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  1. soulkyo

    Thread Huawei Ascend Mate 7 MT7L09 - Bricked?

  2. gahu777

    Thread [Root] [MM] [MOD] Locking cpu+gpu+ddr to max speed

    Version 3.0 install instructions below Aded profiles to put phone in more deep sleep (now my phone consume 1.3% battery per hour when screen off and wifi services like messenger enabled), minimize usage of cpu/gpu/ddr by launcher (it might lag with stock launcher, works great with Nova launcher...
  3. mutahharbashir

    Thread Method to change Fonts After upgarde

    somehow i have found a work around to change fonts on huawei mate7 which can be used on all other huawei smartphones, kindly watch following video, i have described each and everything https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reVWHXyHd_A reVWHXyHd_A
  4. mutahharbashir

    Thread Mate7 L09 B560 Middle East (OTA)

    Hi friends Finally managed to get B560 update for L09 Middle East (Thanks to my friend naeema for sending me) Download L09C185B560 after download extract "TL09_B560_MEA.zip" file, copy "dload" folder inside memory and install it For detailed tutorial watch following video cmnmLcsUEk4
  5. mutahharbashir

    Thread Mate7 TL09 Marshmallow B514 Incremental (Middle East)

    Hello friends one of my blog follower from India, today sent me this update for TL09 middle east its incremental package, not available anywhere, so its my payback to this forum for what i have learned from here. works o n B326, please someone test on B511 and feedback Download Link...
  6. Y

    Thread Smart Cover background

    Dears, I updated my Mate7 to lollipop then the smart cover background changed but it's not showing text while receiving a call, Text is white and not clear. Can I change this or change text colour? Please advice Thanks in Advance
  7. L

    Thread Elephone P7000 vs Huaiwei Mate 7

    For the different price, maybe P7000 is a good choice:o [YOUTUBEDiHOa717GKw&feature=youtu.be][/YOUTUBE]
  8. NeoPhyTe.x360

    Thread [ROM][20/03]·· ▄ · .ErykineMT7 v1.1.0 - MT7-L09-L10 B137SP03 · KK-4.4.2 ·

    Reboot ROM after 20min from first boot. FULLY WORKING ON MT7-L09. WORKING ON MT7-L10, BUT ONLY WITH ONE SIM, NO DUAL SIM WORKING FOR NOW. . ErykineMT7 v1.1.0 - Based on Stock B137SP03 - 4.4.2 - l MULTILANGUAGE l Features: Based on official stock ROM release: B137SP03 Kernel...
  9. T

    Thread [Q] SIM not working - wrong baseband? (UK)

    So as well as my issue here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/mate-7/help/cust-fail-reset-please-help-t2988366 I'm also having a bigger one- the SIM card isnt being recognised. I think this is because of flashing the wrong rom (seems a few people here have been misguided into doing that)- and now...
  10. D

    Thread Default Gold Themes missing icons

    Hello, for the 3G/32GB Gold version & theme i'm missing some gold icons. I would also spend some bucks for a complete gold theme:D if someone can complete one. Missing gold apps icons: WhatsApp MailWise n7player Quickpic XDA Premium 4 ... to be completed :cool:
  11. T

    Thread [Q] Proper reset

    Hi all, so this has taken some fiddling and I still am not even close to it doing what I want. UK model, L09. I've got it onto build MT7-L09V100R001C00B127. Trying and failing (and now falling asleep on my keyboard) to get it back to the 'standard' UK box-fresh state, but it's not playing...
  12. -freedroid-

    Thread [FIRMWARE][MT7-L09] Huawei Ascend Mate 7 - B121SP05 [LEAK]

    The german huaweiblog got his hands on new firmware for Huawei Ascend Mate 7. Device: MT7-L09 (international version) Leak version:B121SP05 Known changes: Stability- and Performanceupdate integrated Opera Browser as system app remove Zinio Reader Source & DL...
  13. S

    Thread Huawei Ascend Mate7

    In case you haven't heard, the all new successor to our beloved HAM2 is the Mate7! Whether or not Huawei went through 4 different Mate models that we never knew about, I'll never know. I presume (since many people haven't heard of Huawei) they want the HAM7 to look "one step ahead" of the iPhone...