mate x2

  1. none24

    Thread Question Could this help with root/twrp on mate X2?

    Found this interesting article about Linux/android root and I'm wondering if this could be the thing needed to get root for the Chinese/global variant? Would be great to see full android running on this device one day.
  2. ThatsYisy

    Thread How To Guide Solutions of Fixing "This device isn't Play Protect Certified" for Huawei devices (Harmony OS 3.0/2.0/EMUI) (tested Nov, 2022)

    Working on the details, please check back later. Preparation: 1. Download the ZIP file (if the links are no longer working, please kindly leave comments and let me know) or...
  3. ThatsYisy

    Thread How To Guide Install Google Mobile Services (GMS) on EMUI 11 or Harmony OS 2.0 W/O rolling back to EMUI (Test Feb 2023)

    You can find the video instructions in the following: Video of successfully installed Google apps: *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** Do NOT give up if your first attempt fails. Factory reset is recommended if failure happens, try again and I am sure you can get it done by following this guide, however...