1. speedman2202

    Thread Meizu M3 Note network unstable issue

    Hello guys, i have issue with network on my phone when i call someone my voice become low then normal several time and become fine when i move my place and network become unstable sometimes when i call someone and i cant hear him well. is that hardware or software issue???!!! any help plz
  2. speedman2202

    Thread request custom rom for meizu m3 note

    hello guys i know meizu devices based on flyme OS and Flyme 7 based on oreo for most meiuz devices , can we modify boot loader and drivers for our current device??!!! any developer help
  3. manishk94

    Thread Flyme me fixed volte issue on m3 note ( l devices ) [stable]

  4. manishk94

    Thread MIEZU M3 note L version VOLTE unlock request

    Hello developers i was reading my device license running on 6.3.0G it's an L device..... And the license says it's having an unlocked bootloader....... Also i wanted to ask is it possible to avail Volte on L device because there is an unreleased rom I've tried on my L device running on Flyme 5...
  5. M

    Thread Meizu m3 note network issues...

    Hi to all meizu m3 note and android users, Im using meizu m3 note nw...alls well only issue is with its unstable network...other than that fone is great... I tried the *#*#4636#*#* thingy as what others users recommended but its still unstable... Hoping that other m3 note users could help...
  6. P

    Thread Meizu m3 note PROBLEM

    When i try to start my phone, stuck in flyme logo. I try to recovery and format but always block with stupid logo flyme. If i try add file in recovery, i can't because debug are inactive and can't transfer file, and for this too fastboot mode give me problem, i can't bootloader...
  7. D

    Thread SP flash tool error ( MTK6755 ) Meizu m3 note pls help

    Meizu m3 note - i can't boot into recovery - when the phone is switched on, it constantly restarts So, I began to try to use SP flash tool, but i have en error STATUS_BROM_CMD_FAIL (0xC0060005) Sorry for my english
  8. A

    Thread how to fix serial number with my meizu m3 note

    Hello! I successfully recreated the Meizu m3 note M681Q (hard brick), but the serial number and imei number are wrong. The serial number changed to 0123456789ABCDEF .Is there a chance to recover?
  9. iakovl

    Thread how to flash global rom on M681Q?

    an M681Q updated itself to version and lost all languages except English and Chinese, how do i flash a Global rom? SN: 91QEBN Aandroid version: 7.0 Build:
  10. S

    Thread Meizu M3 Note bricked

    Hello, i have recently bricked my Meizu M3 Note phone when updating beta firmware. Phone seems to be totally dead, unable to power on, stuck on black screen. My PC recognize the phone: Windows 10 seeing it as MediaTek USB Port, but it is continuously switch their status, as if the cable were...
  11. M

    Thread [WIP][Solution on progress] Meizu M3 note unbrick

    **** DISCLAIMER **** This post is an EXPERT-LEVEL Post. I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for what you do to your device. Please not that I am still working on a solution to this brick. Hello XDA-Developers, I recently got my hands on a Meizu M3 note and, of course, wanted the newest - nougat - firmware...
  12. P

    Thread Meizu m3 note G version hard bricked, pls help!!

    Hey. I recently hard bricked my m3 note trying to install a chinese version of flyme by accident. when i try to flash preloader through sp flash tool, i get a pop up saying: ERROR : STATUS_BROM_CMD_FAIL I have looked online, cant find anything. Any help?
  13. S

    Thread Meizu m3 NOTE L681H BRICKED!!! please help

    Hello guys, I own Meizu M3 Note L168h LTE recently i downloded an update version (TEST version) From the following address I Chose version I updated the device by copying the into an sdcard and chossing update after pressing...
  14. R

    Thread [Developer Verified] [Tested] [Working] Meizu m3 note Hard Brick Fix Tutorial

    RADev Team Presents: Hard Brick Fix Tool for Meizu m3 Note M91 (TESTED) (WORKING) Warning:- This tutorial is only for M3 Note (M91). Do not try it on Meizu m3 note (L91) as it has not been tested on the same. If you still want to try it, you are on your own. Requirements:- 1. A mildly...
  15. R

    Thread [Developer Verified] [TESTED] [WORKING] Meizu m3 Note Bootloader Unlock Tool

    RADev Team Presents: Bootloader Unlock Tool for Meizu m3 Note M91 (TESTED) (WORKING) Warning:- This tutorial is only for M3 Note (M91). Do not try it on Meizu m3 note (L91) If you still want to try it, you're on your own as although the developer claims that it is working on Meizu m3 note (L91)...
  16. N

    Thread [TUTORIAL] Unlock bootloader on MEIZU M3 NOTE

    1 - Download and install this firmware 2 - Donwload this apk 3 - Root the system and install the APK 4 - Open the APK and give root permissions, then click on UNLOCK and wait 5 - When you see: "unlock successed" the m3note is unlocked 6 - Now do on cmd.exe : fastboot oem unlock...
  17. N

    Thread [KERNEL-SOURCE] MTK6757 - Meizu E2 - Android 6.0

    Another gift from China: Kernel source of Meizu E2
  18. N

    Thread [KERNEL-SOURCE] MTK6755 - Meizu devices - Android 7.0

    Little gift from China: I believe we can build an port all the phones Meizu based on MT6755
  19. D

    Thread please guys my meizu m3 note screen black help mee

    hello .. my probleme is when i update the latest frimeware 6.7.28 ( nougat ) beta i have 'L' modele , and i root my device so i update from the phone i download it and update it after reboot upgrading and say upade or clear data i clicke update and reboot every thing gone black screen and some...
  20. T

    Thread Any known custom roms for Note 3?

    There's any custom rom yet?
  21. M

    Thread Meizu M3 Note inversed X and Y axes

    Hey everyone! I had repaired my meizu, but make mistake - i bought bad display. I was looking for hours for solutions, but nothing work... Same problem have SGS6, but it have in engenering menu "TSP FW update" button. So it have inversed screen on my meizu. I change ro.sf.hwrotation in...
  22. N

    Thread How do I flash Magisk to my Meizu m3 note?

    Each time that I boot the phone up into recovery mode and select the system upgrade option it tells me that the firmware is corrupt (for Magisk). I was able to get the latest version of Flyme ( flashed to my phone without the firmware corrupt showing, however, I cannot for Magisk. How...
  23. darvis

    Thread m3 note stuck on guest mode and Forgotten password

    hi 2 all i received a meizu m3 note that stuck on the guest mode with forgotten password i can go to recovery mode by pressing power+(vol+) button but when i choose clear data it want pass code i tried to flash a new rom with sp flash tools and download about 4 roms but unfortunately i...
  24. zaki aziz

    Thread Any option to get back Dirac hD on M3 Note Flyme 6??

    Hi xda brothers.. it's been awhile i went out of make questionnaire.. Just now feel missing to heard any opinions regarding one of the best mobile audio on Meizu.. Dirac hD that i'm used on my previous M1 note i've noticed doesn't support on M3 Note anymore. Any idea how to get back Dirac hD...
  25. K

    Thread Official Linux kernel for Meizu M3 Note smartphones

    I'm sorry for my bad English. Meizu M3 Note(M681) has released the source code on the Github. Hope someone to unlock the bootloader and develop new ROMs like Lineage OS.Thanks a lot! Sorry that I can't posting outside link.Search "M681" on Github can find it.
  26. F

    Thread Meizu m3 note custom ROM

    I'm using ameizu m3 note, running on flyme 6 based on lollipop 5.0.1 Is there any custom rom available for m3 note to flash it??? How to flash meizu phones?? I'm new in this forum, pls help me:confused:
  27. M

    Thread Meizu m3 note how to unlock bootloader?

    Same as the title
  28. A

    Thread Meizu M3 Note service frimware

    Now we have a service firmware and scatter file. To launch Write efuse need to install ePass2003. In the cloud there are instructions for connecting the phone to flashing I hope we will understand how to use it Cloud
  29. Doronmak

    Thread help to unbrick meizu m3 s

    hello guys i need your help :confused: , my friend root his meizu m3 s and after he tried to install custom recovery with flashify after this the phone started to boot loop . how can I unbrick this phone ? factory reset through the recovery maybe? how can i enter recovery mod on this phone...
  30. S

    Thread Meizu M3 note source codes

    So Meizu finally released their source code for M3 note for both the Chinese and the international version . So getting roms for meizu m3 note is gonna be easier I believe.
  31. C

    Thread Porting Flyme OS 5 from Meizu M3 Note to UMi Super

    For all UMi Super lovers out there, I am starting this thread as a beginning of my project to port Flyme OS 5 from Meizu M3 Note to our beloved UMi Super. Here are some facts: 1. As many of you with some Custom ROM development knowledge know, porting from one device to another is relatively...
  32. L

    Thread [TEAM REQUEST] Wanted for modding team Meizu m3 note.

    Hello everyone. I would like to inform you that I'm looking for a team to start the modding for Meizu m3 note. I do not try people "getting ahead" but someone who step by step cooperates in a slow transformation for this extraordinary device. I would try to create a CyanogenMod but unfortunately...
  33. X

    Thread Meizu m3 note Bootloader

    My English is very poor, never qualified. I would like to ask m3 note Meizu have the hope to crack or bypass Bootloader? Thank you very much. More than from the translation process, if you cause confusion, I am very sorry.
  34. L

    Thread how to brick Meizu m3 note? thanks for your help!

    ppl would get worried about this title, but I can definitely tell you that I really neet to brick it!! I've tried the following methods: 1. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/by-name/lk 2. fastboot 3. flashfire, cannot log in sys, but still alive! any custom rec? TWRP or ? all...
  35. S

    Thread Meizu M3 Note Firmware

    The recent beta version is awesome. The log of the beta as follows The Log the Update of The will of the firmware not to take the Initiative to the push the blue charm is Note3 Flyme beta "the Loop Jacket ring the Smart window the Cover the firmware the Exclusive" is...
  36. H

    Thread Meizu M3 note not supporting BSNL sim India

    Hello All, I have recently purchased a Meizu M3 note in India which has firmware version installed. I have BSNL which is one of our state run GSM Services. The problem I am facing is when I insert the sim, All 3G signals are there, however, it says "Cellone(Data Connection Only)". I...
  37. L

    Thread Meizu M3 Note vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    comparison between 2 really similiar devices. Which one do you think its better ?
  38. R

    Thread Mobile Wars – Le 1s Eco beats the Meizu M3 Note!

    The Meizu M3 Note was launched in India today and comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD touchscreen display, a 1.8GHz MediaTek Helio P10 octa-core processor paired with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. It also has a 13MP, 5MP camera combo, a big 4100 mAh battery and an option for expandable...
  39. F

    Thread Meizu will release Meizu MX5E and Meizu M3 Note smartphone in April

    In April, there are many Chinese smartphones to be released. For example, Meizu is ready to release Meizu M3 note and Meizu MX5E smartphone, both of them enjoy high attention among the customers Let's talk about Meizu m3 note first: From leaks so far we have discovered that the new Meizu M3 Note...
  40. N

    Thread [LEAKED-ROM] Meizu M3 Note aka M681Q

    Hi at all, at this link can download an nice test ROM of M3 Note (m681q) :P Here the build.prop: M3Note import /custom/cip-build.prop # begin build properties # autogenerated by
  41. F

    Thread Meizu M3 Note smartphone will beat Xiaomi MI 4S, 4C?

    Latest news from Meizu that it will release Meizu M3 NOTE smartphone which will be with 5inch or 5.5inch screen size with 1080p screen resolution. And it will have 3500mAh battery. the phone will retain the traditional mBack Physical home button up front, most likely integrated with a...