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locked bootloader

  1. G

    Thread Bootloop issue - bootloader locked

    Hello everybody, I have a problems with unbricking Note 8 Pro - begonia - M1906G7G. It stuck in boot loop. Bootloader is locked. I have tried that python bypass and flashing firmware using SP Flash Tool. I get success / done message after a while, but when I power the phone, there are no...
  2. T

    Thread Boot Pixel 4a into EDL

    I've bought one of those locked Pixel 4As running on ArcaneOS and it's got a locked bootloader but the issue is that like everybody else, I can't do much with the phone. So I'm wondering if there's a way to get a phone into the EDL and then flash the stock firmware through QPST?
  3. A

    Thread pixel 5a soft brick

    Hi i have a problem with a pixel 5a while downgrading from android 12 beta 5, it enters a bootlop, i can enter to recovery but i cant wipe the system it says "cant send spi message try again" also i have locked bootloader so i cant flash factory firmware I'm stuck and here in Uruguay...
  4. danielristov

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus BootLoop Please help me

    Hi friends please help me, i have XIAOMI REDMI 5 PLUS. Everything was working fine, i put my phone on charger on the night, and in the morning phone was turned off.. i try to power on and only happens Bootloop (stuck at MI logo about 20 seconds, and restart) i tried to flash all of this version...
  5. optimumpro

    Thread [ROM][11.0_r49]JAGUAR ONEPLUS 8T OFFICIAL V14 Updated November 4, 2021

    This is official build of Jaguar Rom. I have been building Android roms since 2012 for various devices including multiple Sonys, Lenovo Zuk, Oneplus 3, Oneplus 5 and Oneplus 6. You can check my Oneplus 6 or Oneplus 6T or Oneplus 8 threads and browse my profile. Jaguar rom is focused on...
  6. optimumpro

    Thread [ROM][11.0_r49]JAGUAR ONEPLUS 8 OFFICIAL V14 Updated November 3, 2021

    This is official build of Jaguar Rom. I have been building Android roms since 2012 for various devices including multiple Sonys, Lenovo Zuk, Oneplus 3, Oneplus 5 and Oneplus 6. You can check my Oneplus 6 or Oneplus 6T threads and browse my profile. Jaguar rom is focused on hardening of...
  7. LiemParadize

    Thread HTC U11 IMEI & Baseband lost on HTC U11 KDDI

    Hello guys, The story is at that time, I was using the phone normally and then somehow the celluar and the wifi disconnected. After several times try to reboot the device, I checked System Info and then realize that the IMEI was blank, the MAC address set to 02:00:00:00:00:00 and Baseband is...
  8. omarlh12

    Thread My Nokia 5 stuck in restarting-loop with no access to recovery mode

    So my Nokia 5 ask for an update but after updating the phone keep restarting endlessly, it will show the Android logo for a bit than it will restart , I can't enter safe-mode or recovery mode or anything but download-mode, so I tried to flash it using OST but since I haven't unlock the...
  9. clostheur

    Thread Xiaomi A2 Lite bootloop

    Hi guys please help me Yesterday ive tried flash my xiaomi a2 lite on edl mode cuz my phone is not unlocked imean the bootloader its say finish ( Xiaomi flash beta ) but it still stuck on android one logo and if i use the original xiaomi flash its says [18:18:49]:3 COM3 8,4439426s [18:18:49...
  10. V

    Thread [GUIDE][UNLOCK] How to restore the state of UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER in MERLIN (Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G / Xiaomi Redmi Note 9)

    It works with: - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Probably some others Xiaomi devices How to backup: Step 1: Unlock your bootloader. Step 2: Backup partition: seccfg You can backup it using the SP FLASH TOOL, TWRP or copy it with DD, you can do what you prefer. Keep it in your...
  11. V

    Thread [GUIDE][UNLOCK] How to restore the state of UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER in MERLIN (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 / Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G)

    It works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G - Probably some others Xiaomi devices How to backup: Step 1: Unlock your bootloader. Step 2: Backup partition: seccfg You can backup it using the SP FLASH TOOL, TWRP or copy it with DD, you can do what you prefer. Keep it in your...
  12. debdeep98

    Thread (Guide) Relock Bootloader/Back To Stock.

    This guide is for those who are on unlocked bootloader/custom roms and want to go back to realme UI 1.0 and relock Needless to say, me, and the makers of realme flash-tool and TWRP/other recoveries wouldn't be responsible for any damage caused to your device. Having said that, this method has...
  13. G

    Thread Mi A2 lite: no boot & bootloader locked

    My Mi A2 Lite suddenly do not boots. When it starts, the screens are: "Android One", Mi logo and "Shutting down". It can access Recovery Mode and Fastboot. THE PROBLEMS: 1) It has the bootloader locked 2) I am afraid it has no Mi account. I have tried almost everything: a) Mi unlock app ==>...
  14. NoDze

    Thread Bricked Redmi Note 5 AI - Locked Bootloader, black screen, no access to fastboot

    Hey XDA, Been a long time since I last posted. Long story short, phone was in my sister's posession. She now bought a Mi 9 SE and gave me this RN5 to fiddle with it. Apparently it hard-bricked itself. No, she doesn't fiddle with android devices, as in Rooting or unlocking bootloaders...
  15. Romiui

    Thread Any solution for brick ph-1 locked bootloader ?

    Hi, It been a year since i put my ph-1 into the drawer . I have tried to communicate with the main company but the say they can't help since i buy this phone from eBay without box or bill . I have updated the phone then while it updating it fail and won't startup again unfortunately ! I'm...
  16. J

    Thread [Q] 2019

    weong thread.
  17. W

    Thread [locked bootloader] Bootloop on stock firmware, cannot access EDL mode... Any tips?

    Hi guys, I have a Mi 9T (DaVinci, model M1903F10G) which is in a bootloop state. Sometimes, the boot "succeeds" and shows an empty android screen with navigation buttons (below) and navigation bar (top), but touching the screen/buttons does not do anything, and after a few seconds the phone...
  18. M

    Thread "Bootloader unlock allowed: no", but on a phone that was previously unlocked??

    "Bootloader unlock allowed: no", but on a phone that was previously unlocked?? Hi all, I have a Z5C and I unlocked it in the past. At the time I needed online banking and got annoyed with not being able to hide the fact my phone was rooted, so I restored stock Android 7.1.1 onto it. I came...
  19. W

    Thread Locked Bootloader, No Recovery, Stuck in bootloop. Is it dead?

    Hi guys, Quick backstory: I've got a Pixel XL 3, I sold my Pixel XL on eBay with a description like "PIxel XL, bootlocker unlocked, rooted and blah blah". The user has returned the phone to me claiming it is not working. I've received the device and sure enough it's in some sort of bootloop...
  20. G

    Thread Flashing stock ROM with locked bootloader on XA2 (H3113)

    Hi guys, Is it still possible to flash stock ROM with flashtool on locked bootloader? I've been trying to flash Pie for several weeks now (it's not yet available in my region), by downloading the files for my phone with XperiFirm (the one launched from flashtool itself) and flashing it in...
  21. V

    Thread Xperia L2 root with locked bootloader ?

    Hey guys, I got the Xperia L2 I need root my phone for remove ads and use the xposed or magisk? I done with method root with unlocked bootloader, ? could give a unstable according the people ☹️ and an bootloop Some method for rooting please???
  22. C

    Thread Need help with So-03E firmware update from 4.1.2

    Hi All, I have bought a SO-03E recently. While trying to download offline Netflix content it turned out that in 4.1.2 there is no ability for the application to download the offline content and it's a feature for later Android OS ( 4.4.2 from the link below) I don't see the ability to download...
  23. S

    Thread mi8 Locked Bootloader with TWRP installed. help to flash the official rom

    Guys, my mi8 was unlocked while buying this. It was on miui9. I updated to miui10 via updater app. Today i've installed TWRP & rooted it. and formatted the data>flash disable dm verity to stop the encryption. Everything was ok but when i went to the settings i see the device is again locked. So...
  24. B

    Thread Factory reset without pin?

    Hi, I've got an old M4 Aqua (E2303) with PIN lock (I've no pin, no google account and according to the owner it should have a simlock). I should make a factory reset, but there is no recovery mode on it and the bootloader is locked and Sony PC Companion doesn't work. If I try it with Sony PC...
  25. hallodrix

    Thread Mi8 bricked!

    I received my MI8 with unlocked bootloader and global rom today. So I wanted to update my Mi8 via Miflash with fastboot. Somehow the bootloader got locked again and now I cant boot eiter into system nor can I flash another fastboot rom. Need urgent help!
  26. Az Biker

    Thread Huawei to no longer offer unlocked bootloader after May 2018

    Huawei will no longer offer unlockable bootloaders on their devices after May 2018. They'll end support for unlocked devices sold prior to May 2018 in 60 days. Here's the article. Anyone else up to speed on this?
  27. octaedro7

    Thread locked boot loader but safety net tripped

    Hi, At a given point I had AEX 5.2 working beautifully with Magisk passing safety net. Updated to AEX 5.3 and when flashing Magisk 16 again it did not install (Error 7). From that point it went downhill. I tried prior versions of Magisk to no avail, same error 1. Tried flashing TWRP backups and...
  28. H

    Thread Boot up the bootlooped Nexus 5X due to core problems - heat up your phone!

    Dear Nexus 5X users, I would like to share my success story to booting up the bootlooped Nexus 5X. My phone was bootloader locked when the bootloop happened. After searching threads for hours, I found out I had to unlocked the bootloader. And the only way to do that is to go to the...
  29. prabhjots

    Thread No Stock Recovery - never rooted, never BL unlocked

    Hi all, I'm facing a curious issue with my Oneplus 5. I bought it back in July on launch day and though I have rooted and used custom ROMs on all my previous phones, I never got around to doing it on my OP5 (never felt the need, no availability of root early on etc) I started facing a problem...
  30. C

    Thread Root OP3T without unlocking bootloader - Automated App

    ROOT w/o UNLOCKING BOOTLOADER: Few of Qualcomm Devices have been found to have engineering mode software preinstalled on the device, which has root access. Using the same exploit root can be achieved in OP3, OP3T, OP5 and others, without unlocking the bootloader. Here is a full story: OnePlus...
  31. U

    Thread Locked/Unlocked Bootloader. What's better?

    Faced with the fact that some firmware support both locked and unlocked bootloader. What do you think, with which bootloader will the same firmware work better? Or is there no difference? It's interesting to know your opinion! (Translate via Google Translate, so sorry for my mistake)
  32. A

    Thread Help rooting/enabling adb on bootloader & google locked Marshmallow

    I bought a Moto X (2014) with a broken/damaged screen for super cheap. When I bought it, it vibrated and made sounds so I knew it was functional. The next day, the alarm woke me up so I turned it off. The day after it happened again, so I just let it ring under a pillow until the phone died...
  33. shashivydyula

    Thread How many manufacturers release their phones with locked bootloaders?

    Greetings Dear Members. How many devices/manufacturing firms release their mobiles with locked bootloaders? If you guys know the complete list, please answer below. Your help is much appreciated. As far as I know: HTC Moto Samsung Xiaomi Google Nexus and Pixel devices Huawei OnePlus Come...
  34. hiroprotagonist

    Thread Bricked(?) Ls997 of dubious provenance

    Some background here: So a buddy brought over a brand new V20 from sprint to me, begging for help. Since i unlock phones for a living, i was intrigued and a little puzzled. Turns out he had taken it to some random guy to get it unlocked for gsm service here in Ghana, but sadly whoever it was...
  35. S

    Thread P9 lite bricked (bootloader locked, can only access fastboot)

    Hey guys, as the title says my p9 is bricked and my bootloader is locked. the recovery is broken and i cannot enter the 3 button download mode - any help would be great. Thank you. I flashed the wrong middle file and now everything is gone to crap. Please help.
  36. A

    Thread [HELP ME] Trying to flash custom rom with locked bootloader

    Can you help me with this? I would unlock my bootloader but service menu says no.. Do you know any unofficial way unlocking bootloader or flashing custom recovery(and after that custom rom) that might work with me? Thanks P.S. I have a Sony Xperia E3 D2203
  37. S

    Thread [help] [oneplus3] [stuck in boot logo] [softbricked] cannot boot into system [solved]

    Hey boss., after flashing open beta 12, the phone started hanging now and then. I tried to contact oneplus forums and they asked me to send the log files. Since they took too long to respond, I went to oneplus service centre. They flashed my phone with old oxygen os and the phone didn't start...
  38. BigPoe

    Thread Flash brand new PIN locked device

    First of all im legit user of this phone, im aquire this device though legal purcase (i can provide you with my purcase notice). I have problem with pin locked device, i suddenly forget my pin and now am stuck at locked home screen. Unfortunely this device is soo brand new, im not yet...
  39. M

    Thread R800x Rooted on 2.3.3 but Locked Bootloader

    Hi, I have a R800x with a locked bootloader, when I go into Tap Service info > Configuration, there is no option for "Rooting Status" is there anyway to still unlock my phone? The reason I want to unlock my bootloader is so I can overclock my phone. (if it helps, my file system ver is...
  40. K

    Thread [GUIDE][KENZO/KATE] Install LineageOS with locked bootloader

    Hello guys, This is my first guide and it is focused on people who just bought their Redmi Note 3 (KENZO/KATE) and having problems with officially unlocking their bootloader. (stuck @ 50% like me) If you don't want to wait on stock MiUi until you can officially unlock your bootloader (because...
  41. H

    Thread [Completed] G750-U10 ( ascend 3X )..with LOcked bootloader

    BIG trouble !! I've G750-U10 ( ascend 3X )..with LOcked bootloader , 4.2.2 Android sys. A strange things are .. -I can't get unlock code Every time entering this code *#*#1357946#*#*nothing appears on screen call app -2 different S/N .. on mobile package S.N : H2LBY15212002165 in phone...
  42. F

    Thread PLS HELP Rooting Xperia Z5 [LB]

    Hey! How can I root my Z5 which has a LOCKED BOOTLOADER. I don`t want to unlock the phone, did that with my Z2 and wasn`t worth it until the final Android Version has arrived. Specs: Z5 E6653 32.2.A.0.305 / R9C STOCK Locked Bootloader No Recovery
  43. N

    Thread Temporary unroot?

    Dear all, I have my Z1C on the latest FW with Dual Recovery and root (SuperSU) but locked bootloader. Now, some apps will not run when they detect root. Can I "unroot" the phone in a convenient way and "re-root" when needed? Without using King Root and while keeping all my data etc.? Cheers, Ben
  44. linuxct

    Thread [Q&A + Requests] EagleXperience 5.0b1 (LOCKED / UNLOCKED BL)

    Since the QAbot didn't want to make the thread by itself, I'm forced to create it. Insert regular QA OP here: So, to sum up, if you have any general doubt, non-devlopment related, please, post them here, let's keep the main thread on-topic. Thank you.
  45. linuxct

    Thread [DEVELOPMENT STOPPED][ROM] EagleXperience 5.0b1 (LOCKED / UNLOCKED BL)

    Hello there! The day has come. Today, I'm very glad to introduce to you all my new work, EagleXperience, for the Xperia M2. As it's predecessor, Xperia Z5 STYLE, this rom has a pretty unique feature, and it's that it's made keeping in mind users of both locked and unlocked bootloaders...
  46. D

    Thread Meizu PRO 5 bootloop no recovery locked bootloader

    Hi all, I am in trouble with the PRO 5. Actual situation: No recovery mode available The phone boots but when is time to go in the home screen, the screen becomes black and only the power button response so I only turn it off or restart. Fastboot mode available but the bootloader is locked I...
  47. H

    Thread Root and TWRP for 6.0.1 bootloader locked?

    Does anyone know shall we get, and when, custom recovery and possibility for root for marshmalow m4 aqua :/
  48. R

    Thread Not rooted locked bootloader s-on and marshmellow

    Can one of you please help me I have s on locked bootloader and marshmallow no root and the HTC dev website will not let me unlock the phone any help will be greatly appreciated sincerely Dan
  49. F

    Thread About TWRP and Root for G5

    I've seen LOTS of posts on here about how we just have to "wait for TWRP to release a recovery and then we can root it." This is completely untrue. It doesn't matter if TWRP releases a recovery if we CAN'T FLASH IT. THAT'S the problem that we are having with rooting the G5: We can't flash...
  50. C

    Thread Sony Xperia P stuck in a bootloop

    After trying to root Xperia P with locked bootloader via this tutorial http://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-u/p-development/tut-root-jb-locked-boot-loader-t2250101 I got stuck in a bootloop after flashing back to ICS... It shows the Sony logo after that the xperia logo and reboots... Please...