Thread Mango Dev - Start Submitting your apps to do the Mango App Store using this tool

    You can download the Mango Dev in the Windows Store here: If you want to see the information about the development of the app store, the thread is here:
  2. Rempty

    Thread [ROM][4.2.2][Unofficial][PORT]CARBON Rom[MANGO][LWW][02/07/2013]

    What is Carbon, you ask? What's working: What's not working: Features: Here are just a few of our features: Android 4.2.2 PIE Halo AOKP Ribbons Option to hide lockscreen hints Carousel lockscreen Customizable lockscreen buttons and sliders Chronus clock...
  3. Rempty

    Thread [ROM][MIUI][JB 4.1.2]MIUI 3.3.29 [02/02/2012][Stable 1][Mango SK17][MultiLANG]

    MIUI v5 by Rempty This ROM is ported from MIUI Beta 2 3.3.29 from LT18i This ROM is only for MIUI lovers Features MIUI v5 JB Themes support GAPPS included Camera Working :D Antivirus Root Sound Recording Miui Monitor Miui guard etc Working Usb Mount storage Wifi Vibrate GPS Camera Video...
  4. Rempty

    Thread [rom][miui][jb 4.1.2] miui 3.2.22 [21/02/2013][mango]

    by Rempty Thanks to all the developers that let me use part of their roms to make this rom better. THIS ROM only work with included kernel (is the CM10/FXP Extended kernel modified to support SHELLD) Features: MIUI V4 JB Themes Support GAPPS included Antivirus Security Anti Spam LBE GUARD...
  5. H

    Thread LG Optimus 7 (Update Issue)

    Unhappy upgrade problem (need help) i am in great trouble these days regarding my phone, i have lg optimus 7, it is brand new my bro just bought it from uk, it had windows 7 by default then i upgraded it to mango via Zune and now the issue is that after upgrading it to mango the speakers...
  6. S

    Thread Complete manual for UNLOCK Mango with 5.1x SPL and INSTALL new unlocked WP7.8

    Hello I found several threads with a lot of question how unock 1st gen HTC with Mango update and SPL 5.1x without special downgrades or Goldcard. Here is complete manual. Unlock is very easy. Description for Mozart, if you have another one look here...
  7. rishabh.raj37

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][ROM][MOD][GB]Windows 7-Mango-V1(Update-01.10.2012)

    Download and Changelog in The Second POST.
  8. S

    Thread Force Zune player for Tango update

    Are you still waiting for Windows phone update?? Try this trick to get update How to force Zune Player for Windows Phone 7.5 Tango Update
  9. V

    Thread [Q] HELP, Optimus 7 bricked!

    Hi guys, after my offical update to mango, my phone starts to have random reboots, and eventually, it got stuck on the LG logo. I tried cold boot, hard reset and etc., but the problem still persists. Are there any other solutions? I wanted to try flashing a new WP7 firmware, but all the download...
  10. E

    Thread [Q] What's behind Skype and Microsoft and their plans?

    Microsoft is building big noise with Windows Phone. Nokia is getting a lot from it. Now there few question left here. We know that Skype is under the umbrella of Microsoft. And since they are above Skype, why is it that they cannot improve their Messaging platform to adapt the WP7 framework. I...
  11. S

    Thread [Q] Blue Line on screen of Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan

    Anyone ever notice every once in a while when you unlock the screen a blue line appears vertically when you press the power button? im trying to find the cause of it because its kind of annoying. i have the cyan lumia 900 and it apparently only happens with the cyan phone. any info would help...
  12. U

    Thread [Q] Manga Experience

    I am debating on whether to buy a NST to read manga on but before I do buy it I wanted to know if mangas look good on it. There are a few ways to view them like converting the manga with Calibre or using Mango (PocketManga). I was wondering if the text is legible or do you need to bring the...
  13. O

    Thread Are there yet any ssh libs working in mango?

    My plan is to build an app which could transfer a printable file to a remote unix based system, send some bash commands and read the results. I haven't found any confirmation about working ssh libs. Are there any? My phone is unlocked so accessing the file system and unnative libs aren't a...
  14. D

    Thread [Q] Spotify - Fast forward \ rewind

    As the topic says, I'm wondering the following: Is there any way to fast forward \ rewind on the spotify app for WP7.5 (Mango?) ? I have googled and struggeled to figure this out, and I cant seem to find anything about it. I found a few other posts in a few different forums without an answer...
  15. J

    Thread Is my ROM Custom?

    Yo people! Not posted here for a while. So as far as I'm aware, mine isn't custom but I'm not totally sure. 7.10.8107.79 2250.21.51201.401 0004 A.102.0D4 5.12.2250.1(134578) That's what it says on the 'about' screen, ---- PD67100 SS-BC (4K)...
  16. F

    Thread interop unlock hd7 running mango

    I am wanting to interop unlock my hd7 running latest mango. i tried the htc unlock xap and the connection setup app (which tells to use interop unlock as country) but to no avail. has anyone been able to get interop unlocked on htc hd7 ?
  17. F

    Thread [Q] HTC HD7 Mango - extracting sms thread

    my phone is interop locked, its an htc hd7 with mango update. im trying to backup a sms thread that has gone tooo long and can't be deleted. is there a way to backitup while keep the phone interop unlocked? i was able to make a complete phone backup as well from a zune like backup tool. does...
  18. S

    Thread [Q] help:HTC Trophy unlock problems

    Hi, I have an HTC Trophy with the latest update. i want to unlock the device but allthough I've tried everything, I had no luck... About the version os my software: OS Version : 7.10.81007.79 Firmware revision number : 2250.21.51201.168 Hardware revision number :0003 Radio software version ...
  19. G

    Thread [Q] HD7 Random Locking up / Frezing but still kinda responsive

    i have had my HD7 since 4/15/2011 It has worked absolutely flawlessly since then. Smooth, fast.. Just perfect. a couple of weeks ago i flashed to my first custom rom (insintric rom) and about two days later I flashed to Next Gen rom. The phone worked pretty great for about two weeks...
  20. W

    Thread [Q]Advance Config. Crush my theme system...Now what should I do =[

    -Yesterday I created a grey theme using advance config. -[color code #FFD0D0D0] -I forget to enter the theme setting using the advance config. -I just back to the start menu and open Setting->Theme Know Problem: -The theme setting crushed when i press the theme it go back to the setting app...
  21. K

    Thread [Q] How to backup and restore provisioning xml file

    Hi guys, I have LG Quantum which I converted into C900K (Australia ROM) using instructions from one of the teds here. Now, for various reasons, I want to go back to original C900B (Bell) ROM but I would like to first backup provisioning xml file from current ROM and add it into phone once I...
  22. B

    Thread [Q] Windows Phone 7 ROM ported to the Inspire/DHD?

    Hey guys, I was looking over at Windows Phone 7 the other day and I noticed that the UI looks really cool! I don't want to buy a windows phone, but I also found out that the HTC HD2 can dual boot windows mobile and android at the same time. THe HD2 also has a snapdragon, so would it possible to...
  23. B

    Thread [Q] (Q) Possible Windows Phone 7 ROM for Inspire/DHD?

    Hey guys, I was looking over at Windows Phone 7 the other day and I noticed that the UI looks really cool! I don't want to buy a windows phone, but I also found out that the HTC HD2 can dual boot windows mobile and android at the same time. THe HD2 also has a snapdragon, so would it possible to...
  24. S

    Thread WP7 Mango Emulator Image Unlocked

    This image emulator (italian localized) has no blacklisted applications. You can replace the original file located into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v7.1\Emulation\Images" folder with the current one. The WP7 development is better if you can use every feature included...
  25. A

    Thread HTC Mazaa Stock ROM Mango [FFU]

    Hey everyone, This a stock ROM for the HTC Mazaa. it's 7720.68 - Stock Mango. It's just an FFU, but i'm sure some will find a use for it. Ciao! ps. credits to Mike. He acquired the ROM, and we thrashed it about for hours trying...
  26. X

    Thread [Q] Show Cell Broadcast / Cell Info Display / Area Info‎ on Windows Mobile 7

    I searched a lot but am not able to find a solution to my issue I need to display Cell Broadcast / Cell Info Display / Area Info‎ on Windows Mobile 7 is there any way I could display it on the home tab / tile or simply next to the Mobile / Phone Call Tab on the home screen? Currently using...
  27. whitealien

    Thread [REVIEW] Nokia Lumia 800 and Windows Phone 7.5 [update: 24.SEP.2012]

    update 24/09/12: All known bugs has been fixed with latest firmware 1750.0805.8773.12220 from Nokia. Personally I didn't believe they gone fix that nasty audio bug, but they did it. Great job! Another important thing to note, if you have intentions to buy this phone take into consideration that...
  28. C

    Thread [Q] Problem Establishing Sync-Center Connection.

    I'm trying to flash a ROM on to my HTC HD7 and I am having a problem when I try to establish an Activesync connection with my phone. I have HSPL all set up on my device (an unlocked T-mobile HD7 on Rogers) the phone OS version is 7.0.7004.0 and my bootloader version is 3.1.2250.0(119314). I...
  29. efsane

    Thread [v4 Final Version] CTRLPDA FSM HD2 Mango ROM [03.01.2012]

    ***************************************** ***************************************** ***************************************** ***************************************** ***************************************** ***************************************** *****************************************...
  30. T

    Thread [Q] How to get Radio running on WP7?

    Hey all, I've been running XBmod/Yuki's WP7 Rom for a few months now, and I love almost everything about it. One big problem though: the baked-in radio is terrible for my area. I'm on usually a couple bars of edge at most in places where I used to have full bars of 3G. I'm now in the middle of...
  31. M

    Thread [Q] Phone not receiving MMS's

    Hi, I've tryed running both 1.22 and 1.23b1, and I cant seem to get any picture messages while running these two versions of 7720. Before flashing the mango rom, I was able to receive the MMS messages. the link to the rom's is here I havn't changed radios or anything, could someone please...
  32. Foxnov1990

    Thread [Q] HD7 Restore or Reinstall

    Good evening, Well first off, my battery duration sucks badly (not even a full day without much usage) so I decided to do a hard reset of the device. Now, people are suggesting to do all kinds of things like turning off the auto email receiving option every time one comes in and turning off...
  33. Foxnov1990

    Thread [Q] HD7 Mango & Battery

    Good evening, This is not just another "QQ my battery is bad" topic but I have searched without proper succes for my question so here goes. Yes my battery sucks ever since I updated it to Mango. Now people are suggesting to do all kinds of things like turning off the auto email receiving...
  34. M

    Thread [Q] Import contacts over Bluethooth in WP 7.5 Mango

    Is there any way to enable Contacts Import via Bluetooth in WP 7.5 Mango? I have a HTC Titan, and few old phones. All old phones (samsugn feature phones) have "Send Business card" option which basically pushes business cards via bluetooth. HTC titan pairs with those phones, but cannot accept...
  35. T

    Thread [Q] Phone acting wonky/no service

    Hey All; Long time lurker on XDA, first time poster. My phone has been behaving badly, and thus far my googling, and searching XDA has not found any answers; so thank you in advance for any info you can provide. I have and HTC HD7 (Bell Canada network). This morning my phone rebooted a couple...
  36. C

    Thread [Q] no add network button (+) for hidden wifi in mango

    I have an htc hd2 and recently updated it to 7720. Im trying to connect to hidden network in "settings" > "Wi-Fi" > "advanced", but there is no add network button (+). any suggestions of what to do. Wifi is turned on, but still no add button. Im with t-mobile. i've searched the forums and...
  37. J

    Thread [Q] Unlock GSM on Verizon HTC Trophy W/Mango?

    I have an HTC trophy, its running mango. I now have at&t and would like to unlock my GSM capability's to use my service. I have an iPhone and hate it! will someone please help me unlock my phone? again its an HTC trophy running WP7.5 Mango.. THANK YOUUU!
  38. F

    Thread [Q] (Help) - HTC HD7 (Mango 7740) - how to install chevron?

    Hey guys!, I have been looking around everywhere trying to find a way on how to install chevron on my HTC HD7 device for a few days now and nothing seems to work for me, everything i try seems to fail :( I have been keeping up to date with the official updates recently and now i cant seem to...
  39. I

    Thread [Q] Windows phone 7.5 mango help. Looking to flash a custom ROM.

    Hello! Right I own a HTC HD7 windows mobile phone. Here are the specs for my phone: Spec: Model: HTC HD7 T9292 Software: Windows Phone 7.5 OS version: 7.10.7720.68 Firmware revision number: 2250.21.51003.206 Hardware revision number: 0002 Radio software version: Radio...
  40. Y

    Thread [Q] How to change MMS settings manually?

    Hi all and thanks in advance for the help. My probles seems obviuos, but I didn't find a solution yet. I have a HTC Titan (Mango) and didn't play with any hacks/unlocking/Chevron. It self-congigured to the settings of my carrier - MTS Ukraine and everything works fine, but MMS. The problem...
  41. Gang_Jordan

    Thread [Q] Does Surround support WP7.5 ?

    Hello everyone :) I am planning to buy this phone , but unfortunately I dunno which software version come with it Would you please help me ? and if it doesn't come with 7.5 , can I upgrade it ? I want the Mango update :) Thanks ! :)
  42. G

    Thread [Q] Samsung Focus Inter-Op Question, XAP compatibility

    **NOOB ALERT** This is my first post, however this is following 2 days of scouring the forums and trying about a million things so please bear with me. First my phone info: Samsung Focus AT&T Rev 1.3 OS: 7.10.7720.68 (Mango) Developer Unlocked Using Official Chevron Token I am trying to get...
  43. CB620

    Thread [Q] Did Anyone Chrome Polish Their Kickstand?

    Was looking around for people that have done it on blogs, asked a couple friends...etc Was wondering if anyone on here have done the steps to chrome out your kickstand. I heard its ideal for people that have a peeling kickstand or just wanted to try it in general. I came across this when...
  44. M

    Thread [Q] Add languages

    Hello, I like my Mozart, however, I'd like to use Dutch display language. I only have the 5 first languages that were introduced last year. I'm using an unbranded TMO DE version with the Mango update. I would like to find a way to add Dutch (and if I have no choice, other languages as well)...
  45. A

    Thread How to remove 10 slide load limit with OFFICIAL ChevronWP7 Unlocker on my HD7?

    I have the lastest version of Windows Phone 7.5 (with HTC OEM update and internet sharing too) on my HTC HD7, and I unlocked that with the official ChevronWP7. The problem is that I can install only max 10 apps: is there any way to remove this limit?
  46. Nela

    Thread Here is an official description and more info on the 2240 update

    Here is what Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering posted in "...customers of Vodafone, Orange, and Deutsche Telekom in Europe will start seeing notifications for a new Windows Phone service release called 7740 that fixes an issue with new voice mail...
  47. darks1der

    Thread [Q] Reg editing

    I have been trying out some of the old methods for windows phone 7 to mod the registry but so far no succeses.:confused::confused: Has anybody got any idea's up to now?
  48. N

    Thread [App] SpyCam - use your Mango phone as a hidden camera!

    Hi, I just want to share my app with community - the app is called SpyCam and it's pretty simple - you can use it for taking pictures using the main camera in predefined interval. The pictures are then saved into Saved pictures folder in Pictures Hub. But what is so unique on this app - it works...
  49. tessut

    Thread the coolest thing on DFT ROM7720 v2

    I've recently sideloaded kinectimals the sims 3 and PES2011. As i played those games i earned arcievements but only on DFT ROM 7720 v2. Did somebody else had with these games Xbox live arcivements ? You can look at my xbl account: joseastrada999
  50. J

    Thread Like/Dislike from WP 7.5 in terms of laggyness and requiring more finger tapping...

    Dislike: 1. People Hub 1. Pinning recent contacts In the nodo build, it used to show individual contacts being animated then goes to homescreen but now only the whole screen is being animated then goes to homescreen. 2. Going back to start screen from People Hub In the nodo build, it used to...