magisk modules

  1. greenys'

    Thread [NEWS/GUIDE] Pass SafetyNet with stock, bootloader unlocked, rooted RUI with Magisk and custom kernel. Now virus scan of apks is removed too!

    Source: Alright guys. I found a solution! Actually, yes, I just found it but someone else came up with it. As of now I'm running latest RUI on my Realme Q. It's a bit newer...
  2. Graphicssa

    Thread Solved: Magisk not showing any other tab except home tab

    Hello there, I have redmi s2 with revolution x running. I installed latest magisk 20.4 zip with twrp. Now this is the only tab I can see. No modules, no download, nothing else except home tab. You can see the screenshot. Can anyone tell me what is going on
  3. W

    Thread Which Magisk Modules can you recommend me?

    Hello guys, I'm just a bit curious, which Magisk Modules are in your option mandatory on every rooted Galaxy S10? My two favourite modules are: Viper4Android and YouTube Vanced Thank you for your time!
  4. teja

    Thread [07-JAN-2020]List of Xposed Modules For Android 10 (Q) Working With EdXposed

    Well before Magisk was in our lives, the Xposed framework was where all the mods and magic happened. Ed Xposed Developers Solohsu, givien2u, riru core developer Rikka released beta version that supports Android 10 also now, so It may now be compatible with Android 10, but there are still some...