1. N

    Thread [SOLVED] Bootloop-ish on Fastboot Mode but TWRP works

    Hello, I'm new here, so if I'm doing something wrong have mercy 🙏. My 1+7Pro GM1913 is unlocked, rooted with Magisk (I think 22.1), TWRP 3.5.0_9-0-guacamole and OOS (last flashed version was 10.0.11.GM21BA considering I still have on the phone the...
  2. TomeG2kc

    Thread Failed update OOS 10 to 11 with Magisk and without TWRP and hang into stock recovery

    Hi everyone can help, and anyone can't 👍. I haven't been so long here but I'm sure you can help me. Before: OnePlus 8, I had installed latest (before 11) OOS 10 with Magisk 22.0 and without TWRP. I was procrastinated with installation OOS 11 update but at least I decided to do it. But...
  3. Mior-D-Miro

    Thread MDMtweak - Brought by Mior-D-Miro to You - backed up with thoughts

    Ich verantworte es nicht wenn Geräte nach der Installation nicht mehr funktionieren, überhitzen oder anderweitig in ihrer funktionsweise beeinträchtigt werden. Es genügt mehr als dieses Script um derartige Vorkommnisse hervorzurufen und bitte das zu beherzigen...
  4. lil waterdrop

    Thread Root detection

    My phone recently started getting root detection and I tried things like safety net bypass or no check device but everytime I test or go on a app that doesn't allow root it still detects it. I also tried changing magisk name and used the hide feature but it's still getting detected and I tried...
  5. O

    Thread General Magisk Patched Boot Images for all builds

    Hello Everyone, For everyone’s convenience, I have manually downloaded and patched boot images for all the OxygenOS builds which are available for the OnePlus 9 Pro. Special thanks to @OPTeam for indexing all the download links for all OxygenOS Builds available for our device. Please visit the...
  6. Vordx

    Thread Working Lawnchair APK on Android 10 ONE UI 2.5 with Quickswitch

    This is the latest working lawnchair APK on Android 10 One UI 2.5 with QuickSwitch. Credits and thanks to @corsicanu for the original method, without his method this may not have been possible. Requirements:- -Basic knowledge about Magisk and QuickSwitch. -Root using Magisk. -QuickSwitch...
  7. AUser0

    Thread No audio and can't turn on wifi on xiaomi redmi note 9 pro

    Help! I just flashed my phone with a magisk patched image (this is my first time rooting) and now my speakers and wifi don't work.
  8. supertouch

    Thread the best touch optimization

    Hey guys, I made a touch control module that can make you play games very comfortable. It feels comparable to the iPhone. You can try it.
  9. S

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk Module] A72 Hidden Mods

    A magisk module adding the mods from ShaDisNX255's Thread plus some extra ones Features we normally deserve to get Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A72 (SM-A725F). Trying on other devices is at your own risk. In case something doesn't work, remove the module. It will revert everything...
  10. A

    Thread Error 1: flashing no-verity (urgent!)

    Hi, when I try to install no-verity after flashing TWRP I always get the Error 1: and it fails all the time. When I want to install Magisk afterwards it also doesn't work. I have Samsung Galaxy S8 and followed this tutorial . I really need a fix asap. Any help really appreciated!
  11. 251boy

    Thread [Rooting] android 11 2021

    Guys I need a guild on how to root Nokia 3.2 android 11 (00WW_3_140).I don't have firmware images and I don't have twrp.
  12. am565083

    Thread Work profiles workaround on KNOX tripped Note 10 with stock firmware?

    I have a Note 10 that I recently rooted (with Magisk), tripping the KNOX counter, and can no longer use Island/Shelter/work profiles. Do any workarounds exist to bypass KNOX and get Island/Shelter to work again?
  13. S

    Thread ROOT- HELP Needed

    Hi guys, I tried looking for this info on different forums online, couldn't really get to it. TL;DR version- Need help unrooting/rooting back properly after update. Anyway, I rooted my phone using Mac, OP7(phone) and some YouTube guide, and it worked like a charm. (Magisk, TRWP, the iso...
  14. T

    Thread unlocking bootloader and widevine

    Hi , I would like to unlock the bootloader ->root(magisk)-> install viper4android and blocking ad module.I have updated to (android 11) completely stock. What about the widevine L1 ? If i unlock the bootloader i lose the L1 forever or only when unlocked or only when phone is...
  15. 251boy

    Thread SD card /Internal storage problems

    Please developers I need help with my phone [Nokia 3.2 android 10 last update 5 feb 2021 2gb ram,16gb rom no finger print]. I recently insert an 8gb rom SD card because I was lacking space. After setup everything and add it to internal storage I got a 16gb SD card so I remove the 8gb and put the...
  16. Z

    Thread question about hiding magisk and xposed

    hi , thank you so much for all the effort you do in this forum :) , i have a question :is there a way to hide magisk ( like you cant see it like an app like hidden from user interface ) i bought an xcover 3 and j3 from a guy who sell these rooted phone for delivery guys , they both have magisk...
  17. O

    Thread Integrating a screen recorder on my rooted Galaxy Note8

    I've always wanted to be able to swipe down on my notification bar and turn on screen recording, sadly that isn't an option on Pie and i was wondering if it could somehow be integrated maybe through a magisk module? i know i can use a screen recorder from the play store but i hate installing a...
  18. Deadmau73

    Thread How to get Root+CustomKernel Android 11?

    hey guys i bought Pixel 4xl few days ago and today i decided to unlockbootloader and start flashing ... i know a lot about fastboot and things like that , i came from a heavily moded pixel 2. i can't get my head around how to root it and have a custom kernel at the same time. i unlocked my...
  19. TheMagnificent_Y

    Thread Magisk 22.0 (Canary Channel) v Redmi Note 9 (Merlin) SMS Issue.

    Hey there folks, This is an issue whenever I install Magisk to my Redmi note 9 (11.0.5 MIUI ROM Update Pending), SMS Simply stops working, and I can't activate my SIM, I can still use mobile data, call, etc, but SMS just breaks. Magisk works fully, no crashes, everything works fine, except...
  20. J


    Hello guys I was trying to flash a custom kernel with TWRP, for an unknown reason everytime I flashed it It didn't flash correctly because at the information it said I was at stock kernel, So as I am using Magisk I tried to patch it with it and try to flash the kernel again, this time when I...
  21. David9797

    Thread Help with exposed install on rockchip rk3368 px5

    I plan to install on the radio in the car, of course, with root (magisk) xposed, but despite many attempts and many versions, the same message appears (Edxposed framework is not installed). How do I install it: 1.Download in magisk, riru (I also tried various versions of github manually). 2...
  22. I

    Thread [SP FLASH TOOLS] Error: status_brom_cmd_fail (0xc0060005)

    Hola,buenos dias/noches. Dispongo de un Acaltel 1 5033A (MT6739) al cual le instale una GSI con Android Oreo. Trato de cambiar SuperSU por Magisk;parcheo el "boot.img" e trato de flashearlo con SP FLASH TOOLS y recibo el error del titulo. Ya intente todo lo que dice la guia oficial,inclusivo...
  23. ademar111190

    Thread Boot.img of LineageOS 17.1 for Magisk

    I'm following the magisk installation guide and at this point I should have a copy of my boot.img. I'm using LineageOS 17.1 for jasmine sprout, you can get the zip here The problem is, inside the zip there is no boot.img, and the lineage site list only that zip and the recovery.img How can I...
  24. V

    Thread Device backup after Magisk installation

    I recently flashed Magisk for the first time.(on my AOSP custom rom) But afterwards I couldn't do a "System Backup" to my Google Account. The BACKUP NOW button was greyed out. Even after uninstalling Magisk and all the modules, the Backup was still not possible. Can anyone help me with this...
  25. Alintja

    Thread 10.3.9 OTA reapplying Magisk fails

    So I'm running stock, twrp, magisk and all OTAs so far have been a breeze by following Let the OTA download and install Flash twrp via magisk Install Magisk to inactive slot reboot But with todays OTA, magisk fails to patch the inactive slot image with 'Unsupported/Unknown image format' Direct...
  26. zaroz_kurokami

    Thread I succeeded in rooting my SM-T860 with Magisk in Recovery. Now, how can I autoboot to Magisk Recovery?

    Hello, all. This is my first time posting on XDA, so please bear with me. I have succeeded in rooting my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (running Android 11) with Magisk using the System-As-Root method shown here. My primary reason for rooting my device was to get back the background clipboard access that...
  27. R

    Thread [GUIDE][MAGISK][PIE] How to root MSTAR Smart TV

    Hi all, It's been a long time since I released my root guide for Xperia XA and I'm back for the same reasons: I didn't find a way to root my new Smart TV so I worked hard to find the way and now I want to share the answer with you. ## Background I bough a cheap Smart TV as a replacement of my...
  28. M

    Thread [OP7][OOS11] root not working with Magisk patched boot.img

    Hey, Yesterday i received the official global version of Ogygen OS 11 (OnePlus7Oxygen_14.E.35_OTA_0350_all_2103221233) for my Oneplus 7 which made me happy and i installed it on my current TWRP and root Ogygen OS 10. Afterwards my root and TWRP was gone. I read many threads now about that TWRP...
  29. kusti420

    Thread how to root infinix zero 8, the right way

    download magisk apk move your device specific boot img to your phone patch it through magisk app enable usb debugging make sure your device is oem unlocked and flashing unlocked then boot into bootloader then fastboot flash your magisk patched boot image and then fastboot --disable-verity...
  30. S

    Thread Clarification on Cloning and Modding Apps

    Hello. Guys. I have an Educational app. I had cloned it to unlock features for my personal use. Is it legal and safe. [I won't publish/share/propagate to anywhere] and Can the original app publishers detect the cloned app? or the information of the modification of app which I cloned it?
  31. G

    Thread Magisk v22.0 app does not patch boot image

    I have been using Magisk for two years on my device (Moto G5S Plus). Some time ago I did an upgrade of the Magisk Manager app, unfortunately not knowing I should have unhidden it first. From that moment when I started the app, it would immediately stop. Today I finally had the time to dive into...
  32. 0purple

    Thread [GUIDE] How to root Redmi 9C and pass SafetyNet (tested)

    I am not responsible for your actions, but I will try to help. I'm going to assume you have unlocked bootloader and ADB/Fastboot tools installed. There are two ways, you should try which works for you. A) Fastboot 1. Download latest Magisk.apk and install it on your phone 2. Patch...
  33. ALIAS63

    Thread Wifi and simultaneous USB-OTG and charging

    Hi there, today i try to root my one plus 7t pro on adroid 10. It works great with only magisk i make a fastboot by this app to have a root acces. I also use TWRP just for backup because when i try to flash with it i have some error failed. I see some post i'm not alone with this device...
  34. E

    Thread Magisk: unable to update

    I can’t seem to update Magisk. It gives an error when it’s on the flashing new boot image stage. ! dev/block/mmcblk0p34 is read only ! Installation failed I also got this error when the latest version of Magisk was still at v. 21 I’m using a Xiaomi Note 9 with MIUI Global version 11.0.5 Do...
  35. Denu228

    Thread Fellow monke needs help with lineage os and magisk magical things

    Hello fellows so i'm having a problem I flashed lineage os 17.1 to my phone with gapps and magisk HOWEVER no matter what I try no matter how I jump around I cannot cure the safetynet it just does not cooperate Could any fellows help me out here please thanks
  36. D

    Thread Biometrics weirdery with unlocked bootloader, root

    [Please let me know if this should be posted elsewhere, somewhere more targeted at rooted phones wherever that might be.] I have an SM-G998U, bootloader unlocked and rooted with Magisk. (Official ROM still.) I'm experiencing some odd behavior with biometrics; for example... LastPass reports a...
  37. A

    Thread [Discussion] Proper way to root after LineageOS installed

    What would you say is the best way to have root on a V20 with LineageOS ? On one hand, there is SuperSU, which is just a matter of flashing a zip, and is the way everyone used to do it. On the official Lineage site, they have SuperSU for download (in the Extras section), which suggests it's the...
  38. fengmubai

    Thread [KERNEL] Stock Kernel Patched with Magisk on Android 11

    The boot image patched with magisk for Xperia 5II (AS72, Customized HK). Download it form Google Drive. If you patch stock boot image without fixing on Android 11, Xperia 5II will be bootloop. Here is the solution to fix it. I have only patched the image for AS72, Customized HK and it works on...
  39. 2IceCube8

    Thread Wie kann ich eine Stock Rom/Firmware mit TWRP Installieren - Samsung Galaxy Note 10 [SM-N970F]? | How can I install a stock rom / firmware with TWRP

    Guten Abend, Ggibt es eine möglichkeit wie beschrieben mein Telefon mit TWRP die Stock Rom zu Flashen? Ich möchte nicht auf den ganzen Samsung Service verzichten. Mein ziel ist eine Gerät zu haben was Root hat. Ich habe das ganze mit Magisk gemacht und die Firmware (AP) gepatcht. Funktionierte...
  40. X

    Thread Stuck on "Downloading..." loop after Magisk Update from the Magisk Manager -RESOLVED

    As the title describes, I did the probably not so smart and I tried updating Magisk from within the Magisk Manager and now I cant get out of the loop of it returning to "Downloading...". I was using Magisk Manager 21.4 and when I tried running the uninstall Magisk zip file within TWRP, it fails...
  41. stevebgfra

    Thread Can't install Magisk

    Hello, Some times ago I was able to install magisk (v20) on my K20 Pro using TWRP. It worked well but an OTA update removed magisk. I didn't required to reinstall it until today. However, I didn't succeed. I'm on the stock EEA rom (V12.0.4.0.QFKEUXM), manually applied using mi flash tool. I...
  42. Mouchoir

    Thread MagiskHide & Microsoft Teams

    Hey guys I've been using Microsoft Teams on my on my rooted phone using Magisk Hide for a while and it suddenly stopped working (saying my phone was rooted). I then updated Magisk Manager & Magisk (22.0) but then Safetynet didn't pass anymore. I fixed it using safetynet-fix module as suggested...
  43. X

    Thread how to flash samsung a20e with magisk, new instructions caused my phone to brick, flashed a stock rom

    the new magisk flash bricked my phone, after flashing a stock rom with the addition of the patched recovery img, it still bricked my device, on the magisk instructions it states that any device without a ramdisk woud have to flash the recovery with the zip, yet it failed i havenet tried to flash...
  44. jigs4wkiller

    Thread GApps Plus for MIUI 12.X | A11| arm64-v8| 04.04.2021

    Description A Magisk module that does the following: - Replacement of most MIUI apps with a counterpart from Google - Activates the AOSP sharing menu, package installer and recents - Additional Apps and tweaks (see below) This module supports the MMT Extended volume key selector to let the...
  45. seacowx

    Thread [MODULE] HW Button Backlight Disable(R) for OnePlus 3/3T

    CHANGELOGS: v1.1 Support magisk v21+ (v22+ highly recommended) v2.0 support op3 on mostly android R based rom *support latest magisk v22.1 _______________________________________________ # READ CAREFULLY !!! # Description This module only disables HW button backlight on OnePlus 3/3T and does...
  46. B

    Thread Root Moto g9 Power without TWRP

    1) Unlock your bootloader 2)Go to fastboot mode 3) Flash the below patched boot.img command to flash patched boot.img fastboot flash boot patched.img Download Link - Here
  47. A

    Thread Custom firmware for FiiO M6, FiiO M7 and FiiO M9

    Custom firmware for FiiO M6, FiiO M7 and FiiO M9 Hi everone, My hobby is modding and building ROMs so now I mod FiiO M6 and M7 firmware. Why? Now you can install playstore and activate third party players like PowerAmp and Neutron or use streaming apps like Spotify or Tidal. I hope you will...
  48. HemanthJabalpuri

    Thread [GUIDE]Rooting, EDXposed and SafetyNet for Realme C12

    Before doing anything to device, keep a copy of Stock ROM from here in your PC or SD Card. Rooting with Magisk Method 1:- Method 2:- Passing SafetyNet (Only possible with Magisk. Not with SuperUser on GSI's) Tutorial: Enable Magisk Hide inside Magisk app's settings and Install Universal...
  49. S

    Thread Creating /system/xbin on Android 9

    Hoo roo, Am currently trying to install a custom version of BusyBox to get Linux Deploy working. The installation script is slightly buggy, but you can workaround it by changing the .sh script slightly and creating the folder /system/xbin. However, having a bit of trouble. Using su in Termux...
  50. Cocomug_

    Thread (Solved) Stuck on fastboot while re-downloading magisk (Asus ZMP M1)

    Sorry for bad grammar or lack details Hello this night I got a notification from magisk to update magisk manager to v22. When I install it, it says magisk unsupported ....... (I forgot what it says) magisk will act as its not downloaded. So I tried to uninstall it and downgrade to 8.0.4 and it...