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  1. G

    Thread How to remove Camera icon from Lock Screen

    Hello, Can anyone help me to resolve this issue? I am not able to remove camera icon from my lockscreen. Please let me know if anyone has resolved it.
  2. I

    Thread Double tap on lockscreen to lock (switch off screen)

    Hi Folks - Does anyone know a way to double tap the "lockscreen" to have the phone lock (or switch off screen display). This is a very popular/common option in Custom ROMs. But I haven't been able to locate this independently. I've tried Nova launcher for double tap to screen off, but that...
  3. V

    Thread [please delete]

    Users should be allowed to delete their own posts.
  4. R

    Thread [Q] Is it possible on Android 6.x to have custom lockscreen and how to contribute ?

    Hi, Since I moved to a custom Rom for Oppo Find7a (last installed and kept: crDroid from jejecule), I do not have my cover window lock screen feature anymore. I have red that Android now in Android M has removed all lockscreen widget so I don t know if it is now possible to set specific process...
  5. galaxy s4 nutjob

    Thread How to move lockscreen date and time to the bottom?

    Has anyone seen a way to move the info on the lockscreen to bottom of the screen, without a 3rd party lockscreen. I was just watching the review LeTv Max pro and think that looks sharp. Please help.
  6. I

    Thread Still can't get faceunlock

    I've got cyanogenmod 12.1 with android 5.1.2. Normally I use a PIN to unlock my phone but when I'm at home I'd like to just use my face. This doesn't work because I can't get the option for faceunlock. In Settings -> Lock screen -> Smart lock, trusted faces is on but in 'choose lock screen'...
  7. H

    Thread [Q] Clock did not show up at lockscreen after installing Gravitybox [LP]

    Phone: Zenfone 2 ZE551ML 2.3Ghz/4Gb RAM/32Gb ROM Firmware: / rooted / TWRP installed / Unlocked bootloader Kernel: Project T v42 / 3.10.20-x86_64_moor [email protected] #33 Xposed: 3.0alpha4 GravityboxLP: v5.1.4 My problem: After i installed GravityboxLP and active its xposed's...
  8. K

    Thread [Q] Lockscreen issue on 14.5.A.0.242

    Hi all, I hope someone experienced this too. When I lock the screen with the power button the screen in off state is still working . When i swipe down from the top off the screen and then unlock, the status bar is pulled down. It's problem when i put the phone in my pocket, and through the...
  9. shoaib30

    Thread [Q] custom lockscreen with pin lock

    i just got my opo few days bak. the custom lockscreen is great but when i enable pin lock or pattern lock it skips the custom lock screen and directly shows the pin screen. is there any way of getting the swipe screen before the pin is requested? Im running Stock rom CM 11 XNPH44S rooted and...
  10. pyroguysf

    Thread Annoying alarm bug unlocks lockscreen

    I've had my Turbo for a few days now, and I'm really liking the wave to snooze alarm feature, but today when I waved to snooze, instead of the screen going back off, the phone went to my homescreen, so I had to reach over, grab it and hit the power button, completely defeating the idea of...
  11. M

    Thread Lock screen lag

    When I wake up my non rooted stock Nexus 4 and I pull the notification bar down,it simply lags,just on the first pull down.After that i can slide it up and down lag free and that until the next time i wake it up.Lag on the first pull down of the notification bar.Why the hell is this happening.I...
  12. A

    Thread [APP] [4.0 +] Fullscreen Clock

    Turn your Android device into a clock! Adjust their kind for yourself. The advantages of the app: there are many settings minimal battery consumption among such applications not require access to the Internet small size app will be developed and will be released new versions :good: Last...
  13. S

    Thread [Q] Lifehack - Move up quicklaunch icons on lockscreen

    Hello everyone! I think it would useful for everyone who have little hands and this big smartphone :) - It is very useful thing to launch favorite apps by one slide from lockscreen - BUT! it is very difficult to reach this shortcuts (quick launch icons) on bottom of lockscreen. - I have stock...
  14. P

    Thread [GB] [ICS] [JB] [KK] " Start "-The Best Lockscreen App in Google Play

    Description Looking for a lockscreen app? Forget anything you know about lock screens. Download Start and get ready to be amazed! Start is a next-generation start screen. Start gives you quick access to everything that matters to you from your start screen. Start connects with facebook, twitter...
  15. S

    Thread Block from stolen

    HI ALL :) Hi all guys i want to ask or to search somebody who now if exist a program what block the power button on the phone. now i will explain. I think if its a method to block the power button because,if in lockscreen you block the power button (only for phones what have non-removable...
  16. D

    Thread [Q] How Enable any Widget(s) in LockScreen in CM10.2?

    Hey, I just wanted to know - How to get all the widgets in the lockscreen in CM10.2? I have seen it happening in some PAC roms and some other TouchWhiz ones. And I have tried hard to find out how to do it? [Well maybe not too hard....] But still I think that it has something to do with...
  17. X

    Thread [APP] Play Games on Your Lock Screen;)

    Hi Guys, here's a lock screen replacement solution by the Global Animation team. It is free, security and no advertising. The best thing about it is that there are many themes available from its library , designed by talented artists. As while you can play many funny games to find out the...
  18. I

    Thread [Q] auto change the lockscreen wallpaper?

    I have been searching around for a way to automatically change the lockscreen wallpaper. I have Samsung Galaxy S4. It has a lockscreen wallpaper called "travel wallpaper" which does this but has major limitations (can't select the images myself, uses mobile data). I ahve tried other wallpaper...
  19. StephanSch

    Thread [Closed][MOD] NFC on lockscreen and screenoff - requests

    Because of missing time to create new mods or updates and the fact that the mods are not compatible to androids new standard runtime ART I have to stop the development of my mods. Here are some instructions to do it by yourself. It differs from device to device and rom to rom, so you have to...
  20. FajarMF28

    Thread [ROOT] Easy way to recover your lost lockscreen pattern/password

    Someday ago, my uncle give his phone to me, and said that he forgot his lockscreen pattern. I guess it is easy for me to recover the lockscreen pattern by clicking on the "Forgot Pattern" button. But the hardest thing is that my uncle forgot his email account and his password, and he forget the...
  21. D

    Thread Android 4.2.2 problem with Lock Screen Mode under Profiles

    Hey, I have installed Lotus Traveller on my LWW running on CM10.1. Lotus Notes is activated as a device admin and requires me to enter a lock screen password everytime. Below describes my problematic situation: 1. To bypass this password I used to change the "Lock Screen mode" to Disabled or...
  22. StephanSch

    Thread NFC on screenoff and lockscreen - HTC One

    I modified the Nfc.apk of different bases and ROMs to offer you the ability to use the NFC chip of your HTC One not only while you are active but also while the screen is off and/or while the lockscreen is shown. You have three options when to use NFC: lockscreen and screen off lockscreen...
  23. OptimalKiller

    Thread [MOD] NFC Screen Locked/Screen Off Versions

    Hi Folks, I created this mod for the Galaxy S4 I9505, However I think this mod would work on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 4 as it running the same spec phone. Could an experienced user test this mod and report back if it works, if not if they can upload the nfcnci.apk I will see if I can get the...
  24. Leo

    Thread [Q]How to hide nav bar(sofkeys) on Lockscreen

    maybe too mcuh mods.. now the navigation bar (power, back, home ) appears on lockscreen (see attachement) (as normal, nav bar only appears when pulling down status bar on lockscreen) anybody any solution to hide it ? ive searched and found this thread...
  25. keyler555

    Thread [MOD]Tutorial How to change LockScreen Clock Font EASY

    Hey Guys I discovered this :D This time I bring a way to change the clock style from Xperia STOCK to ICS clock font It is VERY EASY ICS LOCK SCREEN CLOCK XPERIA STOCK LOCK SCREEN CLOCK REQUERIMENTS: 1...
  26. M

    Thread [Q] Replace TW lock screen?

    Hi all, I am trying to achieve a close-to-AOSP look. However, I'm having trouble with the lock screen. I've tried Holo Locker and Magic Locker, but both don't completely replace the TW locker---for instance, when you lock the screen, you hear two "ripple" sounds instead of one; also, I have PIN...
  27. J

    Thread [Dev][Req] [XU] Crt animation -Lock screen...

    Is it possible to make a flashable zip. of the CRT (lock animation) to the Stock ICS ???? I hope I posted this Thread in the Right section....:confused:
  28. brandon440

    Thread [q] ***help power menu and lock screen***

    Recently I have unrooted my device and and used Kies to get on Stock 4.0.4...My problem is when I hold the power button down, I get no options at the power down menu..the phone just shuts off and I have to power back up to turn it on. Also, there is no lock screen on my device. Please help me. I...
  29. P

    Thread [Q] Changing Lock Screen in Mini S5570

    Hi Guys, I am NOOB to android and recently i have upgraded myself to Andro-ID ROM after using CM7 for a while . everything is good in this ROM except this Lockscreen which i love those CM7's ones. Anyone please throw some light to me on how to change a lock screen ??? I am unable to find an...
  30. Spyrious

    Thread Alarm info on wm6.5 Lockscreen

    Hi.Is it possible to have alarm info on the wm6.5 lockscreen?Thanks