1. TheSlyFox3033

    Thread Question Trying to delete Linux

    so I have tried multiple different Linux types. and I want to get rid of the most recent one. (Linux Mint) I can delete the partition but my bios says its still there. the next problem I am having is that when I boot into windows recovery mode and click the option "choose a device" I have 3...
  2. U

    Thread Linux 6.3 supports our phone!

    With the release of mainline Linux 6.3, you can find initial support for our phone (and many other Snapdragon 625/632/450 devices). This is very, very "initial support" - for example, the display doesn't work. But it boots! I'm continuing to add support for more functionality, but this is an...
  3. TheSlyFox3033

    Thread cant boot into windows?

    so i have windows 11 on the drive that came with it. but i wanted Linux on there as well so i put POP OS on my secondary drive but i didn't put the home partition. so whenever i try to boot into windows it boots into the next device on the list. i reformatted the SSD and Linux is gone and it...
  4. A

    Thread [I8200][ALPHA] Linux for S III mini Value Edition, PostMarketOS

    Status: ⚠️ I need someone for testing. Does someone with an I8200 with Marvell PXA986 can test on the device the PostMarketOS for T110 / T111? It should be compatible, as I've ported years ago a ROM from I8200 to the T111, and they are quite similar. You can find the installation...
  5. U

    Thread Linux for Galaxy Tab A 2015 Devices

    What is postmarketos ? It's basically a linux distro that you use on your desktop for your tablet. How to install it ? T350/T355 : T550 ...
  6. R

    Thread How to navigate system image backup?

    Hello. I've got a backup of mmcblk0 It's probably encrypted, but I'm not sure. If it is, I do have the password, but then I wouldn't know where to insert it. Is there any detailed tutorial on how to mount this file and work with it? If it's a Linux solution then preferably some guide or tutorial...
  7. A

    Thread I Use Ubuntu btw

  8. L

    Thread JVC and KENWOOD Head Units Linux SDK

    Hi, I study on the update image files for JVC/Kenwood Navigation/Multimedia. You can also download it from the below link : The path from Kenwood home page: --> Car Electronics --> North America --> USA --> CAR ENTERTAINMENT -->...
  9. I

    Thread Don't remember PIN, how to recover with Linux (solved)

    Just keep trying patterns until something happens It's locked with a pattern, and to top it off it's trying to install an update that gets stuck. I can get into the boot ROM, but Recovery Mode just sends me to the lock screen. Rescue and Smart Assistant is not Linux/WINE friendly. I'd be...
  10. ethical_haquer

    Thread Linux Smartphones [Wannabe Sub-Forum]

    There's Android, there's iOS, and there's Linux. This thread is for anything and everything related to Linux Smartphones, seeing as how there is no official sub-forum on this subject. It is currently still under development, and will continue to be updated. Some things to know: 1. This first...
  11. szkut

    Thread Question Linux on external sd card

    Hi Is posible to install Linux on external sd card with access to root? I dont care if this approche is bootable or not. its ok to run it via android or remote desktop from phone.
  12. ImMatthew

    Thread [TOOL] ADB Installer Script

    ADB Installer Script📱 A simple Python script for installing ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on Windows and Linux systems, and automatically adding ADB to the system's PATH. Windows Usage: Download, and run the executable with Admin permissions. Linux Usage: Download, install Python, cd into...
  13. super_user_do

    Thread Question Linux on Oppo A74

    I'd like to try Linux on my phone, something like PostmarketOS. I've never modded a phone, I just want to try something new
  14. RubyRose

    Thread unrecognized option '-EL' android kernel build

    I'm trying to build an android kernel. On every build I get a few errors: /usr/bin/as: unrecognized option '-EL' clang-16: error: assembler command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) warning: field 'cgrp' with variable sized type 'struct cgroup' not at the end of a struct or...
  15. ethical_haquer

    Thread [GUIDE] Odin on Linux [VirtualBox]

    Odin 3 running inside VirtualBox on PureOS, a Debian-based Linux distribution: I found a way to get Odin running on Linux! It uses a virtual machine (VM), but it works better than heimdall for newer devices, and is much better than dual booting Windows just to use Odin. Used it to flash Lineage...
  16. SomniusX

    Thread Question Ready for - Linux

    Hello, i've recently started trying to get Ready for working under Linux. I'm using Nobara Project (Fedora 37 Fork), Wayland on a decent machine. I've got the installer working but not the app executable. Latest wine, even tried bottles, still can't figure how to engage the app. If anyone has...
  17. K

    Thread [CLOSED] [TOOL] ACE Engine: A Cheat Engine like program for Android and linux

    [TOOL] ACE Engine: A Cheat Engine like program for Android and linux Hello everyone, I am creating a Cheat Engine/Game Guardian like program for Android, currently only works on rooted device but I am planning on supporting non rooted device if possible. What can It Do: ? - have an infinite...
  18. K

    Thread Development [ KERNEL / A12 A13 ] Nothing NetHunter 1 (R2)

    This is the Nothing NetHunter 1 (R3) which is built for Android 12/13 (AOSP) INSTALLATION 1 Install Paranoid Android Topaz from over here and setup the rom properly, install Magisk and root the kernel/device. 2. Download / Install "FKM" kernel manager from Play Store 3. Open "FKM" and...
  19. FakeShell

    Thread [ROM][LINUX][ONCLITE][EXPERIMENTAL] Manjaro libhybris

    Manjaro is a GNU/Linux distribution utilizing technologies like libybris and Halium to run a Linux distribution on Android devices. Before starting the installation I should add that Manjaro libhybris is very experimental and it might break at any time so its more of a toy. If you want a smooth...
  20. FakeShell

    Thread [ROM][LINUX][LAVENDER] Droidian Bookworm

    Droidian is a GNU/Linux distribution based on top of Mobian, a Debian-based distribution for mobile devices. The goal of Droidian is to be able to run Mobian on Android phones. This is accomplished by using well-known technologies such as libhybris and Halium. Requirements Android 9 firmware...
  21. #mcl

    Thread Use dual graphics on Linux / Windows

    Hello all! So I've been using Mac for the last years and really enjoying it, but now wanted to use Linux (more specifically Fedora) as my main OS, rather than MacOS. The machine for doing so it's a late 2013 15" MacbookPro with NVIDIA graphics. For getting everything setup it took a while as...
  22. Umarabdullah230

    Thread [Q] Alpine Linux on Nexus 10?

    Alpine offers armv7 support, if you check supported SoC, exynos5250-smdk5250 is listed there as supported, and Nexus 10 has the same SoC, and they don't have much documentations. Anyhow is it possible to make it boot on Nexus 10?
  23. ace2nutzer

    Thread [KERNEL][4.14.305][for Lubuntu 20.04] A2N Kernel for Esprimo Mobile V5535 [R3]

    Revive your laptop Esprimo Mobile V5535 in 2023 by installing Lubuntu Linux distro with custom kernel. Fastest custom kernel world-wide with lots of innovative features! Linux kernel 4.14.x (custom A2N kernel optimized for this device) Tested to work very well on Lubuntu 20.04.4 LTS 64-bit...
  24. ctradio

    Thread Android 8.1.0 set file permissions in /sdcard/Android/data

    I'm working with an application as part of my general learning about the android system. I would like to set a directory (folder) under /sdcard/Android/data/ as read only. It appears that the entire user space within Android 8.1.0 is actually vfat (or FAT32). I've got...
  25. L

    Thread Dual boot from SD card Surface 3

    I have an old Surface 3 with Windows 11 on the 64GB eMMC and I currently have a 128GB SD card with a 30GB partition for Linux Mint. Every time I try to install Linux Mint from USB it installs fine but when I try to boot it up the GRUB CLI comes up I can type exit and access Windows, but I can't...
  26. G

    Thread Linux on tv box

    I'd like to use some sort of linux distribution on an old tv box. The box is based on the Amlogic AML-8726-m3 processor and has four USB ports and a cardreader. I was not able to find something about a ported os, but maybe you can help me to port it on my own.
  27. shizanuti_arm

    Thread DriveDroid + Chroot (Phone as USB Linux live source)

    I am using Linux on my Android by Chroot for many specific things. I know that DriveDroid allows you to use your Android as USB Flash storage, i would like to use this to turn my phone into a portable usb drive with linux, how is that possible? Thanks a lot in advance!
  28. F

    Thread Question KVM Kernel support?

    I have Linux running on a rooted Galaxy Z Fold 4 although it is incredibly slow due to the lack of KVM support in the kernel. There are multiple ways to run Linux on Android, although many of them are constrained and in order to get the most out of Linux running on the Z Fold 4, I'm looking to...
  29. kquote03

    Thread [ROM][A5 2017][Unofficial] Sailfish OS 4.4 (testers needed for A7)

    Unofficial Sailfish OS port for the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this...
  30. BlackMesa123

    Thread Development [KERNEL][12/13][A528B/N] Mesa's Custom Kernel R6

    BlackMesa123 presents /* Mesa's Custom Kernel */ /* Disclaimer */ - I am not responsible about any damage of any kind that this kernel may cause. - You are allowed to use this kernel in your project with proper credits and links to this thread or source code. - You are allowed to base your...
  31. maoosonyourdesk

    Thread My Arch Setup

    My Arch Setup. Distro Arch Linux Kernel Linux-zen Shell Zsh with OhMyZsh OhMyZsh Theme Agnoster AUR Helper Paru Terminal Emulator Alacritty Window Manager i3-gaps Text Editor NeoVim with SpaceVim Status Bar Polybar Color Scheme Gruvbox Dark Terminal Font...
  32. maoosonyourdesk

    Thread Will X11 survive?

    will X11 survive when Wayland gets better for Nvidia?
  33. V

    Thread How do I kill the camera deamon to get access to /dev/video0?

    Im trying to simulate a camera from a video file on my Android phone. On Linux, I was able to do this using ffmpeg and a special kernel module. In android, the /dev/video0 file is constantly used by the mm-qcamera-deam process, and as a result, I can't point any ffmpeg stream towards it. I tried...
  34. R

    Thread Possible to use a cheap Chinese Android smartphone as a development board?

    It's possible to buy cheap Chinese mobile phones based on the MediaTek MT6739. I believe there are custom Android ROMs that will work on these phones if rooted. Would it be possible to bypass Android and just run a stripped Linux kernel with only basic functionality on such a rooted phone? Why...
  35. rogerwilco75

    Thread Why is Android phone's internal storage showing twice on PC in USB-MTP mode?

    Hi all, Samsung S21 FE 5G (SM-G990B/DS) stock ROM/no root, Linux Mint 19.3, USB connection in MTP mode >> phone's internal storage appears twice in the desktop's file manager. (See image at the bottom for storage info) There is no microSD card in the device, but a 2nd SIM-card. Folder and...

    Thread Screen shift problem with linux on ipaq

    I got Linux booting on my hx2790. Copied some data to a CF card, launched HaRET, then booted. Very fast. No problems... except that the screen is shifted to the right about 1cm on the bootloader and on the OS as well. Some people years ago on 4pda had the same problem. A fix was made. Here is...
  37. Cerberus_Tech

    Thread Linux Installation on Samsung Galaxy Book Go Laptop

    Hello everybody! I am trying to install ARM Linux distributions on Samsung Galaxy Book Go Laptop but unfortunately none of the attempts have been successful. The Samsung Galaxy Book Go Laptop features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 processor (Kryo™ 468 Octa-core CPU up to 2.55 GHz); RAM Memory 4...
  38. prosch

    Thread Mobile OS usage

    Greetings community, as I am writing my bachelor's thesis, I'm interested in the usage of mobile operating systems by the users of xda. One can surely give more than one answer if several operation systems are used. Thanks in advance ;)
  39. M

    Thread Noob questions about Termux and ADB

    I am working on a special project where I am trying to use my Android phone as a data collection and compute node in an edge platform. (no need and too long to go into details). Anyways, I am an android noob, but I recently got a flagship samsung phone and I have gotten root access. It seems...
  40. GalaxyA325G

    Thread What happens if a phone with a broken screen is attached to Linux?

    I'm trying to help a relative with a broken screen Samsung who did NOT enable Developer options USB debugging. I searched over 200 XDA threads with the same problem set, where the answer seems to be always the same. If you didn't turn on USB debugging, you can't turn it on after the fact...

    Thread [QUESTION] what os do you recommend for this terminal

    i bought Fujitsu futro S700 and i can't find any best os for it SPECS: 1GB FLASH 1,5gb ram AMD G-T44R i tried Tinycore (good but it's very empty os), debian (bugged on my terminal), antix (not booting), slax(can't install but good os for me), ReactOS(bluescreen on boot),windows POSREADY...
  42. N

    Thread I use Linux Mint btw

    Just wanna let you know :D
  43. E

    Thread LG V30 Linux

    I was wondering if its possible to install some distro of linux on this phone. The dream would be manjaro with plasma mobile, but I'm not too picky. I'm somewhat new to all this, but I've been reading and learning as much as I can. It seems like the process for the LG V30 is pretty complicated...
  44. MPK99

    Thread Tips for Linux Desktop Users

    I've been a long time user of Linux desktops. Also being in an IT service for the last 3 years, I can truely appreciate how my workflow turned great when I switched to Linux. I would like to present some great usage tips for those who want to increase their productivity while using their...
  45. A

    Thread Backup and update to version 10?

    I have an S8 active and it's not rooted but developer options are unlocked (because I knew how to do stuff at some point). I've hit a wall with my banking app of all things and I have to update to Android 9.0 or higher. Is this possible? Also, what's the best way to backup my phone to a Linux...
  46. TheAirBlow

    Thread [ABANDONED] Thor: Open-Source Samsung flash tool with additinal features

    WARNING! This project is now abandoned as the only Samsung phone I have broke because of water damage. But, if you are an experienced C++ developer (as I'm more into C#, I'm not complete in C++ zero but help is appreciated), please contact me! I have info on how to flash phones with the old...
  47. TheAirBlow

    Thread OFFICIAL Samsung Odin v4 1.2.1-dc05e3ea - For Linux

    Samsung's Odin on Linux is no longer a dream! This is an official version leaked from Samsung. WARNING! Don't DM me stupid questions, I'm not tech support and I'm not going to teach you linux. Here's the output you get from odin -h Usage : odin4 [args...] Odin4 downloader. odin4 version...
  48. Nicknackpaddywack101

    Thread (HELP NEEDED) Install debian apps on amazon kindle

    Hi, I have just jailbroken my kindle thanks to the wonderful guys at mobilereads. Anyway, I installed kterm as an extension for KUAL and want to install a full modern browser like firefox or chrome(ium) or such. Kterm has support for the depkg command to install .deb files but I am not sure how...
  49. kquote03

    Thread [ROM][A5/7 2017] Ubuntu Touch (ubports)

    Ubuntu Touch (ubports) for the Galaxy A5/7 2017 Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before...
  50. D

    Thread How to exit from BROM Mode on Oppo A15 (CPH2185)?

    I'm trying to clone the phone disk by using It's working flawlessly using the command mtk rf, but I terminate the program using Ctrl+C because I need to clean my pc drive first. I don't think this would cause problem since it's only read operation. When I...