1. J

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][SKIN][(W)QVGA] Manila transparent skin

    Hi everyone, I like Manila 2.5 look, but I still have Omnia i900 (WQVGA, TouchFlo 2.0). I decided to make similar skin, it works on every WQVGA and QVGA device with Manila 1.2 or 2.0. Just copy files from the package to 'Windows' folder using TotalCommander or Resco File Explorer. Here is...
  2. Mik-el

    Thread [Q][2016] Install the HTC skin through a cab file

    Do you still have the HTC .cab theme? (manila-oem customization) Hello guys. PLEASE Can anyone share with me the .cab file for the default htc touch pro 2 theme / oem customization? (view attachements) My device is not an htc pro 2 so I can't simply install a manila rom, I need the .cab file...
  3. Simonas0

    Thread [Q] TF3D

    Hello, I have old phone Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T830, it runs official WM5, unofficial WM6 and WM6.1. It's possible to have TouchFlo3D or TouchFlo2D appearance on NOT HTC phones? Thanks for help!
  4. N

    Thread [New APP] Png to CFC Hq - GUI -1.1

    Hello my friends, If you have a smartphone with Manila ( Sense), you have to see thaht the PNG included in manila are compressed with a lost of quality :( Our chef Chainfire has created a famous apps named "CFC Gui" that aims at compressing png with CFC algorythm but with always the lost of...
  5. RoryB

    Thread [CHTwidget]CHTw Reminder

    I decided to pull my Reminder widget information out of How-To-Make-A-CHT-Widget and continue developing. I'll start this thread by pulling relevant posts from the original location. ************************************************ My latest release. See the snapshots. Change log: 19 Jan...
  6. poyensa

    Thread [mod]CHT2.0 widget Picture Frame Widget[UPDATE!]

    is there anybody interested to have a Picture Frame Widget for Co0kie Home Tab 2.0.0? :rolleyes: Yes, its a rhetorical question .... :D PREVIOUS VERSIONS: EDIT: INITIAL RELEASE Ok i managed to get something, but still need some better code. Up to now CHTwPictureFrame can show 1 or 2...
  7. derliebewolf

    Thread [Q] Manila: editing 22e41977_manila (home layout) to see more calendar entries

    Hi All, I searched a lot but could not find a solution, so here's what I want to do: Manually editing the 22e41977_manila file to remove the RSS reader (allready done this one) and use the newly available space to display the next two calendar entries instead of just one. I know that CHT can do...
  8. S

    Thread [Q] Manila player - save position on exit?

    May be this question already arose on xda, I can't find it... So - the question is really simple. Do you know Manila (not WMP!) video player on HD2? Of course, you are. You also know, when you leave this player it just discard current video clip and the next time you have no choice but start the...
  9. Mr.zeus

    Thread [Totarial] How to Make WM6.1 ROM with Manila v2.0 - Sense

    How to Make WM6.1 ROM with Manila v2.0 hi every one ... as you know i'm too busy these days and cannot make a rom for you so i'd like to share my files with you ... maybe they become useful to make a good rom most of you know that running Manila V2.0 cause many problems in wm6.1 or some parts...
  10. crosek

    Thread [APP REQUEST] A Manila style NOTES app WM6.5

    Hi Guys, I often use default wm Notes program in my htc. Recently i thought about creating a simple and pretty program with htc manila style, instead of boring wm notes. Personally, I can't create such a program, because I don't know the programming language :P However, I made several...
  11. crosek

    Thread [REQUEST] A Manila style NOTES app WM6.5

    Hi Guys, I often use default wm Notes program in my htc. Recently i thought about creating a simple and pretty program with htc manila style, instead of boring wm notes. Personally, I can't create such a program, because I don't know the programming language :P However, I made several...
  12. T

    Thread [Q] Looking for a good 6.5.x ROM (manila, stable, fast)

    First of all, my google-fu is very weak. Furthermore, the forum search engine apparently hates me, so please don't say anything about research or searching. I've tried and failed spectacularly. Also, I'm something of a newbie, so please be merciful. Thank you. :) My old ROM is starting to act...
  13. poyensa

    Thread [mod]CHTw Notes

    NOW CHOOSE YOUR FAV TEXTURE NOTE IN PNG FORMAT FILE!!! Uploaded with Many of you allready know about this widget, it has been created on-line in this guide of HOW-TO-MAKE-A-CHT-WIDGET. Now has earned its own thread The widget is resizable, pinnable, uninstalable, and includes...
  14. prabhat

    Thread [Q] How to show Calender Appointment/Agenda on Manila Home - Without CHT

    Hello Friends, What I am looking for: In Manila/Sense 2.5 we have a Calender bar in Home screen that takes us to Calender TAB. Is that possible to show the upcoming "n number of" agenda/event from the calender in the place, similar way how we have after we install CHT? I know that is possible...
  15. poyensa

    Thread [APP]CHT Tweaks [BETA][SENSE 2.5]

    CHT Tweaks BETA Only for Co0kie Home Tab 2.0.0 CHANGE FONT TEXT DIRECTLY TO CHT.2.0.0 USE PNG FILES DIRECTLY TO CHT.2.0.0 new! PIE CONTROL FOR SENSE new!ONE CLICK TO HIDE THE TASKBAR pie control here & into v100beta I continue experimenting with Co0kie Home Tab 2.0.0. Mainly CHTtweaks...
  16. C

    Thread [Q] Cooking Problem with Manila 2.5

    Hi I'm new to all that cooking stuff, but manage my way threw this and this is the firt thing I came accross with that i can't pass cooking manila 2.1 or 2.5 into my rom. I'm cooking based on a stock o2 rom. Could anyone provide me with the right package to cook in to my rom and guide me step by...
  17. D

    Thread The Future of Sense

    Hi all, What follows could be considered to be the ramblings of a lunatic however it is intended to provoke discussion and maybe some thought about where we (Sense users/fans) go from here. Personally I know I don't want to see Sense die off (I'm not planning on moving to Android or WinPho 7...
  18. Kedarik

    Thread [WWE] Cleric ROM Series [WinMo 6.5.x 29007][Manila 2.1.1919] (DISCONTINUED)

    Cleric ROM Series Do you like everything simple? Nothing fancy but still stylish and clean? Then this is the ROM for you! Cleric ROMs comes in two versions: A Manila 2.1 version and a Titanium version. If you want a stylish and fast UI, go for the Manila version. If you want RAW speed, go...
  19. G

    Thread [Q] Hide appointments end time

    Hello, Is there a way to hide the end time of appointments in the calendar Sense (change of registry, new key ...)?
  20. J

    Thread [Q] Anyone know how to get HTC HD2 Manila with Android

    Hi there Just wondering if someone could help me with a guide on how to get my HTC HD2 running Andoid.
  21. remilistan

    Thread [Q] [ISSUE] The Delete Manila Function doesn't delete Mails on the server

    Hello all, I'm using Windows Live Mail on My Diamond with Energy ROM (sense 2.5 2019) and I have an issue regarding the delete mail function on the Manila TAB.(on all the Sense 201X tested ROM) Actually, when I delete a mail directly from the Windows Mobile Mail UI, this email is also deleted...
  22. Chef_Tony

    Thread [Q] Sense Music Tab

    i am using cloudy 0.7 wm6.1 with manila 2.5.20183025.0 and i never really used the music tab before, in fact i deactivated it and always used coreplayer to listen to music and books on tape. now i decided to give it another go and face some questions about that tab/player: 1. how do i exclude...
  23. A

    Thread HTC Manila for WAD 2.5 only WQVGA by angelspid

    HTC Manila for WAD ONLY FOR WQVGA Install 1. Install MortScript 2. Install s2p for Music page 3. Copy Message2Reg in Device memory\Programs Files 4. Copy Messages in Windows\Start Menu 5. Copy touchflo in the folder Themes of WisBar Advance Desktop 6. Copy the New Folder (2) in Stronger Card...
  24. T

    Thread Manila/Sense Skin for ArkSwitch

    A simple, clean theme for ArkSwitch which makes it look a little more like the HTC Manila interface. Note: I made this for my VGA Touch Diamond so it might not display properly on other resolutions. To install: download the attached zip file, unzip it, transfer the config file & image files to...
  25. T

    Thread Manila /Sense Skin for TCPMP Media Player

    Just fiddling around on a rainy Saturday. There's a nice finger-friendly black skinned version of The Core Pocket Media Player by Makuu over on which has been configured for VGA devices like our Touch Diamonds. It's an excellent media player (plays a lot of file types - think...
  26. M

    Thread [ROM][WWE][Jan 11, 2011][1.04] Slate/Stock-like - SYS 29007/Manila 2.5.20121225.0

    Hello, people. This is it - a WM 6.5.3 ROM which includes Manila 2.5.20121225.0 and the other HTC goodies you're used to. The aim is to have a stock-like ROM, with most of the stuff gathered from Touch HD-class devices (ie. Rhodium/Topaz). Changelog: ----------------- Version history (only...
  27. glostix

    Thread CHT on 6.1?

    Happy Thanksgiving guys! Been thankful for the helpful tips and tricks with my lovely X1 I bought last year's Black Friday event! Quick question. How do I get Cookie's Home Tab to work on my Win6.1 platform? I read on that you need Manila or Sense 2.5, any download links for those will help...
  28. meltwater

    Thread [MOD][SENSE2.5TAB] SenseUtil (Tab Control File Editor) [10 Aug 2011 New Release]

    Project Open Compiled Cab file attached to this post. Code-Plex Page (source available): ====================== Project Status ====================== Initial development is completed. The application does all the items defined in the Manifest! Ideas and feedback...
  29. J

    Thread [MOD] JurkovClock

    Font: Steiner
  30. Z

    Thread [Q] Sense Upgrade

    Hi, didn't found by searching this forum. Is there any possibility to upgrade HTCSense to the latest (or maybe a little older) version without installing a custom rom? I want to have a rom which is almost like the stock rom and has the latest Sense version which is available for HD2. Btw. which...
  31. mariosaigon

    Thread [Q] Can anyone help me finding ROMS for the HTC Touch XL with winmo 6.5 and manila???

    Hi everybody. Perhaps you know about a rom with Windows Phone 6.5.x with built-in Manila 2D, because I really hate Titanium. You know, I´ve been loyal to Dsixda and his roms but he never cooks manila! please help me guys! Mario greetings from El Salvador:confused:
  32. K

    Thread [ROM] kwbr Rhodium version 2.3 :: 23152 :: 21914

    After flashing it is recommended to perform a hard reset. Scroll down for version history. Put your cab files in a folder Autoinstall on your sd card for auto installation after a flash. If you enjoy my work please feel free to make a small donation or rank this thread and say THANKS...
  33. S

    Thread [Q][Sense 2.5] require[...] ?

    Hi @all, I've donwloaded the manila kitchen and also the current release of the manila package. Now I want to write a new Tab and have some big problems with that. I hope you can help. 1st I've thought about looking into existing code (eg Twitter Tab). There I've my first problem. They use a...
  34. E

    Thread [Resolved] Looking for the name of a specific manila file

    I am looking for the name of the manila file that is responsible for the dark shadow when switching between tabs. Is it a graphic or is it somewhere inside the code? I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks a lot. EC
  35. M

    Thread [Q] manila 2.5

    I've got an imitation of HTC mini . I'd like to install manila 2.5 where can I find it
  36. R

    Thread manila 2.5 farsi

    دوستان خوب فارسی زبانم سلام:) قصد دارم برای اولین بار مانیلای فارسی را به شما معرفی نمایم. در صورت تمایل با صندوق پست الکترونیکی من در ارتباط باشید.
  37. T

    Thread [ICONS] ~theuser-1~ Slider Tab Icons Pack [WM 6.5 / Sense 2.5]

    ~theuser-1~ Slider Tab Icons Pack [WM 6.5 / Sense 2.5] Last update: 02 Sep - added Version 1.1 with more icons included. [see files attached at the bottom of this post] This is my first attempt to modify manila, but it works on my HD2 :D Tested on WM 6.5 Energy ROM with CHT. Don't know if it...
  38. JRocca

    Thread Titanium VS. Manila

    Hey all, This might have been discussed in the past, but if not I thought might be a good discussion. I see so many people using Titanium UI, and some using Manila, or touchflo or Sense Personally I like the sense/manila interface, but I would like to hear what the people have to say. So, Which...
  39. venomshot629

    Thread [Q] HTC Calendar Problems

    I've been trying all day different combinations of Appointment Editor and Manila Calendar and my appointments will not show up. I can directly add one, and it will show up for a half second after I add it, then it disappears. I go into Microsoft Calendar in the phone and the appointment I added...
  40. Stephen

    Thread Working OSKitchen with Windows 6.5.5 for download!!!!

    I have recently started to build my own rom for the HD2. I have spent a lot of time getting a stable osKitchen build working with windows 6.5.5. I had some problems getting sense to work properly with the newer versions of windows. I now believe that I have a stable build and am in the...
  41. J

    Thread [THEME][SENSE2.5]Classic TouchFlo 3D 2.0 style tab icons

    Hello, I really don't like the new Sense 2.5 tab icons, so I made a classic skin for the crunchy look of the newer roms. :cool: 1. Screenshot: 2. Usage: Download attachment Unpack files Copy files to device or memory card Disable Sense Copy files to device's Windows folder Enable Sense...
  42. P

    Thread [win32] API - New Sense interface Look 'n Feel V1.6.4 (01/28/11)

    I have created a win32 API for C++ that mimics HTC's Sense UI Look 'n Feel... More informations on my website: DOCUMENTATION : This SDK is designed for speed: .NET applications are usually very slow to load and not fluid. I use...
  43. c0de_junkie

    Thread Working Black Txt on Cookie Home Screen and Most Sense Tabs for Manila 2016!!

    To start off, I would have never been able to do ANY of this without Poyensa and the info he posted in this thread, Thanks Man !!! So please dont forget to throw some thanks his way!!! and also a BIG thanks goes out to NRGZ28 for making such a rock solid rom to test on!!! Heres to you...
  44. C

    Thread How to access the file in manila lua script?

  45. klausner

    Thread HTC Home Customizer?

    Is there something like the old HTC Home Customizer that will work for the Touch Pro2? I've spent the last hour wading through this forum trying to find a way to replace the awful, 1970's flippy clock with a simple digital clock. Is there a solution ?
  46. fear2142

    Thread Fear's Manila Mods

    Hi people! This is my first thread and I think it gona be quite big. I hope you will respect my rules: 1) Don't post my works (modifications or separate files) in any place! 2) Don't include my works in any other cabs or ROMs without asking permission I wanted to post theme...
  47. poyensa

    Thread [mod][UPDATING TO CHT 2.0] Glossy Silver Slider and more!

    Based on the great zelendel's Dark Passion incon set I have made this transparent slider bar to match with the theme. May be useful to someone! [ADDED QUICKLINKS & FREELINKS BACKGROUNDS] [ADDED RSS TAB SLIDERBAR ICONS] [ADDED CHT2.0_WIDGET BINARY CLOCK] [ADDED CHT2.0_WIDGET SILVER...
  48. T

    Thread [Q] Pause Manila Music Player Programatically

    Hello guys, is there any way to pause manila music player programmatically? Thanks in advance.
  49. U

    Thread [MOD] Smaller HTCMenus (QVGA) + Customization

    Since is quite annoying scrolling in Menus when there are more than 6 tiles/options, I've managed to increase the number of tiles in HTC Menus from 6 rows to 8 in portrait mode (and from 4 rows to 5 in landscape mode) decreasing the height of tiles from 42 pixels to 34 (finger-friendly enough as...
  50. Dic3ptor

    Thread [TUT]°°how to figure out wich manila file is for what°°

    I made a little Tutorial how you can figure out wich manila file is for what. Only you need is cfc_GUI you can download from here: <----Thanks Chainfire for that! At the first you had to Cerate a FOLDER on your DESKTOP called manila files...