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    Thread Guide to unlock your MEIZU 16 Series' bootloader

    Update: DO NOT TRY TO PAY!!! THE GUIDE IS BADLY OUTDATED. JUST USE THE RESOURCES AND FREE METHODS. If you want to try the paid method, you should definitely get in touch with the seller first. I don't know whether the previous sellers are active or not. If you want to inform me of something...
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    Thread Brick Meizu 16th

    Hello, as I indicate in the title I have the Meizu 16th bricked, it does not turn on, nor does it show meizu's logo, I can not access the recovery, any solution?
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    Thread Meizu 16 / 16th - how to switch from global to Chinese Rom?

    Hello all, I just got my new Meizu 16 global (SD845) and I am wondering if it makes sense to switch to the Chinese Rom right away due to better Rom support. Could you give recommendations or suggest... - if it makes sense to flash the Chineses rom - how to flash the Chinese Rom - how to...
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    Thread Meizu 16th 6/64 vs Mi Mix 2S 6/64

    So I have a mi mix 2s at the moment, and I was offered a meizu 16th. I'd have to give my Mi mix 2s + 90€... Wondering if such a trade is worth it and why? Cheers!
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    Thread Vivo Nex S or Mi Mix 2S or Meizu 16th

    Hey there! So I've always been a Xiaomi fan for the past 4 years, although I've been offered either a Vivo Nex S or the Meizu 16th for my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S + 90€... Wondering if such a deal is worth it, and if so for which? I love them both due to the screens and on-screen fingerprint reader...
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    Thread I want to fix my MEIZU 16th bug of Google Camera BY BSG VERSION

    I don't understand SMALI, but I want to fix it .;) cstark27 When HDR + is enabled,shot + HDR + and night sight mode cannot work. It must be zoomin little before it can be work. log:
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    Thread Meizu 16th - Improve Bluetooth Audio quality, Install ViperFX on Rooted Chinese 8.1.0

    If you installed the chinese firmware on your meizu 16th, you probably noticed a low volume and distorted audio in general when using bluetooth. Even when enabling the standard equalizer the problem persist. Audio remains low, bass and trebles are not reproduced well. So, here's how I managed to...
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    Thread How to flash Meizu 16th from chinese rom version to international rom version?

    How to flash Meizu 16th from chinese rom version to international rom version? i've downloaded the international version rom, and tried to flash in offical way, and just can't work some people said it's because the locational ID doesn't match, it's there a way to change the locational ID myself...
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    Thread There are official meizu 16,16x USB cable brush package, please contact me!

    Seek the official USB cable brush tool for the above models, or the official 9008 Brush Pack for cracking the bootloader Get these packages, I will quickly unlock the bootloader for you.
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    Thread Meizu 16th - about, how to root and Gapps.

    Phone is beautiful. Latest hardware and in screen fingerprint sensor. You have to hold it in your hands and then you will understand... Problem. Meizu does not unlock bootloader and gives root only to models with Chinese firmware. Why? I do not know... And do not care. Where there is will...
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    Thread Root Meizu 16th global rom?

    Hi. Could someone help me get this phone rooted. I can provide everything needed, just do not know what is needed. In developer options there is a a option: Oem unlocking Allow the bootloader to be unlocked. Firmware can be dowloaded from flymeos site. Cant share links yet. Any help would...
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    Thread Meizu 16 global root?

    Hello. Is it possible to do root on the global version of flyme 7 for meizu 16?
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    Thread New Meizu device Meizu 16th,need new section

    Meizu 16th is the new device publiced by Meizu 2018.08 Here havn't this section .I'm not know well with XDA Can anyone establish a section for Meizu 16th? Thanks