magisk patched boot

  1. FireRattus

    Thread Development [ROM][13][UNOFFICIAL][Raven/Oriole] Magisk Patched GrapheneOS + Lockable Bootloader

    Magisk Patched Unofficial GrapheneOS for the Pixel 6 / 6 Pro (oriole/raven) This ROM will allow you to lock the boot loader. Do not ever disable the OEM unlocking checkbox when using a locked bootloader with root. This is critically important. With root access, it is possible to corrupt the...
  2. ManikandanGuru

    Thread Magisk Root without TWRP for OnePlus 6 Oxygen OS Android 10 Open Beta 5 | OOS 10.3.1

    Latest TWRP doesn't support Android Pie 9.0 for OnePlus 6, or at least for me it didn't. So, I've made a Magisk patched boot image for Android P that we can flash it in fastboot bootloader. Note: This is not Oxygen OS ROM, this is just a patched boot img for Oxygen OS to make root work. You...