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    Thread How To Guide [Guide] Root Pixel 7 Pro with Magisk + Unlock Bootloader + Pass SafetyNet + More

    [Guide] Root Pixel 7 Pro with Magisk + Unlock Bootloader + Pass SafetyNet + More Android Security Bulletin—March 2023 Pixel Update Bulletin—March 2023 Introduction This Guide is for Pixel 7 Pro owners that want to Root their phone, and enjoy the benefits of rooting it. The Guide is divided...
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    Thread Help locking bootloader on version C.31

    Ok so in short I unlocked the bootloader a while back, installed TWRP and magisk and I'm on version RMX1931EX_11_C.31. I would like to update to the newest version and lock the bootloader again. Problem is since everything is in chaos I have no idea what to do especially since it's been a while...
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    Thread Redmi 6 Pro Locked Bootloader - No Device Access

    Can anyone help me what to do. I recently flashed my Redmi 6 Pro to global version (IN) and got the message, MIUI cannot installed on this device, and unluckily... my bootloader was locked. I was trying to unlock it via adb fastboot and driver, but is says "Token verfication failed". Moreover, I...
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    Thread Verizon bootloader relock

    I've unlocked my verizon xl's bootloader on the october update and I was wondering if it could be re-locked by any means other than fastboot? like an OTA for example or a ROM flash or an official image flash, etc. Do I have to watch what I flash to my phone or am I safe?
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    Thread [Q] Correct way to restore to locked boot loader with TA backup ?

    So, i'm selling my z1... (c903) I backed up the TA before messing with root etc but i've searched and not found a definite answer on how to restore it fully to stock with original TA as well? Do I use flashtool to flash the complete STOCK FTF, then use flashtool to re-lock boot loader? Then...