1. N

    Thread Can someone help me with my bank app? (Banca Intesa Mobi)

    Hello all, Recently i updated my app to latest version, and since I can't get it to work with Magisk and root, it detects root. I have Magisk 25.2 on my Pixel 7 Pro, when i test my phone with Play integrity API checker app, my phone pass first two options which is needed i think. Integrity API...
  2. DheeranXD

    Thread How To Guide Rooting a Samsung device using Magisk and Odin. (2023)

    NOTE : This guide can work for almost all modern Samsung devices and not just the S7 FE. The device will be erased completely in order to install the root. Risks of rooting : 1. You can brick your phone by doing this. 2. Can void your warranty. (I suggest rooting after warranty or if your...
  3. CrazyOldMaurice

    Thread Question Updated "Foundation" in Fox's Mmm and seemingly destroyed all Google based applications. Further screw ups ensued.

    I'm on OneUI 4.1, Android 12, Kernel version 5.10.43 on a non cellular Tab S8. I noticed recently that my root cloaking modules weren't doing a great job, as I couldn't seem to get into a Dynasty Warriors app I'd downloaded, it simply wouldn't download the content in game. So I went and updated...
  4. terminal_overflow

    Thread AOSP 12 for Xperia 5 Dual (J9210)

    Hey everyone! I want to share the progress (and files) from building AOSP 12 for Xperia 5 (J9210), including rooting the device with Magisk. I followed Sony's AOSP guide for Android 12: And...
  5. chocolote4444

    Thread [Guide] Install any .xpi extension in Firefox Android [ROOT]

    This guide is purely for educational purposes. I am not responsible for anything wrong that happens to your browser when doing this method. Also note that this isn't a very user friendly way of doing it. This is purely for educational purposes. I'll provide a user-friendly way of doing it...
  6. ARaW10

    Thread [ROMs][LineageOS][a7xelte] For A710f [BETA][ALPHA]

    Introduction LineageOS 18.1 is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 11.0, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. The port for the Exynos7580 based devices was created by @Stricted and I along with many...
  7. EnzoPlesi49

    Thread Question Is there any way to install Bixby Vison, Voice and Mods and Routines on A125F ?

    Hello guys, I'm searching for way to install Bixby and All its componants to my A125F sasmung phone. Is there a wey to do it ? Thank
  8. nasyxrakeeb

    Thread RECOVERY: This device has been unlocked and cannot be trusted, booting in 5s

    I successfully unlocked the bootloader of my realme 3 device and when i try to boot in recovery mode it shows this message for some seconds and then normally boots back, i can't access recovery mode, i installed the latest version of twrp This device has been unlocked, and can't be trusted...
  9. HanderMohander

    Thread [Help] Bootloop after flash Magisk with TWRP

    Hi! I was about to end this tutorial to root my MI 9 se ( and when I restart after install Magisk, I get a boot loop. Since then I tried this so far: -Run (from magisk apk)...
  10. Pickaxe828

    Thread How to remove modules with bootloop and unauthorised device

    Phone model: Samsung A42 5G My rooted phone is stuck in a bootloop after applying a module update. I tried using adb shell to remove the modules But adb tells me that adb.exe: device unauthorized. This adb server's $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set Try 'adb kill-server' if that seems wrong...
  11. P

    Thread Question How to hide root and Magisk?

    Objective : Be able to use UPI/Banking apps on rooted phone. Problem : MIUI Security app detecting root access even after using 'Hide the Magisk App'. I have a Redmi Note 11 (spes) running on - MIUI 13. It's rooted using Magisk v26.1. I have hidden the Magisk app using it's in-built...
  12. BR4UTAL

    Thread General Deleted

  13. gabryone33

    Thread Anx camera for Xiaomi redmi note 9s with pixel experience (android 13)

    hello, is there any way to download the Xiaomi camera (anx camera) on xiaomi redmi note 9s with the pixel experience (android 13)? i tried so many magisk modules but they don't work.
  14. Zezo 089

    Thread [GUIDE] Root + Unlock bootloader for oppo a5s (CPH1909) after security update ( without downgrading the version of the phone ) !!)

    Hello ! I've discovered a new way to root oppo a5s ( CPH1909) after the new security update which removed the mtk-easy-su root (NOTE : YOU WILL REQUIRE : 1- THE LATEST FRIMWARE UPDATE TO OPPO A5S 2- A PC / Laptop 3- MTK Client Tool -link will be sent here in comments <uploaded by me> 4 -...
  15. R

    Thread [SOLVED] Odin not accepting custom binaries. Fails with "Only offical releases are allowed to be flashed(BOOT)"

    Even with my bootloader unlocked, I'm unable to flash the boot.img patched by Magisk. It fails with ERROR "Only offical releases are allowed to be flashed(BOOT)"
  16. R

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [MOD] Enable GPS L5/E5a/B2a bands on global/EU model (RMX3301)

    Hello everyone. As you might know, the global model doesn't come with GPS dual-band support, unlike the Chinese one. This is a completely arbitrary decision from Realme, since the hardware is the same. I developed a way to enable the additional bands on the global model with a simple Magisk...

    Thread Install magisk using ONLY adb root shell

    /* excuse windows person in advance for poor grammar */ TL;DR: LG V20 H918 bootloader unlocked bootable LOS19.1 no fastboot available no recovery available Goal: setup magisk using adb root shell Is it possible? What happend: On stock LG V20 H918 no flashing was available in fastboot...
  18. T

    Thread Guide to Rooting the Infinix Hot 30 Play, With Magisk

    Preface Luckily, it looks like Infinix is following the general trend of Android root solutions being more straightforward than in the recent past. Besides the usual spiel about your warranty being voided, and the annoying chirp each time you boot your phone, this hopefully won't present any...
  19. B


    I have been using Google wallet all day today up until 45 minutes ago. I have just tried to pay for something in the shops and now my phone says in the wallet settings that 'I do not meet the requirements' I have lsposed, latest magisk, shamiko, changed finger print sensor and fingerprint, I...
  20. S

    Thread 🔐Spoof locked bootloader | BootloaderSpoofer [📱LSPosed]

    Modify the root of trust in local attestations. This module modify the byte array obtained from certificate extensions (link) and modify it to spoof a fake root of trust, so we get a fake attestation with a locked bootloader. More info about certificate extensions: link NOTES: - This...
  21. Provenscroll

    Thread How could I dump my stock rom boot.img without root or TWRP?

    For context I'm running a OnePlus 8 IN2017 on Android 13, it's bootloader is unlocked I want to root my phone with magisk using this guide: But I need a boot.img, even If I didn't I want to have a backup of my stock firmware just in case something...
  22. Dragongamer82

    Thread twrp acces denied problem

    custom ROM: Arrow 12.1 kernel:4.14.289 Phobos kernel Root: Magisk 26.1 how fix this acces denied problem on twrp
  23. M

    Thread Android 6.0 Magisk root

    So I want to root my Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual with Magisk but I haven't gotten it to work. I'm trying to do this by patching the boot.img with Magisk Manager then flashing it to the device. I downloaded the stock firmware using Xperifirm for my device and got the boot.sin file from it then i...
  24. Chewie610

    Thread [GUIDE][ROOT] Unlocking and Improving Your Lenovo ThinkSmart View (CD-18781Y)

    Improving Your Lenovo ThinkSmart View (Custom Recovery, Root, Play Store, Custom Webview) Huge credit to @deadman96385 on how to flash your Lenovo Thinksmart View device and providing access to the firmware files! Credit to @WhyPartyPizza on reddit for the adb enable steps. And also, credit to...
  25. adsk-dev

    Thread General Magisk for SM-A225F (Android 13, One UI 5)

    WARNING, this archive is patched using Magisk for One UI 5 firmware! Special for One UI 5 update version: A225FXXU4DWC1 Use this archive in the Odin, paste it into the "AP" field. It's will be look like that: Download archive here: Google Drive
  26. M

    Thread Question how to root with magisk?

    Hi everyone, I prefer remain with the Chinese rom for a while but I'd like to root my moto x40 with magisk. I've tried but after flashing the patched boot.img the phone boot normally. the firmware has vbmeta so I followed the procedure suggested by the guide in this situations. the weird...
  27. D

    Thread After root only sloooow charging

    Hello everyone, I installed successfully LinegeOS 17.1 with this instuctions on my Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018). It works fine, but after installing system (it is rooted too) the charging is sooo slow (It takes more than one hour to charge only 7-8 %). I tried same cable (that charged perfectlly...
  28. BR4UTAL

    Thread How To Guide [MAGISK] Root your Realme GT 2

    Pre requisites • Unlocked Bootloader (probably only Indian variant?) • ADB and Fastboot drivers (I'm assuming you've set that up since you unlocked bootloader) • Python (used to extract boot image) • Your stock rom (I found it here: • time (need some time to...
  29. __ashuuu.02

    Thread Question Suppose I have rooted my phone and my Knox gets tripped then what if I flash the brand new official firmware then will everything be normal?

    Suppose I have rooted my phone and my Knox gets tripped then what if I flash the brand new official firmware then will everything be normal?
  30. loriZyy

    Thread [S10e, Lineage 20.0] Bootlooping after a few hours of usage

    Hi, kinda new to custom ROMs and running into my first real problems. I installed TWRP, LineageOS 20.0, BitGApps Basic and Magisk 26.1 on my Samsung Galaxy S10e Exynos. After setup everything works extremely well and fast. I installed Universal SafetyNet Fix, Viper4Android...
  31. alii00

    Thread Google play store (this version is not supported on this device) (magisk) (android 9.0) (J7 Core)

    I got J7 Core rooted on magisk. and almost all apps can't be installed. neither by google play or the apk from my files. i hope there is a fix for it on magisk! i mean for example game "press inc" its literally works for low mobile while it can't be installed on my j7 core! SOS it's really...
  32. da.killa

    Thread Can Magisk survive LineageOS update?

    Some time ago I was able to update LineageOS w/o losing Magisk on my Moto G7, but now I have to flash patched boot.img every time. Is there a way for Magisk to survive updates?
  33. F

    Thread [GUIDE][19.1] microG + SafetyNet

    This post is based on u/mvus Reddit post but adopted to my experience. ROM will be able to pass BASIC SafetyNet Attestation: working most(~95% as of now) banking apps, Google Pay; Google Contants Cloud Sync will work as expected; applications that do not support Magisk overlays will still work...
  34. A

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Product Sans Font Module for Samsung S21 FE [Magisk]

    This is a magisk module so obviously needs root I love Product Sans and hate all the fonts provided by samsung. I have tweaked and reverse engineered(in the most basic sense of the word) an existing font module to make this one. I had 1% hope of it working but it worked. I made it for my own...
  35. dasdsad1

    Thread [CLOSED] Is Dolby Digital Plus Magisk module still functional? Just saying.

    Hey, I wanted to install the Dolby Digital Plus Magisk module on my phone. I have Magisk version 26.1 (26100) and Ramdisk set to Yes. I followed from this post (go check it out):
  36. M

    Thread Banking app (Starling) detecting Magisk

    A banking app I've been using for years has always worked after putting it on the Deny List. I updated it recently and it now won't work with Magisk installed regardless of what I do. As soon as I patch the boot image with Magisk it complains that the device is rooted and locks me out. That's...
  37. I

    Thread Question Root Magisk Must HAVEs/Must DOs

    Hello fellas :) I am new to the ROOTing world so I just wanted to ask you: What are the Must HAVEs/DOs after rooting Mi 11 Ultra ? For now I just rooted my phone with the latest Magisk 26.1. The only thing i did was enabling zygisk and systemless hosts (which are built-in), passing saftynet...
  38. I

    Thread Only booting to recovery after accidental magisk "update after OTA"

    Hello, Using a Oneplus 7 pro, i was updating magisk and i accidentaly clicked the radio button that says "after OTA", but i didn't do an OTA. Now my device is only booting to the default recovery and i have no idea how to get my phone back. I think i was once to told to only copy the boot...
  39. Hehe_boi

    Thread Question Can I update my rooted android device?

    I have a Redmi Note 10 pro (Sweetin) Indian Variant and I have rooted it using magisk. Can I get update my device or will face things like loosing root or bootloop? Device Name: Redmi Note 10 pro Region: India Code name: Sweetin Magisk Version: 26.0 Recovery / Fastboot: Fastboot OS: MIUI 13
  40. Spengoe

    Thread Question Google Pay and CTS Issues.

    Hey, It's been for quite some time that I have tried to use google pay with magisk installed but failed miserably. I decided to install lineage on my Google Pixel 6a so that I could do a little more trick with that but still didn't work. What I don't get is that I passed multiple times SafetyNet...
  41. P

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [MAGISK] ViPER4Android 64-bit compatible

    Hi to all my fellow Pixel users. Thanks to the work of Iscle and martmists, ViPER4Android is now available for 64-bit devices. It's still at an alpha stage and some features are not available yet, but it is very promising and they should get all our support. Download the app and the Magisk...
  42. D

    Thread How To Guide Upgrade Firmware without loosing Magisk and TWRP

    Here is a short guide if you are want to upgrade Firmware while retaining Magisk Root and TWRP Recovery. This works for Firmware WW-33.0804.2060.142 + Magisk 26.1 1. Download newest + + Magisk.apk and place them in internal storage...
  43. 3kub

    Thread Your device needs reflash Magisk to work properly.

    After flashing Magisk 26.0, I got this error, already reflashed it 3 times in recovery mode. (with app and without) Device: Xiaomi Redmi 9 4/64.
  44. tobimobi1407

    Thread How to root Blackview a 55 pro search recovery like twrp or orange fox for flash zips

    hello I am looking this way how to root a blackview a55 pro I tried some websites with instructions does not work i am looking for twrp or orange fox or other recovery where i can flash zip s but i cant find it for my blackview a55 pro thanks for the answers
  45. karimo22

    Thread [discussion] what does it really mean to root a smartphone ?

    am struggling to understand what is the real meaning of a root in the electronic meaning like for example i want to access the camera chip , i want to see the data of 01 01 01 going on in some file when i capture a photo , i couldn't find this in my files even with root or whatever i want for...
  46. Flemme02

    Thread Title: [Help] Need Assistance Rooting Huawei P Smart Z (STK LX1)

    Hello XDA Community, I'm seeking help in rooting my Huawei P Smart Z (Model STK LX1, Kirin710) running Android 9.0 and EMUI 9.1.0. I've already unlocked the bootloader, enabled ADB and Fastboot, and downgraded my device to this specific version to enable Software Testpoint to get the Bootloader...
  47. E

    Thread [Guide] [2023] How to root GT-N7100(or any other old device) android 4.4.2[or <5] with Magisk

    Hey! haven't seen anyone in this section for a while.... Why I am making this thread So lately, I was looking through my old phones only only to find my old dusty Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lying around. It had already been rooted with kingroot... Needless to say, it's a spyware and my phone was...
  48. P

    Thread [Magisk] Magisk Delta for Nox Emulator Setup

    Greetings everyone, I have been working on implementing Magisk on the Nox emulator with the aim of enabling financial applications to function. I am seeking assistance with this and would also like to share my knowledge, which I have accumulated over the past week. Although I am relatively new...
  49. S

    Thread [MAGISK][REQUEST][MAGISKMODULE][ROOT] Is there any Magisk module which will give support of dual audio just same as Samsung devices.

    I want to connect two Bluetooth speaker to my Device at the same time and want to play some sing on them.The output must come from both speakers.I have seen this feature in Samsung devices ,so I guess there must be a module or some other app where you can get this feature in any Android phone...
  50. styleprince923

    Thread How can I root an Android TV? Mine is JVC LT-40CA790. Android version 9.0.

    I have turned on USB debugging in dev. options. I believe it is possible to root android TV with Magisk and with or without a custom recovery, depending on the method. Please see the tutorials linked below for reference: On my PC connected to the android TV using ADB appcontrol, I can type: adb...