1. R

    Thread Stuck in bootloop when LTE service is enabled

    I was hoping to find some answers here to a strange problem that's happening with my Poco X3 NFC. This hasn't been much of an issue before due to WLAN coverage, but I'm more in need of mobile data right now, and wanted to use LTE instead of 2G or 3G which is quite slow in comparison. My...
  2. A

    Thread Question Abysmal LTE experience

    I got the phone yesterday and LTE is so bad. It is unusable to the point there's no internet connection at all. I noticed its LTE bands kept on changing from 1 and 8. It stays at 8 for a couple of minutes where there is no internet connection. When it switches to band 1, the connection is back...
  3. Z

    Thread How To LOCK LTE Band Without Root on SAMSUNG Device

    This method is specifically for Samsung Galaxy. Because the default hiddennetwork system application is available. for devices with other brands and types, I haven't tried it. Please follow the following methods: 1. You need to install this app for FREE at Google Play...
  4. tecknight

    Thread How 5G Enabled is your Nord N10 5G ?

    I have been noting that my Nord N10 5G isn't getting any better of a connection than my old 4G phone, so I set out to see which bands I was connecting on and which were actually enabled on the phone. I have done this in the past on various phones, so I knew there is usually one or more hidden...
  5. Varrialeq

    Thread Oppo Watch esim connection problem

    Hi there, Recently I bought Oppo watch LTE version, I want to connent my watch with esim. When I run wear os app > advanced setting, there is no Mobile network settings. I try to turn all data transmision on watch but it didn't work. Did someone have similar problem or have any idea of solution?
  6. J

    Thread Carrier Aggregation B3+B20 NOT WORKING!!!

    I just changed my cell carrier and it uses bands B3 (1800MHz) and band B20 (800MHz), but Pocophone does support carrier aggregation for B3+B20 band. Currently phone on single LTE band, and the speeds are poor. Is there a way to activate B3+B20 CA mode?
  7. J

    Thread Which US V60 versions support LTE B3 and B20 bands?

    Trying to figure out, which unlocked US carrier versions of LG V60 support LTE B3 and B20 bands so I could use it in Georgia (Republic, not a state)
  8. M

    Thread Android 11 FORCE LTE wouldn't work anymore

    Hello guy I have updated my phone last week with android 11 official update.but some functions won't work any more The important function is to force LTE app wont work any more. When i use internet from the gsm providers some time when the antenna of 4g is far or weak the internet turned from...
  9. jeremysw7

    Thread Galaxy S10+ G975U - LTE drops

    I recently purchased an open box Galaxy S10+ G975U. Phone was in excellent condition. Was told it was an unlocked phone from Verizon. Upon receiving it, it had ATT Splash Screen and Apps. Was trying to get it working on Page Plus, and MVNO of Verizon. After much effort between seller and...
  10. M

    Thread Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE (Catshark) [US -> EU]

    Hi, I have a Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE (Catshark) [USA]. Do you know if it is possible to flash the EU stock firmware? I find so many comments here in the blog but, after a long research, seems I didn't fine a final answer to that :( Can someone highlight me if was able to do the "conversion". For...
  11. C

    Thread Stability update T976BXXU1ATI5

    Just got this update on my S7+ 5G, CSC = PHN. It solves the problem of the device not always responding to touching the screen.
  12. bmaz121

    Thread OnePlus One Notification exit delay function needed

    Have you ever notice with Second verification on a website being logged on to does a text message to the phone with a 6 digit number. Well, with my bad eyes it takes a few seconds to read the small blue verification 6 digit number the site sent me. Boom, the message disappears from the lock...
  13. E

    Thread GW3 stand alone usage...

    Hi all, I'm quite happy with the GW3, especially the LTE Option. Now I've realised I still need for nearly all functions my mobile... I thought I could leave it more often at home. Does anyone have a solution/idea for an Email client to receive email without phone. Cheers
  14. gmnabeel

    Thread How to force lte+/4G+

    Hi, does anyone know how to force lte+ ? My mobile keeps shifting from lte lte+ back & forth . Lte + gives way better speed . If anyone knows how to achieve that do share
  15. G

    Thread Select Radio Band : *#*#4636#*#*

    What is the use of Select Radio Bands?
  16. Galaxyninja66

    Thread I9195 LTE and AT&T Support?

    I bought this because the reception on my S2 is just unbearable. It's advertised as being 4G/LTE But it seems the out of box bands are every band except the ones North American carriers use. Has anyone gotten true 4G/LTE reception on AT&T in America? I9190 model? I9195? Do the Qualcomm tools...
  17. T

    Thread Help installing unbranded Firmware on LTE variant Galaxy S5e unlocked AT&T (SM-T727A)

    Help installing unbranded Firmware on LTE variant Galaxy S5e unlocked AT&T (SM-T727A) Hi! Am trying to install an unbranded Firmware on my LTE AT&T variant tablet; I am very rusty with Odin, and some details. Can anyone tell me if I am doing this right? 1- First, I installed Smart Switch for...
  18. A

    Thread After Android 10 update no phone calls possible

    Hi, I got the update to android 10 yesterday and installed it. My provider is Vodafone DE. After update, I'm not able to make any calls (or receive ones) anymore. I already figured out, that this problems does not exists when I'm disable 4G and switch to 3G only. I also tried out another...
  19. T

    Thread New unlocked Sprint tablet SM-T517P for grandparents abroad, to flash or not?

    Hello, please give a little advise. I bought an UNLOCKED used Samsung AT&T S5e (SM-T727A), and another UNLOCKED used Samsung Sprint TAB A (2019) (SM-T517P) from eBay for my grandparents abroad in Argentina; mainly for the SIM capability to use with Whatsapp with me, and their grandkids all over...
  20. G

    Thread Enabling or Adding Additional LTE Bands + Troubleshooting Re/Disconnecting Wifi/Data

    Okay, so I'm having a pretty bad issue on my Mi 9T... What happened I tried to add LTE bands on my Mi 9T using QXDM... twice. Long story short, it didn't work both times. Here's the full story: I followed this guide to add the LTE bands, and I was successfully able to edit the values specified...
  21. M

    Thread Nokia 8 LTE band choice

    Hi there I use my Nokia 8 on Telstra in Australia, and Telstra operates on LTE bands 3 (1800 MHz), 7 (2600 MHz) and 28 (700 MHz). However, I notice it would often move onto band 7, despite it being the weakest band in the area, as shown in the attachment. Any ideas why this happens? Is there...
  22. K

    Thread Loosing network (LTE) while making a call

    Hey guys! Having above mentioned problem and no idea why. The moment I make a call (not VoLTE or VoWIFI) I have no mobile network anymore. Neither LTE nor 3G. When I hangup I instantly I have network again. It's definately NOT the provider, as my wife has the same provider/contract and doesn't...
  23. cizake

    Thread [MOD] How to change LTE band on Samsung S20/+/Ultra

    How to change LTE band on Samsung S20/+/Ultra Works on both chipsets.. I saw this tip on the board so I decided to make a clear instruction note on how to use it. Download QuickShortCutMaker from the Play Store...
  24. N

    Thread LTE 4G Band locking on Samsung devices Exynos / Qualcomm without root android 10

    Dear friends, now you can lock LTE bands on your Samsung Exynos/Snapdragon devices running Android 10 without root. Here are the steps- 1. Open quickshortcutmaker app 2. Goto call settings and then goto last call settings 3. Goto band selection by clicking 3 dots and now your favorite band is...
  25. N

    Thread Exynos version band lock without root

    Friends now you can lock bands and enjoy speeds. Watch this
  26. L

    Thread Sprint Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE with none Samsung Phones

    So, I am gonna start by saying I have been on the phone with sprint 3 times the last couple days as well as 2 visits to a sprint store and one call with Samsung and have yet to get lte working on this watch. I Have an Lg v30 sprint model completely stock not rooted purchased through sprint a...
  27. T

    Thread Galaxy S4 L720 (jfltespr) Model working with new TextNow free service on a custom rom

    So maybe you have an old GS4 L720 laying around and want to get free talk and text with Textnow, but don't want to use Android 5.1 OS...and so you flash a custom rom and then lose LTE and thus couldn't use the Textnow app without WiFi. Well thanks to Deega's thread this is the APN you need to...
  28. A

    Thread Force a 4G frequency band ?

    Hi everyone ! I would like to know if there would be a possibility of forcing the phone on one or two 4G frequency bands? I am a 2-3 kilometers from a 4G antenna which provided me between 6 to 10 MB / s regardless of the time of day / night with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ but the problem is that with...
  29. J

    Thread Lenovo Z6 Pro Unlock all bands

    Does anyone know if it is possible to unlock all the LTE bands on this phone? With the current enabled bands it wouldn't really work in the USA which I live, but wanted to see if it was possible. Thank you in advance!
  30. S

    Thread LTE bands in Redmi 8A?

    Can anybody confirm which LTE bands this model has? Different website give contradictory information.
  31. Whammamoosha

    Thread Why does Samsung issue monthly builds for Galaxy Watch but seldom releases them?

    Global LTE variant (SM-R805F). All builds: Released: Also for regions other than ZTA, change the region in the links and see for yourself. Mine has...
  32. W

    Thread Can't connect Active2 to Essential PH-1

    So I just got my Active2 and I have the Essential PH-1 running Android 10 fully stock with Sprint and it says that my phone isn't compatible with mobile service for this watch, when I try to connect it. Have all updated and required Samsung apps as far as I know. Tizen Software Ver...
  33. StalkS

    Thread Firmware request for R805F LTE - EE (UK)

    Hi there, I am one of the (now many?) GW LTE owners who have purchased their watches from another country within the EU. My watch appears to be from Switzerland and at some point had an active eSIM from Swisscom. I have tried unsuccessfully to connect the watch to my EE phone and data...
  34. R

    Thread Some issues with my OG Pixel

    Hi guys! 1)So, my pixel won't connect to LTE network no matter what I do. I have tried all the network types on the phone info settings menu. My carrier's only LTE Band is band 3(1800 mhz) which is supposed to be supported by all unlocked PIxel devices. Has anyone had the same problem? 2)My...
  35. I

    Thread (Q) Does the LTE versions of Samsung tablets have built in eSim like functionality?

    My brother has an iPad pro and on the tablet in the settings he can browse many available plans from verizon, att, tmobile etc. He is able to purchase it and then immediately use the cellular data plan. I specifically like the $20 for 5GB for 5 months plan that he has access to. Do Samsung...
  36. B

    Thread Realme 3 pro lte band 20 & 28

    I am a redmi note 5 ai (whyred) user and I'm caught in between choosing a little upgrade between Redmi note 7pro and Real me 3 pro. I didn't like my screen experience with whyred because of frequent burn in (although temporary) the ghost image is very annoying once I use the keyboard for upto 5...
  37. Morghoth

    Thread K20 Pro owners: How's your LTE signal in Europe?

    Is it really necessary to have band 20? Do you exprerience signal drops with LTE? Do you live in a city or countryside?
  38. T

    Thread N960F/DS on T-Mobile without root. How is it working out?

    Hi, Considering getting an N960F/DS for T-Mobile and T-Mobile MVNO sims. Anybody with T-Mobile/MVNO sim on stock ROM having a great experience (LTE/VOLTE working) or does it sill require CSC alteration with root/custom ROM route? How is the data speed? . Is it good enough for Google Voice...
  39. K

    Thread [Help plz] Mobile radio / WIFI / diag mode broken after modifying NV Item QPST/QXDM

    Hey guys, Here is a story of stupid myself and now i need help with my phone ;) Please enjoy and help if you can. Thanks. I was trying to unlock LTE bands on EEA mi 9t (BAD DECISION, DON'T DO IT!) following any of those tutorials online, and i broke: 1, mobile network 2, wifi 3, diag mode/port...
  40. I

    Thread Moto Z2 Force (USA AT&T UNLOCKED) doesn't have LTE with any Venezuelan SIM provider

    Moto Z2 Force (USA AT&T UNLOCKED) doesn't have LTE with any Venezuelan SIM provider Hello i will do my best to try to explain my issue. I bought a Moto z2 Force x (At&t) unlocked in EBAY, here in Venezuela i used in Movistar (3g band 1900 / LTE band 4 1700/2100) The phone dont work with LTE...
  41. D

    Thread Mate 10 Pro - how to lock on one LTE frequency band

    Mate 10 Pro - how to lock LTE bands (1800, 2100, 2600 etc.). I know the app Network signal guru can do this on Qualcomm's SoCs but the Mate 10 is based on HiSilicon Kirin 970... Can someone tell me a method how to force one of the cellular network bands?
  42. J

    Thread I have a baffling problem

    PLEASE IGNORE THIS. I SOLVED IT. I have 2 debs and both are running the AOSP Pie ROM, currently. Until 2 days ago both were able to detect my SIM card; now only one does. Here's what I've done to resolve what I first thought was a hardware problem. * I swapped SIM cards and rebooted; no luck. *...
  43. L

    Thread Le max 2 all volte problems solved!

    I am using le max 2 in India I am having multiple problems with this phone First of all I rooted it and installed lineage os on it. I do not know about the modem version at that time. Jio Volte was working fine, but sometime jio to jio outgoing call not worked. Also fingerprint was useless...
  44. C

    Thread Problem with 4G/LTE network

    Morning, fellas. I have a problem with my Poco F1 that I couldn't solve. I have looked for information in this forum, but I can't find information about it. Let's see if any of you can help me. It's about the following: The 4G/LTE network works everywhere with the official stable global version...
  45. F

    Thread 46mm LTE Version = more RAM without using LTE?

    Hey there, I'll buy a galaxy watch but I'm still curious about which version to choose. I don't know if I will use LTE but I've read about the doubled RAM (1,5GB instead of 768MB). So the question is: Will I have more free RAM available on the LTE-Version with LTE/carrier disabled? And will...
  46. zomgalama

    Thread AOSP/Lineage based ROMS no APN settings on Sprint Devices

    Noticed this originally a month ago. On LineageOS and any AOSP based rom I no longer have any access to APN settings (they do show up if I remove my SIM but settings don't seem to stick on reboot). Is there any fix for this? Using APN editors don't seem to help either since they just say "APN...
  47. sweetboy02125

    Thread Unlock all bands with S9plus?

    Hi All, I have unlock ATT version, then switch to T mobile service (flash T mobile firmware). Now I switch to Sprint firmware. HOwever My ATT ver didn't have the band 25 and 26. Only have band 41. Sprint needs all 3 for better connection. Is there away to unlock 25 and 26 band? Unlock S9 plus...
  48. E

    Thread No LTE on Verizon MVMO with US996

    With the Verizon MVNO called Red Pocket, my US Cellular US996.UCL can't use LTE (only CDMA and EVDO). After calling the MVNO and telling them the IMEI, they say that this IMEI isn't "certified" or "eligible" with its CDMA network. Anyone know what's up with this?
  49. L

    Thread Mid band performance issues on Verizon

    So I'm just reaching out to see if anyone else has had any weird issues like I am using Verizon on the OP 6T. When the phone has full control over band steering it appears to hug on band 13 for its primary band even when band 4 has plenty of SNR (20 plus DB) I know the cell config's in my area...
  50. RohMish

    Thread [HELP][F8332] cellular won't work right after Sony returned my phone

    So I went to Sony to get my battery replaced. Sony wanted to replace my screen and motherboard so I decide not to go forward with it. Sony literally returned my phone with my display out and headphone jack issues. I went back and they "fixed" my display but with even more issues. But that all...