1. Gio125

    Thread [ISSUE] Bootloop after trying to root Redmi 8 with Magisk

    Hi everyone, recently i've tried to flash a custom recovery (TWRP) and a custom rom (pixel experience) on my Redmi 8. But after succesfully installing them, i noticed that there were lots of cool things you could do with a rooted phone. So, i decided to install Magisk (v25.2) on it. After the...
  2. Enforcer303

    Thread Magisk logs.

    Hi, could someone tell me what do these columns of the magisk log mean?
  3. NaderBhm

    Thread Help my infinix hot 12i is stuck in a loop after flashing boot.img

    i just bought my new infinix hot 12i x665b and as usual tried to root it but after patching and installing boot.img with majisk the phone stucked in a loop after some research i discovered that i patched the wrong firmawre version of the boot.omg (silly me) and now i can't use my phone anymore...
  4. JigZaw17

    Thread My Screen Flickers by Magisk Manager

    I was installing magisk modules and install busybox from magisk after rebooting to apply the modules and busybox everything started fine there was no bootloop or anything but being already on the lock screen of the device the screen flickered and wouldn't let me do anything just turn off the...
  5. Shoaibali7359

    Thread Use Magisk Root Without Magisk Maneger

    I have a question is there anyway to use magisk root without magisk maneger. Like 1st of All i am patched a boot.img with magisk maneger then flash it on 20 or more devices after that i don't want to install magisk maneger to give every app root permission I am just asking a method for auto...
  6. Lyrnic

    Thread How to remount system folders

    How can magisk or super su put root files in system folders And the system folders need to be remounted during the rooting process, although until this moment there is no root on the device to remount the system folders ?
  7. Gabiblocks

    Thread [MODULE] Anti low-end MIUI - make stock MIUI faster

    FLASH IN MAGISK This module modifies the build.prop and removes the line that defines this phone as low-end. Tested on Redmi 9A and 9C. Probably works on MIUI 12.5 too (I did not test that) THIS MODULE IS NOT MADE BY ME!!!
  8. Nc0071

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [dual status bar] [magisk] [Poco F3 GT] dual status bar for miui 12.5.7 global

    Dsb for Poco f3 GT DONT FLASH. IT ON ANOTHER VERSION ELSE GOT BOOTLOOP How to flash :- Jst download nd flash via magisk Warning it is only for miui 12.5.7 global don't flash over another one Credit:-. MiuiDSB Support download link:- https://www.pling.com/p/1591505/
  9. Johannj22

    Thread How To Guide [CPH2239] How to Unlock Bootloader and Root the OPPO A54

    DISCLAIMER * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...). * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. *...
  10. X

    Thread Change color of bar at bottom when using keyboard

    Hi, I have Galaxy A71 (Android 11, rooted) and I'm using gboard with custom themes, I like it, but I don't like the color of that bottom bar, is it possible to change it?
  11. Johannj22

    Thread [YT-X705F,X,L]Unlock bootloader of Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab and root it

    DISCLAIMER * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...). * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. *...
  12. S

    Thread Im having issues trying to make magisk stay

    Ok so im not that new to using magisk, i have placed it on over 100 phones over the years but i have suddenly hit a concaved wall at full speed. I have a samsung A50 SM-A505W that im trying to magisk. But to no end does it seem to install. I patched the ap with it, i have installed the...
  13. Rishi_5717

    Thread Flashing .apk file on Magisk

    What happens if we rename an Apk file into Zip file and flash it into Recovery or Magisk?
  14. ZeruxFR31

    Thread KoroTweaks Final MagiskModule

    ------------------------------------------------- > KORO TWEAKS <-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- > FinalEdition...
  15. jhimuelsesno

    Thread Error boot. img

    when i installed twrp in my phone its ok but when i flash magisk zip in twrp then reboot it said that boot image is wrong or destroyed please help me device: realme 5 (RMX1911)
  16. D

    Thread [Q] Can't install magisk On Android 7.1.2

    Can't install magisk After I granted root access I know I have to patch Boot.img but I don't know how to do it without PC Using Sm-t113 OS : LIneageOS 14.1 Android 7 1. Any idea ? Thanks for helps
  17. D

    Thread Can't install magisk On LIneageOS 14.1

    last week I installed LIneageOS 14.1 on my old tab 3 lite sm-t113 I already rooted The Phone With TWRP now I need magisk I looked on some videos and articles I found magisk 22.0 and 20.4 both versions got me error: 1 and failed What version is compatible with LIneageOS 14.1 Android 7.1.2 ?
  18. Zerux31

    Thread Dtweaks Magisk module (universal)

    Welcome to the thread of dtweaks : Dtweaks is a magisk module for boost experience users. He make ur device more smoother, give more battery and give better performance (if u play h24 its normal ur battery is on fire) This module use some script, build.prop and system file mod for boost ur...
  19. Q

    Thread How to grant root access to app without confirming at popup? Magisk

    Sometime I miss popup of Granting 'root access" for given app. Is it possible to grant root access outside this popup? I think it might be after update of Magisk that I cannot save "Grant root" timeout option. There is something wrong with latest update I guess.
  20. F

    Thread Help. Center clock magisk module for A10

    Hi, I am using A10 on stock OxygenOS. I would like the clock to be in the center of the status bar. After a week of searching around, there does not seem to be any mods that does that. If anyone can help explain the process of creating the module in magisk, I am more than willing to make a...
  21. D

    Thread Disabling EDXposed on magisk while there is a module installed on EDXposed

    So i sometimes ago i discovered Xposed, it never get updates anymore so it didn't came to Android 10. Luckily some people people succesfully ported it with magisk. I tried TaiChi, and it was all in chinese, so i move to EDXposed YAHFA. After succesfully installing it i wanted to install modules...
  22. R

    Thread Root (almost) every device with Magisk + Fastboot

    ROOT (ALMOST) EVERY DEVICE WITH MAGISK + FASTBOOT As an Android user, I understand how frustrating it will be when you desperately look for an exact rooting tutorial for your device but end up finding nothing, all one-click root tools do not work, or no custom recovery made for yours. So...
  23. abacate123

    Thread [DEPRECATED] Greenify4Magisk [v4.5.1]

    Greenify4Magisk Module Explanation: A very simple module just to make Greenify work as a rom-integrated (privileged) app systemlessly (also known as Boost Mode), so you'll achieve the best hibernating performance it could give, and faster than using the root option only. Best part is that it...