lolipop 5.1

  1. D

    Thread cant downgrade to lolipop

    I'm using B571 on Mt7-Tl09 and want to downgrade to lolipop but it doesn't happen....I use backups(b560-b510-b520-b521) but it always failed.Is there any solution for B571 downgrade to Lolipop any rom?
  2. G

    Thread sent lg g4 in for repaire now it has android 6.0 i want to revert back to 5.1

    ok sent my lg g4 in for repair, works now.... but i want to revert back to 5.1, they installed 6.0 and it is no good causes issues. i have a t mobile lg g4; will i be able to do it and still get the firmware update that came with 5.1 for the touch screen issues?
  3. kngharv

    Thread Bluetooth Trouble: simply couldn't turn it on

    My bluetooth worked perfectly for a while, then, it start to automatically turn it off (I wear a smartwatch so this is quite apparent). Then one day, i couldn't turn it on anymore. In settings >> about phone >> Status Bluetooth physical address is simply missing as if my bluetooth is either...
  4. prarun2030

    Thread [ROM][5.1.1][Onyx]Color OS v2.1 by shumxin[March 11, 2016 Build]

    ==DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for what you do to your device. This is not my work, I am just sharing what I have found on forums on the other side of the Earth. == #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you...
  5. RLShiftyDoggit

    Thread android write protection and flashing roms

    alright guys i know you need root to flash roms and if your like me with the droid turbo xt1254 running 5.1 well your SOL on root for now and verizon has our bootloaders locked so i was thinking when you update it verifies motorolas signature on the update so with that being there we cant flash...
  6. K

    Thread Create unwritable folder in internal storage?

    Is there a way to create or make a (one) folder unwritable on the internal storage which stops the system writing to it?
  7. Kiwironic

    Thread International Moto Maxx 5.1 official update (Non Droid Turbo)

    Ok, I know what you're thinking, 5.1 thread, again???? No it's not. This is for Non Droid Turbo devices, non US Verizon. So Moto Maxx, Latin America devices such as the XT1225 I am currently on official 4.4.4 and I have already opt in for the Moto Feedback Network, so I should get the Soak...