1. K

    Thread [STOCK][Z3+]LXT™ | High Performance Battery Saving Tweaks

  2. philohtc

    Thread N920G Downgrade from Nougat 7.0 to Marshmallow 6.0.1

    Hey guys! I've got this N920G which is currently at Nougat 7.0 and I would like to downgrade it to Marshmallow 6.0.1. Device is 100% stock Already tried through Odin but gives FAIL at cache.img (tried with 3 different Marshmallow official roms). I would like to get to stock MM. Any help will be...
  3. doulc

    Thread [tweaked] sm-j7108 j7108 6.0.1 Marshmallow Rom with Google Play and bunch of updates!

    updated Nougat 7.0 visit here: Bloatwares are removed and This Rom contain Google Play! Hello guys, are you ready for j7108 or SM-J7108 Marshmallow 6.0.1 update? - more control over privacy - new...
  4. K

    Thread Marshmallow, how to make new mounts visible system-wide?

    Hi! I can mount and access a network drive just fine from the terminal, but no other app will see it. From what I gathered it's security feature. I found some patches for ICS, but that's it. How to go about it in MM?
  5. D

    Thread How do I Get Rid Of Recommendation Tab on Remix OS

    I have a problem using Remix OS which is I wanna get rid of Recommendation Tab on Android Emulator (Remix OS). I use Remix OS version 3.0.205 (kernel version is 4.4.19-android-x86_64) with Android Marshmallow version 6.0.1 that runs over VM-ware Workstation Player 12.5. Because I dont want...
  6. pellajl

    Thread Galaxy S5 (SM-900I) Sync Failure after Marshmallow Upgrade

    Marshmallow (Android 6.0.1) was released recently for the Galaxy S5 in Australia. All appeared well after the upgraded until I noticed that new calendar entries were were not being synchronised between the S5 and my Google account. I checked my Google account in the phone and found sync had...
  7. C

    Thread The WIFI battery is swallowed in the Xperia M4 Aqua Android 6.0.1 HELP!

    Hi. I have a doubt. A few weeks ago my Xperia M4 Aqua upgraded to Android 6.0.1 Lollipop, but since I did NOTHING LASTS NO battery. Literal, no use in two hours the battery is discharged to 50% because of WiFi although this is disabled, and no sign of Doze either. I tried everything already, set...
  8. D

    Thread OPO stuck in recovery mode

    Hi Friends, I installed cm-13.0-ZNH0EAS2JK and it was running fine but today something weird happened. I rebooted my OPO and it got stuck in TWRP recovery. No matter what I do, after powering up, it goes to TWRP recovery. I tried to installed another ROM also, but that also didn't helped...
  9. Krishna_MDual

    Thread Problems in new Marshmallow update in Z00LD ( ZE550KL)

    I am having problems after updating my zenfone 2 laser to Marshmallow 1) Gallary not showing pics ( It just show pics on first load after that no pics ) 2) Not able to edit text files places in SD Card ( I am using ES file explorer ) . If anyone has solution to above problem , Please help...
  10. C

    Thread Marshmallow and AT&T-resolved

    Below is a quote from another forum: "If you do the marshmallow update on the Idiot 3, and you have AT&T, you will lose any data connectivity through AT&T. You can use WIFI, and make calls, just no internet on AT&T. They admitted they caused a problem with the update, when I called in to...
  11. theincognito

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1_r61][UNOFFICIAL][OSPREY][UBERTC]RESURRECTION REMIX 5.7.3 [8th August]

    These are Ubertc builds optimized for battery maintaining smooth performance, both ROM and kernel are Uber. Flashing other kernels is not recommended, inbuilt one has everything that is necessary. ResurrectionRemix Features: Based On Google Android 6.0.1_r61 Based On Cyanogenmod 13 Sources...
  12. D

    Thread Help get my friend's call audio back!!!

    Hi! So long story short....My friend has a T-mobile Galaxy S6 and accidentally deleted some very important texts. They were so important she begged me to do EVERYTHING I could to recover them. This meant rooting the device because all recovery software required root. Her phone had the 6.0.1...
  13. B

    Thread Marshmallow Touchwiz Autostart Management - What to use?

    As I have flashed stock 6.0.1 ROM for my N910G and then rooted, what are some usable apps to manage auto start? I have tried LBE (always FC), greenify (cannot stop autostart but only auto terminate apps), xposed boot manager (can only stop user apps from boot starting but not subsequent...
  14. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [xZ3C][6.0.1] ~ 4 Buttons in navbar ~

    Hello guys, well done a small mod to add another button on our navbar. :D Requirements : Xperia Z3c, Deodex ROM, TWRP ~ ScreenShots~ ~ How to install~ *Download the file >> [xZ3C][6.0.1] ~ 4 Buttons in navbar ~ .zip << *Make the flash via Twrp *Reboot Thanks ~ Rajeev ~, ~ _MutantX_ ~...
  15. dado_13

    Thread [APP][MM][AOSP/CM13] FM Radio

    FM Radio MM HI everyone. I want to share with you stock FM radio for roms, which don't include it. It's clean and fully working radio with material desing and nice features. Feel free to flash. :) Installation: Download attached zip Flash it in recovery. Tested on Tesla rom. Thanks to...
  16. L

    Thread Could You Reupload This Marshmallow ROM in another Host?

    I found this from Google that this is Marshmallow for Nokia X and works fine. But the links provided there are asking to fill surveys to start download. I tried, but all those surveys don't work in my area and couldn't download. Could you re-upload them on Google Drive or mediafire hosts if you...
  17. arsuu

    Thread Q: Stucked on FRP after updating to MM 6.0.1 ( Please Help )...

    Hello guys! I have updated my N920C to MM 6.0.1 Officially. Unfortunately I didn't enable the developer option and OEM was not unlocked also. I tried to restore or recover my device with KIES and RootJunkey method as well. Neither I can install a custom recovery nor It could be fixed...
  18. J

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S5 GM-G900F 6.0.1 Marshmallow Released
  19. J

    Thread Samsung SM-G900F Marshmallow Manual

    Hi All, Samsung has updated its Espanol Manual in its website on 04-April-2016 , I think the update is pretty close. Manual - here Source - here
  20. nate51

    Thread Block SMS for non phone number format

    I hope I am posting to the right area for this. I seem to be getting a lot of spam text (SMS) messages lately from phone numbers with an incorrect format for my territory. The number format I normally see is (xxx) xxx-xxxx. The spam ones are coming in from 333330000 and 333330005 and so on. I...
  21. jdelano

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][UNOFFICIAL][RESURRECTION REMIX v5.7.4] P900 MM 6.0.1 [9/20/16] *FINAL*

    About Resurrection Remix ROM "Resurrection Remix" is based on CM, Slim, Omni and original Remix ROM builds. This creates an awesome combination of performance, customization and new features, brought directly to your device. Visit the home page for more details. Main features: Navigation Bar...
  22. A

    Thread AOSP MM trees for Tate

    Closed thread.
  23. Gustavo RD78

    Thread [KERNEL][Z2] Advanced stock kernel Marshmallow 6.0.1 - 09/aug/2016

    Stock zImage Add features: busybox auto-injection (/system/xbin) init.d support - automatically creates init.d in (/system/etc) twrp-sony-recovery-boot-script based (Thanks nilezon /jackfagner github script) TWRP recovery 3.0.2-0 Modified (vol up or down when Violet LED) Removed SuperSU in TWRP...
  24. skejpa

    Thread S4 9505 Android 6.0 stable rom

    Is there some stable Android 6.0 ROM, ideally without samsung bloatware and withouth "not working" things ? And if not, which lite Android 5.0 ROM whould you suggest ?
  25. mukulsoni

    Thread [ROM][YUREKA]Unofficial Cyanogenmod 13.0[6.0.1_r13](04Mar2016)

    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. Code: /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD...
  26. SignatureBoy

    Thread How to un install system apps After upgrading to Marshmallow

    Hi, Dear fellow forum members i would like to ask a question which i have tried to search but did not find any answer of it, so throwing the question in your courts. How to un-install system default apps after upgrading to Marshmallow, i tried using AppMaster but whenever i try to launch it i...
  27. A

    Thread android marshmallow update when

    Still waiting on update.
  28. K

    Thread Not matter what I do SMS messages vibrate. I would like to have them never vibrate

    I was using Simple Text for SMS, but changed back to the stock messaging app. Am running rooted stock Marshamallow on my XT1575 (but with root disabled for now). In Messaging app, I have sound set to silent, and vibrate deselected. No matter what I do the phone vibrates on incoming messages...
  29. B

    Thread H812: 6.0 available for Rogers users on LG Bridge :)

    Official date is Feb 3rd, but it's available right now on LG Bridge. downloading it right now, size is 1.56 GB. :) Also my G4 is stock, and not unlocked.
  30. L

    Thread Best method to upgrade to MM (+TWRP+Root) from Custom ROM (+TWRP+Root) on D855 32gb?

    Current Phone Set Up CloudyG3 v2.2 Lollipop stock based custom rom (Android 5.0, modem 20k) Rooted (via LG One Click Root Method) Custom Recovery - TWRP (v2.8.6.1) I'm trying to work out the safest/easiest method to upgrade my phone to MM while also having/retaining TWRP and root. Have read...
  31. Gonik

    Thread Upgrading an Android 6, Nexus 5 phone

    Hello to all the good people of the XDA forum. I'm currently in the process of returning to the v6.0.1 Stock ROM of Nexus 5 (right now I have CM12.1 installed). Of course I am going to root the device, most probably with Chanifire's System-less root method. However, since I'd like to receive...
  32. petalyaa

    Thread Dialer freezing, video recording and playback failed.

    Hi everyone, my wife M8 just got this issue last week. She can't make any call (incoming and outgoing). The dialer will freeze and not responsive once hit the call button. Also, the camera can only take picture but not video. No error message, when click video button, it looks like the camera...
  33. punkmonkey1984

    Thread Changing D855 (international) into F400 (Korea) build.prop edits

    Originally I placed a Q&A in the G3 section, but I gotno replies, so hoping someone here will see it and help me, So people, I have a d855 which i've just updated to MM nice............. Only issue is that I cant seem to get the old buil.prop edits to make it display Korean Dialer and Weather...
  34. A

    Thread Snapchat on MM 20A/20B ROMS

    So, on MM snapchat seems to not have the color noize enabled at all. I kinda like to have not all that over sharpness found in LP rom, I prefer keep the noize but at least I want just that color noize filter on, especially on the front camera will it be useful. Exist a way to mess up with the...
  35. .MoHaMaD

    Thread [ROM]【6.0.1★MMB29S】【RRO LAYERS★VIPER 4】【MoRoM 2.2】11/02/16

    [ROM]【6.0.1★MMB29S】【RRO LAYERS★VIPER 4】【MoRoM 2.2】11/02/16 Hello friends Based on the latest Android 6.0.1 factory image for volantis, pure vanilla Android at it's lightest offering stability and great battery life. FEATURES - Stock Optimized MMB29K 6.0.1 Factory.img - Pre-rooted with...
  36. drew_t

    Thread Low Vision: Toggle "Magnification Gestures" With Widget

    Hi I just got a Nexus 6p and its been great but I have low vision and if I keep the option turned on the phone, it becomes very laggy so I would like to only use it when I need to. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you .:D
  37. Floyd_Flivercod

    Thread [ROM] - [CUSTOM UNOFFICIAL] - [AICP / Linaro] - [MM 6.0.1] - [FLOUNDER]

    [CUSTOM UNOFFICIAL] AICP MARSHMALLOW 6.0.x BUILD FOR NEXUS 9 FLOUNDER AICP Flash the ROM at your own risk. I accept NO responsibility for what you do (or can't do) with your own device. I am not responsible for bootloops, fruitloops or frickazees. I DO accept responsibility for...
  38. Nexus11

    Thread 02/14/16 CM13 (Unofficial) for ls990

    (I actually set this up days ago and shared on my G+ but figured why not share here for those who don't follow me) In short this is simply a early look as to what CM13 will have to offer. You will be experiencing Marshmallow the way Google and the Cyan team has set fit...
  39. E

    Thread Doze not saving any battery

    Hello, I got the 6.0 OTA last week. It seems to have some minor issues with wifi, but it doesn't really bother me too much. What I am bothered by is the fact that Doze doesn't really save any battery for me. I've left the phone on my desk during the night a few times now and every morning the...
  40. Floyd_Flivercod

    Thread [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] FLIVERCOD'S CUSTOM AICP-12.1 Android 7.1 [NOUGAT - Bacon] [Linaro]

    [CUSTOM UNOFFICIAL] AICP NOUGAT 7.1.x BUILD FOR ONEPLUS ONE - BACON Flash the ROM at your own risk. I accept NO responsibility for what you do (or can't do) with your own device. I am not responsible for bootloops, fruitloops or frickazees. I DO accept responsibility for: Thermonuclear...
  41. V

    Thread How to make AOSP rom

    I have Yuphoria and its Device tree/Kernel. I want to make a custom rom with AOSP source code [Android M 6.0]. I dont have any knowledge and never made a custom rom. Please guide me by providing useful info from basic. Thanks in advance. (I have windows 7 os pc and i have linux on my virtualbox).
  42. A

    Thread Is Nexus5 Wifi battery Draining issue fixed in 6.0.1?

    Hi guys, Android 6.0.1 is released few hours back. Including me, many others are facing wifi battery draining issue after updating to 6.0 (see here Is this issue fixed in 6.0.1?:confused:
  43. S

    Thread Nexus 6 NEWB help installing Marshmallow

    Hello All, A few months ago I got a Nexus 6 as a replacement for a Moto 2014. I love Nexus devices and used to flash roms back in the day and now I am a little lost. I followed some instructions when I first got the device on how to set up Root using WUGFresh Root Tool Kit...
  44. M

    Thread [HOT][SOURCE/PNGs][UPDATE:18/12/15] Note 5 (Marshmallow 6.0) Icons

    ManuProN5 Presents: ● Hello Friends of XDA! I'm ManuProN5 and here, in exclusive, the Note 5 Icons extracted from the Official N5 6.0 System Dump! There are upgrades in some icons, but the most of them only change the edge of icons and the shadows opacity. The colours too are more pure than...
  45. Floyd_Flivercod

    Thread [ROM] [CUSTOM Unofficial] [MM 6.0.1] AICP [FLO]

    [CUSTOM UNOFFICIAL] AICP MARSHMALLOW 6.0.x BUILD FOR NEXUS7 (2013 Wi-Fi) FLO [/CENTER][/LEFT] Flash the ROM at your own risk. I accept NO responsibility for what you do (or can't do) with your own device. I am not responsible for bootloops, fruitloops or frickazees. I DO accept...
  46. .MoHaMaD

    Thread Deodex - MRA58V

    Hey there xda Here is the MRA58V deodex Please co-operate in the poll DOWNLOAD Flo Deb 1) Flash My File 2) Wipe Cache/Dalvik 3) Reboot DeodexLog 16-11-2015:18-38-07 => Framework...
  47. a5hi5h

    Thread How to revert back to stock kernel on Nexus 5, android Marshmellow

    Hello guys, few months back i had installed the Android M preview and then to root the device i had installed a custom Kernel on my Google Nexus 5. Now i have upgraded to the stock MRA58N 6.0.0 ROM manually using the factory images by google. Now i want to know, how can i revert back to the...
  48. Morningstar

    Thread [ROM][6.0][CM13]Unofficial CyanogenMod 13.0 01/28/16

    Hey XDA, I'm pleased to announce the first (unofficial) CM 13 ROM for the Galaxy Note 3... This ROM is almost pure CyanogenMod 13, with a few minor tweaks/additions, and is fast, stable, and perfect for use as a daily driver. CyanogenMod is continuing to update their CM13 sources (usually...
  49. blackbuffalo

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][6.0.1_r25][MTC19T]&#9733; The Pure Nexus Project &#9733; Layers/CMTE &#9733; [27/06/16]

    [DISCONTINUED][6.0.1_r25][MTC19T]&#9733; The Pure Nexus Project &#9733; Layers/CMTE &#9733; [27/06/16] The Pure Nexus Project Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and...
  50. A

    Thread Default assist action app (long press home button) won't stick [Marshmallow]

    I've been using Tasker to perform tasks triggered by the "UI Assist" event based on which app I'm using for a while now, which is very usefull for me, but ever since I upgraded to Marshmallow I can't get this setting to stick, it keeps resetting back to "none". Any ideas what might be going on...