1. A

    Thread New LiveView App

    Hi there. I have made for my company ( a new LiveView plugin. It's called Tida Calendar. It let's you see your calendar evets (the standard one only sends you alerts). Try it and tell me if you like it. Regards
  2. deathscream

    Thread [MOD][ADDON]Sony LiveView MN800 OLV (modded) Broken Select ,Open LiveView addon (SMS)

    Modded OLV for Broken Select buttons & SMS Notifier addon for Open LiveView This is a very helpful addon if you guys have a liveview with a broken select button. I recently bought a liveview MN800 and dropped it. That is when the select button stopped working. Except for incoming calls , it...
  3. 3

    Thread Live view mods

    Just got my LV...:p Is there any way To make the screen wake up from one of the touch buttons? or even better, change the timeout to like 2 or 3 hours and the brightness to the minimum?? Any ideas, mods, themes ?? thanks:confused:
  4. narflynn619

    Thread Old liveview wanted, working or not, front panel preferred

    I only need the front panel, the plastic that covers the OLED display. I accidentally spilled alcohol on mime and it ruined the the original one: cloudy stain on the screen seems to be permanent, and the black paint on the borders is screwed, too, the alcohol burned through the paint. Hope you...
  5. sikodemon

    Thread SE LiveView wristwatch mod???

    Hi, I've got an old Liveview which I'm about to chuck out but think it's such a shame to put waste to a perfectly good oled screen. I used to love wearing it in clock mode as a watch, but it pi$$ed me off everytime it lost bluetooth to the phone it would forget the time. Now, I don't know much...
  6. devi59

    Thread [Q] bluetooth

    I have an at&t xperia, locked bootloader, rooted. I have installed darkrom and cwm. I have uses the kitchen to theme my phone a bit. No problems whatsoever but now my bluetooth continually just goes on and off. I had installed llama location profiles and uninstalled it but I don't know if that...
  7. A

    Thread LiveView reverse-engineering effort

    Hi all, A few weeks ago I started taking apart the LiveView software and manager. I'm really unhappy with the current plugin system, the menu structure and more. So, I started to reverse-engineer the Bluetooth protocol. I'm at the very beginning but it's looking promising. Here's the repo...
  8. M

    Thread [Q] problems with Liveview

    Hi all ! so, today, i've bought a Sony Ericson liveview, AWESOME ! But ... First : i've passed 3 hours for pairing and connect it to my phone ( Galaxy GT i9000, ROM : miui galnet ICS ) , so, it's not the problem. Second : I'm thinking that the right buton is not working, so, I can't switch to...
  9. M

    Thread [Q] Liveview with Android 2.3 - pairing request

    Hi, I was using Sony Ericsson Liveview with my Dell Streak on Android 2.2 Then I installed a Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) ROM on the Dell Streak and Liveview got useless. Now Liveview is always trying to pair. On my Dell Streak I keep getting pairing requests with different random pins. Is there...
  10. S

    Thread [Q] Sony Ericsson LiveView????

    i want to get the LiveView, im wondering if anyone has it currently with a G2X. Is there any major Problems with it? Currently im running cyanogen mod nightlies, might change to miui when it comes out. Does the Rom matter also?
  11. Pyres

    Thread [Q] (SE LiveView) Is it possible to read .txt files?

    Hi guys, I've done a lot of research during these days, and I've found a miscellaneous heap of plug-ins, but astonishingly I've found none that actually enables me to read a .txt/.doc/whatever text file. Isn't that odd? Do you know any? Thanks :D
  12. Drakosha

    Thread [HOW-TO] - SonyEricsson LiveView & Gingerbread

    Hello. This is a little guide to all (misfortunate) owners of SE LiveView device. With the help of this topic, I gathered here all the information needed to solve every connection issue with HD2 Android. I really think this should be added to the FAQ. This simple guide changes everything...
  13. Bluewall

    Thread [Q] Plugin WhatsApp for LiveView

    Hello everybody, I'm sure we have here some WhatsApp lover. And of course some who have the liveview from Sony Ericsson :) I love my liveview because i can leave my phone in my bag like in school and just watch what happen on my mobile with it. But i use really often WhatsApp and I could be...
  14. J

    Thread My experience with different accessories

    Hy there i would like to start a thread where we could share our experiences with all sorts of accessories for our aces:) I have many accessories that i am using with my phone. Firstly i will start with description of Sony ericsson Liveview, a watch like display that is connected via bluetooth...
  15. K

    Thread LiveView Binary clock red led modification

    This is modified version of Binary clock for LiveView Changes are to application icon and time display so it looks more like real deal with led diodes. Installation is simple uninstall previous version and restart LiveView (LiveWare manager and LiveView Application) software on your phone and...
  16. Johnston411

    Thread Liveview (live view) watch strap mod

    I got fed up of my live view falling off it's watch strap so i've worked out a 100% reversible mod to stop it falling off
  17. Hoodeddeathman

    Thread Sony Ericsson Liveview & Desire HD

    This is a review of the Sony Ericsson Live view and the Desire HD Ordered about a month ago from for £40 but due to the holiday period I received it yesterday! Upon first impressions the device has some impressive ideas behind it, watch sized display receiving a bunch of...
  18. elypsar

    Thread [Q] Sony Ericsson LiveView Does anybody have one? What are your thoughts? Does it work well with the Evo?
  19. N

    Thread [Q] SE LiveView Micro Display

    Has anyone tried this device with the Desire? They're only £50 at most places now. Thought it might be fun to play with, but there are some horrible reviews about it loosing connections and not re-establishing. Someone said that it has to sync with your handset just to display the correct time...
  20. A

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S and the Sony Ericsson LiveView Accessory

    Hello SGS lovers and developers! So, many of you will be aware of the Sony Ericsson LiveView gadget that has just recently gone on sale (im in the UK and got my pre-order unit yesterday). For those that are not, its essentially a secondary AMOLED display connected to your android 2.x handset by...
  21. K

    Thread LiveView Sony Ericsson on HD2?

    Will it works on HD2?? I mean, I heard about problem with music control on Samsung Galaxy S. I ordered it yesterday and I really want it to work on my android.
  22. K

    Thread [Q] Will HD2 run Sony LiveView??

    please delete this thread.
  23. K

    Thread [Q] Would SE Live View work on HD2 Android builds?

    Hi mates! I was wondering if this new Sony Ericsson gadget would work on Nexus One froyo builds for HD2 (it is said to be compatible with Nexus Ones on SE Site). Did anybody try? Thanx, regards
  24. N

    Thread [Q] Use Liveview for making Calls?

    Hi would like to know if its possible to start a call through the liveview? Like vrowsing the contact list and pass the signal to a bluetooth headset.
  25. tankmorph

    Thread Sony LiveView - Don't bother

    This looks like a must have for me: Sony Ericsson LiveView Being a Sony product, though, I'm sure it will be way overpriced. Has anybody heard pricing and availability information for those of us in the USA? Edit: This thing is a waste of money (around $100 imported from the UK) until they...
  26. B

    Thread Sony Ericsson LiveView™ Issues

    Hey is there anyone out there also having strange connection issues on Sony Ericsson's LiveView ? I'm running a HTC Hero with the latest cyanogenmod. I can pair the device in the setting. The display always just displays 0:00 AM. when i try to connect in the software it always is listed as...