1. P

    Thread Custom Marvel Edition Nokia 9 PureView

    I modified the backplate of the Nokia 9 PureView. Let me know what you guys think. ugk3AERC-Mg
  2. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][GAME][BETA] MARVEL Strike Force

    An Assault on Earth has begun and Super Heroes and Super Villains are working together to defend it! NFO: Version: 0.3.3 Architecture: arm Package: com.foxnextgames.m3 Min: Android 4.4 DPI: nodpi Download:
  3. krishna442

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION][Landscape]Marvel Introduction

    This is the Marvel Bootanimation for 1080*1920 devices. This had to be in landscape mode because of the resolution issues. Can provide normal if asked. Here is the preview Original bootanimation is 1080*1920 45fps, no sound though! :) You can...
  4. Kunal.G


    Hi Everyone, This is my 1st thread in Moto G section.. I just created a Bootlogo of Marvel IRONMAN Prerequisites: 1) Download the .zip file 2) Flash via TWRP 3) Reboot 4) Voila ! You got new bootlogo 5) Press Thanks !!! Credits caitsith2 for Moto BootLogo Maker EDIT: Tested &...
  5. ThunderSky7

    Thread [DARK Version][PORT][CM12.1] S6 Marvel Avenger Themes Collection Port from S6

    Marvel Avenger Themes Collection Info SAMSUNG AND MARVEL JOIN FORCES. Teamwork is the Avengers' ultimate weapon. Now with CyanogenMod Theme Engine and Marvel being allies in action. So Get Ready to Fight with Evil Ultron. Features: ► 7 Themes + 1 Icons Pack ► Styled Dialer Background...
  6. F

    Thread [Q] 3 Pandroid-Bugs known?...

    Hi, I am thinking about changing from CM11 (which still has some weeknesses) to Pandroid (version for 'marvel' (HTC Wildfire S). So this is what I found at the actual version which I cannot explain myself: 1.) I cannot find an option to set the lock screen options (currently I have only ONE...
  7. F

    Thread [Q] Pandroid-Bugs known?...

    Hi, I am thinking about changing from CM11 (which still has some weeknesses) to Pandroid (version for 'marvel' (HTC Wildfire S). So this is what I found at the actual version which I cannot explain myself: 1.) I cannot find an option to set the lock screen options (currently I have only ONE...
  8. FantasticalX

    Thread [MOD][DC/Comics] Heroes and Villains [BOOTANIMATION][V2]

    if you like it, please hit thanks button rather than you say "It's amazing!", "Cool!", "Do you want to marry me?", and "bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla". Thanks.
  9. Olivier

    Thread [Q&A] CyanogenMod 11.0 for HTC MSM7x27 devices

    Feel free to discuss non-development-related topics here or ask any questions. :D
  10. Olivier

    Thread [RECOVERY] ClockworkMod Recovery [v6.0.5.3]

    PREAMBLE I have built CWMv for our beloved Wildfire S - tested it as well, everything seems to work. Use this or TWRP v2.7 for flashing KitKat ROMs. :) #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards...
  11. Olivier

    Thread [ROM][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 [08/03/2015]

    Have a break, have a KitKat! A nearly bug-free KitKat ROM for the HTC Wildfire S! CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.4 (KitKat), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. Donations...
  12. Olivier

    Thread [ROM][4.3.1] CyanogenMod 10.2 [UNOFFICIAL]

    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible...
  13. Olivier

    Thread [RECOVERY][CWM Advanced Edition] PhilZ Touch

    PREAMBLE This is Philz Touch Recovery for the HTC Wildfire S. Don't blame me if some features don't work as expected. :p SCREENSHOT DOWNLOAD Download from (select the latest version) SOURCE GitHub CREDITs modpunk, JDevs OliverG96 Phil3759 Team Simplicit Team BlueRidge
  14. Methos013

    Thread [Q] How to back-up progress with Marvel Avengers Alliance?

    Has anyone figured out how to back up the game without losing all your progress? I'm looking to flash an updated ROM on my S3 soon, and in a few months get a Nexus 5 (or HTC One) and I've heard from others that TB does nothing. I really like this game and I'm pretty far along, I just don't want...
  15. Kevinjoa

    Thread [DEV][Cyanogenmod 10.2][Android 4.3][Devs needed !]

    I will try to build cm10.2 later in those days and weeks. Ideas of devs and help is needed. Let's do this :) Github: actually working on: Kevinjoa thehacka1 izi501 djolivier Our curently used manifest is on github :) CM10-2-Marvel github
  16. Vuciz

    Thread [INDEX][MARVEL/C] Wildfire S Complete Index

    *** DISCLAIMER Note that by downloading anything in this index, you acknowledge that neither I, nor the developers, are responsible if your phone rejects your surgery. INTRODUCTION LINKS Changelog
  17. crossfire77


  18. ScardracS

    Thread Weekly rom for wildfire s cm10.1!

    No test, no guarentee, only you and it! I won't test these rom and upload it like they will be!
  19. I

    Thread DC Comics/Marvel wallpapers. [5/17/13]

    Enjoy, guys!
  20. xizt1boy

    Thread [ROM] [MARVEL] [4.2.2] [ALMOST BUGFREE] Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) [16-06-2013]

  21. H

    Thread [ROM][GSM/CDMA] SlimSandwich

    Preamble After a long time using MIUI, I decide to go back to a fast and non-bloated ROM. CM9 seems a good option. However I didn't like some of it's options and built-in apps. That's why I created Slim Series for marvel and marvelc. Features - Stable ICS - Stripped down a lot - Nexus...
  22. H

    Thread [ROM] GingerDX | v031b | Compiled From Source #1 | 17-04-2013

    GingerDX Now under new management ;) Hello Marvel users, I do not own this device but it is tested and working fine! Intro Let's continue the fun! :) This project is a continuation of doixanh's personal ROM, known as GingerDX. ("Ginger" as in "Gingerbread", and "DX" as in short for "doixanh")...
  23. Olivier

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][AROMA][LINARO] Marvellous CM10 [DISCONTINUED]

    This ROM once was awesome, but I had to discontinue it due to lack of time and jellybean being deprecated. Please don't expect further updates, thanks. DISCLAIMER /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, broken hearts, * thermonuclear war, you getting...
  24. ScardracS


    GUARANTEE Before all... you are only responsible for your phone. I don't assume any responsability for you and/or your phone and/or your family/partners/pets/Countries/Worlds KNOW BUGS Low Brightness Bug, Clock widget bug, tell me CREDITS ak0r - he port based rom kantry123 - JellyKing 2.0...
  25. I

    Thread Wallpapers. [3/28/13]

  26. matyhew

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2] Paranoid Android 2.99 UPLOADED Fixed Camera,Video Playback 28-03-13

    Downloads v4 -Updated PA from 2.54 to 2.99 (Build.prop and /etc/paranoid is from so it does still say 2.54 though -Added ClearAudio -Defualt ICOMNs as the last one where crap :D -Fixed vibrate bug -Fixed call scren off bug -speeded up telephony -Build.prop tweaks CLICKY clicky MEEEE.... to...
  27. crossfire77

    Thread [ROM]stock rom with cool features & perfectly stock roms[UPDATED:15/03/2013]

    Hello, so many people want stock rom with Init.d support (Init.d requires for many scripts & tweaks) and deodexed/odexed version & also fully stock i make them and i want to share with you. you can see here roms based on mentioned ruu's & also some custom roms made by me. READ THIS ...
  28. cyb0rgb0rg

    Thread [Q] Wildfire S Marvel GSM status 7 whatever I do

    I've tried to flash my gf's EU Marvel GSM and CWM installs Sense based ROMs without problems, but I can't get anything else working. I'm getting status 7 on every cm based rom I try. What's the deal? Is it my radio or the cwm? Have latest cwm but radio is Unlocked but S-ON.
  29. R

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Stock-based fancy illustration for Wildfire S A510e

    A new, fancy and cute bootanimation is now available! Check it out! Frame rate and image size has been modified by me to fit into Wildfire S. HOW TO INSTALL 1. Your device needs to be rooted. 2. Download the attachment and save it to the download folder in your SD card. 3. Get Root Explorer...
  30. benjamingwynn

    Thread [DEV][Testers Needed] ProjectLlama closed-testing releases

    Interested in testing Project Llama for the Wildfire S (marvel)? You must pass the following - Be able to use adb and gather CLEAN logcats - Be able to speak understandable English - Be able to communicate with me well - Not be a jerk, and actually help me if I provide you with a ZIP. If...
  31. N

    Thread [Bootanimation] Marvel Boootanimation

    I found this on the Galaxy SII forums, here is the original thread: i really liked it, so i just thought id share it Its resized to work fullscreen on the Ace Here is the download link...
  32. zortheck

    Thread Diana Kernel or Marvel Kernel?

    Hey guys! Again me. I have a new question, I alredy install Marvel ROM, but the question is which kernel is better, Marvel Kernel by tantrums, Diana Kernel by Huexxx or Stock Kernel by L-Sh*t?? I meant LG... Please tell me which and why (: thanks a lot! And again. Sorry for bad english!
  33. W

    Thread [RECOVERY] TeamWin Touch Recovery v2.2.2.0 for the HTC Wildfire S

    Presenting the latest development version of the TeamWin Recovery Project's touch recovery for the HTC Wildfire S. TeamWin Touch Recovery now has official builds available through TeamWin and GooManager for the Marvel. With any luck MarvelC support will soon follow. Please visit the TWRP and...
  34. H

    Thread [ROM][GSM/CDMA] MIUI v4 - 2.8.10

    Preamble Hello all! Some months ago matteo and I decided to port the ICS version of it. I got stuck but matteo went further. Unfortunately there were some bugs left and his thread got deleted. But now I'm here: presenting MIUI v4 for the HTC Wildfire S. FAQ Q: Help! It doesn't boot, it...
  35. *se-nsei.

    Thread [CM9/AOKP] How to use HDPI themes on your MDPI device easily.

    Fed up of seeing the mass of HDPI themes filling those official CM9 theme threads? And you're still stuck on a MDPI device with the only themes that work are the holo ones from CyanogenMod? WORRY NO FURTHER. :D I've tried this with loads of HDPI themes and it works nearly all the time. Ok...
  36. *se-nsei.

    Thread [CM9/ICS][ARMv6] Sign this petition for OMX codecs!

    We've got a lovely CM9/AOKP port thanks to modpunk, droste, alquez etc. But we still need full camera support, HQ videos etc. OMX drivers will help. I've just saw this petition for the release of OPENMAX (OMX) codecs for armv6 devices: ARMv6 OPENMAX CODECS PETITION Please sign this petition...
  37. D

    Thread The best way to calibrate batterystats.bin

    Marvel, Zeus and another "G" key Recovery Roms 1. Shutdown the phone 2. Plug it on the charger 3. Wait until charged 4. Start the Phone and go directly into recovery with the G key. 5. Advanced - Mound SD Card 6. Advanced - Wipe Battery Stats 7. Reboot the Phone 8. Disconnect the charger when...
  38. H

    Thread [ROM][GSM/CDMA] HenseMod 7

    based on latest RUU 2.14 Root, Su, Busybox Zipaligned Removed all sense widgets except clock, for replacements, download "widgets" attachment Removed crap like twitter, stocks, flickr and other apps you can find in market Fully deodexed Faster GPS Beats Audio Extended Quick Setttings Ultimate...
  39. V

    Thread [Q] Marvel or DC app?

    Is there a way to install the Marvel or DC app on the Nook tablet? I could have sworn they had announced it from the official Nook store but maybe that's for the Color and not the Tablet?
  40. emveefr

    Thread [Q] Sim card or Phone problem ??

    Hi everybody, I have a big problem with my phone (or with my sim card). Since 2 days, and without touching anything, my phone has a lot of difficulty to connect the Network that I'm registered to (Orange). I'd got some connection problems like these ones : - "Your sim card doesn't allow you...
  41. N

    Thread [Q] [ROOT] S-OFF HTC Wildfire S (Marvel) using JTAG

    Hey xda-developers, first, I would like to apologize for my imperfect English. It's not my first language. :) Next think I would like to mention: I am new to this forum and got a warning when I was about to post this in the "Android software and hacking general" section. I got told that one...
  42. d33ps1x

    Thread [Q] Interested In Getting S-OFF and Keeping This Phone Alive?

    Ok. So I am sitting here and thinking. )I know...dangerous right?( What's the holdup on this phone?: S-OFF and SIM unlock. What do I own?: An XTC-Clip What can I do to help get us back into the main forum and keep this phone alive?: Well. I was thinking about and I thought. This clip...
  43. vbhtt

    Thread [INDEX] Everything you need to play with your phone...

    HTC Wildfire S (Marvel/Marvelc/Marvelct) Please Read This First BEFORE you start modding your device setup ADB and enable USB-Debugging (SETTINGS -> APPLICATIONS (APPS on CyanogenMod) -> DEVELOPMENT -> USB-Debugging) To give proper debbuging informations to developers, it's...
  44. powerpenguin

    Thread [ROM][2011-09-04] PASO-0.2_Marvel-1.35.707.3 for Wildfire S (rooted)

    Hi there, Here's the second family member from the PASO series (Penguin's Anti-SOcial ROMs), where social apps are removed as far as necessary for my purposes. This is a rooted ROM for Wildfire S (Marvel), based on the Asian stock HTC ROM version 1.35.707.3 (I would have used the European one...
  45. dirty.redz

    Thread Landscape Boot Animations

    Here are a few Landscape style Bootanimations I threw together, enjoy Creepy Eye DOWNLOAD LINK Droid Eye DOWNLOAD LINK DC Comics (its animated trust me, just didn't build a .gif for DOWNLOAD LINK Marvel Comics DOWNLOAD LINK
  46. I

    Thread Overclockih Wildfire S

    Hello everybody, I have managed to root my phone but I can`t seem to overclock my cpu. I have read that I need a custom Kernel. Can anyone explain how to install a custom kernel and if there is a kernel version for this phone? Greetings to everybody
  47. B

    Thread [Q] HTC Wildfire S - Marvel - Shipped as S-off

    Hi to all ! Three weeks ago I got my HTC Wildfire S and it was shipped as S-off. This is what I get if I access HBOOT mode: MARVEL PVT SHIP S-OFF RL HBOOT-0.90.0000 MICROP-0451 RADIO- Apr 8 2011, 17:45:10 I tried: Gingerbreak 1.20, SuperOneClick v2.0, Z4Root, Unrevoked 3.32 and...
  48. L

    Thread [Q] ROM Manager & Clockworkmod Recovery for the HTC Marvel

    Hello, I have recently rooted my HTC Wildfire S (Marvel) and am now looking to flash custom roms (there aren't many yet for our device, I know). From what I gather, ROM Manager is a good tool to use for that, however I'm wondering if anyone has yet managed to install clockworkmod recovery on...
  49. KennyG123

    Thread THOR movie poster wallpaper

    I cropped this up for the Epic wallpaper and thought others might like it.
  50. W

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Various

    Here are some bootanimations I created. Some of these are pointless. I just made them to mess with my friends. Feel free to add your own. Im open to input, sugestions, I want to create a more smoother version. ::Instruction:: Download the zip and place it in /system/media You...