1. marijnee1

    Thread lost serial number after sp flash

    i lost all my serial numbers after flashing stock rom nokia 3 ta-1032 now when i try to unlock bootloader which requires the serial number, and i lost that. 'fastboot oem key SERIAL_MD5_HASHED' its not on the box either, only sim1 imei and sim2 imei thats all. so now i cant unlock it. when...
  2. C

    Thread New Samsung Update for A51 is Bricking phones

    Good evening folks. Over the Past week, for some reason, people who downloaded the new Samsung update for A51 have had their phones bricked. FOR SOME REASON, this seems to only be happening here in South Australia. I haven't seen anywhere reporting on this issue other than local news. I have had...
  3. MiaBhai

    Thread Can phone makers track stolen phone?

    Hi there community <3 I invested a considerable amount of effort in searching posts/threads related to this but did not find anything even near to it so here I am. I got my android phone stolen some weeks ago. Find My Phone is not helpful at all. I know that police can help tracking using IMEI...
  4. DeMozz

    Thread Data lost every 5 minutes since April update

    Hello guys, I'm facing a big issue, since the April Update, my pixel lost the data every 5 minutes. (i have a [X] mark on the LTE icon). All i need to do is to toggle airplane mode on/off for get my data back for around 5 min. Did you guys know how to fix that ?
  5. F

    Thread How to locate phone

    I'm looking for a way to locate phone if lost or stolen. I've used Cerberus for years with good luck, but my paid account has been mysteriously deleted? The key features would be: 1. Locate phone with gps and wifi triangulation 2. Take front and rear photos on command 3. Ability to hide app...
  6. S

    Thread Nexus 6 suddenly lost root and won't hold re-root

    Last week my Nexus 6 spontaneously lost root on reboot. I was able to restore it by booting to TWRP recovery (3.1.1-0) and re-installing SR5-SuperSU-v2.82-SR5-20171001224502.zip (which appears to be the most recent one). Today my phone was getting really slow so I rebooted and after that again...
  7. T

    Thread Lost imei [android 7.1.1 ulefone germini pro ]

    Hello everyone , Recently i lost my IMEI on my ulefone germini pro. The phone doesn't have the CDS information in engineer mode so any help would be great ! Thank you
  8. iscle

    Thread [Guide] How to recover lost IMEI on MI MAX 2

    Well, today I was playing with my phone trying to get Lineage OS to work, and I got a bootloop. Thankfully, I had a full backup of all the partitions of the phone, made with TWRP, and restored it. It failed to restore the FIRMWARE partition, and now I'm left without an IMEI or WiFi MAC plus my...
  9. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.1+] Eradoo- Erase your data when phone is lost or stolen ** PROMO CODES **

    Eradoo Eradoo will let you erase all your phone data remotely when your device is lost or stolen, and without internet connection. Eradoo provides multiple ways to wipe automatically your phone data : ✓ By sending an SMS ✓ When removing the SIM card ✓ When replacing the SIM card ✓...
  10. theskig

    Thread Huawei Watch: any user? "Lost Pairing" bug when using audio?

    Hi guys. I have an "old" Z5 Premium Dual and I'm affected by the "lost pairing" bug when using audio on my Huawei Watch. I'm looking forward to check new Xperia's to know if they're affected by this bug because in this case I'll look to another phone to replace mine when it will die (it's one...
  11. diegz

    Thread Losing IMEI everytime!

    Hello guys! I have a problem with my wife's Note II (should be 7100). Starting from a stock 4.4.2 I tried installing MIUI 8 through PhilzTouch. Everything went fine, I also installed Open Gapps but I had lost the IMEI. The phone didn't recognize the sim at all (INSERT SIM). So I tried to...
  12. R

    Thread Lost root access after a week, possibly by entering "smart manager"

    I got a note 5 SM-N920W8 Telus last week. First thing i did was to upgrade to marshmallow, and then root it. I rooted it fine, wiping the phone in the process of installing the custom recovery. Now i've used plenty of apps that require root, and all have worked fine. About 15 minutes ago I try...
  13. D

    Thread Meizu pro 5 have rooted rom but lost recovery - phone can boot pls help!

    Hi i was stupid enough to unlock my bootloader and flash recovery, then reflash back latest meizu stock via twrp , and flashing again the twrp recovery image, i don't why, but the first init of the rom update ****ed my recovery up and now i lost recovery (even the stock, the phone just booting...
  14. D

    Thread Meizu pro 5 have rooted rom but lost recovery - phone can boot pls help!

    Hi i was stupid enough to unlock my bootloader and flash recovery, then reflash back latest meizu stock via twrp , and flashing again the twrp recovery image, i don't why, but the first init of the rom update ****ed my recovery up and now i lost recovery (even the stock, the phone just booting...
  15. arvindgr

    Thread [Completed] Lost all files due to Android MTP, I really in trouble. Pls help!!!

    As I was cleaning my Nexus 4 internal storage (deleting unused and old junks) I found a folder called storage and deleted it, as it was unfamiliar in Internal Storage of my phone. After clicking delete I found its storage/emulated/0 and it just wiped all of all emulated/0 files and folders in a...
  16. M

    Thread Device Lost ! Help needed to Trace

    Hello friends, I just lost my HTC Desire 816 Dual sim today morning. I'm in India, Bangalore. I have also filed a complaint with police. Could any of you help me finding my device ??? IMEI: 352795065140955 & 352795065140963 Android device manager says Location unavailable Last online July...
  17. MathewBrack

    Thread Your First Trip to XDA & The Path Of Curiosity

    Your first visit to xda can be daunting to say the least, that is why as part of a new project here at xda forum member RainbowLaw was inspired to become a guest writer for the portal. In his featured article he discusses how to find your way around the forums, a bit on the attitudes and...
  18. T

    Thread [Q] Enable Android location access from PC

    Hey guys, I need to enable the Android location access from my PC because I lost my phone (LG G2).. I already searched for it while I had my alarm sound on the highest volume (with Google Device Manager), but had no luck. In order to track the phones position I need to enable it from my PC, but...
  19. GoJo ^^

    Thread Big file lost in system partition, how to find?!

    Hello, i got a big issue, not 1st time it happens so i'd like to find out what's wrong, since the device doesn't have any working custom recovery and i don't wanna loose all! The issue is : while trying to uninstall/reinstall some game, the obb file is, for a reason i ignore, lost in the...
  20. FCArsenal

    Thread [Q] Keep losing recovery

    Hey guys. I keep losing recovery after a few days when I install a new Rom. It happened on when I was on 4.4.4 as well. I'm sure I'm missing a step. Any thoughts?? I would not have a problem if I had a computer. Also if there's any way to flash a recovery from the phone itself please let me know...
  21. B

    Thread [Q] Lost. SD partition? Can't install ROMs, soft brick

    So i'm a noobie. I mean i have some experience (rooted and installed many ROMS like my Nexus One device, i know, ancient) but i got all that information and knowledge on here! :o So my mom is using this HTC ONE X that she just received and i want to be nice and root it and remove all the...
  22. B

    Thread Lost my MotoX sim tray, suggestions?

    Dear all, Greetings, So I have a MotoX xt1052 mobile and I lost the sim tray. Tried to search all over the internet for replacement but couldn't find any, they are either out of stock or not available anymore. My question: I found some trays for xt1060 , will they work in my case? are they...
  23. C

    Thread [Q] D801 root lost after recent OTA from TMobile

    All, I need help re-rooting my phone. I had a stock recovery, rooter phone (to remove/ disable bloat). I received an update from TMobile (the version is still 4.4.2, but build is now KOT49I.D80120g. I could not stop it from applying the update and my phone lost root. I'm now unable to find a...
  24. A

    Thread [Q] vzw-s3 lost data connection

    I got a Note 3 from vzw, rooted it and it works great. I gave my S3 to my wife and she is having problems getting a data connection. She is not logged into google yet (lost password) and I wonder if that's the issue? If not what should I start looking at? It may seem absurd that someone wouldn't...
  25. revan17

    Thread [Q] GT-I9300 factory reset itself(salvage data)

    So my gf's phone factory reset itself. She turned it on in the morning and it was a clean phone, asking for google data, clean reset, nothing but stock on there. She lost all her pictures(which is the end of the world for her), apps, everything. I plugged the phone to the PC and it shows 5Gb...
  26. V

    Thread [Q] Lost IMEI, Baseband after rom upgrade

    I tried to search around but found no new posts regarding this problem. Upgrading to today's FML rom, after reboot i lost my baseband and IMEI. I don't have a backup...is there a way to brind my phone back to life?
  27. L

    Thread [Q] I lost all my internal storage data?

    Hello, Yesterday I was trying to install a custom rom on my Xperia SP. Long story short the ROMS I tried were working fine but the screen was flickering cause of the kernel. So I tried switching back to the stock ftf and kernel (12.1.A.1.207). It all worked fine, until I realised that every...
  28. M

    Thread [Q] Lost Z2 With anti thieft

    Hi ! So my friend lost his rooted Z2. MyXperia was on and Avast anti thieft was installed on root method and it is reset proof (installed on System/apps). so i can trace the phone and lock it but the problem is that its off all the time. So is there any way to trace it when the device is off ...
  29. Cyboy

    Thread may pattern/pincode lock lead in permanently loose of phones?

    since i have installed APM'advanced power menu' on my Xgo 4.1.2, i realized what would happen if my device get lost or stolen with pattern unlock on or moreever with anti-theft function enabled by the app?then this made me create this toppic thinking would become a good idea. I asked this from...
  30. S3LEE

    Thread Imei 000 044999 repair

    mod edit...all comments removed..
  31. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread Backup NVRAM (IMEI/BASEBAND) Micromax Unite 2

    Things needed: 1. Rooted rom. Guide->here 2. MTK Droid Tools. Procedure: 1. Switch on the phone and connect it to pc. 2. Go to settings->about phone. 3. Tap build number 7 time. 4. Go back and enter developers options, and check usb debugging on. 5. Start MTK Driod Tools and click root...
  32. Melodic13

    Thread [Q] I lost sim card tray...

    I've done some considerable searching and can't locate a vendor that sells the sim card tray for the M8. Does anyone know of a vendor? I lost my sim card tray so my phone is basically useless right now.
  33. B

    Thread [Q] Strange myXperia Tracking Behaviour? -- stolen phone

    Hey, A month ago (March 16th) I ended up losing/having my phone stolen from a party. The next day I tried the mXperia locator/Google locator--nothing (phone was probably dead). Knowing I did not have a pattern lock (I know, I know), I quickly changed my passwords etc. and got a new phone...
  34. || Acer ||

    Thread [Q] YouTube - "Connection to Server Lost"

    So I know this has been an issue for others in the past, but everything I've tried hasn't seemed to work. Every time I load up a video on Youtube, it seems like it's about to start but then says "Connection to Server Lost. Tap to Try again". This only happens when I'm not on WiFi though. I've...
  35. SymbioticGenius

    Thread [Q] Files missing

    As of right now I'm missing pretty much every file on my Internal Storage. No TiBu, no SMS Backups, no pics. However under storage in the settings menu it still shows 9 Gigs Free, which leads me to believe that its there, just not visible... There are some folders, but they are empty or don't...
  36. P

    Thread Lost about 35% of battery overnight

    Hello there, I'm new to the Galaxy S2 forums, I before had an Xperia Arc. I have a problem that happened just last night. Last night I turned off my phone and left it, didn't touch it. That was about.. around 1 am, right now, 10am I woke up and turned it on. Samsung logo, ROM boots etc, I check...
  37. L

    Thread [Q] Themer crashed my phone. HELP NEEDED ;-(

    Hi all, This morning I played with Themer and it crashed all my user's data. What I did : I was playing with a theme (did not remember its name but I can find it again if needed), added a new page, added a 1st Themer widget (clock), then added a Themer calendar widget What happened : As soon...
  38. abuihsan

    Thread [SOLVED] Radio Signal Lost after reverting 4.3 to 4.2.2

    Hi all.. I just totally lost radio signal after reverting 4.3 to 4.2.2. Tried everything like flashing .532 ftf, restoring nand backups (stock, cm10.2, omni 4.4) even factory reset with no result. The signal bars did exist but in grey with red 'x' over the bars. Well the solution is re-flash...
  39. arun6106

    Thread Gallery Hidden items lost!

    Hi, one of my friend has an Galaxy S4 he had some photos and videos hidden in the gallery and today, he was trying to hide some new ones which didn't show the hide option so, we cleared the cache and data of GALLERY from the Application manager since then, we've been unable to find those...
  40. H

    Thread [Q] IMEI help

    Hi I lost my phone but I have the EFS backup. Is there anyone to get my IMEI from it?
  41. TheGripper

    Thread [Q] Files missing after rom flash, but no storage freed up?

    I hope you understand my problem. I've also searched, but didn't find anything similar. To start with, this phone (E975) has no expandable memory. but it still had internal and external storage, which I saw while surfing with a file explorer. Now, after flashing a new rom. From Paranoid (4.3) to...
  42. OfficialLocdoGg

    Thread [Q] SD Card Files NEEDED!!!

    So I had no idea that I would lose my sd card files when I unlocked the bootloader to s-off and root my phone. I use my calculator quite often and do not like the ones off of the play store. I would also like to have the files taht we on there to begin with. I can not find anywhere to download...
  43. B

    Thread How to update baseband/modem

    I've been flashing ROMs since I got my phone many months ago but, despite flashing CM10.2, Omega 13, Slimbean build 2, etc... it seems that I still have the MDC baseband. How can I find and flash an updated modem? I ask because I don't get 4G or LTE on slimbean or Omega and others indicate...
  44. G

    Thread __

  45. 1

    Thread [Closed/Resolved] Losing Internal Memory

    I have an AT&T 32gb variant, and I know that naturally it has less than that, but over time, as I've switched roms/kernals, I seem to be losing that precious, precious, non expandable memory. Currently it says that I only have 25.4gb available? Is it possible I partitioned the storage without...
  46. KXIX

    Thread [Q] Tracking app that uses phone #

    Please delete i posted in wrong forum.
  47. S

    Thread [Q] Modem

    I screwed my Modem up, does anyone have CSC and modem files for UCAMC3? Help is extremely needed :(
  48. D

    Thread [Q] 6GB lost storage space???

    On my rooted 4.2.2 Settings, Internal storage shows 27GB/7,6GB free. When I count the apps, videos, ... I'll get about 14GB consumption. Where might be that missing 6GB be?
  49. Dr. lele

    Thread Farewell, my friend!

    To my beloved companion and friend, whom I (stupid motherf*****) lost during a Limp Bizkit concert. Ironically during the Song 'Break Stuff'. Haha :silly: I will for sure stay with HTC as this phone really made it into my heart, lol. It ran stable at 2 GHz without sucking out my battery. That...
  50. oofol

    Thread i9300 IMEI null/null ...

    Hi, yesterday night my wifes S3 (international) has lost baseband and while trying to to set the network from settings there was a mesage "please put in SIM card to use network options". Short after that it started to reboot it self. The phone was stock - unbranded and unlocked, never flashed...