1. d1xenotime

    Thread Question Manual mode for Pixel 7 - camera app

    Hi everyone. I have been wondering for a while after using the Pixel 7 for 2 weeks. Is there a way to force the Pixel 7 to operate in a manual mode that enables us to control the WB, focus, ISO, and shutter speed? If not, what would be a good third-party app that does? I came from a OnePlus...
  2. napster9.

    Thread Question Upgrade to ColorOs12 or 13

    Hello. I've repeatedly asked Oppo to provide a link to the ColorOs12 or 13 package, but they keep telling me to go to a service centre, because for some reason the A74 5g models are unable to update to colouros 12 or 13 over the air like they should (at least here in australia) I'm disabled...
  3. U

    Thread Debloating MIUI without Root Access (Manual Method)

    Tired of all the pre-installed applications that come with your new phone. Most of them tend to be useless and some tend to be on annoying side with push notifications and battery drains. One way to get rid of all these intruders is to root your device and delete them using some application or...
  4. T

    Thread Camera images overexposed AFTER saving in manual mode. What's up with this nonsense?

    When I'm using manual mode in the camera. I'll set ISO, shutter etc. When I use the flash, I'll tap to let it focus. I'll have the overall exposure of the image set just right. I tap to take the photo, then boom... the saved image is FAR brighter than what it appeared before it saved it. EVERY...
  5. J

    Thread Camera Apps with Manual mode and RAW capture for the ultra wide and tele lenses?

    Hi, Are there any camera apps with manual mode and RAW capture for the ultra wide and tele lenses? I don't mind having to use a separate app for each
  6. tys0n

    Thread Service / Repair Manual.

    I found the service/repair manual online, with schematics, trouble shooting, component location etc. Can come in handy if you ever need to open it or something. Manual_ServiceMotorola One Vision XT1970-1 XT1970-2 XT1970-3
  7. O

    Thread will i receive ota updates after manual update ?

    hi guys i was asking my self if i install orea beta rom manually (Using downloading mode with sdcard)... will i be able after that to get OTA updates ?? thanks in advance <3
  8. D

    Thread Sony user guide available

    If you haven't spotted it yet, and fancy some reading before the weekend:
  9. P

    Thread [GUIDE] How to manually upgrade firmware

    First of all, this guide expects you to have some basic knowledge how to use fastboot, have working ADB/fastboot connection on your computer and understand the fact that this may brick your phone if you mess up. I am NOT responsible for anything! This will wipe everything on your phone, so get...
  10. T

    Thread My camera is not focusing (auto/manual)

    Hi there, my camera is having a real trouble right now. I take my phone from the box and get the update from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3. I did it. Then I used like my daily phone but... the camera didn't Focus, manual or auto focus, just can't focus. I did a wipe... Still the same problem. I did a...
  11. chinmoy32

    Thread [APK][MM,N][Z5,XZ,X] Ultimate Unlocked Camera with Manual Controlls v7 from CHINMOY32

    Modified SEMCCameraUI.APK , With Unlocked All Options, Intelligent Active Everywhere, Scenes, ISOs , ISO & HDR Unlocked Separately Even with Scenes Selected and So on... --- Just like before --- - you will need ROOT - patched services.jar - deodexed SYSTEM probably [although in stock SYSTEM...
  12. A

    Thread [GUIDE] [A2017G] Updating (B05, B06, B08)

    Really guys, at the moment everything is a little scattered. Its very dificultly to find some Infos and you have to read through a whole thread to make an update... so i think it wouldn't be so bad if we make a central thread to catch all the Infos. I'll get everything together in the next few...
  13. P

    Thread Enable 4k And Manual Camera In Redmi Note 3 Stock Camera

    This video shows how you can activate manual camera settings and 4k video recording in Redmi Note 3. There are other methods also to get the same results but they require downloading additional apps but this methods works on stock camera itself. I haven't tried on other phones but it will surely...
  14. N

    Thread [Guide][Camera][SD]How to enable Camera2 API

    Hello guys) How to enable Camera2 API?) Custom ROMs (MIUI, CM, etc) 1) Root! 2) Open build.prop, make string '' , save, reboot. 3) Check manual features by Manual Camera Compability utility. 4) Install FV-5, Manual Camera etc and enjoy by manual exposure,focus etc)...
  15. RichBordoni

    Thread Marshmallow Update Manual for SM-N915F/FY/G

    Hey, I didn't see this posted anywhere so I thought I'd post it here in case people want to take a look. It's the new user manual from Samsung that goes along with the Marshmallow update. Hopefully this means that the firmware will be releasing soon. The original source details the significant...
  16. henklbr

    Thread User Manual Samsung Galaxy S7

    Nederlands English Deutsch Español 中國 T-Mobile USA Sprint USA AT&T USA
  17. henklbr

    Thread User Manual Samsung Galaxy S7Edge

    Nederlands English Deutsch Français Español 中國 T-Mobile USA Verizon USA AT&T USA
  18. IronTechmonkey

    Thread MiXplorer: Q&A and FAQ (User Manual)

  19. adizz131

    Thread [USER GUIDE] HTC One M9 User Guide

    Howdy. I spoke to HTC Online Chat yesterday, and got a copy of the user guide (I couldn't find it anywhere on the phone or online). Anyway, here is the guide if anyone needs it. :) Mirror 1 (Dropbox) Mirror 2 (Google Drive) Enjoy
  20. moporoco

    Thread [Q] When updating manually, do I need to flash stock recovery if I am using TWRP?

    When applying official updates manually, can I skip flashing the recovery below if I use TWRP? Or, should I always flash the stock recovery then re-flash custom recovery? fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-shamu-xxx.img fastboot reboot-bootloader fastboot flash radio radio-shamu-xxx.img...
  21. doctor-cool

    Thread User Manual VZW Note 4 and
  22. djeaton

    Thread [Q] Are there any user-created manuals?

    I'm one of those kind of guys that actually read the owners manuals and, while I can learn a lot from the scattered approach at answering specific questions, would prefer a more organized approach. I know that the OnePlus One does not come with a manual. And I know that there are a lot of...
  23. A

    Thread [APP][4.0+][02-10 v1.1.30] Survival Tools BETA with hints of Material Design!

    Survival Tools is a new survival app for Android with hints of Material Design! This project is currently in Beta phase so any input will be appreciated. I would like to see how this app behaves on different devices so I decided to create this thread. Current features are: Compass Map with...
  24. Hermantje

    Thread [request] [modders pls] Xperia Z1 CAMERA QUICK LAUNCH to MANUAL instead of auto

    Hey XDA lovers! There's this minor annoyance that I'm facing. And with minor, I mean a First-World-Problem BIG annoyance. You see, I never use the Superior Auto mode of the Xperia Z1. Instead I love shooting at Manual mode with ISO around 50 to 200. Superior Auto always cranks the ISO up to...
  25. Crossvxm

    Thread [Q] Back to stock help???

    So I recently grabbed me a Grouper recently to *cough* remember my first Android powerhouse (before I met the Optimus G) and decided to tinker with it as usual. I've owned 6 (now 7) different Groupers in this lifetime and have great experience with it, how to get those pesky drivers working...
  26. roeiboot

    Thread [Q] Auto vs. Manual sync (& root)

    first time since getting the Moto X i am disappointed (2nd time if you count the mediocre performance of camera in low(er) light situations), looks like i cannot unlock the boot loader (AT&T non dev)). main reason i wanted it is to manually sync easily. when i just got the device i was able to...
  27. A

    Thread Tutorial - How to translate Android apps

    Are you an Android developer and don't know how to explain people how to translate your app? Are you an Android translator, and you don't know how translations on Android apps work? If so, I've made a document just for you (and for me :) ). I've made a document that should help you. I made it...
  28. M

    Thread [Q] Contact Merge (Not Link and Not Automatic)

    Can anyone recommend an App that will allow me to take two contacts and manually merge them, after reviewing the available data fields, into a single contact? I can find a lot of apps that will do it for me automatically... But they all seem to suffer from the same set of problems. If they can...
  29. M

    Thread [Q] Manually flash OTA on stock recovery?

    Seems this is either something I should just know or ya just can't do it. I've brought my device back stock, sitting on 4.2.2. However it doesn't want to take an OTA for whatever reason. Seems to be a device issue based on a search on google, but I was curious, since I have the OTA files for...
  30. RRSoftware

    Thread The user guide is now available

    Hi, the user guide for the Sony Xperia Z2 is now official online on the Sony website:
  31. G

    Thread [Q] PRL write? QPST does not work on Nexus 5

    On Galaxy S3 there was a way to do PRL write and load Sprint corporate PRL. I have spent past couple of days trying to search the forum and the interwebs for a way to do it on stock Nexus 5. Anyone figured out a way to load in (and have it stick) PRL manually?
  32. K

    Thread [I927 ICS AT&T ROM] Change GSM mode to 2G/off 3G, minimize risk missed calls and text

    [I927 ICS AT&T ROM] Change GSM mode to 2G/off 3G, minimize risk missed calls and text Hello, i have I927 with stock AT&T ICS ROM, to change phone to work in only 2G mode u must do: 1) enter to dial pad 2) enter to "ServiceMode" by typing *#197328640# 3) on menu you see click: [1] DEBUG SREEN...
  33. B

    Thread Getting focus signal from camera

    Hello, just quick question. I'm trying to get into the camera API and need a specific function. I'm not into the Android programming - yet. But before I'm putting all my effort in learning how everything works I was wondering if the following is possible: 1.) Is it possible to get the actual...
  34. M

    Thread HTC one ota confusion

    hi guys i just recently got my htc one,unlocked. its till on 4.1.2 and when i click on check for updates it says its up to date. i would like to know why it says its up to date while 4.2.2 has been out for so long AND whether manually updating my phone is possible without rooting and while...
  35. danis1997

    Thread manual fastboot whitout factory cable

    hi i think there is many people whitout the factory cable so i will say to you how to reboot in fastboot mode kindle fire HD 7 ------------------------Kindle Fire in general-------------------- -completly root the device -on a terminal write: "adb shell" "su" "reboot bootloader" i hope i...
  36. F

    Thread [Q] Run custom script at boot CM10.1

    Hi! I want to create a script that runs during boot without the need of SManager. I want to run this command at boot: mount -o bind /storage/sdcard1/data/ /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/ That's what I think I should do: I put this code in a file...
  37. F

    Thread [SOLVED] [Q] official 4.1.2 how to??

    can anyone confirm my method to manually update to official 4.1.2 is correct? Cuz if i'm waiting for the official come to kies it might take a looooong time. I've read any tutorial that i can find on these forum. i'm not exactly a noob at this stuff, just a lil, maybe alot, rusty. Currently my...
  38. espionage724

    Thread [Q] Why doesn't "Root Info" give any manual root methods?

    Just in case anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, there appears to be a new "Root Info" category on the N10 forums: But none of those methods listed are manual, they're all some "one-press" solution pretty much, which...
  39. android1999

    Thread Upgrade Nexus 7 wifi (nakasi) to Android 4.2.2 manually

    Hi guys, Android version 4.2.2 via OTA has been released. For folks like me who have not yet got it and are impatient here you go- 1.Upgrade Nexus 7 to 4.2.1 first [necessary]. 2.Get the zip for 4.2.2 here. Download 3.Boot Nexus 7 into bootloader. [Power button + center of both volume...
  40. rawintellect

    Thread [UPDATED 3.16.13] [ROOT] [GUIDE] 6 Steps! [Works with all builds up to 3.16.651.3]

    This guide will enable you to easily root your phone in 6 steps. I've taken out the mystery and complications. :) 1) Go to HTC Dev site and manually unlock your bootloader. Select "register" and create your account. 1a) After you are registered select "all other supported models" in the pull...
  41. Tone-Fu

    Thread [Q] Does anyone have the manual?

    Hi Folks, I'm trying to get my hands on the manual for the Droid DNA as I've got a ton of work to do and it would really help me out (I'm a copywriter). Do any of yous have a working link, .pdf or similar? Thanks in advance :good:, Tone
  42. speculatrix

    Thread user manual for N7105 and N7100 available for download

    I discovered the user manual for the N7105 - Note2 variant with LTE for UK/Europe/Australia - was available for download from Samsung for the sake of completeness, the N7100...
  43. htc6500uk

    Thread Free User Guide app from Samsung

    Free app/manual from Samsung in the Play Store for the Note II - well worth a download..
  44. dbarrera

    Thread Optimus P350 Service Manual

    pax0r once uploaded the Service Manual for Optimus Me and disappeared into oblivion in his thread. I'm only reposting this Manual on its own for anyone who can find a good use to it. Haven't read the whole document so I don't know the complete information within. LG P350 Service Manual At the...
  45. ghampton10

    Thread GALAXY SⅢ User’s Digest (user manual)

    Hi guys and girls. Samsung rep told me about this guide which is available in the play store for s3 users. Its basically an interactive user guide for your s3. This should help any new android users and iphone converts use their new device easily :) Check out GALAXY SⅢ User’s Digest on Google...
  46. E:V:A

    Thread [GT-N7000][REF] Service Manual and Full Schematics

    Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000/L) Service Manual + Full Schematics. After having spent considerable time trying to find any half-descent schematic of the GT-I9100, I was pointed to a Google search-link (thanks to an anonymous source) and came across the full schematics of the GT-N7000/L. This...
  47. E:V:A

    Thread [REF] GT-I9300 Service Manual

    Here is the Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) Service Manual. Please take a moment to read the notes and issues about this manual in this post. For some reason Google didn't pick up that post, so I had to re-post here... Now, if you are brave and happen to have a GT-I9300, you can still help us...
  48. mariosraptor

    Thread Nokia Lumia900 Service manual Level 1&2

    hi. this is what the title suggests. service manual for Nokia Lumia900. Cheers.
  49. Core Memory

    Thread G2X/P999/P99DW Service Manual - Free to Download

    Here's where the service manual for the G2X/P999/P999DW can be downloaded for free: Online at
  50. Y

    Thread [Q] Google Account is removed

    Hey Guys I know am not supposed to report bugs on nightlys, but this has put me in a cinch. When I updated to 202, my google account was removed for some reason. So I am not able to sign into market or basically do anything related to my google account. In Settings->Accounts->Add Account, the...