1. HeroesWM

    Thread [Game][5.1+] Lords of War and Money: Heroes

    Lords of War and Money: Heroes Strategy RPG game made by fans of Heroes of Might & Magic
  2. 1

    Thread Magic, who can solve this situation? It seems that the UK version of Ruu is needed. Use other versions of RUU to report error 131 error ID

    The solution to the magic situation seems to be the need for the UK version of Ruu. Other versions of RUU report error 131 error ID Original language:
  3. K

    Thread [APP] Corrupted Calculator (Prank/Magic)

    This is my new prank app called Corrupted Calculator. It's completely free and I already had a lot of fun with it. Sadly Google Play doesn't promote it so it get's almost no downloads. I would really appreciate it if someone could check it out and give me some feedback. I'd also be happy about...
  4. dastimlein

    Thread Dont know where to go - Bluetooth LED and NFC

    Hi Forum, ive been a while here and use xda many times. I'm very happy about the forum and the member who work here. You all do very well. Now, i searched for a Problem ive got, but didnt found a solution. I hope you can help me, move this thread to the right forum and/or can help me. Ive...
  5. S

    Thread [Game] King Arthur: Magic Sword

    Hi folks, are you the king? :) I created quick game about King Arthur. Everyone knows story about him and the Excalibur. So, now is your turn. Can you pull magic sword from the rock? Hope you like it and please let me know what do you think :) Enjoy! Play game...
  6. Alberto96

    Thread CUBOT Magic - Information & Reviews - 5.0" HD | MT6737 | 3GB | 16GB | Full-Curved

    CUBOT Magic - Information & Reviews - 5.0" HD | MT6737 | 3GB | 16GB | Full-Curved CUBOT Magic Specs: Official Website: Development & Support: Reviews:
  7. N

    Thread [GAME][FREE][3.0+] Magic tower clicker 3D

    Good morning, everyone! Here is my new game. It is a simple game but it kills time well Please do not hesitate to write here if you have found any bugs in the game or have ideas to make it better.
  8. D

    Thread [APP][4.0+][v1.33.1] Magic 8 Ball 3D - Real 3D graphics, no ads

    Real 3D. Ask any question answerable by YES or NO and find out the answer. OnQgs9Um2qc Features: ★ No ads! ★ Realistic physics and 3D graphics. ★ Classical design based on 20 faces icosahedron which marked the answers. ★ Shake the phone or swipe your finger across the screen to start the...
  9. MysteriousSparrow

    Thread [ROM][5.1.1][LDZ22D] Mysterious Magic v1.0 r2 - 7/12/2015

    Mysterious Magic (G Watch) The First Custom G Watch ROM Based on the Android 5.1.1 (LDZ22D) OTA Prerequisites: Unlocked Bootloader (fastboot oem unlock) ADB Debugging Enabled (Settings > About > Tap on build number 7 times > Swipe back > Developer Options > Enable ADB Debugging) Drivers...
  10. boyhatinhht

    Thread [CLOSED][FUNNY APP ANDROID] Funny Magic Trick

    Incredible FUNNY MAGIC TRICK now in Android! Amaze your friends showing them how the phone can guess which card are they thinking and make it disappear! This is a just a fun fast trick, if you know how it works, don't reveal the mystery, let everyone guess how it is done! This application...
  11. S

    Thread [App][Free] Magic 8 Ball

    Hello, I make that thread to present you my implementation of the classical Magic 8 Ball available here on the Google Play Store : Ask a question, just shake your device (or click on the shake button) and Magic 8 Ball gives...
  12. S

    Thread [ROM] (4.2.2) {RELEASED} MagicOs/Me!ROM V3-Beast Inside A Beauty{XOLO Q800}

    MagicOS / Me!ROM V3 - BEAST INSIDE A BEAUTY! Hey guys after the huge success of ME!ROM v2 i thought i will relase an awesome rom which is totally diff from others.Hence you have this new amazing ROM . BETA Version Released FEATURES : Superior Themed -- MIX OF LEWA AND MIUI and what not Based...
  13. D

    Thread [Q] Heroes 3 like games for Android

    Hi, Can anyone tell me a Heroes of might and magic III clone for Android? I know they are struggling to port the original game to Android, but it's going to be buggy and expensive. Do you guys know game designed specifically for android of the same type (turn based travle/build/fight) Have a...
  14. M

    Thread Magical S-Off

    Hi, I am in no way a dev, but this seems to be the best place to post this... I have never done the wire trick or used Juopunutbaer software. However, I recently noticed that my boot loader/hboot screen displays S-Off. What does this mean? More importantly, I am wondering if it might have to...
  15. er.davinder

    Thread [ROM][2.3.7][Chinese Rom] New Magic Rom- Angeeks (multilang)

    New Magic Rom- Angeeks ( If you liked Lewa ROM you will love this Rom also!! ) This is the latest version of the ‘Magic Rom Series’ by Angeeks with interesting features and a whole new interface waiting for you to experience. This Rom is for people who want to experience a whole new UI on...
  16. elartista3390

    Thread [Q] please help!

    hi everyone!i have a problem with me htc magic 32b,i want to turn on it dont boot and it dont appears the logo vodafone and nothing. i cant enter to fastboot,recovery,bootloader, i have battery new so what is the problem? it had android 2.3 root,one day it started turn off only.... sorry for...
  17. I

    Thread [Q] Magic Battery

    Hello guys the reason my thread is titled Magic Battery because I have encountered a problem (well maybe a blessing depends on perspective) Anyway. This is just a short explanation. Stock, Rooted T-mobile running official Jelly Bean Rom with Kernel and no manipulations. I usually charge my...
  18. zarych

    Thread [APP][2.2+] Harry Potter Wand

    Hello everyone! Have you ever wanted to be mage? Wishes come true friend! You can cast many cool spells with this funny app. . To cast spells move your phone left/right/backward and you will have different spells :) You can change background, just tap "Background" in options menu and enable...
  19. Xperia Player

    Thread My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (AVAILABLE NOW, FREE!)

    Yeah so... I might be the only person here who's looking forward to this game. There's no official release date available yet, but Gameloft has announced that it will be available 'later this year' and will be on both iOS and Android. From what I can tell it looks to be a city builder type game...
  20. R

    Thread [Q] Swype - Need some help since update ICS

    Hello, Anyway when I first got my one s I was able to install swype onto it without any problems, I like it A LOT more then the default junk on it. So last night I wanted the new tmob update, and since I had root and SU I had to do all the voodoo to unroot and relock my phone before...
  21. B

    Thread [App][2.3+]Askgandhi

    Askgandhi is a magic 8 ball type app, except instead of asking a magical ball, you ask the all-knowing Gandhi! Heres a screenshot- HMU If you find any problems. All suggestions are welcome.
  22. G

    Thread [Q] Thrown in water now does not boot properly, ideas?

    Hello all, had a 32A magic, on which I installed CM 6.1. In my hands the poor device lived and prospered. Then I decided to give it to my daughter and hell broke loose. She handed it to me, and it couldn't get into recovery. I tried and tried to avail. THEN she told me that it has slipped from...
  23. croniccorey

    Thread [Rom/Kernel][CM7/AOSP][2.3.7]CronMod-sapphire (updated 04/15)

    New 32A recovery posted :D BanditKernel has Returned!! :D New ChaosKernel Released!! 1.0.8 Coming Soon!! If you like it please click thanks on this post and give it a rating Thanks to all users About: CronMod is built form the latest CyanogenMod source code and made to be a fast and stable...
  24. X

    Thread Need help recovering TM MyTouch 32A with SPL(old) Radio(new) mismatch

    I loaded new Radio, SPL and Recovery on my phone and lost recovery after that. So I decided to load TM 2.10 release and it overwrote SPL and got hung up loading Radio causing SPL Radio mismatch. Long story short, after that I got great help from mumilover to load SPL 1.33.0014G and unlock the...
  25. xaueious

    Thread [ROM]CM7.2 for Rogers 32A NR-6.35.x Unofficial Snapshot|2012Apr7|kernel2.6.29.6

    Cyanogenmod 7.2RC1 build sync'd with Cyanogenmod sources over this weekend, with older kernel rebuilt from Hero GSM kernel sources. Not tested extensively. Things 'should work', and if they break I wont be supporting this. Known issues: Bluetooth problems (file transfer) Notice: No...
  26. DN41

    Thread [Q] Magic of a friend - possible LCD broken? - Need help!

    Hey mates, today my friend gave me his HTC Magic, he doesnt know what happened to it, see the pictures: As you can see, the phone shows various stripes. What I figured out: - The phone can be charged - If I connect it via USB, it gets detected normally: - I guess I'm also able to get into...
  27. B

    Thread [KERNEL]PowerSaving kernel with vocpcm support at github

    As you may know farmatito's powersaving kernel is really saving power: However, his patches are hard to apply, so I setup a github repo with all patches applied: (not having enouth posts to post a outage...
  28. evo bryan

    Thread nocturnal mods zeus[Nocturnal Blue, All new Red nights 12/28/11

    DISCLAIMER: -If your phone sleeps with your girl it was not me.:D -If your phone melts in, it's your fault:(. -If your phone turns into a Autobot, that's awesome, please tell us, and it's not my fault.:cool: I am looking for ideas and more stuff to add to make it one of the best out their thank...
  29. darkguy2008

    Thread [Q] Tricking Android Market and avoiding Incompatible App message

    Alright guys. I'm facing some issues here... Facebook has updated or something and now it doesn't show up in the 2.2 Market. 3.4 Market shows it but it says it's uncompatible and I can't install it. Espier Launcher (another app I like) has two versions. 2.1 shows in 2.2 market. Both show in...
  30. R

    Thread Note Connected To Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard

    My Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard gets recognized by Galaxy Note The Keyboard has an option of using as a HID But i was just able to pair them and i am unable to use them at all Though both of them work on my Galaxy Tab Also i can only send files To the Note From the MAC, while not from note...
  31. hardy272

    Thread help me rooting my HTC mytouch 3g 1.2

    Hi all, i am new on the forum and have read a lot about my HTC magic as root but I see it is very difficult because my model is 32A (with headphone port 3.5 on the top) so the fastboot I gives is that saphire pvt 32A ship S-ON G HBOOT-1.33.0013(SAPP31000) CPLD-13 RADIO- OCT 21...
  32. crazydrummer95

    Thread A Perfect Circle/Tool question

    Alright guys, im sure almost everyone has heard of A Perfect Circle, or Tool. If you listen to it while you are alone, it can get pretty crazy. So what are some things that you can stare at or do while listening to them? Personally, I like to play the music on my computer, and put the visual...
  33. A

    Thread Magic Crystal Ball for Windows Phone

    Facing a dilemma in life? Uncertain about your future? Just let the Magic Crystal Ball give you the answers. Concentrate hard and ask the crystal ball a 'Yes' or 'No' question. In time you will believe in its powers. Download it from windows market place : Magic Crystal Ball
  34. fakharotta

    Thread [Q] HTC Magic (Vodafone) Inquiry

    I'm new to Android & HTC, i own a Magic 32A (Vodafone) old radio HBOOT Reads: SAPPHIRE PVT 32A SHIP S-ON H HBOOT-1.33.0010 (SAPP10000) CPLD-12 RADIO- runs CM-4.2.13 & Build number DRC92 I went through almost every post in the Magic General forum, found no answers for the following...
  35. C

    Thread [Q] [FASTBOOT] HTC MAGIC 32A bricked?

    specs: SAPPHIRE PVT 32A SHIP S-ON H HBOOT-1.33.0009 (SAPP10000) CPLD-12 RADIO- what i have done: (the upgrade part) with the files from *urgh* cant find the link again.. *search in history* edit; cant find the url, f***, anyway...
  36. I

    Thread [Q] Barebones 32A Magic Gingerbread ROM?

    Hello, Can anyone recommend me the most barebone, ie. trimmed down, just-the-basics, "spartan" 32A Magic Gingerbread ROM? New radio or old, doesn't matter. Battery life is the priority and I just need the default Gingerbread theme, CM7 Gapps flash possible (Gingerbread 2.3.5?), no themes, no...
  37. H

    Thread [Q] Magic - Fastboot: FAILED (remote: not allowed)

    Hi there, I'd like to update to a newer Android Version. So as I read I have to flash a new recovery first. I tried to create a gold card in order to flash this new recovery but I still get an error when I use fastboot. I read several tutorials and threads in this forum but i couldn't find the...
  38. L

    Thread [Q] Magic 32a Recovery/Flash Issue

    Hoping someone can help. I have a magic 32a. I was running cyanogen 6.0, or 6.1 I believe, and I thought it was time to change. In the mix of trying to install new ROM, I did an SD wipe and removed my backups.... I downloaded SDK tools and I have done everything I possibly can, so I'm...
  39. minameaar

    Thread [Q] Mytouch 3g Slide

    Hi people. I have a mytouch 3g slide with a broken audio ribbon cable. I have searched all over ebay but I have only found flex ribbon cables. Because I'm in the UK it is difficult for me to find a second-hand mytouch slide for repairs. My question is whether or not I can use the audio ribbon...
  40. Hintay

    Thread [32A][6.35][23 Sept 2012][Aroma]HTX Zero 0.32 (Sense 3.5 Android 2.3.5)

    This is a port from the China release of the 2.3.5 Sense 3.5 ROM from the HTC Explorer(Pico). idogx is a hero for this project!!! Developers: idogx, Hintay Some link: (world first port) Hero200 version by idogx: This post...
  41. H

    Thread [Q] HTC Screen after flashing Anything.

    Rooted my desire yesterday S-offed and everything was working fine. I attempted to flash a custom Rom and now all I recieve in the HTC screen. I have tryed installing several roms and nothing works. I can get into the recovery with no issues. Just I cannot get into any roms. Any Magix fixes I...
  42. K

    Thread [Q] Dump kernel messages - Bootloader

    Hi, Im trying to dump kernel messages on lcd screen. My phone is Htc Magic 32A with radio 1.33. command:fastboot -c 'mem=64M console=tty0' boot zImage does not work. Maybe someone know the solution?
  43. darkguy2008

    Thread [ROM][6.35][32A/32B?] FroyoDragon 0.8.1 (29 Apr 2012) :D

    FroyoDragon v0.8.1 "28 minus 11 Days Later" INTRO Welcome to FroyoDragon! This is a personal, home-made ROM I've decided to share with all of you. Its main purpose is to offer speed, stability and the newest stuff available, while still being Froyo. FEATURES AROMA Installer by...
  44. A

    Thread [Q] magic. only fastboot. boot recovery not working. sappimg not working

    Hi. i need some advice to see what can i do to get the phone working again. case: htc magic 32A. ENG S-OFF H. hboot-1.33.2005 radio. i had cyangoenmod 6. working just fine! for several months. a couple a days ago (without installing anything new) it crashed, and now it gets...
  45. gillmanguera

    Thread [Q] I'm a noob! HTC MAGIC

    Hello XDA first post here I was following this tutorial: On updating the radio and SPL of my htc magic 32a. I followed the steps but my noobness took me to doing a couple of stoop things. 1. I installed the The Amon_RA Hero Recovery...
  46. E

    Thread [Q]softgreen tone screen

    Well the other day i bought one HTC Magic used... so im really a n00b in thats thing, the phone come with the Rom RC7 Ginger yoshi that's ok, i google it and i come to this forum i read the thread of the creator of ginger yoshi and i download the Ginger yoshi 1.2.1 for 32a old radio. i install...
  47. D

    Thread Netflix works on gingerbread! :D

    I just installed KF2 with root and restored my netflix APK with TitaniumBackup, and NETFLIX WORKS!! It shows the "loading" screen for a while after clicking play, but IT WORKSSSSSS. Just tested one movie and one TV show on a 3G connection. There's a bit of lag in the netflix interface but video...
  48. L

    Thread [Q] Problems with camera

    I have a HTC Magic G2 with following radio info: SAPPHIRE PVT 32B SHIP S-ON H HBOOT-1.33.0009 (SAPP10000) CPLD-10 RADIO- May 8 2009,21:02:32 And I have flashed a froyo 2.2.1 rom. I have problems with the cam forcing always to close, so I checked my log and found this error message...
  49. P

    Thread [Game] Wand Duel: Your phone is now a wand :)

    I've been working on a game called Wand Duel where you wave your phone around like a wand to cast spells against another player. It connects to another phone via Bluetooth and tracks health etc. Here is an intro video: I had some problems with spell...
  50. L

    Thread [Q] Best ROM for perfomance

    Hello everyone, I just bought a HTC MAgic G2 with the following mobo information: SAPPHIRE PVT 32B SHIP S-ON H HBOOT-1.33.0009 (SAPP10000) CPLD-10 RADIO- May 8 2009,21:02:32 Since it's the mobo with 192 Mb of RAM, I wanted to know what is the best ROM for memory performance. I...