1. Nightmare_0

    Thread I can't install Android x86_64 on my Laptop.

    Whatever I do I can't seem to install Android on my laptop. I am trying to dual boot it with Windows 10 (21h1). I kept the iso in my 8GB drive through Rufus. This process went just as expected. But when I clicked on install android on the grub boot menu, it showed a black screen and restarted my...
  2. sliex

    Thread Question Interactive wallpapers gone ?

    No, i dont mean live wallpapers as they are today - video footage. I used to have nice wallpapers on old phones (S1, S2) that would react to touch - signals spreading via pcb traces from finger upon poking the screen, rings in water surface growing, strange cube undulating landscape, etc, etc...
  3. L

    Thread Want to reach users and grow your app business with ease? Get the answers at AppGallery Connect Academy · Live!

    Grow your app business to new levels with HUAWEI AppGallery Connect Website : The success of an app is not just dependent on the value it offers users, but also how efficiently it reaches them. HUAWEI AppGallery...
  4. sonopsm

    Thread IPTV sports 2021 App

    iptv sports 2021 App is android app for streaming matchs from international Channels. daily update of channels and it's FREE access... Please Review my App Mod Edit: Link removed
  5. N

    Thread Making the most out of Jio Hybrid STB Set Top Box (Without forking)

    Jio STB Sucks. No doubt about it. This forum is for people to make the most out of the set top box. I got the Set-top box for Rs.1000 effectively mainly for Sony Liv because that's what my family mainly watches. At that price it was the cheapest to replace the Cable TV which was also only used...
  6. TopCoolAndroidApp

    Thread [CLOSED][APP][5.0+] Live TV ★ Watch thousands of TV channels worldwide

    @TopCoolAndroidApp Thread closed! Advise the mod team to re-open when ready to provide a workable download link! Regards Oswald Boelcke, Moderator Watch thousands of Live TV channels all over the world in a free cool Live TV Android app at Google Play #live #tv #iptv #online...
  7. linuxct

    Thread [MOD][8.0+][Updated] MIUI 12 Live 'Super' Wallpapers ported to any Android device!

    MIUI 12 Live Super Wallpapers ported to any Android device! After being featured on the portal, today I bring you an update to my well known collection of Super Wallpapers, ported straight from MIUI 12. Features included with these wallpapers: Ported straight from...
  8. R

    Thread [APP][Android TV][WIP] - Jinge - create linear TV channels from your Plex library

    I've recently start developing a new and exciting app for Android TV - it called Jinge and all it does - is a simple thing: Creates a non-stop playing linear TV channel from your personal Plex Library. Why do you need this? Let say you have a huge library of TV shows and you want to watch some...
  9. sandhu4

    Thread [WLP][4.3+] Fusion Watch Face and Live Wallpaper

    FUSION WATCH FACE AND CLOCK LIVE WALLPAPER Fusion is Fully customizable Aviator style, Wear OS (Android Wear) Watch Face and Clock Live Wallpaper for all Phones. With many more features. ScreenShots: Free Downloads:
  10. TopCoolAndroidApp

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Webcams Online: How to watch live CCTV video streaming webcams everywhere

    Webcams Online Earth LIVE IP camera video streams download at Google Play
  11. TopCoolAndroidApp

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Live Camera: See LIVE online streaming webcams in your city and everywher

    See people, animals, cities, road auto traffic, weather, events, places in your city and all over the world on LIVE online video streaming webcams and CCTV IP surveillance and security cameras in a free cool Live Camera Android app at Google Play #hack #live #cams #spy #online...
  12. Spigaw

    Thread Where to find blue Microbes.apk ?

    Hi there people! I am a bit nostalgic of the old days of Android, and I installed this beauty on my Redmi Note 7 (see screenshot for reference). However, I remember that back in 2010-2011, a blue version of Microbes.apk was circulating, instead of the version with multicolored cells. Does...
  13. H

    Thread [Need Help] Is it possible to record an Instagram live stream with Tasker unattended?

    Hi! I was just wondering of it was possible to record an Instagram live stream with tasker automatically. I've never used tasker before and I have no idea about this. Please let me know. Thanks!
  14. A

    Thread Pixel 3 Live Wallpapers APK

    So the new Pixel 3 Live wallpapers are out. Everything about the phone is out so this is not a surprise anymore. What I find interesting is that the new wallpapers make us of the AOD too. particularly the Pixie wallpaper has a tiny person on AOD for some time. Apparently it requires Android P...
  15. R

    Thread Live wallpapers keeps crashing

    Has anyone tried applying the pixel/pixel 2 live wallpapers on this device ? Everytime I try to apply the live wallpaper, the wallpaper picker app just keeps crashing. The live wallpapers also do not show up in Google wallpapers app. I have tried using the live wallpaper shortcut from playstore...
  16. S

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Live Demo Unit N920X - Flash Rom Stock Android 5.1.1 (Videol)

    Mod Edit= Content Removed. This thread is just bait for Pay per click revenue generating links. And that's against the rules here! Go ahead and check 13, Thread closed.
  17. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Follow the USA Major League Soccer in live on Android

    Hello, I create that thread to present you USA Major League Soccer an application letting you to follow all the USA professional leagues of Soccer. USA Soccer covers the Major League Soccer (MLS), the United Soccer League (USL) and even the USL Premier Development League. USA Major League...
  18. D

    Thread Live wallpaper doesn't apply after selecting.

    I was able to get live wallpaper working after reading some posts (running a rooted SM-G930V on nougat). Things were dandy... Until they weren't. Unlocked the phone one day, found that my live wallpaper was not loaded. Also, I had a theme from the Samsung theme deal, and not only did it not...
  19. Cizzle4

    Thread All the Static Wallpaper from the Pixel 2 - 3 [1080p/1440p]

    Here you have the static Pixel 2 wallpaper token from the original live wallpapers. For those who don't want the annoying battery drain (or worst, LAGS) but still want the amazing google style wallpapers. :D 1080p/1440p: Just added...
  20. D

    Thread [Guide] Hulu Live TV on Fire TV without Root

    So I know that Hulu will be releasing a new version of their app for the Fire TV that supports live TV (looks like the private beta for it may be starting today), but I've been wanting to watch live shows on the television that I have my Fire TV (2nd gen) hooked up to. Originally, I was hoping...
  21. desh_iit

    Thread [LWP][4.1+]Fractal Tree Live

    Get it From Play Store :laugh: science, a Fractal Tree index is a tree data structure that keeps data sorted and allows searches and sequential access in the same time as a B-tree but with insertions and deletions that are asymptotically faster than a B-tree. I like mathematics and geometry -...
  22. O

    Thread [PORT]S6 Like Wallpaper Picker for Grand Prime All Models 5.0+

    Hello everyone I have just ported s6 wallpaper chooser for grand prime. I have ported it from my brothers s6. So enjoy. Also try:- [MASTER THREAD]Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G531F S6 S Voice For Grand Prime All Models 5.0+ [Tut]How to Install Xposed Framework in Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime...
  23. R

    Thread Bricked Gear Live?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please help. I have a gear live, always running on stock firmware. Randomly without me doing anything to the device, it got stuck on the boot logo. So I decided to see if I could boot into recovery mode, but I get the error "mmc_read fail" and "movinand...
  24. Pranav Pandey

    Thread [PORT] [APP] [6.0+] [Google Pixel/2/3/4/a/5/6] Live Wallpapers [27/07/2022]

    Hello everyone, I have managed to port the Google Pixel Live earth wallpapers and Live data wallpapers to Android 6.0+ devices. Your world, Solar System (Live earth wallpapers) is only for arm64 devices as is only available for those devices Please check the testing...
  25. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][7.0+][ARM64/ARM32/x86/x86_64] Live Earth Wallpapers from the Pixel (UPD 3/3/17)

    This is a backport of the Live Earth wallpapers from the Pixel devices/Android 7.1 to 7.0. It crashes on 6.0, so don't even ask for anything lower than 7.0 :( I backported this by doing the following: - Decompile the app - Copy the resources/manifest to a new Android Studio product with the...
  26. _PrEzi_

    Thread OnePlus 3 Launch - Links to watch without Loop

    OnePlus 3 will launch tomorrow, OP recommends to use a combination of mobile + VR glasses + Loop app for the full experience. However - for people without VR Glasses - there is a possibility to watch it live-streamed via a Browser too. Just visit the following Link tomorrow...
  27. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Euro Football 2016 in France

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Euro Football 2016 a free Android application to follow Euro Football 2016 in France with all the latest news, scores and results. Application is available here on Google Play Store :
  28. J

    Thread Amazing world of CCTV surveillance

    Mod edit: Link removed OP might want to review the forum rules regarding duplicate threads & posts.
  29. S

    Thread [App][4.0+] Football Live Scores

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Football Live Scores, a free application that give Football results and scores in live for all Championships worldwide. Football Live Scores can be downloaded from Google Play Store here ...
  30. S

    Thread [LWP] Quantum Cloud Live Wallpaper 1.0

    Hi, I just uploaded this free abstract live wallpaper to the play store! Features: ☆ swipe to rotate the cloud ☆ high performance & no battery drain ☆ customizable background and foreground colors ☆ material design color palettes ☆ customizable cloud opacity and density Screenshots...
  31. -XperiaMan-

    Thread New Live Wallpaper ???

    Hi :) . I was wathcing some videos about the Z3+ today when I suddenly noticed a new Live Wallpaper ! Here is the video : You can see the wallpaper in action at 0:40 ;) Write your thoughts below :cowboy:
  32. Y

    Thread [APP][FREE] Xbox Live Deals

    Good evening, I'm going to share with you my first Windows Phone 8.1 app: It's totally free, you can get it from Xbox Live Deals All exclusive discounts with Xbox Live Gold membership in your...
  33. F

    Thread [NEW] App! Shake them all 2 !!

    Hi xda! It's been a while since we don't publish new apps, but the day has come! We are proud to present you SHAKE THEM ALL 2 ! Download for free here Shake Them All 2 is an amazing live wallpaper fully renovated with android characters that float on your screen. Shake your device to...
  34. SJMarty

    Thread [Q] Live TWRP Backup

    My Note 4 is rooted and TWRP is installed. Is anyone having success using any of the apps that can perform the TWRP backup without rebooting into recovery?
  35. R

    Thread [WLP][4.0+][FREE] Space Galaxy and Nebula Live Wallpapers

    Hey everyone, I made a couple of live wallpapers using Unity and the Uni2LWP plugin. All of them are FREE. My Google Play developer link: Google Play 1. Ring Galaxy Live Wallpaper This is a procedurally generated ring galaxy with a yellow galactic center and blueish ring...
  36. M

    Thread Amazing Forest Live Wallpaper

    Perfect live wallpaper shows from daylight to nightime right on your device. Excellent HD quality!! Direct Link
  37. M

    Thread Awesome Super Mario Bros LiveWallPaper

    Awesome Super Mario Bros live Wall Paper for your android device. Watch as Super Mario,Luigi,and toad race up the castle in HD. Download now from sourceforge Direct.
  38. J

    Thread [APP] Word Live Cams - view 11,000 live real time streaming CCTV IP video cams

    Please give a try for the result of our hard work and share your thoughts on what can be improved - that's much appreciated. Mod edit: Removed paid app links View 11,000 live real time streaming CCTV IP video cams and webcams all over the world Download at Windows Phone Store:
  39. Chromium

    Thread [APP][4.0+] HexaTime

    Description HexaTime is a live wallpaper which displays the current time and simultaneously sets your wallpaper to the corresponding hexadecimal color. In other words, the clock is shown as a hex triplet code, while your background color is gradually adjusted as time passes. This keeps your...
  40. BlueScreenJunky

    Thread Gear Live won't turn screen off

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my Gear Live : sometimes the screen won't turn off (or dim) by itself. when I stop using it it will just dim slightly but still display the whole watch face and not get as dark as when it dims properly. It seems to happen randomly after I use it (with an "OK google"...
  41. netharshal13

    Thread Need a Stock live wallpaper manager

    Hi Devs & Pros I need a Stock live wallpaper manager:D Thanks !!!:laugh:
  42. Neo


    wtLJPvx7-ys This thread and poll will be open for 24 hours only. All comments must be on topic and not in violation of XDA Rules and Policies. Enjoy, Neo Forum Moderator
  43. rtx101

    Thread [LWP][ALL] Hot Beach Live Wallpaper 1.0

    Brace yourself! Summer is comming! We gladly introduce to you our latest live wallpaper: Hot Beach! :victory: Why not make your summer even more awesome by decorating your lovely phones with life-like Hot Beach Live Wallpaper? Feel the wind blowing through palm trees leaves, casting its...
  44. S

    Thread [LWP] Strings 3D live wallpaper

    It's a live wallpaper based on strings. It lets you choose the colour of your strings and the background colour also. You can also turn off the camera rotation. Here's a Youtube video and here are the download links Free Donate Version and here are some screenshots.
  45. I

    Thread [Free] Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper

    Christmas Live Wallpaper Free" is a stunninglive wallpaper featuring a sparkling Christmas Tree of light and fully interactive foreground app where you can look around freely Features: *Santa Claus Flying *Snow Fall *Snow Flakes *Christmas Tree with Lights Enjoy and MERRY...
  46. I

    Thread [Paid] Jesus Birth Live Wallpaper

    Jesus Birth Live Wallpaper Merry Christmas 2013 Features: * HD Background * Baby Jesus Animation * Different Sky color * Stars and Moons * Flying Angels

    Thread [GUIDE]4.2.2 Statusbar for Samsung 4.1.2 ROM with Live Tiles

    4.2.2 Style Stausbar for Samsung 4.1.2 ROM (This tutorial is originally made for SGSA but it should work with all samsung 4.1.2 ROMs) Before we begin let me give credit to original author of this mod SpaceCaker i'm just gonna tell you how to port it to Samsung JB 4.1.2 ROM. (SpaceCaker's...
  48. Lockermaster

    Thread [Locker Theme] An immersed sense of Rain Night

    Darkness falls, cold rain chills your soul. Will you ever be able to escape from the fear itself? This theme will give you an immersed sense about this little boy running in the Jungle :
  49. Lockermaster

    Thread [FREE]Locker Master Town Life Live Theme

    Find this beautiful real time town life locker theme on Google Play:
  50. Lockermaster

    Thread [Theme]Little Deer Live Theme[Locker Master]

    Little Deer Locker Master live theme. As*the*deer*walked*further*into*the*forest,*it*could*not*hear*any*sound,*but*the*wind*of*nature. Make sure you have installed Locker Master v1.0 or above to use the theme. Google Play link...