1. Kixhiz

    Thread DELETE THIS.

    Delete this.
  2. N

    Thread Which phones have working VOLTE?

    I'm having to struggle to find which phone has working volte with lineage. Each model has to be looked up individually and the rom thread found. Sometimes they don't even say. Considering the cutoff on all major US carriers it would be really nice to have a list. Let's start one. What phone do...
  3. K

    Thread [INDEX] List of all the CUSTOM ROMs for Moto E Condor

    Hey guys, this is an index of ALL THE ROMs FOR Moto E Condor(2014). Please read the threads of the custom ROMs in order to avoid bricking your device. Also don't hesitate to give suggestions for ROMs and don't forget to hit 'Thanks' if I helped you! It really motivates me to keep this thread...
  4. imska

    Thread List with devices having official releases of TWRP, LineageOS and other roms

    Dear community, I think this list is the first of its kind. Purpose The main purpose of the whole project is to help newcomers find the relevant TWRP and Roms for their devices and ultimately make the installation process as easy as possible. This list also serves the purpose of giving an...
  5. K

    Thread [Guide] [SM-T510] Ultimate list of bloatware (Stock, no root, SOT 10+ hours!)

    After the recent stock ROM update to Android 10, I started having issues opening some apps. Also I couldn't reinstall some apps. Instead of troubleshooting each problem, I decided to factory reset. Before the update, I was focused on deleting as many apps as possible. That was my goal. And...
  6. A

    Thread Hiding a Preset List of Apps

    Hello, I wonder if there is a Magisk Module to enable hiding root from a pre defined list of app ( based on package name for example ) ? I guess a system almost similar to Detach module but that would give a way to HideRoot for some apps ? My use case : At work, we have a Work Profile...
  7. N

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Wishlist 1.0.5

    Wishlist With the app you'll never forget about your friends birthdays. And your gifts will be in demand and useful. The main features of the application: - Keep all valuable dates of you, your friends and relatives! - The app will remind you about coming dates - Keep all of your friends...
  8. shadowstep

    Thread [CLOSED][INDEX] OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger)

    OnePlus 5 [INDEX] Helpful Information Welcome! This thread has been created to encompass everything you may need for your device. Please only post in this thread with feedback on how to improve this document. Do not post "thank you" type responses. If you have additional questions or require...
  9. M

    Thread Oredo Debloat List (for A-520F)

    Hello, anyone care to share Oreo debloat list/script? Especially for A-520F? I'd appreciate it so much! Thanks before.
  10. B

    Thread [FYI] Guide to stock ROM packages

    I see a lot of posts all over with people asking which packages can be safely disabled or removed for any given device or ROM. It's tough to give an easy answer as each person's needs and desires are different. So, I figured I'd share the research that I've done on the Sprint 10's stock ROM's...
  11. D

    Thread [LIST][CROWDSOURCE] Number of multitouch points by device

    Hello all. Upon searching and not finding any relevant information i am attempting to create a list of the number of simultaneous touches by device. I know the list will be hard to make and will probably be forever incomplete but with everyone's help we might get to a decent number. You can...
  12. L

    Thread [UPDATED] [ INDEX ] Custom Rom 7.x.x Nougat For [Moto E] [CONDOR]

    CUSTOM ROM NOUGAT FOR MOTO E 2014 CONDOR -ViperOS Naja-v1.0 By ViperOS -lineage-aosgp-X-2.1.1 By Tomsky -XPerience-11.1.2 By CarlosArriagaCM -Pure nexus 7.1.2 By Ujjawal Agrawal -HexagonROM-V2.4...
  13. Primokorn

    Thread [INDEX FLOSS] List of Free / Libre and Open Source apps for Android

    List of Free / Libre and Open Source apps for Android INTRODUCTION I use Android phones for 5 years but I'm interested in FLOSS development for only 1 year. Conlusion? FLOSS apps are very important for the community (not only for Android OS) but they are often underestimated or not well...
  14. D

    Thread [LIST of all] What is currently the best ROM for HTC M8 based on 6.0/CM13?

    I looking for the best ROM based on 6.0 for HTC M8. I found 13 ROMS. The problem with my STOCK ROM is killing launcher after browsing Chrome. I think too much RAM is used. It would be nice if somebody have tested some of them, and say which is the best currently to use. Here are the links for...
  15. AXAz0r

    Thread [Index] List of All Available Lenovo A6000/S ROMs, Recoveries and Kernels

    Remember, don't quote an entire formatted post! Hi! I made this because I was bored! And now that I have the shortest introduction ever, let's explain the purpose. This is a list of all development projects for Lenovo A6000/Plus, which means ROMs, Recoveries and Kernels, naturally. Chances are...
  16. W

    Thread Master Remove / Debloat / Freeze List [6.0.1] [Note4]

  17. J

    Thread Working ROM List for Xperia Z5 Dual (E6633/E6683) and Bugs report

    Hi everyone, Since there's only a few full support ROMs for the dual models, I would like to list out some ROMs in this forum state as "e6653" but still works with e6633/83. WORKING: 1. Omini SaberMod by infected_(NOT SURE) 2. RomAur 3. SlimX Extreme by _LLJY 4 AOSP FOR Dual (Self-built)...
  18. rasikreality

    Thread All Marshmallow ROMs for international HTC One M7

    Hi! I've been seeing how many Marshmallow ROMs are for this phone so I've decided to create a thread for posting the Marshmallow ROMs that are now and the future new ROMS to not lose the account :). Here are all that I've found: 1. Resurrection Remix (1)...
  19. V

    Thread Memento (Create reminders, shopping lists, small notes, etc.)

    Create reminders, shopping lists, small notes, etc. Android 4.0+ Google Play: "Help" menu is also available from within the app. Press "+" button to create a new task. Fill in the title, date, time, set a...
  20. albertoa97

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Material Apps Showcase

    Ciao XDA! I'm Alberto from Italy. When Google presented Material Design i falled in love, i only want material apps on my phone and i always search for new apps. What i did: Some time ago i decided to start develop an app that showcase material apps, and here comes "Material Apps Showcase"...
  21. S

    Thread Can someone make a list of which devices are considered "Second-Generation"?

    Can someone make a list of which devices are considered "Second-Generation"? I have a phone called Infinix Hot 2 (Android One, MT6580, 16GB Internal memory, codename "Infinix_X510_sprout") which is supposed to be a second-gen android one phone according to Wikipedia but all the "second-gen"...
  22. AshleyT

    Thread [ROLLUP] LIST of UNLOCK/UTILITIES/GUIDES for Windows 10 Mobile

    This thread is a sort of recap of what we're able to do on Windows 10 Mobile. I will regularly update this thread with new content as soon as possible. Device Unlock vcREG: lumia reg editor + interop unlock. Now Supports X50 device interop unlock Description: vcREG is a powerful Lumia registry...
  23. K

    Thread List of apps You can download for Gear S2

    Hey guys and gals! Today, after many days of work, I finally made an article with all the apps worth downloading from the store. Some of them are good, some are better, some worse. But it is a list with 63 applications and I think that's the first in the internet. BUT there is one problem - I...
  24. Adithya R

    Thread [INDEX] List of all ROMs and Kernels for the GT-S5360

    Hi, So today im gonna make a full list of all the ROMs for our tiny yet powerful Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360. I know that there are some lists already, but they are outdated. So im gonna make a fresh updated one. So lets begin! :p :D CWM Recovery (CM7/AOSP/Stock): [CWM][DEV] ClockWorkMod
  25. Hermantje

    Thread 5.1.1 compatible mods (stock ROM) || 3-Oct-2015

    For all of you like me, who has a rooted Xperia Z1 running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, you may be wondering which mods you can install to make your Xperia Z1 more awesome. I couldn't find an up-to-date thread for mods, so I decided to create my own here (let's hope this is the correct section for...
  26. baxtex

    Thread Recommended hardned screen protectors for Moto G

    So I broke my screen protector the other day and was in need of a new one. I buy all my protectors from ebay beacuse they are cheap as hell (in stores 1x protecter can cost 15 euros, while on ebay they go for about 1 euro) but sometimes they don't fit properly. So I thought we could launch a...
  27. D

    Thread [Guide Finder] Root, Upgrade, Back to Stock + More

    These guides are for 2014 Fire HD 6 and 7. Don't use for any 2015 model. If your device has a micro-SD slot, it's 2015. All root/upgrade guides install Gapps Credit: Guides for rooting OS above 4.5.3 rely on powerpoint45's instructions for downgrading to 4.5.3 to obtain root. Thanks...
  28. X

    Thread [APP][4.0+][MATERIAL ANIMATIONS] Cinnamon - Grocery Shopping List

    Hey XDA, Gary here. My first app Cinnamon, a grocery shopping list app I have been working on for 8 months is finally released. Would love if you gave it a try: Download Cinnamon Cinnamon is a beautiful and efficient grocery shopping list app. Cinnamon has features that are guaranteed to...
  29. rambomhtri

    Thread How much speed does you phone reaches over Bluetooth?

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Core 2, that has Bluetooth 4.0, and a laptop that also has Bluetooth 4.0. When transferring files, the speed can go up to 205 KB/s, stable. I was curious about if you use a Bluetooth 4.1 smartphone like the Nexus 6 and a laptop with Bluetooth 4.1, the speeds would...
  30. NeoPreacher

    Thread [Index][OS] (60+) Distribution List for Raspberry Pi

    Hello, I made this list with all the interesting and extremely considerable distributions I'm able to find working on our raspberry pi. check out and enjoy. The List : OS General Arch Linux armv6; OS, "older" Pi Arch Linux armv7; OS, Pi...
  31. A

    Thread [App][4.0+] Task Triage (Simple To-Do List)

    I created a simple and intuitive to-do list app. After completing a task, just swipe to cross if off. It features a minimalist design while still having the deeper features of to-do lists such as recurring tasks. At the core, this app has a smart sort algorithm. Therefore it will prioritize...
  32. tsirhcitna

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Apps with reminders

    Hello everybody, I have a problem with apps that require you to interact everyday: I don't do it because I either forgot it or I am too lazy to open them. :D The only solution I found is... reminders! Notifications or pop-ups that once, or more, a day, appear and tell you to pay attention (the...
  33. DevendraMilmile121

    Thread Mokee List View Animation For CM11 R23

    Mokee List View Animation For CM11 R23 ONLY -: How To Install :- Download Zip Reboot In To Recovery Install Zip Reboot In To System Default Animation Is Not Selected Go To Settings/Display&Lights Scroll Down See ListView Animation Select As U Want -: Credits :- Adi Aisiteru Reborn (For His...
  34. K

    Thread [Q] Apps Tray as List

    Actually, I'm not sure if "Tray" is the right term. I'm running stock T-Mobile G3. When you tap that icon with a six dots surrounded by a white circle, it shows you all your installed apps. My only choices are small icons or large icons. Is there any way (setting, app, or mod) that would...
  35. cotda

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Checkout - Shopping, Synchronised.

    Hi! I'm posting this thread to show you an app I've been working on for a little while, and is now available, Checkout. Checkout What is Checkout? Checkout is an innovative new service for groups of people, that allows anyone with a computer or smartphone to create and manage a combined...
  36. marceloterorist

    Thread [Q] List of Moto E App2SD ROM Support

    Is there any ROM's list for Moto E having support for App2SD? I'm feeling 4GB internal isn't longer enough to me, and I want to get some information about our ROM's. If someone could help me, I can change this thread into a list for all ROM's and versions.
  37. starbase64

    Thread [List] Partition List - LG G Watch

    Hi, i've checked out the partition list of my watch, using adb and parted. D:\Handy\LG_G_Watch\ota>cmd.exe Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600] (c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. D:\Handy\LG_G_Watch\ota>adb shell cat /proc/partitions major minor #blocks name 179...
  38. voxluna

    Thread [Q] List of available LG Optimus L90 custom ROMs?

    I'm trying to compile a list of ROMs available for the LG Optimus L90, aka D4xx. There's the stalwart CyanogenMod build thanks to Quarx and shinobisoft. I believe I've seen mention of one other project, but the name eludes me ATM. ???
  39. B

    Thread [REF] List of apps that work with Nexus Player

    I've been scouring through the apps that I want on my Nexus Player trying to find out which ones need to be sideloaded and which ones will/won't work if sideloaded. To save all of us some time, I thought that I'd just post my findings here. Please post anything beyond this list that you find and...
  40. CrashBX

    Thread [LIST] [L9II, L7II, L5II, L3II] All ROMS and Recoveries

    n D60x [L9 II] ROMS Jelly Bean 4.1.2. CyanogenMod 10 (by Varcain) KitKat 4.4.2. Paranoid Android (by Szymel00) CyanogenMod 11 (by Szymel00) CyanogenMod 11 (by Varcain) Recoveries CWM TWRP P71x [L7 II] ROMS Jelly Bean 4.1.2. Lewa OS (by Weritos) KitKat Mod (by Maxx_hr) AOGP Ghost ROM (by...
  41. McAlister

    Thread [Q] [HELP][QUESTION] htc android processes list i can freeze

    Hello, My question is in the title, Where can i found a list of HTC (M8) Processes i can freeze or not ? Thank you and good evening McA
  42. Sajoo

    Thread [Q] Google calendar sms numbers - List?

    Hi, im using google calendar notification via sms and everytime i get a notification from google there is a new number. Every number starts with 4673 I have made a contact named "Google calendar" so it doesnt start a new chat when i get a message. But unfortunately google has a lot of numbers...
  43. aquariuz23

    Thread G3 Compatible Aux Car Head Unit List

    Hello All, So after nearly two weeks with my G3, and along with other users, notice how the G3 may or may not work with any Aux connectivity out there, I've decided that maybe we should have a list of compatible car head units that works with the G3. I'm hoping that this list will help users...
  44. orel28

    Thread List of applications for Android Wear - UPDATE 07/30/2014 - 267 apps

    I'll try to make a list of applications available for Android Wear, ca happens on my blog If you find any apps that I board not yet listed give me the name that I added to the list, thank you UPDATE TO 267 APPLIS - 30/07/2014 If you like my...
  45. orel28

    Thread List of applications for Android Wear

    I'll try to make a list of applications available for Android Wear, ca happens on my blog If you find any apps that I board not yet listed give me the name that I added to the list, thank you. to make it simple it would be to centralize the...
  46. N

    Thread [APP][2.3+]Shopping List 1.0

    Tired of searching products which are placed in near departments? Got sick of trying to remember and enter prices of products, to know how much money take to the shop? Now you can forget about it, with new shopping list! Add shops which you visit, fill it by departments, set departments in the...
  47. ShadowCodeGaming

    Thread [LIST] List of apps not working properly on the Android L Preview

    Thought it'd be good to make such a list. So far reported: -Dropbox -Twitter -MMS (T-Mobile/Rogers) -Light Flow -BaconReader -Xbox One Smartglass -Amazon Kindle -Madden 25 -Meet Me -ESPN Fantasy Baseball -Facebook Messenger (pop-up backgrounds do not show) -Wechat -Titanium Backup...
  48. PaulDnoOb

    Thread List Of ROMs and Kernel

    Note: This is my first thread here at xda so I've decided to create a list that features ROMs and Kernels as there is no list about it. If I have violated some xda rules kindly close it and pm me to settle the violation that I have done. Note 2: I will finish the kernel first cause they're easy...
  49. D

    Thread [Q] List/overview existing mods

    Did anybody compose a list or overview of existing mods for the z1c? I know I can find a lot on xposed model but I'd like to have a list of mods made for the z1c or mods working on a z1c. Can anybody point me in the correct direction?
  50. HeartBroken

    Thread [App][4.0+] Note It! - Never Forget Always Remember

    Welcome To Note It! Note It! "Make Everyday Life Much Easier” Note It! Is an Ad-free, Sleek, Beautiful ,Quick ,Well-Designed Note Application. Users are able to write Notes as well as create multiple Checklists. Note It also has a Quick create widget that allows for Writing/Creating a...