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mate 40 pro

  1. P

    Thread ourplay is safe ?

    Hello guys, Do you know if this works on mate 40 pro ? and is it safe or not OurPlay .. check the video:
  2. K

    Thread International-only [NOH-NX9] Mate 40 Pro native GMS (non-root non-virtual) for Google-login

    I will keep this post updated if working solutions are shared. Native Solutions (with push notifications, location services, google login): None so far. 😢 Virtual Machine environments: OurPlay (Chinese-only interface, but uses system languge for installed apps) DualSpace (loses ability to...
  3. A

    Thread Huawei Mate 40 Pro Slow Motion Test!

    Hey brothers, this is my slow-motion test, enjoy the video! Thank you. https://youtu.be/yY4fuaqXMgs
  4. bonell

    Thread Great NEWS! New Method Install GMS Mate 30 Pro

    Hey Guys, I have found a way to install GMS on Mate 30 Pro, (P40 PRO, P40 LITE, MATE XS). I have written a full tutorial and have recorded a video with all the steps. Basically, we restore a backup with LZPlay and icebox app. Freeze Google services framework via ADB with Icebox. And...