1. solzilnho

    Thread Flash Magisk by fastboot? (PPA-LX2)

    hey, i need to ask if someone knows how to flash magisk by the fastboot of the Huawei P Smart 2021 (PPA-LX2) im with some problems like: "FAILED (Command not allowed)" and "FAILED (Incorrect command)" i was using the script: fastboot oem unlock and fastboot oem device-info hope you guys...
  2. VincentThomas

    Thread What method of uninstall magisk is safest?

    Hi! I want to uninstall magisk entirely, I have an oneplus 7t. Is it safer to uninstall from the "uninstall button" in the app, or flash the ROM from fastboot. Is there an even safer method? If i uninstall through the magisk, can i relock the bootloader then?
  3. J

    Thread Oneplus 8 Pro acting strange after OTA update to Oxygen OS 12

    I used Magisk to do an OTA update to Oxygen OS 12, but it feels like my root is gone because TWRP disappeared, the bootloader was locked after the update, and I had to unlock it. But when I do root check, it still says I'm rooted. Most of my Root access requiring apps don't work properly either...
  4. JhonsonOG


    Hello, first of all I apologize for my English if you don't understand me somewhere, I'm learning English. Greetings from Peru. Files and programs you need to download THIS PROCESS WORKS WITH ALMOST ALL DEVICES, ONLY IF THEY HAVE THE BOOTLOADER CORRECTLY UNLOCKED WITHOUT THE NEED OF A TWRP. In...
  5. TheWolf_Prod

    Thread [GUIDE][ROOT][UNROOT] Rooting/UnRooting A505FN

    In this post I'll describe my experience with Root and Unroot of Samsung Galaxy A505FN/DS (DualSim) I wrote threads on XDA and called for help but I didn't always get it, so I had to look for solutions myself, which I'll share now. [Root] [READ BEFORE START] Bricking Samsung devices is...
  6. X

    Thread OnePlus 7 Mclaren, Nethunter, TWRP, Magisk Everything you need to Root.

    The OnePlus 7 Pro Mclaren EU HD1913 edition is perfect for Nethunter and PenTesters, 256GB storage, 12GB RAM, 2 sim cards, 48MP camera, etc. Here is everything you need to get a fully functional Nethunter Mclaren, with all wifi modules compiled in the kernel for external wifi cards. Some say...
  7. F

    Thread [MAGISK][MODULE][FONT]Open Fonts

    Open Fonts A magisk module created to replace system fonts. Installation: Method 1: Download the module from the github release page. Install from Magisk. Enjoy it! Method 2: Download and install from Fox's Magisk Module Manager. Enjoy it! Features: Support latest Noto Emoji version...
  8. lordxcom

    Thread Question Hulu/Disney+ - Not working

    Good day everyone, Looking for some 'updated' direction/feedback on how to get Hulu & Disney+ to work on my current setup. I've searched around XDA and Google for the past couple of days, and have not gotten any 'new' or working solutions. So anytime I try to use Hulu or Disney+.. the content...
  9. P

    Thread Question Should I follow the update instructions or the install instructions for installing Magisk on a Samsung device after I uninstalled it by mistake?

    I wasn't thinking clearly, didn't read the docs and uninstalled Magisk completely. I thought uninstalling it would allow me to get OTA updates, but since the bootloader is still unlocked I cannot get OTA updates even after removing Magisk. Afterwards, I read the article on Magisk regarding...
  10. LolFlasherNoob

    Thread [QUESTION] How to fix Crash when Magisk Modules Are Installed????

    Hola Amigos, I have A Mido (2GB RAM) device with Superior OS (Phoniex,Android Q) Installed.I installed Magisk and whenever I flash any modules, Magisk Crashes(Not Magisk Manager).Here's what I mean:The wallpaper I apply using Magisk get reset to default one. Many Automatic Modules(Modules that...
  11. E

    Thread Do Magisk and Xposed actually root your phone? Or are they just tools for rooting?

    I just got an S22 Ultra, and I'm really missing the Now Playing feature from my Pixel (along with several others, but this is the biggest one). I'd like to try and install the Ambient Music Mod, which looks like it might be the only option for this, but it requires both Magisk and Xposed...
  12. D

    Thread Question Root support for Xiaomi 12 Pro

    I was following the guide from When I run the command fastboot flash boot /path/to/magisk_patched.img I get the following error : >fastboot flash boot ./magisk_patched-24300_WbyGV.img Sending 'boot_a' (196608 KB) FAILED...
  13. M

    Thread (modding) alcatel 1se 5030f_eea jakarta android 10 kernel version 4. 14. 133 stock recovery

    hi, i'm a noob and i want to mod my device but i haven't find nothing about this model and i don't know where is specified the ROM😅. (device actually unmodded). I'm searcing for how to root + flash twrp + custom rom degoogled) thanks in advance
  14. S

    Thread PLZ HELP: Android System keeps stopping.

    I have a Magisk Rooted, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (SM-N975F), stock ROM running Android 10. When I am booted in Root mode I try to open a file in the "My Files" app and I keep getting the error "Android System keeps stopping" but when I try in un-Rooted mode it works perfectly fine. Is there a way...
  15. C0rn3j

    Thread How To Guide [ROOT]ing Xiaomi 12 with Magisk

    Sources used: 1. First unlock your bootloader. This thread does not cover this. I suggest you do not try to tamper with the 1week~ time gate you will encounter else it may get longer should you fail. 2. Enable Developer mode and adb from...
  16. MysticWasTaken

    Thread [Magisk] A71 Hidden Mods for Android 12

    This module is not mine, it's made by @Futinghe on Github! I'm creating this topic only to publish this fork of the original A71 Hidden Mods that only works for Android 11. It needs more attention. This new and improved module includes all the mods from the previous version and introduces a few...
  17. Z

    Thread Question Rooted Pixel 6 Pro - no longer receiving updates

    Hi all, I have rooted my pixel 6 pro since day 1 and always used the magisk way of patching and restoring images for updates, since the February update Google tells me updates are no longer supported on my device per screenshots, anyone else had this issue and know how to resolve it?
  18. maxcutlyp

    Thread Stuck in bootloop/"Your device is corrupt. It can not be trusted" after flashing Magisk-patched image on rooted CalyxOS after update

    Hi, I have a Pixel 5 running CalyxOS. I have the bootloader unlocked so I can use Magisk to have Apple emojis. I updated to the latest version of CalyxOS today and it rebooted fine, but of course I needed to patch the new boot.img and flash it to get Magisk to work (following these install...
  19. M

    Thread Oculus Go Projects now that Magisk root is available

    Previously, Facebook/Meta released an unlocked image and firmware update for the Oculus Go, and within the past couple weeks, the latest Canary version of Magisk supports on device root for the device. Now that we have that, what would be the next step to further unlocking the device from...
  20. W

    Thread I think I bricked my phone, after installing magisk with lineageOS. Stuck on boot screen with no way to access TWRP

    I was just getting set up in LineageOS, when I noticed the "Install magisk" button inside the magisk App (came with my version of TWRP) and pressed it out of curiosity. So then it rebooted and now I'm stuck on the bootup screen with no other available action than rebooting. It doesn't get...

    Thread [Kernel]Magisk patched boot image for Android 12

    Magisk patched boot image for Android 12 firmware 58.2.A.2.90 Works on my XQ-AS72 without bootloop Download Google Drive PREVIEW Usage A fresh installation is recommended. After you flash the stock 58.2.A.2.90, turn off your device then press and hold volume+ button while connecting to USB...
  22. Sloobot

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk Module] A52 Hidden Mods

    A magisk module adding the mods from ShaDisNX255's Thread plus many extra mods systemlessly! Credit goes to the original creator UltraHQ Github this version is modified by me to work on the A52. Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A52 (SM-A526B). Trying on other devices is at your own...
  23. Delorean12DMC

    Thread OnePlus 7T Pro with TWRP and Magisk

    Hello, i've looked through many Forums and Threads but i couldn't find an answer. The Problem: I have an OnePlus 7T Pro (Regular) (HD1910) running on OOS and i want to install TWRP Recovery with Magisk, but i dont have the necessary files and i maybe need a guide. The Guides i...
  24. NickOne94

    Thread [FIRMWARE d2s] I will do this myself /OR/ Must go to service

    Hello everyone, for some time I have been looking for an answer to the question related to the removal of Root Magisk from my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Exynos [SM-N975F | d2s] because I would like to go back to the original software that runs Secure Folder, Samsung Health, etc ... I tried to do it...
  25. Ayaanbaig12


    I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE YOU MAKE TO YOUR DEVICE. IF YOU ENCONTER A BOOTLOOP BOOT BACK INTO TWRP AND RESTORE YOUR BACKUP OR TRY INSTALLING LINEAGEOS AGAIN. This will work on Amazon Fire 7 2019 (Don’t Try this in Any other device): Charge your phone up to 80% or 70%. Download and...
  26. Mamo_grag17

    Thread Root not working in magisk patched boot.img

    Hello, I got my phone's boot.img, i patched it using magisk(tried canary and master) everything is good, no errors while patching, but when i flash it to my phone using : fastboot boot boot.img The phone booted automatically and i didn't do fastboot reboot I checked the root using magisk and...
  27. Bubumaster123

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] [MAGISK] How to change Bootanimation [OnePlus 7t]

    I tried to change the boot animation to a gif from the internet with various apps and a custom magisk module I cant find the link anymore, then I realized there is no media folder in root/system. I know it is possible to change it to the mclaren, but I want a custom one. How to do that?
  28. Der_Googler

    Thread [Module][Android 5+] Fake Shell Charger

    Fake Shell Charger This is not a real charger, here can you troll your friends Disclaimer * I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not...
  29. User111111

    Thread Magisk Rooting by patching boot.img

    Hello, I would like to root my Mi Max 3. The bootloader is already unlocked. Can I just flash the magisk-patched-boot.img or do I need to do something first?
  30. L

    Thread Custom *.rc (init.rc) scripts with Magisk. (Or running a script at network change.)

    Hello, everyone. In order to avoid an XY problem, I would like to introduce the actual problem first. I need to run a script each time network changes. Android automatically changes quite a few settings when network changes, and because I need to have some of them set to specific values, I...
  31. Terrorigel97

    Thread How To Guide Root Red Magic 6S Pro EU3.20 & NA&A4.20

    Hey people Today I will show you how to root your Red Magic 6S Pro on firmware EU3.20 & NA&A4.20. everything you need is in the root zip file and a step to step guide first of all after the root you will see an update although you are on the latest version just ignore that :) EU3.20...
  32. VD171

    Thread [Discussion] How to bypass detections of rooting ?

    Did you have problems with some app that detects the root ? Here is your place. We will try to help you. Keep attention, this is just a help thread, nothing is guaranteed. Be patient and cordial. If there is acceptance of the community on the subject, certainly the thread will grow. Before...
  33. revWhiteShadow

    Thread [Magisk] [MODULE] GS Ram Booster

    No post plox
  34. nschrader

    Thread Uable to patch boot.img for Lineage OS

    Hello, today I tried installing Magisk on my Pixel 2, but failed by the skin of my teeth. I followed these instructions: I used to extract `boot.img` from my installed LOS build...
  35. G

    Thread [GUIDE] Xiaomi Qin F21 Pro mt6761 Global — Rooted with Play store

    This is intended to be a guide on how to root and add play store to a Qin F21 PRO with a MTK6761 processor and 4GB/64GB. The phone I bought came with android 11 and firmware version 1.0.3 (I was dumb enough to not buy the cracked version). I will come back to this to improve the guide as I have...
  36. inting

    Thread Is there a way to unbrick my phone without a backup?

    I was trying to flash an unofficial image of Lineage and definitely messed something up - the phone is stuck at the "Samsung Galaxy A51" logo and won't boot. The image was lineage 17.1, so I'm suspecting that it was a change in bootloader code. I was previously running Android 11 (R) with Magisk...
  37. H

    Thread Question K40 Gaming Widevine L1 certificate does not exist

    The K40G is a very good phone but it is not possible to watch anything of high quality on Netflix. Because of the L3 certificate, the movies are mud. I installed Magisk but couldn't find a solution for the L1 certificate, so I'm waiting for solutions if anyone knows or can.
  38. H

    Thread [Discussion] Magisk alpha fork by @vvb2060 Support

    This is the spot for general support of Magisk alpha fork "Public Releases" by @vvb2060. Disclaimer: This Magisk alpha fork is not supported by @topjohnwu and is not an official channel for him. I am not responsible for any damage to your phone. Use at your own risk. If Magisk alpha doesn't...
  39. BellyAve

    Thread Magisk installed. But doesn't work. 24.3

    So i have latest stable branch and when i patched my boot.img. Install them from TWRP. In app they appears like Magisk Installed N/A Zygisk No Ramdisk Yes Application Availible 24.3 (24300) (27) Installed 24.3 (24300) Package name com.topjohnwu.magisk Have finger scanner on...
  40. @

    Thread OxygenOS 12 Update: Cannot find vendor-boot.img to root

    Hey guys, received my OxygenOS update and I installed it without retaining my root. I want to re-root and I have extracted the payload.bin for the update. I can't find the vendor-boot.img file. Any help? I'm running build number 11_C.11 on my IN2011
  41. C

    Thread Oneplus 7 Pro - Sim cards no longer detected after latest OTA update

    Hello all, Everything was working on my rooted oneplus 7 pro, until I applied the latest OTA update. Once that was installed and the phone rebooted, my once working mobile network was no longer working. The phone says no sim card detected and every few seconds the default phone app displays the...
  42. Julien Gontier

    Thread [MODULE] Twemoji Remastered(Twitter Emoji)

    Since the original author of the magisk module for the Twitter Emoji, doesn't maintain it anymore, i decided to maintain it myself. So here come Twemoji Remastered! A Twitter Emoji module maintained for Magisk! You can view the source of the Magisk module right here
  43. hoanvu1100

    Thread Installing Magisk for my Pixel 4 XL

    Can somebody help me install Magisk on my Google 4 XL? I'm new to Pixel phones, i looked up on Google but its kinda old instruction so I dont follow them. I'm using Android 13 Developer Preview 2. Thanks a lot for your help!!
  44. H

    Thread Help ! I struggle to get over error 1 when flashing latest (.apk) on my LG Nexus 5 6.0.1 via TWRP

    Hey there, so i tried to flash fresh boot.img in recovery, hard reseted but just nothing changes no matter what i do. What version of magisk should i use for LG Nexus 5 with 6.0.1 stock rom. What else can i try ? Please be very specific im just starting in these things.
  45. AnTerNoZ

    Thread Medion (Lenovo) P1060x Tablet - ROM [Stock debloated], TWRP, Magisk Kernel

    Hey! Normal I'm just reading here and don't contribute something, but since I've got that old fully bloated Tablet I'm trying to port something on my own. First because I broke the Tab, now because I have time for some experiment and the tablet was just a gift so never mind if it's broken or...
  46. drdionysius

    Thread Bootloop after latest Magisk update

    I always keep my Magisk canary updated. So when I saw an update today I did just that. I updated the app first and then flashed the new Magisk. After flashing I clicked on reboot and since then (a few hours ago) I have been trying to fix the bootloop I got stuck into. Things I've tried...
  47. J

    Thread Create a backup, root phone and unlock bootloader, restore the backup?

    Hi, I would like to root my phone with Magisk, however I know that I'll have to unlock the bootloader. When unlocking the bootloader, all my data is wiped, so it's obvious to create a backup first. How should I create a backup? I would like to make it so that I can easily restore the backup, and...
  48. badabing2003

    Thread PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 5 Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 5 PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/updating with extra features. Basic mode: Should suit most users. Some of the features in basic mode are: Simple UI interface, click...
  49. badabing2003

    Thread Question PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/updating with extra features. Basic mode: Should suit most users. Some of the features in basic mode are: Simple UI interface, click...
  50. badabing2003

    Thread Question PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Pro Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Pro PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/updating with extra features. Basic mode: Should suit most users. Some of the features in basic mode are: Simple UI interface...