1. hotpepper1999

    Thread [REQUEST] Modul - Security enhanced Lockscreen

    Hi There, I am not at all into development. So unfortunatly I can't do this by myself. But perhaps someone with more skills thinks this is a useful tool & i willing to build it. I would love it. [REQUEST] A Module that is doing a 'shutdown' of the Android device after X wrong PINs /...
  2. D

    Thread Notifications not appearing on lockscreen after miui 12 update

    Notifications not appearing on lockscreen after miui 12 update on my K20 pro. I've gone through every setting in the setting app, notofication, lockscreen, permission etc.. everything is on 'show' and everything under individual app is also set to show notification, autostart, permissions etc...
  3. C

    Thread Stuck on lockscreen without ability to type in password

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 10 TWRP Rooted with Magisk I just put my phone in ultra power saving mode, but unfortunately i cant unlock the lockscreen because i disabled samsung keyboard and now there is no keyboard where i can type in my password, and since i am in power saving mode it also...
  4. D

    Thread MIUI Charging Lock screen

    Hi everyone When I charge my phone (showing top right corner) it no longer shows "Charging" with an estimate on the time left on the bottom of my lock screen. You can normally double tap this message to show the charging animation. When I double tap on the bottom, it does however show this...
  5. M

    Thread Hide/Show notifications on Lockscreen when device is Locked/Unlocked

    Hello all, I am coming from iOS and I really liked the feature where the notifications on the lockscreen are hidden when phone is locked and shown when it is unlocked using face ID. On OneUI, we can either choose to show or hide notifications on the lockscreen regardless if the device is...
  6. B

    Thread Bypass Screen Lock on grandfather's old phone

    I have my grandfather's old Droid Bionic and I want to see if there's any information on it (like pictures and such) before I reset it, but I can't get past the pattern lock screen and the phone has been disconnected from wifi for many years so Google Account password is different. Does anyone...
  7. D

    Thread [HELP] Undeletable? Sliding message on LockScreen

    So I moved from a Note4 to this Find X2. In my previous phone, I had a setting to display a custom message in the lock screen "If you find this phone please call...". When yesterday I set my new FindX2 I was prompted to move my previous android configuration to the new one. So I did. Now, I...
  8. B

    Thread Bizarre BUG HELP: Suddenly Can't set number/ pattern lock without adding fingerprint

    Hi there, Please help me with this weird bug in my MM3's lock function. I haven't read about it anywhere else and I did not update or tweak my rooted system in any way so I'm at a loss as to what caused this probleman d how to fix it. I am no longer able to employ a simple numerical or...
  9. Zulqarnain_Khan

    Thread How to.???

    How probably use of fingerprint while device locked by admin.!
  10. alienator88

    Thread [Substratum] AOD ClockStyles

    AOD ClockStyles Via this substratum theme you can change the look of the new Beta14 digital clock 2 and typographic clock, which are my favorite. There are 9 different color choices that will affect both clocks. This will only work if you are on Beta14 or higher since these clocks don't exist in...
  11. alienator88

    Thread [Substratum] Lockr - Minimalist Lockscreen

    Lockr Via this substratum theme you can hide the shortcuts, lock icon, carrier label, statusbar icons and minimize the fingerprint icon to a small dot. Note: The left and right shortcuts still work if you swipe, they are just hidden. How to apply overlays: 1. Select both overlays 2. Build and...
  12. sublimaze

    Thread How to change lockscreen live wallpaper and make it "stick"

    My wife uses a live wallpaper from the Play Store, but every time she applied it to the lockscreen, it always reverted to the stock "blooming flower" live wallpaper. I finally figured out how to enable her favorite wallpaper and retain it. 1. Download your favorite live wallpaper 2. Install...
  13. muruga2710

    Thread Lockscreen issue

    Today I have tried both Evolution x and Msm custom rom. Everything works fine except the lockscreen. If I set lockscreen as Swipe only, it like butter smooth. After I select the security as PIN or anything it got stuck like hell. The worst part is the fingerprint is not even trying to register...
  14. Z

    Thread Can't change lockscreen image

    Hello!! After installing Muiu 11 & Android 10 my lockscreen image was changed to a default one and I can't change it anymore. When I go the them options, the personalize button is greyed out and is not even showing the image I actually have on the lockscreen....any help? Ideas? suggestions...
  15. french-anonymous

    Thread Looking for a lockscreen app

    Hi! I'm using LineageOS (16.0-20200110) and I miss the stock Asus lockscreen with clock, media player buttons, weather, etc... Is there any way to get this lockscreen on LineageOS, or at least something similar, that would fit the hole of the phone cover? Thanks for any help.
  16. D

    Thread Is it possible to not skip lockscreen when using fingerprint reader?

    Hey people! I've been trying to find out if there is a way to use fingerprint but stay in the lockscreen but I didn't find any answer. What I would like to be able to do is to unlock content of notifications from lockscreen without going to home screen, kind of how face recognition works. Has...
  17. Crystylez

    Thread Notifications on the AOD?

    Coming from a samsung mobile, i was just wondering if there is any way to get notifications like on the samsung mobiles on the AOD screen, instead of the just red tintet clock, and the 2 analogue clocks?
  18. A

    Thread Anyway to hide power menu and pull down menu on lockscreen?

    Anyway to hide power menu and pull down menu on lock screen? I feel like these options add a bit of added security
  19. markcyst

    Thread [Q] Lockscreen Settings - Always On/Show Display When Nearby

    So we have the ability to have the Lock Screen, Always On, and a secondary setting for "Show display when nearby." Turning on the "nearby" option however, seems to just always be on, as well. Testing it by turning the phone around, or walking away, and I see the lockscreen stays on. Am I...
  20. XxXDarknessXxX

    Thread Using the always on display animation on the lockscreen?

    Would it be possible to do this? It would make the boring lock screen much more interesting.
  21. W

    Thread Gsi Rom bug

    Hi all, I have managed to install GSI ROMs, but no matter what rom I try I can't set a lock screen, on Android 10 it won't let me set one at all other then swipe. On Android 9 it will set a lockscreen but for some reason when I enter the pin/pattern it will say wrong code no matter what I...
  22. aurangzaib619

    Thread Can't Set Lock Screen After Custom ROM- (Fingerprint Sensor Also)

    I unlocked the bootloader using fastboot. Then i erased previous recovery. Flashed TWRP. Rebooted System. Rebooted Recovery. Installed Custom ROM (RR & ViperOS even AOSPEx) After that i can't set lockscreen. Tried installing fingerSecurity App. It says no fingerprint sensor. Settings crash as i...
  23. usman farhat

    Thread [APP] Jotter - The Most Practical Note Taking App

    Instantly jot down stuff by doodling on your lock screen without even looking! Have you ever found yourself fumbling over the little keyboard to quickly write something while on the go? Have you ever wanted to hastily jot down something, so you won't forget it, but had trouble finding the...
  24. O

    Thread Hide clock on lockscreen

    Hello, I have a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with miui 10 latest, rooted with Magisk I would like to hide the clock on the lockscreen because I want to replace it with the active wallpaper that comes with LWP LCD Clock app, but I have a problem; See images here...
  25. Kollachi

    Thread [REQUEST] Samsung Clock on Lockscreen for OnePlus 6

    Hello guys! AICP has the option to change the clock style on lockscreen. My idea was to make a magisk module to change it into samsung clock. Maybe there is someone with same interests and could also do it?:confused: I don't even know if it's possible... Lol ^^
  26. A

    Thread Status bar and lockscreen notifications

    So I just got my Mi 9 after deciding to move over from my Samsung galaxy S8. I don't understand what the hell is going on with the notifications it's really putting me off this phone after using for 2 days. From the lockscreen I can't see any notifications. Status bar just shows the time. I've...
  27. W

    Thread HELP - no Lockscreen Covers option (subscriptions)

    Hi guys! My Huawei Mate 10 Pro (single SIM version), doesn't allow me to subscribe to Magazine covers. I can only add my own pictures. The following screen is all I get when I try to cusomize the Magazine covers (from the lockscreen, swiping up & selecting the picture/setting icon): I'm...
  28. G

    Thread [Question] How to skip lockscreen password with non-stock camera app ?

    Hi everyone, For the short version i 'd like to know if there is a possibility to skip the lockscreen password when launching a non-stock camera app for the lockscreen shortcut ? For the longer version : It all started 6 month ago when i updated my S7 (exynos) with the Oreo update (via OTA)...
  29. E

    Thread Reboot loop after Lockscreen, flashing System didn't help, issue tied to data?

    Running AOSP Exstended 8.1.0 while seemingly normal use (in actual fact data stopped working, so I reset the phone to solve that issue). It then proceeded to reboot loop a few seconds after it gets to the lockscreen. I'm not sure if it's related to the data partition, but it seemed to be the...
  30. newfulluser

    Thread How to remove chinese text from the lockscreen?

    Hi, I have a 8X MAX bought from china with the chinese rom, and after setting up the phone language to my own there are still some chinese characters left in the lockscreen... Some pictures showing the issue. Look at the bottom of the lockscreen: There is a ton of stuff hidden, when you swipe...
  31. P

    Thread [MOD][ROOT] Enable all lockscreen weather effects

    Hi folks, I've seen on the forums that people are modding their LGKeyguardEffect.apk to be able to get more weather effects on their lockscreen for years. Yesterday I tried the same thing and after looking around in the decompiled app, I discovered that this app is actually reading a boolean...
  32. JDog2pt0

    Thread Ugly Lockscreen

    I use a pin for my lockscreen. I'm coming from an M9 running Viper to the S9+. Is the lockscreen on this phone by Google or Samsung? It's ugly. I hate the letters under the numbers, and the numbers are too small. On my M9 the pin screen just had numbers, and the spacing and size of the numbers...
  33. P

    Thread eu 8.12.13 - Lockscreen notifications

    9.1.3 seems to pretty flawless so far. But there is one issue. Most apps don't get lock-screen notifications. Does anybody else have this issue too? You can test this with the open source app (no ads) Radiodroid2. It is not possible to get a lock-screen notification for that app, despite...
  34. 1914Macguyver

    Thread Can you edit lockscreen font?

    I know on earlier versions of Android you could change the font to whatever you want. Is it possible on Oreo? I'm using the H910 stock Oreo. Thank you.
  35. Skenderbeggar

    Thread Any way to keep fingerprints without Lockscreen?

    I'd like to keep fingerprints to use with App Lock and such but without using the lockscreen. Any way to keep them?
  36. tfae

    Thread [APP][OREO][XPOSED] Oreo Lock Screen Album Art Remover v1.1 [27.11.2018]

    Oreo Lock Screen Album Art Remover ABANDONED PROJECT Tired of having your Lock Screen's beautiful wallpaper replaced by a horrible album art? Install this module and your headaches are gone! XDA:DevDB Information Oreo Lock Screen Album Art Remover, Xposed for all devices (see above for...
  37. fcknumb

    Thread (help) how to not have a swipe for unlock lockscreen?

    ok so i have a huawei p20 lite but everytime i try to install and apply a new custom lockscreen, huawei's default lockscreen appears before the custom and then skip the other one. how can i remove default lockscreen? tried so hard but no configs option can do... help please? :confused:
  38. Jesiah

    Thread HD videos for Lock Screen please

    Hi. Looking for some cool videos to use as lock screen background. I've spotted some nice rotating planets on Note 9 video reviews, but no luck finding those or any other clip wallpaper-worthy. :D Thanks!
  39. C

    Thread Looking for a way to disable the statusbar on the lockscreen.

    I'm looking for a way to disable the statusbar on the lockscreen because the statusbar customizer I'm using, doesn't account for the rounded corners on the lockscreen, resulting in part of the icons being hidden. So far I've only been able to hide it with the RICE app, included in the renovate...
  40. Wayd

    Thread anoying locs screen wake up whe new sms

    Hi, When the SMS is received (to the samsung message) *, the sound of the notification is played, the icon is displayed on the AoD, but it also lights up and displays the Lock Screen. Everywhere I'm looking at setting this status (display and lighting Lock Screen) to turn off .. will anyone...
  41. A

    Thread How to make transparent lockscreen background in cyanogenmod 7.2

    Hello friend I want to change the lockscreen transparent background in cyanogenmod 7.2 I'm using cyanogenmod 7.2 custom rom for GT-S5360 What is this .?
  42. Mr.Ash.Man

    Thread ✪ ClockFace MOD - Always on display & Lockscreen Customization [No-Root]

    Hey all I'm working on a ClockFace mod for my Galaxy Note 8 but it should work for anyone with Samsung Oreos AOD/Lockscreen. Current mods at the moment are removing the battery and or date / clock giving you a clean lockscreen clock and only seeing notifications on your AOD. Anyone that's...
  43. Mr.Ash.Man

    Thread ✪ ClockFace MOD - Always on display & Lockscreen Customization [No-Root]

    Hey all I'm working on a ClockFace mod for my Galaxy Note 8 but it should work for anyone with Samsung Oreos AOD/Lockscreen. Current mods at the moment are removing the battery and or date / clock giving you a clean lockscreen clock and only seeing notifications on your AOD. Anyone that's...
  44. Mr.Ash.Man

    Thread ✪ ClockFace MOD - Always on display & Lockscreen Customization [No-Root]

    Hey all I'm working on a ClockFace mod for my Galaxy Note 8 but it should work for anyone with Samsung Oreos AOD/Lockscreen. Current mods at the moment are removing the battery and or date / clock giving you a clean lockscreen clock and only seeing notifications on your AOD. Anyone that's...
  45. D

    Thread lockscreen removal for a J3 Luna Pro [Tracfone]

    My brother passed away and was using this phone until a couple of weeks ago. I don't have the lockscreen pattern but I'm trying to do a little detective work regarding my brothers last activity. I reached out to law enforcement, but they don't have an active investigation and they suggested that...
  46. M

    Thread Any PX5 Oreo Stock Rom with Lock Screen Options available (Not Malaysk) ?

    Or is in all roms the settings menu stripped? Any chance to bring all options back? Ok, lock screen does not give much security because you can flash a new rom in case of theft but it would be a good feature when the car is in service. Most of us use their main google account, so nobody can see...
  47. G

    Thread Stock Theme and images

    Hello, After Unlocking my device, and formatting / uncrypting Data partition, I lost the stock theme. And I liked the lockscreen images. I didn't manage to find a way to get them back, despite my multiple attempts. I didn't find them on the "Theme" app. I even tried to extract form stock...
  48. Datastream33

    Thread Remove Amazon Lockscreen Ads w/ ADB & Automate (No Root Required!)

    To start off I just want to let you all know that the second you are done completing the steps in this tutorial you will be the happy owner of a clean lockscreen without cluttered ads. In my previous post, I shared a method with you that momentarily removed the ads from your lockscreen without a...
  49. M

    Thread lockscreen doesn't work

    Hi, I've an s6 edge with ultimate nougat rom s8+, but no matter what rom I've, because in each rom, even stock, fingerprint doesn't work from 6/ 7 mouth. when I noticed that I had no fingerprint setted, so I don't know which is the cause. the bad thing is that I can't set any kind of lockscreen...
  50. S

    Thread Can you disable the now playing album art as lock screen background?

    I had looked into doing this on previous phones but it seems like an Android system thing. Is it possible to disable on the Pixel 2? Maybe with root?