1. Dr-TSNG

    Thread New Xposed API Proposal

    We are now working on the new Xposed API, which allows modules to get / set scope, to get framework info, and to store configs across apps without the embarrassing New-XSharedPreferences interface. The API library will be released to GitHub/libxposed and maven central after it is ready. Now we...
  2. R

    Thread Question [MAGISK] [LSposed] How to disable the status bar and quick settings on the lock screen

    Hey, I'd like to know if there are any Magisk Modules to disable the status bar and quick settings on the lock screen. Many people asked it before, and I've seen all the threads, but they were submitted before November. Since Xposed is no longer available for newer androids, I'll appreciate it...
  3. M

    Thread Screenshot and Select Options Always Greyed Out

    To take a screenshot on this phone, I must tap the square button on the bottom right. This gives me 2 options: Screenshot and Select. They are both always greyed out, and so clicking on either one does nothing. I don't even get an error message. Interestingly, I have found a crappy work around...
  4. A7pr8

    Thread [CLOSED][Guide] [Universal] Another guide to get microg and pass safetynet

    The guide is on reddit: {Mod edit} (I probably will be faster to reply there if you commented)
  5. kaefers

    Thread How To Guide Samsung S22 Ultra (Exynos) | Step-By-Step Guide | OEM BL unlock | TWRP system r/w

    Hi. Had the pleasure of voiding the warranty of my new Samsung S22 Ultra SM-908B/DS 512GB EUX today. Device is on the currently latest firmware, Android 13, SM-S908B_EUX_S908BXXU2BVL1_fac. Below, I just document my experience so it may help someone as it was a bit of a tedious trial n error...
  6. W

    Thread Help Needed For Moving From Magisk/EdXposed to Magisk/Zygisk/whatever...

    I have an LG V40 that had been rooted for a long time with an early Magisk - cannot quite recall the version right now. But yesterday I managed to update both Magisk and Manager to v 25.2 as I was looking for a way to hide root from the Play Store app as the damn thing seems to block even...
  7. U

    Thread Xiaomi Mi 10S Root ( Magisk & Zygisk & LSPosed ) with Custom ROM and pass Google certificate.

    This thread is a easy fix to Google Play Store showing "This Device is not certified" after Rooted, it could cause some issuses like Netflix missing, PUBG MOBILE and Office installation failure. Step 0: Preparing You need Magisk >=24 with Zygisk. (Duh) Step 1: Register Device (I don't know if...
  8. D

    Thread [APP][Xposed] MinMinGuard v2.2.0 for Android 11+ (Zygisk X/Ed/LSposed API 93)

    I spend the afternoon fixing @FatMinMin's awesome MinMinGuard for Zygisk! Note that i only tested this on Android 11 running Zygisk LSposed 1.8.4 (6609) with Magisk 25.2 (25200), tho the changes shouldn't affect any existing code so if 2.1.1 or earlier works on your device (including Riru and...
  9. S

    Thread Module For Navigation bar tweaks

    Can any help out with a module that can change the navigation bar style on Android 12 (either LSPOSED, EDEXPOSED or MAGISK).
  10. sppoh

    Thread Question connect to your own hotspot from the same device

    Can I connect to my own hotspot from the same device? (I have root) Sorry my English
  11. W

    Thread Is there better ways to intercept & modify network response without computer ?

    When testing my app, I need to mock some response from 3party apis that I don't has access to yet. My current way to do this is LSPosed + ssl unpinning module + fiddler's autoresponder. But I can't make it work without a computer, which making test the app outside the office very inconvenient...
  12. AndroidX

    Thread [APP][XPOSED][8.1-12x] GPS Setter - Set Device Location

    [XPOSED] GPS SETTER As most GPS spoof apps not working anymore coz some are old and some are not proper implement with the current OS so I made myself a GPS spoofer called GPS Setter it will help you set the location where you want from malicious apps coz some bad apps collect user location...
  13. siavash79

    Thread [MOD][Xposed+Magisk][13 Compatible] AOSP Mods - System modifications for AOSP-based Android 12+

    This is a mixed Xposed+Magisk module, which is made to allow customizations that are not originally designed in AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Features: Currently, AOSP Mods offers customizations on different aspects of system framework and SystemUI, including: - Status bar - Lock screen -...
  14. R

    Thread how to open LSPosed

    Hi, after flashing Riru and LSPosed my A10 system offered to shortcut LSPosed on my homescreen. The first time I declined and couldnt find the app then. Now, I've redone the process and can open it from the homescreen. But how could I open it otherwise? In the app viewer it is named Shell...
  15. S

    Thread Need help with Device ID Masker or similar

    I welcome everyone. Need help solving my question. There used to be Android 10 Oxygen + Magisk + Root + TWRP + Edxposed, OnePlus 8 device, Device ID Masker worked great. But I upgraded to Oxygen Android 11, installed Magisk, Root, TWRP and LSPosed (tried also Edxposed), Device ID Masker module...
  16. xHookman

    Thread [LSPOSED] Matrix Rain (Add a matrix rain in notifications panel !)

    MATRIX RAIN THANKS TO @Hyper.Alvi FOR HIS HELP ! Hey ! This module allow you to add a customisable matrix rain in notifications panel ! Now open source at ! :) /!\ SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN LSPOSED SETTINGS /!\ /!\ BOOTLOOPS HAS BEEN...
  17. K

    Thread Riru (core) is causing random soft boot

    Riru core magisk module is causing random soft reboots in my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (running Android 10). Can anyone help regarding this issue? I have tried both EDxposed and LSposed. Whenever I only tick the Riru core within magisk app then soft reboots occur randomly. The developer of...
  18. P

    Thread [XPOSED][MOD] Twitter Ad Eater

    Twitter Ad Eater is a module for the Xposed/LSPosed framework that attempts to remove ads from the Twitter Android application. Currently tested on Android 11 / latest LSPosed but should work on other versions as well. Downloads: Source code...
  19. xHookman

    Thread [XPOSED, LSPOSED] Samsung Messages Customiser (Change App Colors)

    SAMSUNG MESSAGES CUSTOMISER Hey ! This module allow you to customize colors of Samsung Messages app ! /!\ Samsung Messages must be killed after applying new colors /!\ /!\SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN EDXPOSED SETTINGS/!\ /!\ THIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE ONEUI 2.x...
  20. xHookman

    Thread [XPOSED, LSPOSED] Samsung Music Customiser (Change app colors)

    SAMSUNG MUSIC CUSTOMISER Hey ! This module allow you to customize Samsung Music app ! This app works for versions higher than ! /!\SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN EDXPOSED SETTINGS/!\ /!\ Samsung Music must be killed after applying new colors /!\ Note that three...