idea if it is even possible. I'm currently doing a bachelors in computer science and as a way to learn, I would like to take on a...
  43. L

    Thread Maru OS for i9505?! - Your phone is your PC

    Dear developers and fellow s4 users, I recently got my hands on a s4 and would like to kindly push your attention on a awesome project I am following since a while. The project is called Maru OS and it turns your phone into a pc running Linux when attached to a monitor. In daily use it runs...
  44. D

    Thread [NEWS] Linux 4.19 to natively support Samsung Galaxy S

    Those who read Phoronix might already know, but Olof Johansson from is working on official support for Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. Most probably, for XDA, they are a bit late to the party, but it still might be fun for tinkerers who'd want to run a Linux distro (any dev still here?)...
  45. SaySayonara

    Thread Segmentation fault using mpv

    Recently I've been experiencing problems trying to listen to online radios through mpv in Termux and Terminal Emulator. It used to work before. It runs the command, plays for less then a second because I can hear something, then it stops and gives me the segmentation fault. My phone is an...
  46. S

    Thread Fastboot weird behaviour on Linux

    Hi everyone! I have issues with my Linux notebook and fastboot. It somehow only works half way. Examples: Flashing the stock images on my Pixel 2 will work for radio and boot, but system will throw errors like "systemb partition not found" (or something similar). Booting twrp via fastboot...
  47. P

    Thread how to fastboot?

    Dear members, I was running aokp_find5_nougat_unofficial_2017-01-26_1250 on my Oppo Find 5. Since installing it I had doubts about the LVM, because the Oppo complained about a shortage of space. Anyway, I read about the lower TWRP version (find5-twrp-recovery- and...
  48. T

    Thread [Utility] Odin for Linux !!! (JOdin3 CASUAL)

    I have finally found a working version of Odin for Linux! JOdin 3 Casual powered by Heimdall You need at least Java 8, if you don't have it already: To see the java version type: java -version Aptitude Package Manager: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java sudo apt update sudo apt...
  49. Hi7m3up

    Thread Androxyde FlashTool 09.23.1 linux 32 bit(For use of FSC script)also adb and fastboot

    Having struggled myself to find a working reasonably up to date FlashTool for linux 32 bit i would like to share FlashTool v09.23.1 which for me is up to date enough to do everything I've asked of it. I believe this is (i may be wrong) the newest available version for 32bit linux it also run's...