1. F

    Thread HTC one M9+ unable to flash or unlock

    Hello everyone, Long time reader for time poster. I have this device that is stumping me, and I was hoping with your help I can get to the bottom of its issue. i am not going to describe everything that I had done as that would take pages and pages, but there is one aspect that I feel might be...
  2. Mina392

    Thread Stuck in Bootloop (Keeps loading Samsung Logo) - Loads after Removing SIM Card

    While playing a simple game my phone suddenly restarted, till it reached Samsung logo, and kept restarting over and over. I tried to shut down the phone by long pressing power button, but it kept restarting. Finally I figured out to take the SIM card off, and it could load! After it loads...
  3. Pocri

    Thread Question Firmware/Rom/Update T3/8.1/7786/1+16GB/5.2D

    Hello dear people. I have a stereo unit stuck in logo android. What should I do? Flash rom or install firmware? Does anyone have the file I need? I tried with some but doesn't work with USB directly. Other info about the unit...
  4. Siendra

    Thread Can anybody help me to set m31s original boot screen logo

    guys my m31s device have random boot screen logo how can i reset the logo?
  5. 不周之

    Thread Question The truth boot logo exist in "imagefv.img"(miui13)

    Hello,everyone! We know the miui13 changed logo partition,logo.img is an empty file,so we can't see custom logo which had be flashed. After contrasted firmwareupdate.zip and tested by flash imagefv.img, now I confirm logo pictures exist in imagefv.img. How can we change it?
  6. althafvly

    Thread [DEV][WIN/LINUX] Amlogic Kitchen

    Kitchen for working with Amlogic firmware Used for unpacking/packing amlogic images Supported features Unpack/repack Amlogic images Unpack/repack partitions (system,product,system_ext,oem and odm) Create flashable zip from amlogic image Unpack/repack recovery,boot,logo and dtb Create aml image...
  7. SomeoneNormal07

    Thread [TOOL] Create your own splash screen for your Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 (YT3-850F)

    While working on a custom ROM for this tablet model, I found a very useful tool posted on XDA by the member @GokulNC in this thread which allows you to create a splash screen for different Qualcomm devices. I took the file for another model and got it to work with this model just by following...
  8. A

    Thread Find Device Closed Unexpectedly

    Hi guys, Suddenly my Xiaomi mi 8 is stuck in an infinite loop. It starts as normal, I can enter password, and after 3 seconds a message appears 'Find Device Closed Unexpectedly', then the screen goes black and the MIU logo is shown. And I can enter the password again. The phone is locked, and...
  9. Tuandroidaldia

    Thread [Fastboot] Pixel Experience Splash Screen

    Hello! I've made this splash screen / boot logo for our Mi 9T using this guide It's perfectly compatible with the Pixel Experience boot animation. I've made the fastboot mode logo on my own using Apple's Recovery Mode as example. Feel free to ask for the .bmp to include it in your boot...
  10. D

    Thread Color Bootloader MIX for Shamu

    Features * Materialised for all themes while keeping the original frame * All selection prompts use rounded corners * Alignment of all selection prompts * Added Pixel style Bootloader theme Requirements * Bootloader is Unlocked. * System has Rooted. * TWRP 3.0+ Hint: aroma ui easy to get...
  11. BlassGO

    Thread [Recovery or Magisk] Universal BootLogo Changer [ Exynos ] [ One LOGO for All Screen Resolutions ]

    UNIVERSAL EXYNOS PARAM CHANGER SUPPORT: TELEGRAM CHANNEL - TELEGRAM GROUP ABOUT THIS: You can design a BootLogo for any Exynos device, the images adapt to the resolution of the device's screen (based on Dynamic Installer with ImageMagick Plugin) Features: The images are adapted to the...
  12. MajkeLLowsky

    Thread Bricked Galaxy S6 Edge + (SM-G928F)

    Hi. At first english is not my main language. I got phone from sister of my girlfriend and she told me that it's wont turn on (stays on samsung logo) and she will buy new smartphone but she want to recovery photos from old one. First when i pluged in charger, phone was hard stucked on charging...
  13. DiamocK

    Thread Xiaomi stuck on MI logo and Keeps Restarting on Logo (Not Rooted or sth)

    Hello! While i was watching youtube my phone started restarting contineusly and i can't do anything. I didn't try to unlock bootloader or sth like that, neither in the past. I Held power button + volume down to go into fastboot and then i turned it off and it stopped looping, but when i turned...
  14. VD171

    Thread How may I extract this logo.bin?

    Nothing has worked to extract logo.bin. I want to remove bootloader unlocked message only! And possibily, remove all motorola's logos, sounds and animations. I really hate them! It is part of rom for Motorola Moto One Macro (XT2016-2) I will love any help.
  15. Spaceminer

    Thread Boot Logos!

    Flash this using fastboot to remove the black screen on boot. This is the original boot logo. I will update this with more logos very soon. fastboot flash logo logo.bin
  16. PratyushJayachandran

    Thread [BOOT LOGO] Motorola Series [Project 9 ¾]

    I have made some Boot Logos for Motorola phones and would like to share them with the community. Although the project was initially for Moto G5 Plus (Potter), I have made all versions with the text motorola on the boot images. Features : N/A hidden Redesigned bootloader menu Some other minor...
  17. PratyushJayachandran

    Thread [BOOT LOGO] Motorola Series [Project 9 ¾]

    I have made some Boot Logos for Motorola phones and would like to share them with the community. Although the project was initially for Moto G5 Plus (Potter), I have made all versions with the text motorola on the boot images. Features : N/A hidden Redesigned bootloader menu Some other minor...
  18. Pierre02

    Thread [MOD][OP5/5T] Android 10 Boot Logo

    Bring the new Android 10 Boot Logo to your OnePlus 5 or 5T How to install: Download the ZIP from this thread Flash it into TWRP recovery Done! How to revert back to stock: Download the rollback ZIP Flash it into TWRP recovery Done! Or Flash a Pie version of OxygenOS I'm not responsable...
  19. Pierre02

    Thread [MOD][OP5/5T] Android 10 Boot Logo and Animation

    Bring the new Android 10 Boot Logo and Animation to your OnePlus 5 or 5T How to install: Download the ZIPs from this thread Install bootanimation module through Magisk (SAR version supports system-as-root and Android 10 Dark Mode) Flash logo into TWRP recovery Done! How to revert back to...
  20. tys0n

    Thread Galaxy A40 [SM-A405FN] Bootlogo mod.

    Hi. Got my A40 rooted and wasen't happy about the look of the boot logo & warning text, so I did some changes to it. WARNING: THIS WILL TRIP KNOX SO DON'T FLASH UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. THIS IS MEANT FOR USERS THAT UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER AND GOT KNOX WARRANTY BIT BLOWN ALREADY UPDATE...
  21. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread [SPLASH] Violet Splash Generator and Splash images

    More instructions will be added soon. Instructions: 1. Extract zip 2. Open your desired image (1080x2160) in Paint (windows) and select all + copy 3. Open the bmp images in paint, named 1, 2, 3, and 4 according to you requirement (the text written on the images) and select all + paste...
  22. Spaceminer

    Thread Boot Logos!

    Just flash the zip in TWRP to change your boot logo. These should work for any model of the G6 Play. All backgrounds are white with the exception of the original boot logo. This was done to cover up that annoying bad key or N/A message. Enjoy!
  23. AnoopKumar

    Thread [LOGO][SPLASH][ZIP] Custom Splash screen [FAJITA]

    Hello guys, here is a simple twrp flashable custom splash screen replacer for our Oneplus 6T. This will replace Normal splash and fastboot splash with new logo. More logos are coming soon. This will not replace the unlocked bootloader warning screen!!! How to install Download logo zip Flash...
  24. xdaforo

    Thread Stuck on MI logo for no apparent reason. Desperate, need help, noob

    Hi there I'm totally happy with this device but had an issue today for no apparent reason. I was using it normally, I put it in my pocket (80% battery) and when I took it out, it was stuck on MI logo screen. Maybe screen wasn't properly blocked or something. But I find all the situation quite...
  25. nysascape

    Thread "Powered by Lineage" Boot Logos for S6

    Hi, Here are some light and dark boot logos for the S6, but with "Powered by Lineage" at the bottom. Attached below. Previews: Light: https://imgur.com/a/caIOR8d Dark: https://imgur.com/a/50cnwkS I can make others on request. Enjoy, - Jago
  26. Fdraco10

    Thread Boot.img

    Anyone can bring me BOOT.IMG for Samsung J3 2017 SM-327U? Please!!
  27. gencemre2795

    Thread S7 Edge Bootlogo Files

    Hello Everyone, I Love White Bootlogo and White Bootanimation Now I have White Bootanimation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKjsSZwDstQ but White Bootlogo file is nothing for S7 Edge (G935F) please create white logo look like attached file
  28. TheCleaner

    Thread Copy joying "logo" animation from old head unit to new?

    My old Joying unit from 2016 had a default car logo for "Saab". The old unit is an MTCB unit. My new Joying unit doesn't have that logo, it's an octa core PX5 unit. I figure there's a way to copy the existing animation file(s) from the old to the new, I just don't know how or where to find...
  29. E

    Thread Carrier logo changed after oreo update on Verizon

    I noticed once I upgraded to oreo my phone e showed VZW instead of Verizon Wireless like it had on nougat... Also in the 4636 there doesn't seem to show anything as the carrier... Anyone else noticed this? Everything seems to function well but just noticed the change.
  30. ArK96

    Thread [SPLASH] 7 Cool Flashable Custom Boot Splash Screen With Light & Dark Variants [MIDO]

    [SPLASH] 7 Cool Flashable Custom Boot Splash Screen With Light & Dark Variants [MIDO] 7 SUPER COOL CUSTOM BOOT SPLASH SCREEN FOR RN4(mido) Splash created by ArK96 Created using tool by GokulNC Hello XDA Readers, I have come up with yet another new and fresh collection of custom boot splash...
  31. X

    Thread s7 edge reboots in logo need help please

    Hello guys i have a strange problem. i am using my s7edge for over a year (finally was in batman rom). After updating to marshmallow i encountered this problem where sometimes rarely my phone reboots (reboot- - show samy logo - then reboot). sometimes after few reboots it will comeback and some...
  32. K

    Thread Modified Stock Boot Logo for g5 (cedric) (remove bootloader unlocked warning)

    Hello, after searching and only finding the g5+ (potter) modified boot logo to get rid of the bootloader unlocked and accidentally flashing it on my moto g5 and soft bricking the phone i decided to take matter on my own hands and made this, it's the stock g5 (cedric) boot logo modified to not...

    Thread [Q] How to change the boot logo from boot.img on xsp?

    How to change the boot logo from boot.img on xsp? i want to change the default white sony text with black background with black sony text with white background? i'm using latest build of lineage os 14.1
  34. AxelBlaz3

    Thread [THEME][TWRP] Change TWRP Splash Screen

    Weak Intro :p: Well, I find few people who're curious to change their TWRP splash screen and even the themes. Don't know how to do this weird stuff? You're at the right place! ;). I know few of them might be bored with staring at the same splash screen for a long time. How about trying something...
  35. S

    Thread V10 Bootloop Fix (lengthens life)

    Hi. After using this method to fix dozens of G4's and 5X's, I bumped on one bootlooping V10. As there's no modified kernels that would boot V10 on only 4 cores, I present to you: V10 kernel that will resurrect your bootlooping beauty! Requirements and Guide: 1: Working ADB and Fastboot 2A: If...
  36. M

    Thread bluetooth virus? logo stack

    Hi, all! My phone died at the morning after using Bluetooth at the public. Is there a possibility to recover it with a data? LTE version. Thanks in advance, Mateusz
  37. KarimKh

    Thread Stuck on Google logo, then screen turns off

    Hi dear, My phones was working normally until it freezes and reboot. The problem is that it got stuck on Google logo and then the screen turns off. I have access to Bootloader but not to twrp. I know how to flash, root, unlock and stuff. So I tried a lot of options starting with wiping cache &...
  38. TENN3R

    Thread Change splash screen

    As the title says, I'd like to know how to change the google pixel spash screen, instead of the stock one I'd like to use one made by myself because with PA rom would look much better (see attachments). I had an S6 but the procedure was different, also nexus 6 has a different file/location where...
  39. facuarmo

    Thread Hello Moto! - Unlocked bootloader mod

    Just the new Hello Moto logo from the Soak Test fixed to work in unlocked BL devices. Preview: Download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aqd6Z0lmR7likWnGbU5U3bilEP8X Flashing: From device: Open a Terminal app Go to the path were you have downloaded the 'newlogo.bin' file. i.e.: cd /sdcard/Download...
  40. K

    Thread [GUIDE] Modify Boot Logo

    Hi I managed to modify my Bootlogo to a black one and want to share how I have done it :) Do this on your own risk, I'm in no way responsible for damage you do on your device!!! 1. Backup the logo partition from your device You can use adb or a terminal shell for this dd...
  41. facuarmo

    Thread [AROMA] Custom bootlogos flasher...

    Aroma Logos flasher comes with several built-in logos: Official SomeFeaK logo Moto stock logo Moto black logo New Moto logo Download from attachments, flash in recovery :cowboy:. Version: v1.0
  42. dibbled

    Thread [DIBBLED] ♦ Request your Logo ♦ [Devs only]

    Hi XDA, I just learned some designing and wanted to do something for you guys on here @XDA I AM OFFERING THIS SERVICE FOR FREE! I will try to create a good looking logo for your project that you can use. Logo is not that important but having a one will give your project a new identity. I will...
  43. JohnMcW

    Thread [BootLogo] j Pure Dark Water Boot Logo

    Figure I would put my boot logo from September 2015 in an easier place to find Themes the recovery menu buttons also and gets rid of all the white and Unlock warning. Installable using TWRP Enjoy
  44. THEthatdude

    Thread How to replace the Honor 5x powered by android logo/splash screen?

    I want to change the logo that appears when the phone first boots, it displays Honor For the Brave, with powered by android at the bottom. I would like to change this screen to be something custom (idk what, but something different :)) I found this thread...
  45. reCoded

    Thread [BOOT LOGO] Custom created dark boot logo

    I use a Moto G4 Plus and probably a lot of you hate that unlocked boot loader message or your boot logo is white and your boot animation is black. I'm here to solve that. I have created this boot logo for myself but I'll share it anyway! If you want to see the boot logo just check the attached...

    Thread Boot splash logo ---wip---

    HERE you can see "program" I've made to change splash logos on older lg series.. I wanted to change one in LG G4 but my time and resources are limited and could use little help with this updated device... I know there has been models released since and this phone hasn't got the big buzz about...
  47. dreamkill3r

    Thread Help to restore original boot logo

    Hi, I guess my problem is not that big, but anyways) I flashed once on my note 5 a note 7 rom, then I reverted back to the stock rom but the boot logo still says Galaxy Note 7. It's not that much of a deal, but is there any way I can restore the note 5 boot logo? The thing is that i didn't root...
  48. G

    Thread Moto Z Play | [MM/NT] Stock Logo without Warning

    Hey guys, because i still haven't seen a patched stock logo for nougat (and i needed one myself) i fixed the problem like i did some months before. The logo.bin has the same filesize as the original one but a other md5 due to the modifications with the image linking. To install the logo just...
  49. facuarmo

    Thread [BOOTLOGO] INVERTED! Moto G: blacked and updated

    I've made a custom bootlogo in black background and a totally inverted one (manually made: inverted 'Moto' logo first, then inverted 'powered by android' and filled the white background with solid black colour to prevent aliasing). I've also updated the logo to the Moto G4 Play one as I've made...
  50. facuarmo

    Thread INVERTED! Some new custom logos (requested by people in several posts)

    Hey guys, it's me. Facuarmo, again! I know you almost see me even in the soup :D. But I'm here to bring you something nice that I've just made (and tested) for our devices. I've made a custom bootlogo in black background and a totally inverted one (manually made: inverted 'Moto' logo first...