1. Z

    Thread WP 8.1 latest official update in 2023

    Hello world, I am new here, but I have a little collection of mobile phone, and I have the usual to see this forum when I have a problem with a smartphone ! I am so nostalgic for my dead Lumia 635, so I have bought a Lumia 920 on eBay (with a 935 that has a dead battery). When I have...
  2. lizijun

    Thread [CLOSED] How to upgrade your Lumia (2nd+ Gen) to Windows 10 Mobile in 2023

    This is a guide to help you upgrade your Lumia (2nd+ Gen) to Windows 10 Mobile in 2023. (I am making the guide please wait for a few days)
  3. Huskynarr

    Thread Bricked Lumia 930 - No Reaction / No Boot

    I have tried to mod my Nokia Lumia 930. My bootloader was already unlocked for side loading. Now I wanted to mod Astoria on it so that I can also use Android apps. However, Windows Phone Internals kept telling me that my phone is already unlocked. When starting the Mass Storage Mode and Enabled...
  4. J

    Thread End Support Windows Device Recovery Tool

    Microsoft has discontinued #WindowsDeviceRecoveryTools Until last week it still worked, but it's been 4 days since I've been trying to use WindowsDeviceRecoveryTool (version 3.14.07501) and it wasn't opening properly. Even doing the repair, the program did not work again. So when trying to...
  5. Wooperbruh

    Thread little kernel doesn't load after copying to available memory on Lumia 925

    If this is the wrong forum please let me know and I'll post it in the appropriate one Lately me and a few others from Mainline4Lumia discord server have been trying to get little kernel to work properly on my Nokia Lumia 925 (windows phone) however it seems that after it copies to memory it...
  6. frailumi

    Thread Addressing chances for Nokia Lumia 2520

    Hi all, I am new, as a registered user, to this forum, but I have been tinkering with my recently acquired Lumia and its content for a little while now and I really wanted to make a point on this device. I read and re read most of the pertinent entries here but with no luck in tracing a path to...
  7. F

    Thread [WP 8.1] HERE Maps Collections No Longer Sync on Lumia 822

    Device: Nokia Lumia 822 OS: Windows Phone 8.1 HERE Maps: HERE Drive: Map Data: I have not been able to sync my collections (bookmarked GPS points) within either HERE Maps or HERE Drive for 40 months now. I am continuing to use the device as a dedicated satnav...
  8. X

    Thread Lumia 830 Flash

    Hi, I've flashed a stock firmware on my Lumia 830, the firmware the phone came installed was the following: - RM-984 VAR EURO PT MEO D GREY SL now i've switched to this: - RM-984 VAR EURO 7F CV D GREY But the problem i'm having is related to the 4G network. How can i replace the stock...
  9. S

    Thread Clear-simple method install W10 on <4gb ROM

    I get it done with more than 1Gb of free storage ! -I have lumia 530 Dual SIM (1019) previous build was 8.1 I don't recall OS version but it was the latest, so yeah I searched for more information and I found this thread of this glorious man...
  10. Empyreal96

    Thread Windows ARM64 Optimized for 950/XL (Testing)

  11. MLX

    Thread [ROM] [PORT] Pretty stable CM11 (4.4.4) for Lumia 52x!

    #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before...
  12. CreativeGamer03

    Thread [TUT]Custom OEM Boot Splash Image for Windows Phones

    This thread is part of customizing the Windows Phone OS or ROM, which includes altering of the target files and no nothing else. Do not go sideways on this tutorial as you might brick your phone. PLEASE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. I am not responsible to any damage caused by this tutorial. Also, do...
  13. TBM 13

    Thread Kernel and TWRP for unofficial touchscreens

    Builds of LineageOS 13.0/14.1 kernel and TWRP recovery for fame (Lumia 520/1), glee (Lumia 525/6) and zeal (Lumia 720) devices, with support for third-party (unofficial) touchscreens. This may or may not fix your touchscreen, give it a try and let me know the result. Glee and zeal builds...
  14. CreativeGamer03

    Thread [Q] What does OverlayAppSettings registry key do?

    Just curious about this key... Registry Path: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\OverlayAppSettings Its a subkey btw. No other keys are contained under this subkey. Pls tell me if you know something about this key... Theories and possible answers are welcome here, but actual answers, especially from...
  15. N

    Thread underclocking lumia 950

    hi can anyone help me? i want to underclock my old lumia 950, after a year i think i picked it up from my drawer , and start to update it , and downloading some apps, it gets too damn hot, it was nearly burning ? did factory reset but nothing changes, installed its rom with pc , again nothing...
  16. hooooossamq

    Thread [SLOVED]Re-locking win10 problem

    i have lumia 640 xl rm-1067. i did unlocked the bootloader on win10.0.14393.1066 and i make a full backup using WI v2.6. but i want to re-locking the bootloader after i restore my backup.but when i do re-locking bootloader the phone start with a blue screen and bootloop after hang for 2 or 3...
  17. S

    Thread Lumia 535 RM-1098 | Bricked, QHUSB_BULK

    Hi , since my previous phone just broke i was thinking of repairing one of the bricked lumias i have instead of buying a new phone. I chose the Lumia 535,and it seems it can come back to life even without JTAG. The MicroUSBPort is a bit faulty, but i can make it connect correctly by moving the...
  18. wolfaas12345

    Thread need help installing windows phone 10 on lumia 630

    *Spoiler i'm thick when it comes to windows phone hax so don't judge me pls * I need most up to date working and preferably simple guide on how to install windows 10 on unsupported lumia in my case lumia 630
  19. P

    Thread Any way to remove “adding finishing details” post processing on Windows 10 Camera app

    Hi, I wanna ask is there any of you here know any hack, Interop app tools tweaks or any settings, even on when you’re only Interop Unlocked or jailbroken your Windows phone to disable that pesky “Adding finishing details” which is basically post processing the images, not just ruins it but also...
  20. W

    Thread Lumia Camera at Windows 10 Mobile - unable to install @ Lumia 1020

    After instaling to latest Windows Mobile i was unable to install from the shop - so installed via DEV mode - installed, but only JPG 38 MBPIX option is marked (gray), also on build in version. Any idea how to make it work with options to save DNG?
  21. T

    Thread Restore Windows Phone 8 if you have Android installed (Windows instructions)

    Thanks to @feherneoh who posted the content of this thread originally here:Post #1 Post #2 NOTE: DO NOT ask for a backup. If you do not have one, you have to accept to be permanently on Android like me. Create a folder somewhere that we can use Copy the backup to that folder extract the zip...
  22. furboom1240

    Thread [Customization] Submit Your WIndows 10 Start Screenshot [Desktop/Mobile]

    **Update - May 17, 2020** I have my own website, and my themes are there! Once there, its DeviantArt counterpart will be removed. I will be going over every single post I made here and correct the links so they point to my site. - If I move a theme, I will indicate it in a status on DeviantArt...
  23. A

    Thread [TUTORIAL] Restore Glance on Windows 10 Redstone for Unsupported Devices

    Hello all, I just wanna share a tutorial on how to restore glance screen on Windows 10 Redstone for older devices. I made this tutorial because there are so many people asking how to restore glance functionality after they update their device to Redstone. There are some guides on it but they...
  24. T

    Thread Bug in Rotation

    Please, im only want fix this :crying: I have a Lumia 635 (1gb ram), since anniversary update i have a problem when rotating the screen, this problem only occurs when rotating screen leaving the nav bar on my left hand, and that cause is that the icons in the notification bar collide with which...
  25. H

    Thread [FIX][LUMIA]Dead Phone,Bricked bootloader,infinite boot loop,Boot Failed etc.

    Hello all lumia owners ,with the release of windows phone internals there is a great rush to unlock bootloader and install custom rim. In previous post I have posted about unlocking bootloader and enabling root access but what if you have bricked your lumia? In That case Please read this...
  26. H

    Thread [Tutorial]Lumia Only - Unlocking BootLoader And Flashing Custom Rom Written Tutorial

    This Is a Written Tutorial On Unlocking Lumia Bootloader and flashing Custom Rom. While This is Just a Written Tutorial Of using windows phone internals I am Just Providing Its Tutorial. All Work Is Done By HealthCliff, He Is Owner And Creator Of WindowsPhoneInternals. Features Of Unlocking...
  27. V

    Thread vcREG: lumia reg editor + interop unlock. Now Supports X50 device interop unlock

    vcREG is a registry editor for lumia windows phones that has SYSTEM level access to the registry. the tool also has the ability to unlock all app capabilities for third party apps(interop unlock), and give SYSTEM level access to most of the filesystem through MTP. new in version 1.7: thanks to...
  28. mrchezco1995

    Thread Does Powershell access work on W10M?

    I'm just curious about powershell on W10M since W10 IoT and W10M shares some stuffs. If we can remotely connect powershell on IoT, then I wonder if we can do the same on W10M. Currently I'm trying it right now but it keeps throwing this error. So any ideas if this is possible? Sent from...
  29. tigerfire25

    Thread Nokia Lumia 822 help.

    HI guys, some days back my Lumia 822 went dead, it was running windows phone 8.1 official firmware. now when I put it on charge it lit the lights on capacitive buttons and device just does not turn on, any help with recovering this device will be appreciated.
  30. ADeltaX

    Thread [GUIDE] Unlock lumia x2x and enable Mass Storage mode

    Hello, this is a guide to unlock bootloader! Prerequisites: WPInternals: (Download the latest one, 1.2) WDRT: (Needed for drivers) HEX loaders: Link FFU Image of your phone (You can download it from...
  31. mrchezco1995

    Thread [Progress][Interop][W10M]Trying to get Glance Screen working on unsupported devices

    So uhmm I was trying to make Glance Screen to work on unsupported devices (in my case, a Lumia 535)... I got some progress to make the Glance Screen settings menu to show up something and not a blank menu but it just disappears right away after 5 seconds... Here's some screenshots about it...
  32. W

    Thread Things after upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile - any solve?

    My third device, main one and the only able to run supported version of Windows 10 Mobile - Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Dual SIM Country Variant Russia RM-1075, before it there were Highscreen WinJoy and the first is Nokia Lumia 620. Backup from L620 were applied on WinJoy and then backup from...
  33. greg1806

    Thread [ASK] Lumia 535 Digitizer/Touchscreen Code

    Dear friends, I cracked my Lumia 535's screen a week ago. I plan to replace it my self since there is no Microsoft service center in my town. I had found an online seller that sold the digitizer, but he asked me the digitizer code, which was tc2c or tc2s. I asked him what the different is about...
  34. R

    Thread Windows 10 mobile out on older device(8.1 generation) 1520: check the availability of updates on 8.1(only):
  35. mjz2cool

    Thread app stuck after removing it (windows 10 mobile)

    Hi, I'm using the insider preview on my lumia 640, and I tried to remove the Lumia help and tips app. Now the app is still there, with a blank icon and no possibility to remove it. furthermore, when I use search and type anything starting with the H or L, search crashes. I think this is...
  36. MadMawh

    Thread Unlocking Nokia Lumia

    Hello, So I have Nokia Lumia 520 in my drawer for a year now and decided to do something with it maybe use it for something or sell it because phone is new. But the problem is that it is locked on O2 network UK. Since its been some time from its release maybe there is a ways of unlocking it for...
  37. MaDaLiNoSt

    Thread Lumia 630 forum request

    Post your forum requests here click , or quote me here to vote for the new thread request ! ;) ;) :good::good: :D
  38. djamol

    Thread [TEST][ROM] Nokia Lumia 820 (RM-825)

    Phone Name : Nokia Lumia 820 Product Type : RM-825 Variant ID : 7168058061 Varian Name : RM-825 eu euro1 4digit varid test Default Product Code : 059P9M7 Software Version : 1232.5957.1308.0001 File Name : RM825 059P9M7 1232.5957.1308.0001 003.vpl File Size : 3.52 Kb...
  39. T

    Thread NFC on W10M - How to control volume?

    Hi there, I just buy some NFC Tags, and I want to program a NFC Tag, that allowes to mute my Phone. But I did not found any app (NF Ineractor, Nokia NFC writer, NFC toolkit, NFC Commander, NFC Launchit, NFC Tag Writer) that could do that. So any one of you have a clue, how to do that? My Phone...
  40. M

    Thread Access Lumia 1020 internal storage for data recovery?

    Hello, all. Is it yet possible to access the internal storage of a Lumia 1020 (mass storage mode) under Windows Phone 8.1, in order to recover accidentally deleted data? Thanks.
  41. C

    Thread Windows 10 on a Lumia 540-like (specwise) device -CM alpha luxe

    Greetings! A local company in our country released a very affordable windows phone device, the Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe, which I bought at a sale for just around $61. The specs of this device is very similar to the Lumia 540, it is as follows: 5.0 Inch HD IPS Display (720 × 1280 Pixels, 294 ppi)...
  42. H

    Thread Install Apk on unsupported evices. (Lumia 535)

    Hi. Are any new devices avaible for Project Astoria ? I want to install APK on my Lumia 535 and its not supported (yet):D
  43. X

    Thread Tutorial for getting Nokia Here/Drive maps onto the external SD card on a Lumia 532

    Hi guys, I bought a Lumia 532 for navigation purposes for my parents, as they have absolutely no clue about smartphones and this should be the easiest handset to work with. Also, I am totally new to this operating system, because I am using Android and iOS. Now I am searching for a complete...
  44. I

    Thread Unlock Lumia 635 AT&T GoPhone

    My Lumia 635 is locked to AT&T. The phone does not have a contract, so I am eligible to unlock it from the AT&T website but there have been some issue with teh site, and my unlock request is still being processed for a long time. So is there any way to hack/unlock it so that I can use it in a...
  45. mrchezco1995

    Thread Got a Dualshock 3 controller paired on Windows 10 Mobile

    So I found a way on how to connect the darn thing to my Lumia, but it's still unusable. The phone does connect to the controller and says it's connected but the controller itself is having some difficulties in connecting... Not sure if this is a problem with cloned DS3 controllers (yes, I do...
  46. E

    Thread Tethering Internet Connection

    Hi, I have very bad WIFI signal in my room and my computer is connected via cable to router at 1 Gb/s connection so no problem. The problem is when I try to use my devices in my room that I have very slow speeds on WIFI so I was wondering if I can connect my Lumia 435 to the PC and the Lumia...
  47. Hritwik

    Thread delete

    This thread is closed. Google it
  48. W

    Thread [Q] Bricked Lumia 1020 in FFU download mode doesn't show up in device manager

    Hi everyone, yesterday I managed to brick my phone while doing a hard reset. Now its in the following state: Turn on: Nokia logo shows, goes to gears after. Progress bar stops at around a quarter and stays there forever. Turn on with VolDown during Nokia logo: Doesn't work. Phone just keeps...
  49. V

    Thread [XAP] vcREG:Lumia Reg Editor+Jailbreak WP8 version NO LONGER SUPPORTED

    WP8 version no longer supported by me, but if others offer fixes, I will post them here. W10M version is discussed in this thread here WP8/8.1 MixRadio easy method working with...
  50. H

    Thread [Q] Two types of Lumia 1520 Digitizer?

    Hi, I'm trying to replace the screen & digitizer for a Lumia 1520 at a local shop. In his search he found two types and they had a significant price difference. He says there is one for CDMA ($180) and one for 4G LTE ($260). Is this the case? Is there really two types and I'll be stuck...