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  1. W

    Thread [Q] Windows Explorer and Pocket File Manager XAPs?

    Do anyone still have the xaps of those apps? • Windows Explorer version (no matter encrypted/marketplace or no) And if yes, can you share it? (Share to PM if you have decrypted/unlocked one because piracy is forbidden here) For sure, I need that for djamol method that was posted about...
  2. U

    Thread [XAP] OemMarket - change marketplace without reboot

    Following OEM marketplace hysteria, I decided to take this old but not published app from archieves and publish it. Enjoy. Main purpose: changes OEM marketplace WITHOUT reboot. In ROM usage will be allowed after Dynamics 2.2 release.
  3. M

    Thread [GUIDE] Enable Podcast directory in Marketplace (in markets without prior support)

    I've been searching for a solution to this problem for awhile now, and I finally found one. Using Windows Phone Device Manager I was peering through the files on the phone and found 3 xml files that hold the key to adding podcasts to markets that do not have support already. These two xml files...
  4. mikaelel

    Thread method decrypt files marketplace

    can manually download and installing xap files from marketplace ( http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/how-to/wp8/apps/how-do-i-install-apps-from-an-sd-card ) does not bring much new - it's still encrypted files; is still only one way to decrypt these files -...
  5. mrjetking

    Thread [Q] Problems buying Navigon Europe on Marketplace - How to Solve???

    I'm trying to buy Navigon Europe from Marketplace but it keeps saying my payment details may be incorrect (although they're not). I've checked with my bank and the requests to buy the app have not arrived with them. I've chatted online with Microsoft support but they say the problem may be...
  6. P

    Thread Mystery solved about marketplace update troubles

    At last, we have official statement about recent troubles raised from marketplace encryption: Can’t download an app? Here’s why BR.
  7. T

    Thread Question on Amazon Payments

    I have decided I no longer want to use Paypal anymore so I was looking at alternatives for buying/selling online. Does anyone on here use/trust Amazon Payments? I know the marketplace rules seem to only focus on Paypal, but Amazon Payments seems to have all the same protections for both...
  8. C

    Thread [Q] Windows Mobile 6.5 marketplace replacement?

    Hi, the marketplace app stopped working for me (HTC Touch Pro 2 with WM6.5). After a long search I found out that the service is shut down, and won't work anymore. Is there a similar app for WM6.5 devices?
  9. N

    Thread [Q] Nokia Apps No Longer Appearing In Marketplace

    I just got a new Lumia 800 and I'm having trouble with a few things. I can't find the Nokia apps section anymore after (I think) changing my system locale from US to PRC to UK to US again; I changed them to find Network Setup. And I could never find Network Setup, which I heard they pulled...
  10. D

    Thread [Q] Lumia 900 owner looking for help:Nokia & Orange apps disappeared in Marketplace

    [Q] Lumia 900 owner looking for help:Nokia & Orange apps disappeared in Marketplace I have had my Lumia 900 UK model for 2 days now (this is my 2nd handset) and have had the same problem appear on this one as I had on the 1st. I returned the first for a different problem though. This issue is...
  11. D

    Thread [Q] Help: Marketplace has lost my Nokia and Orange apps

    I have had my Lumia 900 UK model for 2 days now (this is my 2nd handset) and have had the same problem appear on this one as I had on the 1st. I returned the first for a different problem though. This issue is that the Nokia Collection and Orange Selection menus have disappeared from my...
  12. K

    Thread [Q] Hiding an app from windowsphone.com marketplace

    Hello guys, Do you think that is possible to hide an app from being visible on queries on the windowsphone.com marketplace but keep it visible on searches trough the phone? I am not considering the case of private/public betas
  13. mfsr98

    Thread Wm marketplace died!

    Sorry to tell you guys, but I just got mailed by windows phone saying that the Marketplace for windows mobile devices in going down. Well I guess it was the time...:rolleyes:
  14. mfsr98

    Thread Wm marketplace died!

    Sorry to tell you guys, but the Marketplace for windows mobile devices in going down. Well I guess it was the time...:rolleyes:
  15. K

    Thread [APP] AppDetective - Auto Search WP Store- [R]08/04/2012-[U]01/11/2012 - [V]1.7

    Name: AppDetective Description: This app auto searches the Windows Phone Store (on the interval you configure) for the keywords you specifies and notifies you on Live Tiles when there are new apps found. A premium version of this app is also available for you who hates ads or just want to...
  16. sh4d0w86

    Thread [APP] Market Select -[R]- 07 Apr 12 -[U]- 21 Apr 12 -[V]-

    Market Select powered by HeathCliff74's WP7 Root Tools description --- Change OEM / MO Market or Region recognition --- WPXBOX terminology --- OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ------ e.g. HTC, Nokia, etc. --- MO (Mobile Operator) ------ e.g. AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, etc. --- Soft...
  17. W

    Thread new TF201 keyboard dock

    It's brand new (minus the cellophane wrap) and I can't get anyone to buy it locally on CL. Rare as hen's teeth. I'm surprised there has been no interest.
  18. S

    Thread [Q] Cant reinstall Apps in Windows mobile 7

    Hi forum HTC HD2 user here. Windows 6.5 Just got a Nokia Lumia 710 I am finding windows 7 very very very difficult. First off I had to create a windows live ID etc etc install zune ... :( Now iPHONE and WINDOWS MOBILE 7 SUCK ... Problem: I bought a free app.. Talking tiger. via zune It...
  19. N

    Thread An idea for Marketplace

    I thought about this and here is what I came up with: Easy Problem Person A wants to sell a phone for cash. Proper procedure is Person B sends the agreed price via Paypal as a goods/service transaction (never gift). Paypal is the judge/jury/executioner and there is recourse. Hard Problem...
  20. pemell

    Thread Application updates in Marketplace

    Hi. Don't you people also miss information about when applications been updated in the marketplace. In android market you could see the update history of an app, and by knowing how often and when an application got updated you would also know if it where up to date and, most importantly, you...
  21. clemmie

    Thread Frustrating problem: Stock Rogers GB and Swype Crashing in Marketplace

    Hey everyone, I've been running the Stock Rogers GB with FUGU root for a few months now, and I have been dealing with a frustrating problem for most of that time. Whenever I download an app update through the marketplace, the phone freezes for a second or two and I get an error message telling...
  22. T

    Thread [Q] Unable to access Marketplace nor Music & Videos Apps

    I have an HTC HD7 from O2 UK (Unlocked) with the newest WM 7.5 (v7.10.8107) Suddenly today I was unable to get into my music thru the Music & Videos App. I was also unable to access Marketplace. The screen just continued to show the Start screen. I found a solution thru Google - turn the PDA...
  23. D

    Thread [Q] Force market update checks?

    I'm primarily an Android user and own a Samsung Omnia 7 to keep an eye on WinPho7 as it really tempted me in the past but seemed very immature as a platform. I like how it's coming along but I still use my Android handset most of the time. Now that I have that out of the way this should make...
  24. B

    Thread Marketplace app question

    Hey guys, hope this is the right place to post this but what apps would you like to see in the market place?
  25. G

    Thread [XAP][ZIP] Access OEM Marketplaces easily, no dev unlock! (Update 16 Aug 2013)

    Hi hackers! Found something pretty cool while I was digging around looking for new interop-unlock hacks. The bad news is that it looks like it's not usable for interop unlock, the good news is that it's still pretty cool. This previously required a dev-unlock, but no longer does. It does not...
  26. O

    Thread [XAP][PC][UPDATED 07/07/2012] - The alternative Windows Phone marketplace - BAZAAR

    Hi Everyone, For a long time we've been struggling with searching forums for new applications and deploying them using our PC. Windows Phone OS is also missing a platform for publishing new applications that cannot be released using WP Marketplace – such as Homebrew apps or application that...
  27. R

    Thread Andriod Marketplace Update- Issues still exist

    I was able to install gapps 20110828 signed. then installed marketplace 3.3.11 on top. booted up marketplace and registered a gmail account. only issue I have is the marketplace crashes when downloading apps. upon entering back into the marketplace I am able to see the app tied to my account but...
  28. R

    Thread [Q] Linking to the Marketplace: Any search URL params that invoke Safe Search?

    I'm developing a mobile site that links to generic Marketplace search results pages, but I want to avoid adult content as much as possible. The only valid search URL parameters that I can find are "q=<query>" and "q=pub:<publisher_name>". Is there any way to invoke Safe Search? Google's web...
  29. I

    Thread [Q] Not able to buy apps in India because of Windows Live US account

    I have a unlocked AT&T Focus working great in India with Mango updated. I use a Windows Live US account till now to download free apps from the marketplace. I am not able to buy because it is not accepting Indian credit cards. Now since marketplace has opened in India, i would love to use that...
  30. srdjanLeo

    Thread Marketplace in ZUNE software

    Well, I didn't find any thread on this issue, so I started a new one. In my ZUNE software on PC there isn't a Marketplace. When I tried to download Music + Videos extension, there was written THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY OR REGION. So, is there something to unlock this option? Something...
  31. P

    Thread Adding Android Market to Coby Kyros MID1125 (no rooting)

    I hope this helps some people out there, because it drove me nuts trying to find a way to do this for the MID1125 since it's so new... First off, I was told by the two main rooting software developers that there is currently no way to root my device, so I needed to find a way to add Market...
  32. B

    Thread [Q] Marketplace won't update apps for Mango

    Hi, I updated to official Mango yesterday, but Marketplace seems not to know about it. I'm still stuck with 7.0 apps, which I wasn't offered to update to their Mango versions. I'm not able to install Mango-only apps such as HTC Connected Media, I'm not getting HTC Attentive Phone update etc...
  33. K

    Thread [Q] [ Q ] HTC HD2 "LEO" Activating Live without Chevron?

    Hello, I'm new here. I recently changed my HTC HD2's OS to Windows Phone 7, I tried using the Marketplace and received the "we need an activation code error". I contacted Microsoft received my 25 digit key and proceeded to try this:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=10566003...
  34. M

    Thread [Q] Registry hack to enable Zune Marketplace services on Windows Phone 7 in Canada

    I was wondering if anyone knew of or was working on a wp7 registry hack to enable the marketplace in the zune app on the phone. When i set my phone up with an american hotmail address it shows up, but in canada with my canadian hotmail address it is missing. All i really want is the ability to...
  35. N

    Thread [Q] Chevron unlock/Marketplace on "Back to Future" Mango ROM

    Hi I have update my HD2 with the XBmod-Yuki "Back to future" ROM. I am trying to Sideload some apps, but it doesn't work. I have ran the DEV_UNLOCK.cab and restartet the phone, but Toms XAP installer still fails. I have read that it might fail, but still install, but there are no apps on my...
  36. PsyCLown89

    Thread [Q] Marketplace c101a247 error?

    Hi all, So ever since I've had my phone I've had problems with the marketplace. Yesterday I managed to get my Mozart to Mango 7720 unlocked and now it's starting to bother me. Previously I use to get a message saying marketplace is not available in my country/region (I live in South Africa)...
  37. prjkthack

    Thread List of Mango-enabled Apps **Latest: Evernote**

    Alright, I figured, it'd be nice to see what all the new Mango APIs can do, and the only good way of doing that is to download and play with an application that takes advantage of Mango specific features. Especially since there aren't many at the moment, and most devs are hesitant to make the...
  38. I

    Thread [Q] Remove Apps from Purchase History

    While it is easy enough to remove apps from the phone, these items remain in your purchase history in Zune. When you restore your phone through a hard reset immediately all these apps are reinstalled back to the phone all 78 of them. Some are trial versions of full products some are just games...
  39. W

    Thread [Q] Marketplace download error 805a0193 over wifi

    I get error code 805a0193 when I try to download apps over WiFi. When I switch WiFi off, I can download them over 3G. I tried a HTC Tropy and a Samsung Omnia 7 on more than one WiFi network. I also tried Nodo and Mango 7712 with the only difference that Nodo is not giving the error code but...
  40. O

    Thread [APP 2011-10-02][BETA] WP7AppBackup - Backup / Restore third party app data

    This application will let you backup and restore data for third party applications installed on your phone. It’ll also help you install any application from the marketplace before its data is restored, as well as side-load apps from your local computer. Key features: • Backup/restore third...
  41. P

    Thread [Q] NextBook 7 (Next7P) Android Market or Custom ROM Installation?

    I just picked one of these up for a great deal $130. For the price it is not a bad tablet at all. Decent screen size and brightness, speed is not bad, it runs Gingerbread (2.3.1), and has an SD-Card slot. Anyhow, I have managed to get the Amazon App Store installed which is nice, however, the...
  42. T

    Thread [Q] Browse Market, Sort By Permissions?

    Most of my browsing in the Android Marketplace comes to a dead end when I see a long list of permissions an application 'needs'. The permissions are usually the deal-breaker when I decide against installing. I realize this limits the number of apps I will install. I only have about 10 apps...
  43. B

    Thread 7/13/11 market

    I found the new 7/13/11 android market..for anyone that wants it go here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1167543
  44. C

    Thread [Q] Americandroid Marketplace -> Unsucessful Download

    Hi there everyone I know this issue has been talked about before, but I still haven't been able to get it to work. When I go to the marketplace and select an app to download the download bar appears for about a second and then disappears. The application hasn't been downloaded. I've read...
  45. R

    Thread [Q] Omnia 2 app problems

    Im facing some problems with Midomi, and Windows Marketplace, in both situations network error pops up. my phone information: phone: I8000XXJD1 WM 6.5 Professional CE OS 5.2.21895 (build 21895.5.3.00) Midomi problem: tried the fix with changing the value in registry form 3 to 1 but it didnt...
  46. D

    Thread [Q] Advice on the purchase of the Omnia 7

    Hello friends! I was prepared to drop a couple of D's get me a unlocked, sim-free Omnia 7 when I came across a little tidbit in some obscure forum; Marketplace is not available for all regions in the world! Can someone confirm this please? I live in the Middle East - Dubai, to be more precise...
  47. shirazs

    Thread [Q] Marketplace - Canada

    I live in Canada and will be purchasing the GT10.1 (wifi version - only one available!) from the US next week. Will I have any problems accessing apps from the Marketplace? I am open to rooting the device if need be.
  48. M

    Thread [Q] Auto reinstalling app! HELP!

    Guys, I'm going crazy: A dozen applications that I installed through the zune software on the computer are reinstalled automatically! I get them removed at now more than twenty times, but when I connect the phone to the computer or the phone searches for updates, them are back here. Even...
  49. eizsoft

    Thread [Q] What is the best way to promote an app?

    I am looking for a good way to promote my app, tried adduplex, youtube video, wmpoweruser.com.. any suggestion would be helpful. thanks
  50. xdamir

    Thread Withdrawn apps

    Hi, Following have been withdrawn from the marketplace. DioDict, Shazam, If you know of any other apps that had / have been withdrawn from marketplace please report them here.