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  1. A

    Thread Customizing quick settings drop-down menu (Material You)

    Material You design sucks. Everything looks exaggerated and impractical. And worst of it is drop-down menu. Is it possible to customize it in GrapheneOS? I know GrapheneOS is about privacy, but Open Source is also about freedom. It's such an annoyance to have: All individual settings as oval...
  2. Dg_WPX

    Thread [APP] WaifuPX (Wallpapers)

    WaifuPX Beautiful and modern Anime style Wallpapers app. Characteristics: • Whithout ads • Material Design • Sorted into categories • 4K Wallpapers • Free Download: Download WaifuPX
  3. Mirko ddd

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Sh-ort -- URL Shortener

    Sh-ort is a how I reimagined a URL Shortener app using Material Design to build a branded experience, through UI and Motion. There are several apps that take care of shortening urls, and they are great at what they do but they all have more or less the same design and are a little boring. Also...
  4. E

    Thread [APP] One a Day - a green advice per Day

    This thread is intended to be used to present my new app: One a Day. This is a simple Android app that provides an advice to reduce your carbon footprint everyday. You can try it on Google Play Store (or download the app from GitHub releases). I think that this is the occasion to turn our...
  5. O

    Thread Android P theme to our Galaxy S7 - No Root!!

    Hello guys, I found in the galaxy s9+ forum this wonderful theme of android P and I would like to share it with you!! I think its really awesome and really mimic android P style and the new material design concepts. You can find it here...
  6. I

    Thread [APP] "Pie Controls" [5.0+]

    "Pie Controls" is the perfect companion for your day to day phone usage. It gives you the ability to use your phone with just one hand via gestures. Simply swipe from one of the edges of your screen to reveal a functional and visually pleasing menu which shows your favorite actions...
  7. iQiQi

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Solar Music Player

    Solar Music Player will be your best music player. Download It On Google Play 【Feature Highlights】: Material Design The user interface matches detail of the material design guidelines to provide best UI/UX experience for you. So Easy To Use No complicated or overblown menus but a familiar and...
  8. I

    Thread Now Playing Stories — 2.0 out now — Awesome new features.

    The new Now Playing feature from the new Pixel 2 phones is a great feature. But it lacks one essential functionality: It only shows you the current tracks but does not store them in any way — Here comes Now Playing Stories. View all detected songs by your Pixel 2 in a simple but beautiful...
  9. I

    Thread Now Playing Stories — 2.0 out now — Awesome new features.

    The new Now Playing feature from the new Pixel 2 phones is a great feature. But it lacks one essential functionality: It only shows you the current tracks but does not store them in any way — Here comes Now Playing Stories. View all detected songs by your Pixel 2 in a simple but beautiful...
  10. F

    Thread [HOW To] Build A Custom UI With Material Design AutoTools Web Screen

    If there is one complaint about Tasker it is Scenes. They are difficult to transfer between devices and the components could use a Material Design facelift. AutoTools Web Screens combined with Material Design Lite is the perfect solution. Learn how to build a custom UI with AutoApps...
  11. XN Logos

    Thread New Theme Collection twrp 3.0xx

    New themes For twrp Recovery- How to Install Custom Theme on twrp- Download the latest package of the Materialized TWRP for your device. Open the folder where the package has been downloaded. Now, right-click on the package, and select Rename. Rename it to “” (.zip is the...
  12. Bat-Maniac

    Thread [ICON PACK] [4.4+] Pixi - Circular Icons [v 1.0.3] [2016/12/21]

    Pixi - A Circular Icon Pack inspired by Google's new round Pixel Phone Icon Set This Icon Pack was created to provide an unified look and match the new round Pixel Icons on your Android Devices. This is my first offical Icon Pack wich I decided to share. It is still in development, so please...
  13. royale1223

    Thread [APP][5.0+][30.04.2018] Avidd - youtube-dl Android GUI

    Most of you will be familiar with that awesome command line video downloader for python called youtube-dl. It supports not just YouTube but hundreds of video portal around the web. I've been working on GUI for this command for android for quite some time now and I'm here to share the results...
  14. paolorotolo

    Thread [APP] [4.1+] Glucosio - Diabetes Tracker

    Glucosio is a modern diabetes app for blood glucose, HB1AC, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Ketones, Body Weight and more. Glucosio diabetes tracker makes it quick and easy to track all aspects of your diabetes! We're a completely open source diabetes app for both type 1 & type 2 diabetes and...
  15. L

    Thread N Music Player[Lyrics support,10Band Equalizer,Floating player,Sleeptimer,Tag editor]

    N Music is a lightweight, full featured material design music player. Download Get it from Googe Play Key Features: • Elegant user interface with material design. • Manage and play music by album, artist, folder, songs, playlists. • Supports Lyrics • Supports English, Spanish...
  16. Burhan777

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Material Design Tutorials - Guide to material design.

    Best resource to learn google's new material design. APP DESCRIPTION "Material Design Tutorials" application is packed with full detailed tutorials and interacting outputs to make you understand every aspect of google's material design. Topics included are: 1) Toolbar. 2) Navigation View...
  17. J

    Thread New Apps - Giving Away some coupons for mplay Pro and give it a try to mplay lite & r

    Hello Guys , I have some new apps for you to try .I am giving away some codes for pro version - half to indians and half to non indians people. Comment here or mail me - [email protected] Beautiful and stylish music player and radio - mPlay . Download link - mPlay Pro -...
  18. T

    Thread [Theme][Lp/M]Material Premium X

    Material Premium X Features Music app themed (only for root users) Keyboard layout themed Wall (powered by Hr Images Etc Download From Google Play
  19. Gaukler_Faun

    Thread [App][5.0+] K9-Mail Material Design (open source) [Discontinued]

    Since I don't have the time too support this project. At the moment I will not longer support or update this project. Hi! What's the best open source mail client? - K9 What's the the problem with K9? - The design. Because of that I decided to fork K9 and give it a material design. I used...
  20. T


    MATERIAL PREMIUM MINIMALIST FEATURES Clock widget Iconpack Ui Material designed keyboard Music app themed Etc Download from playstore Credit shehabskull for tutorial for adding sound in theme My...
  21. arindam_mitra1985

    Thread MatCon™ - Material Icon Maker (Mobile Android Asset Studio)

    Hi Friends, I am happy to announce the launch of my 3rd Android App, MatCon™... Please check it out and leave me your comments and reviews here at XDA.. Also please review & rate the app on Play Store... let me know incase of any Bugs (there might be.. as its the initial release) and if you...
  22. O

    Thread Cool home screen for Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

    Check out my video to see my home screen and how to get it. It's for the guys who like Material design but also want customization and functionallity! If you enjoyed make sure to Like, Subscribe and share! Thanks!
  23. The Dork Knight Rises

    Thread [APP] Popular Movies (WIP) [4.0.3+]

    Popular movie suggestion app developed as part of Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree programme. Powered by TMDb. Under active development. The name is just a working title, I'll think of something cooler later :P Check out these screenshots! DOWNLOAD Download from XDA Labs to get the most...
  24. S

    Thread [WIDGET][4.1+]Material Design Widgets - BETA Testers wanted

    Hi everybody! I've created 2 Material design Widgets for my personal use. Now i like them too much as to not publish them on play store. But as there are many different music players and devices on which widgets look completely different I'm hoping for your support. The two widgets are: Music...
  25. N

    Thread [Tasker Plugin, Dev] Material Design Tasker Plugin receives massive update to version

    Hello everyone! I just sent an update to Material Design Plugin which is probably the biggest update I have ever made for one of my apps before! There is a lot of things I have done so let's just get right into it! New Action! Content activity! With Content Activity you can do some amazing...
  26. albertoa97

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Material Apps Showcase

    Ciao XDA! I'm Alberto from Italy. When Google presented Material Design i falled in love, i only want material apps on my phone and i always search for new apps. What i did: Some time ago i decided to start develop an app that showcase material apps, and here comes "Material Apps Showcase"...
  27. lickarock

    Thread Google / Nexus Based Wallpapers

    Hello all! I decided to make a slew of different colored, material design based wallpapers, and figured I would share with the class. View Album Here Here is a PSD if you are interested in making any variation of this you may want, or to edit into something new entirely. My only request is...
  28. apna.suresh0305

    Thread [Recovery] TWRP Recovery - material play design by megthebest

    I am not the developer i am sharing the others work here. I have tried 2nd method and it worked well. Please try at your own risk. Base compiled by linerty, ported by megthebest. Download and Install correctly Mediatek Preloader drivers ( Take care on Windows 8.1/10 drivers, you need to disable...
  29. deV_a

    Thread [THEME] Material Theme by deV_a

    Hi everyone, today I make a complete material design theme. Download here on Mediafire REQUEST ME FOR ICON IF THERE IS A BAD ICON IN YOUR HOME.
  30. EndOfDays-Wildfire

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Volume Controls - Change any volume easily and conveniently

    Volume Controls is an easy to use and fast app to change any kind of volume on your device. You can enable an ongoing notification to quickly adjust any volume and you can also allow Volume Controls to start an ongoing notification whenever your device boots. This is especially useful if your...
  31. V

    Thread [APP][SMS][2.3+] QuickSMS - Very fast SMS application !

    QuickSMS QuickSMS is a simple and a light SMS application, very fast, using Material Design. QuickSMS have stopped to be operationnel, so don't use this application (Silence app is equivalent, if you want try...) Features: - Quick reply (popup) - SMS delivery reports - Dark, black and...
  32. T

    Thread [THEME][LP/KK][NO ROOT] Material Premium

    Mod edit: Content removed. Rule#2.4
  33. D

    Thread [THEME][UPDATE]Elegant-II v2.0 (FREE Version 27k+ Downloads. Get the Premium Version)

    [CENTER]Elegant-II Customize your Android Launcher with this finely designed Icon-Pack. Features • <1400+ 192x192 (xxxhdpi) icons (for Hi-res Phones) • Multiple Launcher Support (Check out the list below) • Cloud Wallpapers • Muzei Support • Dynamic Calendar • HD Docks • Icon Request Tool •...
  34. C

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] Instant Translate

    Translate with amazing quality, great usability and design. Key features: * Support of more than 90 languages * Speech recognition and text-to-speech * Variety of synonyms for translations and transliteration * Offline history of translations with search History is placed directly above...
  35. creativetrendz

    Thread Folio for Facebook

    ABOUT FOLIO: Experience **Facebook faster and more optimized better than any other alternative. NOTIFICATIONS: Get general notifications. Get message notifications. Get friend request notifications. Get badges. No need to fumble with RSS feeds. With Folios advanced notifications system...
  36. Miche1asso

    Thread [Theme][Google Play - Free][NO ROOT][KK/L/MM/N/O]MonoChrome Green v2

    A Green Material Design theme I made with Sony Theme Creator. It features shades of Green and few Teal elements as accent color. It's fully tested for Lollipop on my Xperia M2, but it started as a fork of my original MonoChrome theme, which has been reported to work perfectly fine on KitKat as...
  37. TwoMountains

    Thread [Theme][+4.1][FREE] Material Circle

    MATERIAL. INTERACTIVE. ANIMATION THIS IS THE BEST LIVE WALLPAPER IN THE STYLE OF "MATERIAL DESIGN" Tap the screen to create a animation circle. Many animated themes, support multi-touch and vibro-touch, a lot settings and more. :good:Please download the FREE app to support...
  38. naresh babu

    Thread [launcher][4.0+][material design] styl launcher gratis - customizable home screen app

    STYL LAUNCHER GRATIS - CUSTOMIZABLE LAUNCHER Features: *New Design : Updated components to rich material design elements for pleasing interface.. *New Animations : Brand new transitions and animations are added. *Material Colors : Added material colors for the backgrounds and the font...
  39. A

    Thread [APP][4.4+]Kolorette - Color adopting widgets and plugin for Zooper, Kustom, Tasker.

    Kolorette brings a new context to widgets by implementing contextual color concept established in Google's Material Design! What is Kolorette?? Kolorette attempts to bring material design's contextual color concept to widget space. It extracts prominent colors from an image and applies it to...
  40. M

    Thread pictures in cards

    So i'm doing app with cards like in material design. as a sample i've put a screen from phone androids app I also want to putt a pictures on this cards, but don't know how to. The app will be a phrasebook, and pictures needs to symbolise the subject of the button. Can some one helps me?
  41. ronnie-steelheart

    Thread [APP][4.0+][Material][Updated] Quick Wallet- Keep track of who owes you what money.

    You lent someone money but you forgot to take it back or you borrowed money from someone and need a reminder to pay him back. These scenarios are very common and keeping track of such transactions can be very troublesome. This is where Quick Wallet comes to your rescue. Quick Wallet helps you...
  42. Mayr Technologies

    Thread App Ideas : A must have app for developers

    Appideas is a storage as well as a support for creative developers with ideas for apps and game. No matter where you are when the inspiration comes along, with this app you will not lose any ideas. Select a category, where the planned app belongs to, choose a name, describe the basic idea and...
  43. R

    Thread 3 new small apps with material design icon

    3 new small apps with material icons 1- Mirror 2-Currency Converter 3-unit Converter Unzip attachment and install as normal apk :) Hit Thanks if you like :good:
  44. albertoa97

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Material Apps Showcase - The biggest database with Material Apps

    Ciao! I'm 17 years old italian developer and this is my first app, i did this app in my spare time, i'm still learning development. So, let's go to the app, Material Apps Showcase ,i've built an app that list all the apps that follow Material Design guidelines. I think that this is the biggest...
  45. rhmsoft

    Thread [APP][4.0+][Material Design] Pulsar Music Player

    Introduction I have developed a new music player on Android - Pulsar Music Player. Its user interface and animation are fully comply with Google material design, and it has a tiny size, only 2.5 MB. Please download and have a try! Download Download it directly from Google Play: QR Code...
  46. bsaelim

    Thread [APP][4.4+] neutriNote : a hub of written thoughts in fast searchable plain text

    Introducing neutriNote: a plain text note taking app that is built for recording everything in plain text (math expressions, bar codes, drawings in ASCII, etc.) The UI is seamless and with the use of a handy toolbar one can multitask without leaving the app. The app also has one of the richest...
  47. javiersa

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] Moticons v1.1 - Japanese Emoticons

    An easy and modern way to send Moticons (Japanese Emoticons) Requirements Android 4.0.3+ Features Use and share more than 100 Moticons. Get free Moticoins to unlock new and special Moticons. Show Moticons by category: positive, negative, funny and animal. Search by Moticon...
  48. mastero9017

    Thread [CM11][THEME] Simply Flat Blue [25/07/15]

    Flat, elegant and colorful theme in valuable price. What do you need more? What's Included/Themed: ✔ Themed Framework ✔ New Flat Android keyboard ✔ Updated Settings look ✔ New notification style ✔ Refreshed Quick Tiles ✔ Volume Scrubbers ✔ Launcher Icons (Project Hera included!) ✔ Android L...
  49. mastero9017

    Thread [CM13][CMTE][THEME] Nuclear UI - Pure Material Design [24/05/16]

    Flat, smooth and colorful Material Design theme for CM13/CM12/CM12.1 What's Included/Themed: Support for CM13/CM12/CM12.1/Euphoria/AOSIP/Liquid Smooth/NamelessRom/Illusion ROMs Themed over 42 apps! Themed Framework (switches/checkboxes/styles) Completely new flat Android keyboard Updated...
  50. A

    Thread [ICON PACK][MD][0.2] Pristine Icon Pack [BETA][3 Sept 2015]

    Introducing, Pristine Icon pack Pristine Icon pack is an elegant harmony of material and flat icons, and is in compliance with the material design guidelines! Kindly understand that the icon pack is new, and is under heavy development. It explains why so many icons are missing. If you urgently...