1. LaceeWearsPrada

    Thread Updates

    Hi! What do you think, how come they only update japanese market J9110?! Japanese: 55.2.A.4.191, now they got 55.2.A.4.268A Every other: 55.2.A.4.154 Why's that?!
  2. T

    Thread Canadian Swiftronic import order/recall info

    I thought it might be good to consolidate the info/correspondence regarding our Swiftronics Note 7 order and recall process. Post here if you ordered from Swiftronics and if you have any information to share. Should we need to fight for our return/recall, we can work together to ensure they...
  3. hinxnz

    Thread [MODULE] Detach3 - Detach Market Links

    Detach3 Introduction This Magisk module is for detaching apps from the Google Play Store. It removes your defined packages from the 'Manage apps and device" section and disables them from auto-updates. Installation Flash module in Magisk Manager only. Not necessary to reboot after flashing...
  4. K

    Thread How To Find 1Mobile Market Downloaded Apk File Path ?

    Phone Memory Full & I Cant Find Downloaded Apk Files From 1Mobile Market App !! Help Me Please !!
  5. C

    Thread Google play store wont launch, crash on launch with error message

    Hi! When i try to launch Google play store it first says that it has updated from google market to google play store, i then press continue and after a while it crashes with the error message: "The process has stopped working." I did an update through Samsung kies but it's...
  6. F

    Thread [APP][4.0+] PSE Watch

    Hi guys, anyone from the Philippines who's into Stock Market trading, I created this app to help you monitor real time stock quotes. It's free with in-app purchases features: Realtime stock quotes Near realtime Bid and Ask + Executed Trades Watchlist Portfolio Charting : ADX, SMA/EMA, Chaikin...
  7. GoJo ^^

    Thread Trouble with the google keybord system app (detail inside)

    I did some test and eventually lost that apk and it's linked files. I did advanced recovery and restore system partition that was backed up yesterday. Now keyboard's here, however playstore can't see it as installed (before it did). And if i try push install, it doesn't give any error, the...
  8. T

    Thread [Q] Tracking Installed App's & Sources

    Hi! First post here!!! :D Thank's all the community for this incredible forum, been here since almost de begining. I've been wandering the forums and google, and can't find any solution. With the multiple app sources actually available, official and "side loading", lately, I've been having...
  9. A

    Thread [Q] How to distribute my apps to Chinese markets

    Hello everyone! As you can see in the title, I'm looking for how to distribute my apps to Chinese markets .I tried to open an account in and several markets but I couldn't find out how and don't know how to become a publisher or anything i can to publish my app. Please Is there...
  10. S

    Thread [Solution] Apps out of sync with Market

    Just in case this helps anyone... I had a situation where the apps on my NST (1.2.1) were out of sync with the Market (Google Play). Nothing appeared in the My Apps list and consequently I wasn’t informed of updates. I tried a few things such as cleaning the Market cache and uninstalling...
  11. R

    Thread insufficient storage on custom rom "fresh install"

    device: synet07526-r ships with: win ce 6 current os: android 2.2 current issue does not have market/playstore and im trying to get it installed. i have tried markets found via the internet and slide me. rom came with swapper2. built in "package manager" states app('s) couldnt be installed...
  12. S

    Thread [Q]Titanium backup question and also list of Alternative "markets" people use

    [Q]Titanium backup question and also list of Alternative "markets" people use I do not own a kindle fire HDX, but I may get one for Christmas this year. Unlike some people in these forums, I would not care if the kindle's amazon services were broken, only reason I chose this tablet was for the...
  13. A

    Thread [Q] Play Store still shown as Market

    Hey guys, I got an HTC Jetstream as a gift recently and its lovely! I was successfully able to connect it to my WiFi and browse the internet and stuff but for some reason the Play Store is not available. It still has the old "Market" app which does not connect to the internet even if I put in...
  14. H

    Thread [Q] CM 6.1.0, Froyo and Latest Version of Market

    I have since a long time ago installed CM 6.0.1 with Froyo 2.2.1 on my Viewsonic G Tablet. It seems that I am stuck on the same version of Market that I have had since this installation late 2010. Is it possible to update to the latest version of Market given the above version of CM? I have at...
  15. A

    Thread [Q] How do market links/removing market links work in Titanium Backup?

    I've been having Titanium Backup for a few months now, but have always been curious about what the "Market links" are. So my questions are: What are market links? How do they work? What does attaching an app to market do/creating a market link? What does removing a market link do?
  16. D

    Thread [Q] Android Market to Google Play Store update

    Hi, I have a Spice Mi-270 dual sim, GSM, Android 2.2 version mobile phone and Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070 running Gingerbread. Using App backup and restore I made a backup of the apk of google play store on Samsung. I rooted the Spice phone and installed root browser. I deleted the...
  17. M

    Thread [APP] Stocks Currencies Exchange

    Hi, I would like to present new finance app... Stocks, Currencies, Exchange: The newest, the fastest, the best designed mobile application for checking the stock exchange listings. The software includes all world: -Indices, -Shares, -ETFs, -Funds, -Futures. Additional functions include: - A...
  18. stilv

    Thread Other then AndroidPIT and Appbrian, what others ?

    3rd party android market is out there ?
  19. P

    Thread [Q] can somebody create a xda android repository full of apks?

    i have the idea, of having an app, or a website, or torrent site.... similar to black market, or google play, but only with xda repositories full of apk made by the members of this wonderful site, it would be nice to have a "new apps section", top 20, hack apks, etc. it would be nice if someone...
  20. B

    Thread [Free App] Shopping Lover - Simple Grocery App

    Application is built on the habits of shoppers. It increases the efficiency and speed of your shopping experience, and also prevents any unnecessary mistakes. Features: - No ads and alway free - Make shopping list - Smart typing - Check out what have/haven't been purchased - Share your...
  21. bunchesinoz

    Thread [Q] wtf is wrong with the market? error [RPC:S-5:AEC-0]

    I found two answers. .. First is to clear cache for market and clear data for pay services, reboot. Second is to remove Google account and re-add it. Neither seems to fully correct it, seems some apps will d/l and other won't. Anyone else have any luck sorting it? I read Google is in...
  22. DominikHolecek

    Thread Modded Google Play Holo Blue

    Hi all, I want to share this modded play store. I found it and modified from SGS3 forum, I think that this looks very nice with jb or ics... This mod will be in my upcoming rom... Fixed sharing in download links, enjoy and sorry about that Screenshots: Download: For Gingebread CWM...
  23. B

    Thread [Q] Kobo app - reading books

    Hello, so managed to bag a Nook Read Touch Simple for GBP30 and have got it rooted and market installed etc. Also have been able to successfully install the Kobo app and download a book from it. However when I try to read a book from the kobo app, I get the swirly Kobo thing, the screen goes...
  24. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread Swype available in Google Play for 99¢ Today only!

    Just like the title says, Swype has been released onto the Market. It's on sale for 99¢ today only. Get it while it's hot. Linky.
  25. S

    Thread For developers: New Windows Phone alternative Marketplace

    Hi. As I described here ( I am looking for partners for a new Marketplace for Windows Phone to increase money and app knowledge.
  26. T

    Thread Latin American version?

    What is the difference (if any) between the Latin American version of the 9500 vs any other market 9500?
  27. C

    Thread [Q] Trouble with paid Apps?

    I picked up two HTC One devices today as soon as the Sprint Store opened. I have as of yet not be able to download any previously purchased paid applications. This includes several rather expensive EA games, that just say "Not Compatible with your Device" which doesn't even allow me to...
  28. lakshan_456

    Thread [APP]Google Play Store V4 ( White and Black Versions)

    Just found the Google Play Store v4 APK. it will be available in few days. but if you want to try it out get the APK from here. install as normal. enjoy :) If you want to check out the BLACK version of Google play store,go to the below link and follow the instructions...
  29. I

    Thread [APP][5/29/13] Google Play 4.1.10

    4.0.25: 4.0.26: 4.0.27: 4.1.6...
  30. K

    Thread Can't download apps from the Play Store.

    So after I wiped data from my Desire, I found that the play store has stopped working. I can still search for apps and browse, but when I try to download any app, it just gets stuck at the "downloading" stage (doesn't even show progress, only shows the little grayed out bar). I also found that...
  31. Misledz

    Thread [GUIDE] Faking US Play Store without Market Unlocker or *ROOT*

    Now before I begin, most of you had lost the ability to use Market Enabler/Unlocker due to the recent update on Google Servers which now upon purchase tracks down your actual location and ties down your account to your location. So here's the deal on how to get it back. Without rooting. Without...
  32. Geo1997

    Thread [GUIDE] VPN - Access other countries' Play Store & download all the stuff you want

    [GUIDE] VPN - Access other countries' Play Store & download all the stuff you want How to Access Other Countries Google Play Store with a VPN App This tutorial is based on merquise's one on S2 forum : [GUIDE] Access US or UK Google Play market through VPN, cmlx's and BC01 posts Available in...
  33. redphx

    Thread [APP][2.2+][ROOT] Market Helper - spoof your device to download incompatible apps

    Hi there, it's redphx again. You may know me from APK Downloader, an Chrome extension for downloading APK from your PC Today I'm exciting to introduce my newest app, Market Helper. Hope you'll find it useful Below contents are copied from Market Helper's hompage. Please go to there for latest...
  34. benzersizadam

    Thread [Q] Any Rom or How To Install Google Play Store for X920E ?

    I got unlocked rooted x920e from China it has got HTC Marketplace totally Chineese. I need to install google play store market or WWE Rom for my x920e any ideas ? or any offers ? Thanks
  35. Alistair George

    Thread [Q] Android 2.2 Market and Gmail crash on start

    Hi 2.2 tablet running wifi used to work perfectly with my gmail account. Gave it to my daughter and reset to clear my data. Since reset when either market or gmail opened they crash instantly and I dont know where the logs are so sorry no info there. Gmail on its browser works. Youtube works eg...
  36. G

    Thread [GAME] SpitOn released now

    Hi, my new game SpitOn is now on google play available. Have a try and please give me some feedback.:good: thx
  37. I

    Thread [Q] How can i do this like in CM9 (playstore apps)

    Hi, a time ago I got the CM9.1 mango ROM, With these ROM on the playstore some apps like GTA 3 RealRACING 2 AND some other apps appear as downloadable But now with HBC these don't appear :s appear as downloadable for mi old Huawei U8650 (600mhz 256RAM) where I have CM7 How can i make it appear...
  38. B

    Thread [Q] multiple issues: can't install app updates, can't sync

    I'm helping a friend who has done a nice job at messing up her GSIII. Before I go try and fix everything, I thought I'd check if I'm going down the right path. 1) Cannot install market app updates. The updates download, but install fails on all of them. Was going to wipe the Market cache...
  39. K

    Thread [GUIDE] Fix market in CM7

    I was having problems with market on cm7 after flashing gapps.. It was not showing in app drawer and could not be launched by any means.. so here is how i fixed it 1. Flash latest white kernel: http://forum. 2. Flash latest cm7 build...
  40. Y

    Thread [Q] My app is not in one mobile market

    I have uploaded new app in the Google market here is the link I looked for my app in the "One Mobile Market" app. I cannot find it. How can I upload it there?
  41. P

    Thread market doesn't download and update apps

    Hello I have some problem with market on my NST. If I want download or update apps, Market write "starting of downloads..." and nothing happens! I left my NST with turn off wifi for a few days - apps didn't install or update. Help me please
  42. Admin_root

    Thread [TIPS] Add Samsung Market on CM9 / CM10

    Hi, I've looking for the Samsung Market for my Tab with non STOCK ROM, and i've found it : You can download here : mirror : You have...
  43. bgiesing

    Thread [IDEA] Market for ICS/JB styled apps?

    One thing that bothers me a lot about the Play Store... is there is soooo many Gingerbread (or earlier) styled and/or based apps. Heck even some of the most popular ones like Dolphin and Facebook is Gingerbread based. So I have an idea... Why doesn't somebody make a database/marketplace with...
  44. T

    Thread Android Market ( Play ) - Unable to leave comment on app after ICS update

    Yes, I have searched. Heres another thing that appears to be broken after the ICS update...or Im missing something here. When you go to rate and comment on a market app, as soon as you start typing in the text box ....the OK button grays out and you can't submit your comment/rating. As soon as I...
  45. pryerlee

    Thread [MOD] [PATCH] Google Play Store 3.8.15 + [DPI] patched versions

    I found this modded Google Play Store with some DPI patches. Mod version: Vending-3.8.15.noupdate.norestrictions Mod version & DPI 160 patch: Vending-3.8.15.noupdate.norestrictions.dpi160 Mod version & DPI 240 patch...
  46. SJMarty

    Thread Detach Superuser

    I recently updated Superuser and it started giving me problems with one of my apps. I downgraded back to a working version but now, every time I look at "My Apps," it wants to update Superuser to the current version. Is there a way to detach Superuser from the market so it doesn't constantly...
  47. lujo_zgb

    Thread [Q] Google play store draining battery?

    I have been using the GNEX for about 6 months and I never had any problems. Since I updated to JB, the battery drain has been quite big. There is also some big lag sometimes, but I suspect that the lag can be tied to the market too. I see that the market accounts for the battery drain now...
  48. firefoxos

    Thread Market account problem on Cyanogen mod 7.2

    My device: Samsung Galaxy Ace CM 7.2 stable On a clean 7 I installed only Vending.apk from Gapps (unpacked it from gapps). I set up an account, login succeeded but the Market keeps telling me that I need at least one account. I would really appreciate some directions without installing the...
  49. C

    Thread Why is the Google Play UI so terrible?

    I've been using Android since 2009 and since the very beginning I have wondered why Google has done such a poor job developing their Marketplace store (since renamed to Google Play -- ridiculous name but that's a different topic). Specifically, the User Interface of the marketplace. The market...
  50. S

    Thread APK Leecher

    APK Leecher, fully legal... Works very good, awesome speeds, great for creating a collection of apps we use daily, EASE OF CHANGING ROMS, no fear of apps getting lost... And don't report it... already asked an admin... here's the reply...