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  1. madgit

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods DoubleTapWidget (screen lock app)

    DoubleTapWidget Description: There are 5 widgets in the application, there is no application interface itself. 2 widgets - transparent widgets, for locking the screen by double-clicking and single-clicking, respectively. (arbitrary size). 3 widgets - widgets in the form of a lock of...
  2. J

    Thread Locked out of Galaxy S22 following / after update -- device rejects / won't accept the correct password

    Hello! Posting widely. Around Nov 11th, about two weeks ago, I caved in and accepted the prompts on my S22 to undergo a firmware update. I'm not 100% positive, but based on the timing (and the assumption that this isn't a carrier update but a Samsung one) I think it was probably the One UI 5.0...
  3. D

    Thread Yoga 9i Android (& Prime & Bliss) lock screen, SDCARD and non-root partition problems

    I am trying to install Android on a Lenovo Yoga 9i with an i7 10th generation processor which dual boots Win 11 and Kubuntu 22.04. I have been able to install PrimeOS, Android-x86 and BlissOS to the kubuntu root using the following isos – PrimeOS-2.1.3-64-bit-20220719-BETA.iso --...
  4. Kurbik

    Thread Question How can I remove the camera on my Redmi note 8 2021 Lock screen?

    Hi, apart from themes, how can I remove the camera from my lock screen?
  5. D

    Thread [CLOSED] Yoga 9i Android (& Prime & Bliss) lock screen, SDCARD and non-root partition problems

    I am trying to install Android on a Lenovo Yoga 9i with an i7 10th generation processor which dual boots Win 11 and Kubuntu 22.04. I have been able to install PrimeOS, Android-x86 and BlissOS to the kubuntu root using the following isos – PrimeOS-2.1.3-64-bit-20220719-BETA.iso --...
  6. ebin326

    Thread Music showing up differently on lock screen

    Hello there! as the title states music shows up differently on my lock screen. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Android 12 & One UI version 4.1 - Lock Screen Version 7.1.89 The first image is my current lock screen and how music now plays. If I want to change songs I would have to click on the...
  7. L

    Thread There is no clock on lock screen (Samsung)

    I was cleaning my apps, I think I accidently deleted system app that does the clock on lock screen. What is the program that I need?
  8. Z

    Thread Question Vivo X80 Pro [Origin OS, CN Version] - Bugs & Experiences - Let's share

    Dear Forum, after scanning the x60 and x70 threads about notification issues I'm still struggling with missing notifications and badges for certain apps [in this case Signal and Threema]. What I did so far: - uninstall com.vivo.pem via ADB App Control - set notification settings correctly for...
  9. Paras Lehana

    Thread Question [GUIDE] Device Settings Menu | Part III - Display, Lock screen, Biometrics, Security, Safety

    Device Settings Menu Guide, Tips & Discussions Part 3 - Display, Lock screen, Biometrics and security, Safety If you're new to this series or want to see the index, please read the Introductory Post first. Display Dark mode settings: I have kept it 'Turn on as scheduled' with 'sunset to...
  10. suquet.paul

    Thread Question Phone Locks While In Use

    My phone all of a sudden sends me to the lock screen while it's in use. It could be playing a youtube video, playing a game or typing a whatsapp reply. Before you tell me it's some lock assisting app; it isn't. It happens in safe mode as well, and it started happening about 2 years ago back...
  11. jhuff83

    Thread 3rd Party Hotspot Apps Disabled When Screen Turns Off

    Any third party hotspot app I use is being disabled when my screen turns off on the phone. I have tried everything I can thing of from optimizing battery settings to making these apps never sleep but each time the hotspot app disables until I turn the screen back on and/or unlock the phone...
  12. boe

    Thread How do I enable BT calling without the screen turned on?

    Hello, I usually dial by name using my headset. I often have my phone in my pocket which means I need to take it out of my pocket and aim the phone at my face and or unlock the screen to make the call. How do I disable this wonderful "feature" so I can use my phone without touching it?
  13. xdapepe

    Thread Question [Question] are navigation bar actions gone (long press, double tap...) on OnePlus Nord 2?

    Hi guys, On my old OnePlus X and OnePlus 6T thanks to Oxygen OS I could set actions depending on the presses on the navigation bar (for example: long press the home button to lock the screen) in the settings but I can't seem to find this option on the settings app of my OnePlus Nord 2. Is it...
  14. yep_nexus

    Thread Lock screen notifications & shortcuts

    Hi, I'm a bit late to the V60 party and am curious if others have the same two issues I'm having with the lock screen. The first is that my notification pop ups are tiny - like unreadable tiny. This is on the main display (not the front of the dual case). On my V30+ I could read the subject and...
  15. zrkadlo

    Thread Please help unlocking Xiaomi Note 9 Pro

    Do anyone by any chance know how can i bypass lockscreen on this phone ? No its not stolen
  16. P

    Thread Lock issues

    Hello guys, I'm having some problems with the screen of my device, when I press the button to turn off the screen, and I try to turn on the screen again, it hardly turns on at first, I have to make several attempts for it to turn on, or restart the cell phone for it to work. I used a screen...
  17. H

    Thread How to show notification icons on status bar on lock screen

    Hello, I have POCO M3, MIUI Global 12.0.4, android 10 QKQ1. I really like the phone but there is one thing that drives me mad and that is the fact that the status bar with all notification icons is not visible on the lock screen. In the place where the icons should be, there is just the...
  18. A

    Thread Screen does not turn on when phone rings

    When I get a phone call the screen does not turn on and I have to press the phone button to answer it. I tried installing the Google Dialer, then switched back to stock so not sure if that messed it up. Also, idk why but all my apps are asking for permissions again. I'm pretty sure the screen...
  19. Apps by Dream Studio

    Thread [APP][4.1+] 4D Live Wallpaper – 2020 New Best 4D Wallpapers,HD,4K

    💛The Coolest AMOLED 4D Backgrounds HD & gyroscopic animated Live Wallpapers to bring you the amazing 3D depth effect. - It’s on 4D Live Wallpaper.🙌 👍FEATURES: Totally Free! 🧡An endless selection of free backgrounds 💙High-quality wallpaper for all categories(Fancy a dark dope stylish, or maybe...
  20. A

    Thread No caller ID on lock screen anymore

    When my phone rings I would like it to show the contact information like the phone number. It no longer does this. I think it changed with the upgrade to OneUI 3. I would like to see the number of who is calling me from lock screen, even with Do Not Distru turned on.
  21. benpeltz

    Thread Lock Sreen Font Colour Keeps Changing

    Hi there, I recently upgraded to an LG Velvet 5G running Android 10. For the most part, it's been great, but when I set a custom image as the background of the lock screen, the clock font keeps changing from white with no outline to black with a white outline. At first I thought it was just the...
  22. R

    Thread Galaxy A51 no blue light filter on lock screen! Why?!

    Note: The following post was posted on Samsung Members: I thought I'd post it on here to raise awareness: and to get help. Recently brought a Samsung Galaxy A51 for a family member, and upon setting the fingerprint and activating the blue light filter: I realised everytime I'm on the lock...
  23. H

    Thread Colors Washed on Lock Screen when Fingerprint Unlock is Enabled

    I don't know if this is a "bug or feature" type of situation, but I just got my brand new Poco F2 Pro and I noticed that the colors in the lock screen are washed out. I deleted all the registered fingerprints from the Settings and suddenly the colors are... colorful again. So, is this a bug...
  24. G

    Thread How to remove Camera icon from Lock Screen

    Hello, Can anyone help me to resolve this issue? I am not able to remove camera icon from my lockscreen. Please let me know if anyone has resolved it.
  25. D

    Thread [Question] How to launch the Torch/Flashlight from the lockscreen

    Dear Experts, I have a Mi 9T, global version. I would like to be able to turn on the Torch/Flashlight very quickly, without having to unlock the phone. I have read, that for this, I should swipe right when the phone is locked. This doesn't do nothing on my phone. Both when I just started it and...
  26. D

    Thread [Question] Mi 9T - Serious glitches on the lock screen (DESPERATE) !!!

    Hello, PLEASE, I need some serious help. I received my Mi 9T today. I am DESPERATE with the lock screen, having the following 3 MAJOR issues: 1. I have a stupid "Swipe up to unlock" screen, before I get to enter my password. I only found how to get rid of it, if I am not using any screen...
  27. markcyst

    Thread [Q] Lockscreen Settings - Always On/Show Display When Nearby

    So we have the ability to have the Lock Screen, Always On, and a secondary setting for "Show display when nearby." Turning on the "nearby" option however, seems to just always be on, as well. Testing it by turning the phone around, or walking away, and I see the lockscreen stays on. Am I...
  28. barcode99

    Thread Cannot use Google Assistant on lock screen

    Hello, i cannot figure out how to turn GA on to wake up the phone when the screen is OFF, there is no option to select it. GA even doesn't work without any locks when screen turned off by short pressing power button. Works fine when device locked and screen is ON any suggestions, i am on MIUI...
  29. C

    Thread Pocket mode is not working - who care?

    Hi all Several times here I had raised a question about not working mode "In pocket", but still no progress. Just today I made a sprint and flashed several different ROMs (Havoc, crDroid, AEX, AICP, Viper, Colt, RR, and lot of others brands and versions a little bit earlier). Wiped, flashed rom...
  30. blackice000

    Thread Google Voice SMS Blank Screen after Double Tap on Notification (lock screen?)

    Hey All, I am still using Oreo 8.1, and am mostly happy. Recently (likely after a Google update of some sort I am getting a BLANK page when i double tap on Google voice notifications from the lock screen. I see the regular messages page for a split second then it's blank/ Exiting and...
  31. D

    Thread Set multiple backgrounds in the lock screen (Tested in One UI)

    There's a Samsung feature that only works in some devices, and it is the ability to select several pictures to set them as the background of the lock screen, so it changes every time the screen is turned on. The only way to do this officially with A7 (2018) is through Samsung Themes, choosing a...
  32. JDog2pt0

    Thread Ugly Lockscreen

    I use a pin for my lockscreen. I'm coming from an M9 running Viper to the S9+. Is the lockscreen on this phone by Google or Samsung? It's ugly. I hate the letters under the numbers, and the numbers are too small. On my M9 the pin screen just had numbers, and the spacing and size of the numbers...
  33. jdelano

    Thread Black screen when trying to open text message from lock screen

    Hello, Has anyone else experienced this? Yesterday afternoon my 3 XL started displaying just a black screen when I double tapped a text message notification on the lock screen. I have to use the power button to return to the lock screen and then unlock the device again. I do not have any lock...
  34. Paras Lehana

    Thread [GUIDE] Device Settings Menu | Part III - Display, Lock screen, Biometrics, Security

    Device Settings Menu Guide, Tips & Discussions Part 3 - Display, Lock screen, Biometrics and security If you're new to this series or want to see the index, please read the Introductory Post first. Display Auto brightness: When you change brightness in Auto mode, your device is smart...
  35. S

    Thread Security Bug!?

    Hi everyone. This morning I woke up and about to answer my text but once I tried to unlock the phone by the fingerprint, it won't respond and shows the message "The fingerprint sensor is not responding, try again later." So I decide to unlock by the pattern which is a simple 4 dots pattern that...
  36. S

    Thread ClockFace is an Addon for Good Lock with Always on Display and Lock Screen Clock Face

    Of interest: ClockFace is an Addon for Good Lock with Always on Display and Lock Screen Clock Faces.
  37. S

    Thread ClockFace is an Addon for Good Lock with Always on Display and Lock Screen Clock Face

    Thought this maybe of interest: ClockFace is an Addon for Good Lock with Always on Display and Lock Screen Clock Face.
  38. L

    Thread Fingerprint cannot unlock oreo 8.0

    I have a problem with my May update Oreo install on a Xiaomi MIA1. I did a clean install of the OS and installed all apps and data back to the phone. I have set up the fingerprint scanner and pattern. I now find that every time I unlock with the fingerprint scanner, The first press wakes the...
  39. M

    Thread [Mate 10] Can't expand notifications from locked screen

    Hello everyone, probably after last security update I am unable to expand (neither pull down or press arrow down) notifications from locked screen. I was using originally Nova Launcher and restoring to stock launcher didn't help. Phone is currently running on ALP-L29 (C636). Does...
  40. D

    Thread How to bypass the pattern lock - nothing dodgy!

    Hi, I've got an old Z Ultra that I'd like to use as a tablet. It's the perfect size and spec for me. I can use it for browsing at home and then slip it in my pocket if I wanna take it with me. There's a problem though - there's a screen lock on it and I can't for the life of me remember the...
  41. F

    Thread Wifi drops when locked

    Hi, I'm currently on xiaomi.eu 8.5.10 rom and my wifi drops everytime the device is locked. This is super annoying with whatsapp web but it's not related to miui closing whatsapp because there is no issue if the device is connected with LTE... I can't find a setting like "keep wlan always...
  42. R

    Thread Change Lock Screen Background?

    How do I change the lock screen background on this phone? I looked everywhere, couldn't find it. ZMP1 users, any help here?
  43. B

    Thread Help!! Since 27/3/18 Lock Screen and ad's!! I'm being attacked.

    Since 27/3/18 (2 days ago) I think some virus has infected my phone. My phone is not rooted. Every time I lock the phone it comes up with, per exempleur, the attached:- . Also things like the (see the left-hand side) are popping up all the time. I am going out of my mind!! I've tried all...
  44. yssgrrl

    Thread Weather on lock screen

    Does anyone know how to get a weather app on my lock screen. The option is not available as a selection in Face Widgets and Information. I love my Note 8, but there are some limitations I'm not happy about.
  45. F

    Thread [APP][7.0+] Tap Locker - a different type of lock screen

    Hi there! Tap Locker is a lock screen with a unique type of protection - tap pattern. Instead of using a password or a 9 grid pattern Tap Locker uses a sequence of taps to unlock the device. App's algorithm is checking timings of each tap to recognize the pattern. You will be able to unlock...
  46. Llamas_are_Good

    Thread [Q] Remove Edge Gap Notfications on Lock Screen Note 7 Port ROMS

    I was wondering how do you remove the edge gap of notifcations on lock screen, I was using note 7 base port rom, and I wanted it to look like nougat but the lockscreen notification kinda bugs me. The first image is set on 720p screen and the other one is on default 1440p, but the 720p...
  47. wanderer1479

    Thread Love Couple Zipper Lock Screen

    Hello romantics! Holiday of love is getting closer and if you are looking for something to decorate and change your phone with, what better theme for that than Romance! Now you can have zipper lock screen with the most romantic pictures of couples in love, and you will feel this wonderful...
  48. wanderer1479

    Thread Waterfall Zipper Lock Screen

    If you want to secure your phone and you are looking for an app that is also going to make your device look nice, you have to check out Waterfall Zipper Lock Screen. Stunning pictures of waterfalls will take your breath away and you will feel peace and serenity every time you unlock your phone...
  49. wanderer1479

    Thread Scary Zipper Lock Screen

    One more application for the upcoming Halloween is ready for you! This one is dedicated to your phone's safety, and it offers the spookiest pictures for your zipper lock screen. You can change them every day if you want to, and you can also use this creepy app after Halloween is over, if you are...
  50. U

    Thread [Answer] Horizontal Lock Screen Clock / Volume Work Around

    ● Okay, so I have been plagued by the stacked clock and volume issues on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 8+. After hours on the phone with Samsung, and countless google searches I have compiled some solutions and I wanted to share them with you. ● You've all seen the Youtube Videos telling you how...