1. Nyaooom

    Thread GPS makes phone freeze when playing any media.

    Hello everyone, DEVICE Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro Custom ROM : Pixel Experience Android 13 ( : "") Used Apps : Youtube / Youtube Music (I also tried with other media sources on internet) &...
  2. vulcanrvn

    Thread Screenshot Issue Android 12

    Hello, I recently updated to Android 12 and everything was going fine until suddenly I'm unable to take a screenshot using the volume down and power button. Whenever I press those buttons everything appears to be working fine but no actual screenshot photo it saved anywhere. A little bit...
  3. M

    Thread My Samsung Note5 keeps glitching

    Hello guys For the past 24 hours my phone has been glitching. It suddenly stopped playing all forms of media files. Most social media apps won't open anymore, when I try It just hangs and then shows an error message asking whether I want to wait or close app. YouTube works for a few seconds...
  4. L

    Thread Question Strange media files in csc ITV

    I was trying to see how the home_csc file worked and I found these strange file inside prism.img ITV csc
  5. H

    Thread A lot of photos disappeared, nothing is working to recover it

    Hi, yesterday while looking at my gallery I noticed that a lot of photos are missing, for example, my Italy trip photos and videos are gone, not all of them though, there are some left, but videos are all gone. I didn't delete or move them, didn't touch them at all, it just disappeared. I've...
  6. Blodziu

    Thread Question Issue with Media Sounds and notifications

    Hello, I have a wired issue with media and notifications sounds. In few days after factory reset, most of the sounds work incorrectly, I mean something like playing from only one speaker and they are very muffled. Also media playback, e.g. on YouTube, everything plays from one speaker and...
  7. U

    Thread [APP][4.4+] Media Files Explorer

    Shows instantly all video, audio and image files on your device This is media explorer (browser) app which only shows video, audio (music) and image (photo) files and only folders and subfolders which contain such media files on your device. It won't display folders which don't include any...
  8. Munamx

    Thread Question Galaxy Z Fold 3/ Z Flip 3 Media

    I Would like to request someone who has proper knowledge on the matter, how can someone extract media files from a stock firmware. I really need updated media ringtones/notifications from the Z fold or Z flip 3 for my Original Z Fold. i have tried to look all over XDA and the interne but nobody...
  9. Munamx

    Thread Question Galaxy Z Flip 3/ Z Fold 3 Media

    I Would like to request someone who has proper knowledge on the matter, how can someone extract media files from a stock firmware. I really need updated media ringtones/notifications from the Z fold or Z flip 3 for my Original Z Fold. i have tried to look all over XDA and the interne but nobody...
  10. M

    Thread MediaSource Android Stagefright - how to create it from bytearray in native code?

    The command line client for Stagefright Is using MediaSource to play the Video. How can I set MediaSource to be from byte array (char *), where I can specify it. I want to load the whole file from...
  11. B

    Thread Media sound is distorted when in call

    Hello. I have an LG G8x ThinQ (Android 10, LG UX 9.0). I have one major problem with it. If I am in a Messenger/Discord call and I open an app that uses the media volume (eg. YouTube, a music player or a game) the second app's media will sound distorted. For example in a game I can't hear...
  12. potter12490

    Thread Deleted

  13. !J2B!

    Thread Youtube Music suddenly runs without any interaction

    Hello everybody, First of all : Happy new year ! :D I own a Pixel 4 XL running a stock ROM with the bootloader still locked (I actually don't flash my phones anymore since I'm a team Pixel member haha). I use Android Auto very often because of my job. Here is my problem : Since the december...
  14. I

    Thread Custom Rom for Media (no lockscreen possible)?

    Hi, I switched to an LG Velvet a few months ago, however, instead of getting rid of my old Huawei p20, I instead converted it to my dedicated media streaming device. Specifically, I use it exclusively with my CRT television as a means to stream 4:3 content from my server through the VLC app...
  15. G

    Thread [APP][Editor][5.0+] Easy Story - Story maker for social media apps

    Easy Story - (Story Maker for Social Media) Creating an eye-catching story on social media apps is now easier. Easy Story is an app that help you create images with multiple customization. Create image with easy story and share on social media or set stories and status on different social...
  16. K3V1991

    Thread [APK] KODI - Media Center v18.6

    Kodi® Media Center is an Award-Winning free and open Source Cross-Platform Software Media Player and Entertainment Hub for digital Media NFO: Version: 18.6 Architecture: armeabi-v7a & arm64-v8a Package: org.xbmc.kodi Min: Android 5.0 DPI: nodpiDownload: • armeabi-v7a • arm64-v8a
  17. A

    Thread [Oxygen OS 9.0.8] Bluetooth audio drops

    Has anyone started noticing regular audio drops with media playback over Bluetooth? I clearly remember this issue NOT being present on the previous Oxygen OS version. Looks like a serious issue since it is consistently observed after every couple of minutes.
  18. S

    Thread [WIDGET/5.0+] Material Music Widget

    To keep it short and simple: A widget for Material Design & usability enthusiasts, that supports a wide variety of media players: • Spotify • YouTube Music • VLC • Google PlayMusic • Amazon Music • Simple Radio • TuneIn Radio • PowerAmp • Yatse (Kodi Media Center Remote App) • Stock Players...
  19. A

    Thread No media/video sound after receiving a notification

    For some reason, every time I receive a notification in a media-playing app (Spotify, Youtube, etc), I hear the notification sound, which then mutes my media entirely. Even though the video is still playing in the background, there is no sound. Clicking the volume buttons doesn't bring the...
  20. H

    Thread Media sorting problem on social media apps.

    I have noticed this for the gazillionth time now that every once in a while (not sure whether a new app/system update triggers it) my media files (images and videos) are sorted in a messy manner within Instagram and other social apps. It's like when you want to send an image to a friend through...
  21. 0

    Thread EMUI 5 - Store WhatsApp Media on external SD Card

    Hey everyone. So it seems like its a never ending story with the big WhatsApp media folder on the internal storage... I tried the xposed module XInternalSD, FolderMount and did a loot of Google searching. But since EMUI is not a normal android these ways doesn't work for me. Did anybody make...
  22. C

    Thread Can't transfer files off note 3 (Unfortunately, the process has

    I have the galaxy note 3 (sprint model) and have tried countless guides on the internet to get rid of the error message "Unfortunately, the process has stopped". The error keeps happening randomly and It seems that any time files are being accessed via usb it causes the...
  23. mr.banana

    Thread Restore backup from google drive

    Hi all, I have a problem with restoring the whatsapp backup from google drive. Yesterday I formatted the phone and at the time of restoring the media, whatsapp to the GB (a total of 3) stops and tells me that it was not possible to restore the rest of the media. I've been looking for a solution...
  24. kamuikun

    Thread [APP][4.4+][FREE] Volume Music Controller: Navigate your music using the volume keys!

    Control your music using the hardware volume UP and DOWN buttons on your device or remote, pressed 1 to 3 times within a specific duration. Possible actions: Play / Pause, Next / Previous track, Fast forward / Rewind. Features: - Free. No ads! - Works when the device is locked. - No...
  25. TheFixItMan

    Thread [APP] [MEDIA SCANNER] Fix Missing Music And Files When Transferring Data To PC

    Fix Missing Music And Files When Transferring Data To PC How you ever connected your phone to your pc to transfer a file only to find when you open up the sd card folder on your pc the file or even entire folders are missing? Have you ever opened up your music app only to find it can't find...
  26. B

    Thread [App][Alpha] PX5 Media Controller

    Hi there, As you might have read on the PX5 board threads, I was struggling with the ease of use of the stock FM Radio app when driving. If you don't have to SWC you first have to press home from navigating, and open the radio app, or use the widgets, to switch channels. I didn't like that...
  27. R

    Thread [Help] Media scanner not working in N

    So I was on sultan cm13 rom and decided to flash RR v 5.8.3 today. I was having multirom installed, but uninstalled it before continuing. After flashing RR the " has stopped" popup started to come up and there was nothing in music library or gallery. But in explorer i can see my...
  28. D

    Thread Bluetooth & Media volume link

    Hello All, I just happened to get a new pair of headphones and found out that on Android (at least on stock lg roms) media volume and BT volume are not linked together? Apparently this was solved in 6.0.1 but we dont have that and it is so annoying to have to adjust volume at two separate...
  29. K

    Thread Media battery drain

    Hello forum, So I've updated to the latested version the other week and enabled encryption on my SD card then put songs on the SD card. Now my battery went from 100% - 18% in a matter of hours ... The media process is the cause of the issue from what I can see and the media server. Any...
  30. C

    Thread Wireless Portable Media Hubs with 5GHz support

    Best article I can find: Niche and I love it! Except once again, where is the 5GHz option?
  31. S

    Thread Volume button controls ringer volume while media is playing

    I'm sitting here looking at my Spotify app on my 6P while it's playing music into my earbuds, and hitting the volume up/down buttons affects the ringer volume. What gives??? Stock ROM.
  32. M

    Thread [App][V 2.0][2.3+] playanddownloadmp3 - Free Play and download free mp3 music

    Description With playanddownloadmp3 You can easily and for free play mp3 music from the Internet and download a private copy. The app finds all royalty free and legal songs on the Internet. playanddownloadmp3 is the best Downloader app for mp3 songs in the Play Store. Never before downloading...
  33. S

    Thread [APP][Xposed][L-M] Media notification seek bar [Mar/30/2016]

    Last update: [Mar/30/2016] Link Description: With this module you can modify the notification of the music / video players. You can add a seek bar and control the position of the current playing media without opening the application. Also can change the colors of the notification. Tutorials...
  34. G

    Thread Media buttons on Logitech k400 not working

    I bought the remix mini , I like it except that the media buttons (play, pause, next track, previous track) on my k400 don't work. However volume buttons work. Is there anything I can do to make it work? Media controls work on all my mother android devices. Thank you
  35. L

    Thread Beelink Mini MX vs MXIII - G

    Hi to all, i am trying to choose the best Android Box i can get for max 60$ So after a little research i found 2 candidates: The Beelink Mini MX and the MXIII - G Pros/Cons CPU. The Mini MX has the newest cpu/gpu (s905), so i supposed he will have more time before EOL comes, on the other hand...
  36. A

    Thread Whatsapp Backup Restore Issue!

    Hello! I just bought my 64 gig nexus 6p and transferred the entire whatsapp folder to the new device from my old xperia arc s. All the chats got restored. The only issue is the media files are blurry and the error says, "sorry this media file doesnt exist on your sd card" I checked the...
  37. wschamps42

    Thread Is There A Way To Boost The Bluetooth Media Audio Volume?

    I just picked up this phone and I absolutely love it, only issue though is the low headphone and Bluetooth Audio Volume. I know I can change the headphone volume by changing the mixer file, but I haven't seen anything on Bluetooth. Unfortunately my car doesn't have an aux port because Honda...
  38. F

    Thread [App][Beta] Compact Media Control – looking for testers & feedback

    I was bored and made a simple app. I sent it to a friend and after some feedback from him, I kept working on it. I figured I may as well let whoever wants to, test/use it. So please help me test this app I made – Compact Media Control. :) It basically consists of a simple overlay with the...
  39. ohnonot

    Thread Weird network streaming problem

    I just started this thread. May i direct your attention to it? Because i think it's really more of a network problem than a general help problem. I know that what I'm doing right now is against most forums' etiquettes, but please consider that days of troubleshooting went into the problem &...
  40. ohnonot

    Thread Android 4.4.2 - Video playback: no ac3 sound when streaming

    Please read carefully! It took me an hour just to write this post, not counting days of troubleshooting. The old situation: I have a collection of video in different compressed formats on my home server, and i want to access them from my phone. So far, i have been using sftp for this (several...
  41. D

    Thread Mounting Expandable Storage On Marshmallow (without root)?

    Marshmallow finally added official support for connecting OTG flash drives natively without the need for a third-party app. On the Nexus Player running Marshmallow, connecting a flash drive will mount the device so any app with file system access can read files. This allows apps such as MX...
  42. J

    Thread What the most basic ROM for just media use?

    My M8 has gone to the beyond, sort of. First it started with the top speaker failing, so I had to use speaker phone for calls (using the bottom speaker) and then, in the last week, the mic failed. My last phone prior to the M8 was the Fascinate (verizon); yes Galaxy S1. With that there was a...
  43. R

    Thread Windows Media Center in Windows 10

    Just wondering if there is any interest/possibility of developing a method of running WMC in Windows 10. There really is no alternative for a total media center package that DVRs copy-protected content from a Cable-Card tuner. There was some interest in it on MyDigitalLife forum...
  44. M

    Thread LG G2 - Media broken? HELP

    Hey Guys, I need your help. I flashed a lot of roms in the last time, and since 3 roms my media is not showing up in the stock apps. In Titanium Backup is at the bottom "media" but it is strikethrough :( I tested nearly everything: -Factory reset (same after that) -Terminal Commands (nothing...
  45. ardentis

    Thread [MOD] [ZIPs] Button remaps for the L90

    Hi fellow users, My D415 died awhile ago so therefore I cannot make nor test any new zips. I can add any of your zips to this thread as long as you PM me the zip and another user can verify that your zip works. Have fun and be safe! I made some zips to remap the button layouts on the LG...
  46. D

    Thread [Q] Streaming from android to PC

    Hey guys, I know it is quite common to stream media from PC to android or stream content from android to a smart TV or Chromecast etc; but is there any even reasonably elegant solution to stream media to PC. I am well aware that I could use VNC (or similar) to control the PC or access files on...
  47. W

    Thread [APP][4.0+]SocialVoice+ [NO ADS][Multi Social Media App]

    Hello everyone ,this is my first app , i have created it for low memory devices or for the peoples who want to use multi social media accounts into single app , this is very light and simple app ,you can use Facebook Google+ Twitter YouTube Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Tumblr Vine Default...
  48. C

    Thread [Q] Android Media PC - Windows accessible share?

    I recently bought a Android PC that act as a Media Center, I plan to connect a 3TB hard drive to it and use the Android PC to play all the files on the TV. The Android PC is network capable, so I was wondering is there a way to "share" the external USB on the network so I can update the contents...
  49. M

    Thread [App] Audroid

    Audroid allows you to monitor and manage the status of all the Android volume levels independently. It is also possible to create different Profiles in order to save and quickly restore your Audio Profiles. Features: - Fully control Audio levels of your device indipendently - Create edit and...
  50. A

    Thread Media on SD Card cant be detected by Galary and other music as well as Video App

    Hey guyzz.. I got a big problem, my grand do not detec any media on Sd card.. I can access all media by file exploler but do not detected by Galary., Music Player as well as Any video player. Please help me.. FYI : I have 32 gb memory card..