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  1. vishal2248

    Thread please help...... my oneplus 6 phone loss all important data

    how to recovery my data i try all software ,app for recovery not working me recovery data easy in 2012 ago old phone but not recovery latest phone i can try phone mass storage mode on my phone and recovery data using pc software but not enable mass storage mode in latest phone please help...
  2. K

    Thread Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (Black, 64 GB) (6 GB RAM) Mass storage

    Hi, I bought this phone recently and I wish to how to transfer via PC because mass storage isn't an option when usb is connected. I want to transfer files between my phone and PC. Is there any PC Suite or software for mass storage? Phone details : Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL [ASUS_X00TD]...
  3. gus33000

    Thread Developer Menu Application - For WPInternals unlocked phones ONLY

    Some people may have never heard of developermenu.efi, it's an efi application Microsoft mostly uses on test devices which allows you to do many things, here are the main highlights: Note: if some people have a problem with getting this efi to display something, please use this one...
  4. zo10000

    Thread How to reinstall MtpApplication?

    Hi! I've just deleted the mtp application from my S3. I thought it's used only by Kies. Now I'm not able to connect the phone to PC as a mass storage device. Using the Samsung drivers it recognize it as CDC serial, android device, etc. but not as mass storage. Can anybody suggest me a solution...
  5. M

    Thread How to connect as Mass storage?

    Hi, is there a way that when I plug in the phone to the PC via USB it will be connected as Mass storage? I don't mind if it will only show my SD card without the internal memory, as long as its connected as a flash drive. Is there some way for that? Thanks.
  6. rizwan.mahai

    Thread [FIX] Can't see some folders when connected to PC

    I have read on various Android blogs and facebook pages , People complaining that they can't see/access some of the files/folders of their Android Internal/SD storage when connected to PC via USB cable on MTP Mode. Most of the people using HTC Desire 820/820q/820u or some other Android...
  7. GokulNC

    Thread [APP][ROOT] USB MASS STORAGE Enabler v1.6

    This app is to enable Mass Storage Mode for mounting your Memory Card as a USB Drive in Computer from your rooted device [Android 4.0+].. It does not mount internal storage, and it will not work if your device doesn't have External Memory Card Support.. Download Link: UMS Enabler (Universal)...
  8. G

    Thread [Q] sd card not the same and a dolphin

    I moved from android 4.0 to 5.0 and have a new lg g4, but... Did it format the sd card right? Android 4.0 fills it up so much more why? Hmmm then my dolphin browser 10.1.0 says that the mass storage is in use what can i do? And how is my sd card supposed to look. Because i only have a few...
  9. K

    Thread [Q] Change Default USB mode

    I'm posting here as the forum specific to my device doesn't seem to have enough exposure and I don't think the solution I'm seeking is device specific as such. I had posted this without any replies. I would like to know where the configuration for the default USB connection mode is stored. Ever...
  10. H

    Thread Your favourite TP!

    Vote in the Poll, what your favourite Transfar Protocol is! Only vote if you want! I don't want to force anyone to something! If you want, write what you think!
  11. B

    Thread [Q] Mass storage mode

    Is there some way to set up usb mass storage instead MTP? I found only this but looks like it is device specific.
  12. Paget96

    Thread [Q] USB problem

    I have LG p700, I using CrystalPA, when I connect my device to PC,there is a option for Media device (MTP) and for Camera(PTP) ,now my question is how to enable mass storage, because MTP is slow :(
  13. D

    Thread [APP] USB Mass Storage App for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

    USB Mass Storage App for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Sometimes when we use a new custom rom, we might encounter a USB Mass Storage problem. As a result, the Mass Storage notification might not pop up and hence we can't access our SD Card. But fear not, for I have made a simple app to enable USB...
  14. X82X

    Thread [Q] Connecting phone to PC, treat as proper storage drive.

    This one has puzzled me for quite some time. When connecting my One or most android phones to my PC, it will appear as a drive but it NEVER works like an SD card or USB stick would. Here is a list of things which really frustrate me about this: You can't drag'n'drop from iTunes (or another...
  15. J

    Thread [Q] Problem with USB-connection to car-stereo

    Hi all, i have a new car (Skoda Octavia RS) with a new sat-nav/car-stereo ("Amundsen" @ skoda or "composition media" @ Volkswagen). With this car stereo i got a usb-slot, over which the car stereo can play the music from an usb-device. Since the newer androids doesnt seem to use the "old" usb...
  16. TheFixItMan

    Thread [GUIDE] [Solution] How To Get Windows 8.1 To Recognise USB Mass Storage

    How To Get Windows 8.1 To Recognise USB Mass Storage On Your Phone I have had the problem for ages that when I connected my Samsung Galaxy GT-S5360 into my Windows 8.1 PC nothing happened - Windows 8.1 simply refused to recognise the device - not even anything in device manager - nothing -...
  17. TheFixItMan

    Thread [GUIDE] [Solution] How To Get Windows 8.1 To Recognise USB Mass Storage

    How To Get Windows 8.1 To Recognise USB Mass Storage On Your Phone I have had the problem for ages that when I connected my Samsung Galaxy GT-S5360 into my Windows 8.1 PC nothing happened - Windows 8.1 simply refused to recognise the device - not even anything in device manager - nothing -...
  18. Abazel

    Thread [Q] Big games on SD

    First of all, I read tons of threads on this problem. I know that the new Android versions changed from Mass Storage to MTP (safety reasons) and that is our main problem (I suspect), along with the small internal memory. First of all, I want to simply put the files from big games on SD, install...
  19. R

    Thread [Q] Mass Storage Mode?

    I was shocked/appalled to find that my brand new MotoX doesn't support true Mass Storage mode. Just MTP and PTP which doesn't give you true unfettered access to the files on the "sdcard". It was bad enough the device has no actual SD Card, but I figured I would at least be able to connect and...
  20. OryZ

    Thread [Q] Mass Storage option missing from Storage > USB computer connection?

    OK, first thing I want to say that I HATE MTP. I read on another thread today that someone said it probably works well for allot of people but not for him - well not for me either! So one of the things I immediately do when flashing etc. is switch to Mass Storage. Usually I do it with USB...
  21. hadi.jarehan

    Thread [Q] How to connect USB mass storage while using swapped RAM from SD card?

    Hi. I want to swap my RAM into SD card using Swapper2. I was wondering if I want to connect my phone via mass storage to my PC, should I have to disable swap and use internal RAM while it's connected to PC or is it ok to connect it without disabling swap? The phone is Xperia Arc S and installed...
  22. prahladvarda

    Thread [MASS STORAGE]true mass storage for WP7/7.5

    Hey everyone, I thought of making a simple guide or tutorial on how to get TRUE mass storage working on a windows phone 7/7.5 device with all methods put together under one heading in a single thread. I wanted to do this because many users find the lack of mass storage to be a serious problem...
  23. C

    Thread [Q] Enable Mass Storage

    Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way for my Samsung Galaxy S III Mini to show as a mass storage device when I connect it to my computer? At the moment it displays as a "portable device" and it seems that a lot of synchronisation software and other tools aren't compatible with this method...
  24. K

    Thread [Q] Update to JB lost USB mass-storage

    Hi, I'm on the standard HTC software, so no rooting, no custom ROMs, etc. In the most recent update (a few weeks ago), the device was taken from (I think) Android 4.0.4 to 4.1.2, so from ICS to JB. However, in doing that, the ability to access the SD card via USB mass-storage seems to have...
  25. A

    Thread [Q] How to enable mass storage in CM 10.1 ?

    Does anyone know how to enable USB Mass Storage on our phones under CM10.1? I've searched around and found this thread. But since I'm not familiar with changing build.prop I don't dare to do it myself. There are some CWM .zip files around to enable it, but they are on other phone's forums and...
  26. Z

    Thread [Q] MTP Absolutely Sucks. How do I go back?

    to the old days of plain 'ol USB Mass Storage? I have CM 10.1 Nightly and KToonsez' latest kernel. I've always had the problem since I first got this phone, from CM9 to CM10.1, multiple kernels, that the only USB transfer mode is MTP and Camera. Well let me tell you, MTP sucks. Massively slow...
  27. L

    Thread [Q] IZS ringtone and PC Connection

    Hello, I have two issues with IZS ROM and wonder if a solution exist. 1. Ringtone. The phone randomly changes the ring tome back to the default "Life's Good". I believe this occur after connecting the USD to mass storage. Then again, it does not happen everytime. 2. While I have set the PC...
  28. T

    Thread [Q] USB Mass storage?

    I am sick of MTP USB connection and I want to know if there's any way to use normal mass storage. Today I tried to copy nandroid backups to my PC and I can't.. :( It just won't copy my files. (Windows 7)
  29. TommY.KillER

    Thread [Q] Enable Mass Storage on stock Jelly Bean?

    Is there any app or command or something, which can enable Mass Storage mode instead of MTP on HOX with stock 4.1.1 Jelly Bean?
  30. RichyRicho

    Thread [Q] Xperia S CWM USB mass storage doesn't work

    Hi all. Sorry I KNOW this has been asked here before, I just cant find it :( The title basically explains my problem. CWM and namely, the mount USB mass storage just doesnt work, yet in other earlier CWMs' , it works fine. Anyone know the answer?
  31. lmali92

    Thread [Q] Need to Recover pics from Ace Plus internal SD

    Ok I'm experiencing this problem with Ace Plus, but I'm sure many others maybe experiencing this too. Device Ace Plus; Gingerbread, not rooted A lot of pics from my friend's Ace Plus have got lost and the sad part is they were on internal SD and there is no USB Utilities option for me to...
  32. itsonlym3

    Thread [app] SGS3 Easy UMS (USB Mass Storage)

    thought i'd share this for anyone that's still looking for a way to get USB Mass Storage on their Note II [APP][v1.8 (+US)] SGS3 Easy UMS - Mount external microSD card as USB mass storage "This app will make the external (not the internal!) microSD card of your Samsung Galaxy S3...
  33. J

    Thread Macintosh MTP issue? Try this.

    So i've been with android since its beggings since about 2.0 on my HTC Hero GSM and switched over various OS's and never had an issue with file transfers. Here comes the new Galaxy S3 and all the new 4.0 + devices that now use MTP which works perfectly well on windows, but we all know its a...
  34. A

    Thread [Q] Enabling Mass Storage 2.3.6

    I'm trying to root my friends' ATT SGS2 i777. on GB 2.3.6 When I connect it to the computer it won't recognize it and say the device has malfunctioned. The phone says "MTP Initialization/Connected" when I want it to enable mass storage The Latest Samsung Kies is installed, and the computer...
  35. S

    Thread (How-To) Enable USB MASS STORAGE for Internal and External SDCARD.

    I used Nova launcher, you might be able to get this to work another way, this is just how I did it. Long press on the Homescreen, click Shortcut, then Activities, then Usb Setting, then Usb Settings When you click the shortcut you made to your homescreen you'll have a choice between Kies and...
  36. GoJo ^^

    Thread USB alimentation, UMS, country version...

    Hello, I just got my i9100 (and surprisingly not a G neither P..!) and i have few questions. It's running on ICS LPW firmware. First I'd like to know how i make sure this is a phone from my country and not another. Next i'd like to know how to know how to be in UMS mode (mass storage transfer)...
  37. russell1997

    Thread [ATT] Problem getting "Charge Only" and "Mass Storage" options to work

    [ATT] Problem getting "Charge Only" and "Mass Storage" options to work Just got the S3 yesterday. :) :) I downloaded the S3 drivers from samsung and i enabled usb debugging. When i plug in to usb, I either do not get the usb prompts at all or when i do i only get mtp or ptp options...
  38. B

    Thread [Q] Internal Storage Corrupted

    Hi all I have a Fujitsu ARROWS X F-05D, which running Android 2.3.5. It has 4GB internal storage and supports microSD card. I tried to format the phone’s internal storage through Windows 7, the operation was failed during the formatting process. After that, I cannot access either the phone’s...
  39. G

    Thread [APP][v1.8 (+US)] SGS3 Easy UMS - Mount external microSD card as USB mass storage

    This app will make the external (not the internal!) microSD card of your Samsung Galaxy S3 (International, US versions, International LTE) available as USB mass storage device. Also reported working on Galaxy Note 2, see compability list below. Most important commands in this app...
  40. Mkami

    Thread I need help with my rooted A500! :(

    Hi! I just recently rooted my tab and flashed ROM'd it to the new Flexreaper ICS, previously my external HDD worked perfectly fine with my tab. But now when I connect it to the tablet it shows that little notification in the bottom that says something like "connected USB something" sorry if it's...
  41. R

    Thread MTP Issue.. trick to directly access USB mount [SPECIALLY FOR MAC USERS]

    hey guy's ... this trick ll help you to get rid from MTP when u plug ur device with usb and it asks for MTP media share... after this trick u ll directly get the USB MASS STORAGE or USB MOUNTING access STEP 1: Download/install Android Terminal Emulator, open it and type: su (to grant...
  42. A

    Thread [Q] copying photos error

    Ahhhhh! That stupid MTP mode is an utter pain, how hard would it have been for sony to implement mass storage!! I know it is available via root but I'm not willing to unlock my bootloader just yet. Trying to copy photos by copying and pasting them using the crappy windows explorer within the...
  43. nehalem176

    Thread [Q] Connected as Media Device (MTP) as default Instead detected as Mass Storage

    When I plugged USB cable, my phone connected as media device (MTP) instead detected as Mass Storage.. Under Developer Options already checked USB Debugging.. I have to manually go to More in Wireless and Networks option then USB Utilities then select Connect Storage to PC.. How do i make it...
  44. P

    Thread [Q] Can HD7 be shown in Windows Explorer to transfer file without Zune

    Hi All, Can I connect my HD7 via USB & see another removable mass storage drive being shown in Windows Explorer or Device being shown as Mobile Device. Prior to HD7, I was using Nokia E72, HTC Touch (Elfin) and other phones. On all those phones, I could transfer file directly using Windows...
  45. S

    Thread [Q] Is USB Mass Storage mode supported?

    Hi, does any of you know if the device can work in USB Mass Storage mode, i.e. can it be seen as an external drive from Windows/OSX/Linux without additional software? I own a MacBook Pro and HTC support told me that they are going to release soon a piece of software that works under OSX, but it...
  46. R

    Thread [Q] Windows + MTP Connection -> No thumbnails?

    As the subjects states, it looks like there's no way to view pictures when the phone is connected to the PC in MTP mode via USB. I understand that it is possible to achieve this in mass storage mode connection, however I don't like this as it requires a clumky procedure (Settings->USB->USB...
  47. W

    Thread [Q] Xperia Arc won't connect to PC in mass storage mode

    Hello everyone, I (well, more likely my PC) seem to have developed an issue, causing me to be unable to access the SD card in my phone (see attached image). I tried plugging my Arc in different USB ports, which made no difference at all. I then tried with my sister's HTC Desire and my other...
  48. G

    Thread usb not working on Streak 5 - help

    I am running streakdroid 1.91 and USB only works to charge the Streak. Nothing else happens --- I get no USB Mass storage icon and my computer does nothing when I attach either the USB cable or the home dock via USB. Fastboot USB detect also does NOT work -- it just hangs....... Other than...
  49. bassie1995

    Thread [Q] PC doesn't recognize SGS in Mass Storage

    Soooo... My PC, Win7 x64, doesn't recognize my phone. I've tried almost anything I could find. Reinstall drivers, KIES, tick and untick Mass Storage and USB Debugging... Yes, I DO tick Mount SD Card. I'm not a total noob :P Now I've maybe found where the problem is coming from: I have the...
  50. K

    Thread USB Mass Storage not working on CM7

    Hi guys! Here's my story: First, i got MIUI 1.8.5 installed on my NC. Everything went fine, and USB storage worked (I had NOOKColor and microSD partitions show on PC) until once PC didn't detect any storage devices with Nook connected. I tried different computers, a PC, a Mac and a Hackintosh...