1. R

    Thread LineageOS 15 mako (nexus4) rom

    *** Disclaimer *** This is provided free of charge and does not come with a warranty. If your device fails to comply with your standards of what you consider functioning, I am not liable. You do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself. Introduction Downloads...
  2. Clamor

    Thread [REPARTITION] Nexus 4 Repartition [MAKO] [8GB/16GB] [UA TWRP]

    Nexus 4 Repartition No one is responsible for your actions except yourself. Everything written further may potentially brick your device, although risk is reduced to minimum. This repartition package offers 1.5G /system; a /vendor partition and it is fully backward compatible with any ROM...
  3. M

    Thread Help! LineageOS update killed my Nexus 4?

    I've been keeping my Nexus 4 up to date with LineageOS, more for the exercise than anything else - it's the backup to my backup Nexus 5, which is the backup to my primary OnePlus 3T. Last week I applied the 1/18 update, as I've applied updates for the past three months or so. No luck - the phone...
  4. Snorp09

    Thread Built lineageOS stuck on google screen.

    I followed the LineageOS wiki page for Building for Mako to a T, flashed the .ZIP via TWRP rebooted and it got to the Google Screen, but no farther. I can't tell what I'm doing wrong. I've already tried wiping the system again and still have had no success. Any ideas of what's wrong?
  5. C

    Thread Fuchsia for nexus 4 (mako) ?

    I was looking at the fuchsia source, until I saw this, is it possible to compile fuchsia in mako? Source:Deleted./
  6. D

    Thread [ROM][MIUI] MIUI 8 Global for Google Nexus 4 [31/01/2017]

    MIUI 8 Global for Google Nexus 4!! The wait is over! Here is MIUI 8 Global for Nexus 4 Nexus4Global = Base CM MakoGlobal = Base Fake Nexus Features -Native root -Gapps Added -One emojis -Advanced Power Menu -Version Center Clock -Support for Xposed (read here) What does not work...
  7. S

    Thread [CM14.1][Mako][Nougat 7.1] CyanogenMod 14.1 builds for the Nexus 4

    Here I will share my builds of CyanogenMod 14.1 (Android 7.1) for the Nexus 4. These will probably become obsolete in future when CM will officially release nightlies, but if as me you can't wait, you can flash it as usual zips! [About this build] - Require bootloader/radio from Lollipop...
  8. AndrolinRoot

    Thread [ROM] VanillaOS - VanillaUnicorn Builds // Mako - Official - PERFORMANCE

    Lets keep this simple and clean I am sharing our rom with you. This rom is based on CM and still in alpha stage. The rom will develope with time and get back to what it was in Kitkat times. I own this device and I am personally running this build aswell, but dont blame me, if something wents...
  9. Z

    Thread [boot animation][bmw logo][nexus 4]

    [BOOT ANIMATION][BMW LOGO][NEXUS 4] How to change boot animation 1. download the zip I've uploaded and place it in sdcard. 2.Now install root browser from this link- 3.Now in root browser go to home and go to...
  10. O

    Thread Miracast on rooted OG with unlocked bootloader

    Hi! My OG can't miracast its screen anymore :( Before rooting and unlocking bootloader it worked perfectly, but now it gets stuck at "connecting"... Is this a common problem? How to fix this? Right now I'm on: official v20c - LG OG KitKat Rooted by StumpRoot, bootloader unlocked using FreeGee...
  11. blackbuffalo

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][6.0.1_r25][MTC19T]★ The Pure Nexus Project ★ Layers/CMTE ★ [27/06/16]

    [DISCONTINUED][6.0.1_r25][MTC19T]★ The Pure Nexus Project ★ Layers/CMTE ★ [27/06/16] The Pure Nexus Project Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and...
  12. S

    Thread [ROM][Mako][6.0.1] CM13 builds for the Nexus 4

    Glad to share with you my builds of CyanogenMod 13.0 (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) for Nexus 4 (mako). These will probably become obsolete when CM will officially release nightlies for our device, but if as me you can't wait, you can flash it as usual zips. It is important to note that *at this...
  13. XDA_Bam

    Thread Random reboots on 5.1 Lollipop

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my N4 ever since updating to 5.1: The phone randomly reboots every two to five days while it's asleep. The screens lights up, the Google logo shows and it boots up normally. The device is rooted, now running LMY48T stock ROM with stock recovery. I upgraded to the...
  14. S

    Thread [ROM][Nexus 4][Mako][5.1] Unofficial CM12.1 Builds

    I have built pure CyanogenMod 12.1 (Android 5.1) for Nexus 4, and wanted to share with you. These builds will probably become obsolete when CM will officially release nightlies for our device, but if as me you can't wait, you can flash it as usual zips. I will try to build a version every day...
  15. 19cam92

    Thread [ROM][5.0.2]UnOfficial OmniROM

    OmniROM is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 5.0 (Lollipop), which is designed to increase performance, reliability and features over stock Android for your device. It's also about options, which is the beauty of Android. Your warranty is now void. I am...
  16. Nicknoxx

    Thread [Guide] A beginners guide to building and modifying a nexus 4 kernel from source

    A beginners guide to building and modifying a nexus 4 lollipop* kernel from source. *currently 5.0.1 Disclaimer I am not a developer, nor am I an expert. All the information in here I have gleaned from other sources, credited where possible, so it may not be correct and almost certainly isn't...
  17. aidinvm_ultimate

    Thread [ROM][Lollipop 5.0.1]Pure Stock LRX22C

    ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... In response to a lot of guys for having a flashable...
  18. Φ

    Thread [APP] Eleven and AudioFX - Updated 5/2/15

    This is my first legit Android project and XDA thread. Suggestions are encouraged. These zips simply install Eleven and/or AudioFX and accompanying system files. Keep in mind that Android 5.X does not support EQ switching like KitKat did, so the Android 5.X versions delete MusicFX.apk if it...
  19. djsubterrain

    Thread [ROM][LP] CyanogenMod 12 - UNOFFICIAL Nightlies for Mako - [NOW CEASED]

  20. Gnome

    Thread [KERNEL][GPL][L][1/6/15] Stuxnet v5.0

    What is this: This is Stuxnet a custom kernel for Android, this kernel focuses on simplicity and stabiilty. All features on this kernel are based on long hours of testing and all are thoroughly tested to give end users the best experience for their device. Stuxnet is mostly stock with...
  21. L

    Thread [Q] Mount USB Storage On Nexus 4

    Hello guys! I got my Y OTG CABLE yesterday and I wanted to plug my external HDD into my phone. I tried everything yesterday but i couldn't make it work. The disc was turned on but I couldn't see it on my phone. I tried many apps that they were supposed to do the job (like stickmount) but no...
  22. B

    Thread [Q] ROM Downgrading nexus 4

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie in flashing ROM's rooting etc. I am currently running on CM11 on my nexus 4 with android version 4.4.4 . I want to flash a CM11 based rom for my nexus 4 which is 4.4.2. Do I need to wipe data before flashing it? ROM LINK THAT I AM GOING TO FLASH...
  23. chineel

    Thread [ROM][Marsh Mellow 6.0] [UnOfficial BeanStalk]6.03Build

    *Lockscreen Notifications*Active Display*Audio Themes* The list goes on.. NOTE This is an UNOFFICIAL build of Beanstalk for Mako and by NO means this is my ROM. I am just compiling from Source and 100% credits goes ScottHartBti Downloads: BeanStalk Android File Host Old Links For...
  24. TheXorg

    Thread Boot2Gecko (FirefoxOS) for Nexus 4

    Hello guys, I've compiled Boot2Gecko (better known as Firefox OS) for Nexus 4. It's a very early version, not a daily driver and you flash at your own risk ;) How to install: 0. Reboot to recovery (CWM or TWRP) 1. Make a backup 2. Download B2G (download link see below) 3. Do a factory reset...
  25. dhiru1602

    Thread [ROM][5.1.1][Lollipop][Official][Nightlies] NamelessROM 2.1 [OTA]

    ANNOUNCEMENT: We are looking for Device Maintainers to expand our support, please visit our IRC channel or PM Evisceration, or dhiru1602 for information. Disclaimer Got a bug report? Want to request a feature? Need extended support? Installation Instructions Contributions and...
  26. gorilla p

    Thread Best N4 Screen Protectors for under $10

    I'm looking for Screen protectors for my N4, I've tried a couple from eBay and they didn't fit my screen properly but they were from China and not name brand. So I'm willing to spend a little more on a screen protector, preferably LCD glass. However all of the reviews that I see for N4 screen...
  27. I

    Thread [ROM][Unofficial][LTE][4.4.2] Paranoid Android (AOSPA) Nightlies for the Nexus 4 (mako)

    [ROM][Unofficial][LTE][4.4.2] Paranoid Android (AOSPA) Nightlies for the Nexus 4 (mako) This thread will serve as a home to my UNOFFICIAL AOSPA LTE enabled nightly builds for Nexus 4 (mako). The only difference between these builds and AOSPA is that my builds feature the cherry picks listed...
  28. M

    Thread [AOSP/CM] [4.4.4] - Zulfa Kernel v13 - 3.4.99 (Hellscore based, OnDemandPlus/SmartMax Govn, DT2W+Dynamic Hotplug Semaphore)

    [AOSP/CM] [4.4.4] - Zulfa Kernel v13 - 3.4.99 (Hellscore based, OnDemandPlus/SmartMax Govn, DT2W+Dynamic Hotplug Semaphore) Hellscore based kernel with customization as_I_like. As for now the features are as followings: - Hellscore Based - Added SmartMax governor - Added OnDemandPlus...
  29. sandy7874

    Thread Posting Screeenies of Custom Rom

    Hello All Respected Members and Mods, I am posting this because I am facing confusions while checking new custom roms threads as most of them dont post proper screens of their roms. Its a good idea to have screens of their roms which will help members to judge what and how rom is. Further; if...
  30. M

    Thread [KERNEL] [CM/AOSP][4.4.4] Pandan Kernel - Semaphore based kernel for CM11 - Kernel 3.4.101[ v2.3.3.1] - F2F2/Intelliplug/SmartMax/OnDemand+

    [KERNEL] [CM/AOSP][4.4.4] Pandan Kernel - Semaphore based kernel for CM11 - Kernel 3.4.101[ v2.3.3.1] - F2F2/Intelliplug/SmartMax/OnDemand+ I did put some patches as I like to this kernel. The original developer may have some reasons not to put it.. so I believe these features are always...
  31. M

    Thread [KERNEL] [AOSP] [4.4.4] Ampang Kernel - V32 (Kernel 3.4.98), SmartMax governor/IntelliPlug

    [KERNEL] [AOSP] [4.4.4] Ampang Kernel - V32 (Kernel 3.4.98), SmartMax governor/IntelliPlug This is an AOSP based kernel. I just patched Google's AOSP kernel with several patches that I really need. Just sharing my work if you really want to stick with the official Google's kernel I also...
  32. M

    Thread [KERNEL] [CM11] Aufa's Kernel V33 - Kernel 3.4.101, SmartMax/Intelliplug/OnDemand+

    This is a Cyanogen Mod's based kernel with the features listed below, compiled with GCC Linaro 4.7.4 or SaberMod GCC 4.8.3 THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOUR DEVICE CAN BOOT PROPERLY WITH UNDERCLOCKED VERSION, IF YOU'RE STUCKED IN GOOGLE LOGO, USE NORMAL VERSION INSTEAD You can use...
  33. cewrld

    Thread No 3G Data Connection on AOSP

    Hi, I have just compiled master branch of AOSP and installed it on my Nexus 4. I can make calls, send-receive SMS but cannot connect to the internet. Tried with different radio and selected APN in Settings. Do you know a solution or is it a bug?
  34. jolinnard

    Thread [KERNEL][4.4.X/5.X] Jolie Kernels for Mako

    Hi, This kernel is a personal build of Semaphore sources with Faux Sound and Speaker patches. Just that. As you notice, I didn't developed any of this sources, just added Faux patches to Semaphore's source and build it. Same toochain. Same source. So you are advised: If you have a bug with...
  35. andersonaragao

    Thread [ROM+KERNEL][CM11][KTU84Q][CAF&AOSP] Nexus 5 Experience - CM11 Based [R10.3 - 23Oct]

    [ROM+KERNEL][CM11][KTU84Q][CAF&AOSP] Nexus 5 Experience - CM11 Based [R10.3 - 23Oct] CM11 - Rooted and Rooted LTE Enabled Versions CM11 CAF Kernel or AOSP Kernel (Stock) 3sD3Q598D0U Thanks to Jared Bush for this Review! Features This is built from CM11 Sources for Nexus 4 Bootloader...
  36. S

    Thread [ROM] [4.4] AOKP KITKAT Unofficial Nightly Working!

  37. andersonaragao

    Thread [ROM][LRX21V] Nexus Experience AOSP (android-5.0.0_r7) for Nexus 4 [R6.0 - 25Nov]

    Recommended by AndroidPIT! Features This is built from latest Lollipop Sources (Tag android-5.0.0_r7) ROM + GAPPS (Ported from Nexus 6 dump) Multirom support Full Nexus 5/6 Experience since the first boot with Google...
  38. J

    Thread [CM11][UNOFFICIAL][GIT BUILDS]Help and troubleshooting CM-11.0

    I started this thread as a addition to this thread: [GUIDE CM11] How to build your own CyanogenMod 11.0 ROM from sources for the Nexus 4. Since that thread should focus on build issues and not general help and troubleshooting with the ROM i thought we could take i here. Discuss glitches...
  39. GabMus

    Thread [mako][CM11][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 11 unofficial builds

    CyanogenMod disclaimer Now, I am NOT a developer, I did NOT make or contributed to CyanogenMod development. I am just a user that wants to have a preview of KitKat with the CyanogenMod goodies I'm already used to. This is the genuine original CyanogenMod 11 source code compiled by me, with no...
  40. S

    Thread [ ROM ]:[ 5.0.2 ]:[ FINAL ] bareBones ~ LTE ~ HD voice ~ minimal ~ epic battery

    The goal of BareBones is to provide an efficient, minimal groundwork for users to customize the way they like it. Compiled from updated sources and modified to be as lightweight as possible. - Amazing battery life. - LTE Enabled (Grab a hybrid radio - available in downloads! original...
  41. bruce2728

    Thread [ROM][mako][CM11][NON-CAF][4.4.4]bruce2728-linaro[doubletap2wake*QuickBoot*4gLTE]

    CM11 KTU84P with non-caf kernel support. This ROM is now built using the latest linaro 4.7.4 toolchain and comes with my modified cm kernel, I am still adding features and have removed the caf colour stuff. The ROM is still compatible with other aosp based kernels, Kernel source can be found...
  42. P

    Thread [KERNEL][4.3][JWR][AK-Piasek.FIVE.JW][AK-Based][18-11]

    I put on because no one supports kernel for Android 4.3 These kernels were already in the topic AK but they were buried under more recent posts. Still I am using Android 4.3 and I will try to upgrade the kernel as long as I did not come out interesting custom ROM on Android 4.4 So far, two...
  43. xanthrax

    Thread |*KERNEL*| *hells-Core* L/KK<test b80>18thJuly<b73 stable>21stApr[Q&A][DISCUSSION]

    |*KERNEL*| *hells-Core* L/KK<test b80>18thJuly<b73 stable>21stApr[Q&A][DISCUSSION] This thread has been created for Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting Specific to Hello fellas ! This is a thread for discussions, questions and answers DOWNLOADS mirror BOX Kernel sources CM 12.1...
  44. matzen97

    Thread Searching for a custom Rom Dev or App Developer

    Hey guys, i'm searching for a dev who can create a custom mako rom for me, nothing big, just some changes, i need to have for a personal project (I'll present it later) Thanks! I'm from Germany, and i'm ready to pay some euros / dollars to you! Please contact me:
  45. T

    Thread [Q] Bootloader makoz20i on Optimus G

    Hello everyone, after using FreeGee to unlock the bootloader of my E975 I have the Nexus 4 bootloader (makoz10i) on my device. I was just wondering if I could flash the latest version of this bootloader - makoz20i - without messing everything up. Thanks in advance. Kevin
  46. C

    Thread [ROM][CM10.2][4.3][LINARO4.8][-O3][08/22]Cyanogenmod 10.2 Unofficial Linaro Builds

    First of all, sorry my bad english :D, feel free to correct me when i go wrong :D. (No, seriously, correct me to make my english better, or at least acceptable. Thanks) Hi, this is my very fist android build and i just want to share this because there is not any other public linaro builds, i...
  47. TRSHD

    Thread [Q] 4.3 mako non-developmental question

    I was wondering why some ROM developers use the earlier JSS15J build of AOSP while others use JWR66V... For instance, I installed CM10.2 official nightlies, which are built on JSS and quickly tried to install build r176 of franco.kernel. Then I realized Franco's obligated to release TWO...
  48. D

    Thread [KERNEL][4.3][JSS/JWR] conservative.Kernel v1.2

    conservative.Kernel v1.2 My goal was to create a battery friendly kernel while retaining enough performance to not take away from the Android experience. This is very much so a personal project; I wasn’t happy with the current selection of kernels available to I decided to modify my own...
  49. T

    Thread Slimbean ROM 4.3 nightlies Nexus 4(Mako)

    Hello all, I will be uploading Slimbean ROM nightlies. If you come from other ROM, you need to wipe cache, dalvik and clean data. If you come from Slimbean ROM 4.2.2 or older you need to wipe cache, dalvik and clean data. If you come from Slimbeam ROM 4.3+/beta/alpha/whatever you don't need...
  50. MaxFTW

    Thread [Q] How to compile a ROM with HALO?

    I am currently building AOKP and I want to add HALO to this. I have just downloaded all AOKP sources. I know that link to HALO repos is this: but what shall I do now? I am building for mako Thanks for help