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  1. M

    Thread Number of App Updates in Live Tile (10586.164)?

    In WP8.1, I disabled the automatic store updates and I saw a number of waiting app updates in the store tile. I disabled the automatic app updates in Win10m, but I see no number in Live tile on Start. Can I get this back in Windows 10 mobile?
  2. K

    Thread [Q] Live Tiles do NOT update on homescreen.

    For about a week, my email tile on the homepage has failed to launch the email. It just refreshes the screen back to the previous page (hoempage). I tried from All Apps menu as well, same, it refreshes the screen and takes me back to all apps. My text messages tile shows no new messages, but...
  3. W

    Thread [Q] People Hub - Live Tile Pictures

    Is there any way to control what pictures are used on the people hubs live tile? For some reason this thing alway grabs the same few people out of Linkedin that I haven't talked to in years. I have no interest in seeing these people's mugs every time I turn on the phone. Anyone know how to...
  4. S

    Thread [APP] Battery Status (v4.6.1.1) - Telerik controls, icon sets, globalization and more

    Battery Status, based on the DLLImport project by fiinix shows, as the name suggests, the battery status of your phone. It has a Live Tile which is updated about every 10 or 30 minutes (depending on the user's preference). It shows the percentage on both sides of the tile and a matching icon on...
  5. Aaron McCarthy

    Thread Organize your Home Screen with Live Tile Generator (No Jailbreak Required)

    Just as the title says. Go to on your phones internet browser (IE, Surfcube etc) It will generate a webpage with whatever title's you want so that you can organize your homescreen. Once the page is generated click the bottom 3 dot menu and select "pin...