1. Shilddop22

    Thread Question Ram usage too high

    Hello everyone, I need some help... I bought my mom Sony Xperia 5 iii yesterday, and its ram usage has been very high (65%~72%). I checked if any app is over-using the memory too much, and it turns out none. So then I checked the developer option - memory. It said that the Android OS is using up...
  2. Paras Lehana

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] Device Settings Menu | Part IV - S Pen, Advanced Features, Maintenance, Apps

    Device Settings Menu Guide, Tips & Discussions Part 4 - Advanced features, Device maintenance, Apps If you're new to this series or want to see the index, please read the Introductory Post first. Advanced features Link to Windows: ENABLED!! You can text, get notifications, call, see phone...
  3. ouosamu

    Thread Problem with memory on rooted phone

    This is my first question here. I have SM-N975F. A couple of days ago I installed 12 version of Android (Official Star Wars, OSW) and got a root access with the help of Magisk 24.1. All is good, but one thing: if it is just stock firmware, then I have 256 Gb on board as expected. But after...
  4. royfig

    Thread FireTV 4k Read-only expanded memory

    533 / 5,000 Hello, I do all the procedure to expand the memory of the firetv (OS 6) and it creates the partition for me, but it does not let me save the applications in it ... checking the properties I see that it is RO and not RW like the one in the tutorials, I have repeated the process...
  5. R

    Thread Newbee Here! Forgive my lack of knowledge for now please!

    Yes I am a newbee here and I admit this forum looks a bit over my head at the first look. I have a 50" Insignia Amazon Fire TV that I bought a while back from Best Buy. Admittedly I do not watch a lot of things every day or night, but mostly I will sit and watch a TV shows (seasonal series) type...
  6. rsngfrce

    Thread Major Android 11 memory issues

    Ever since my Galaxy S10e (AT&T) upgraded to Android 11 last week, I have been having major memory problems. If I switch from one app to another and then go back to the first, it has often been killed. When running some apps, my persistent notifications start disappearing and apps that I have...
  7. S

    Thread Where has my internal memory gone after flashing HavocOS 3.9?

    Hi all, I have a Xiaomi Mi A3 64GB model and I recently flashed HavocOS 3.9. My internal memory is showing 16GB available. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be?
  8. E

    Thread November patch, is it worth doing factory reset?

    Some say that the device is more stable since the November patch but I don't personally notice it. Would a factory reset help❔
  9. Loustsoul

    Thread Memory in recovery... Please help me install Magisk

    I have a T-Mobile 7T. I have unlocked the sim and bootloader. I have installed TWRP recovery twrp-3.4.0-0-hotdog-unified-mauronofrio. I have downloaded Magisk on my 7T and my laptop. I have put the zip file directly on my 7T from my laptop. So now there are multiple files on my 7T. When I boot...
  10. A

    Thread S20 SD865 12GB has only 10.3GB?

    Hi, I have Galaxy S20 g9810 with 12GB ram. But in AIDA64 IT shows total memory 10.3GB. Can someone confirm this? I don't mind really that it has 1.7GB less memory. It just strange. Thank you!
  11. A

    Thread Galaxy S20 Ultra isn't as FAST as YOU think IT IS!!!

    Hmmmm what a difference! This is very bad performance for a 1400 dolar phone. And what's your score on the Galaxy S20 Ultra? v=LfZUNL5hyVw
  12. EEngineer

    Thread External microSD Card Slow in LG G3, Fast on PC

    I had a 128GB microSD card in my LG G3, a 128GB Samsung EVO Select microSD card. After only a year I was seeing slow read/write benchmark speeds (using A1 SD Bench) & was also seeing some lag so I replaced it with a 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro. But the speed for the Sandisk is the same. The app...
  13. katolink

    Thread 16 GB RAM vs. 12 GB RAM - any real benefits?

    Just wanted to catch your opinion on the real benefits of buying the 16 GB variant as opposed to 12 GB model. Make abstraction of the storage capacity increase, just assume that you don't really need 512 GB as long as you have expandable storage (via microSD) to use if really needed. I am...
  14. F

    Thread SD Card & Adoptable Storage on G7 Power: Setup info + Questions

    I have the US version G7 power with 3/32 GB memory. I knew I would fill that 32 GB up right away, and did. But no problem--just put a card in the SD card slot, move things over, and all is well. In working through that, I realized there are quite a lot of options and documentation on them is...
  15. enweazudaniel

    Thread Basic Android Troubleshooting[How to Improve Battery Life and more]

    Note: We all need to know a little about Basic Android Troubleshooting. If any engineer/programmer came up with a perfect phone, who could put a price on that? It’s somewhat like finding the fountain of youth, or anything perfect in this world. It simply doesn’t exist. We and the phones we make...
  16. T

    Thread Internal memory always full

    Hi, my Z3's internal memory is always full... 16 GB are surely not enough. Problem is, there are some apps that store data in the internal memory and they have no setting to change this. I already deleted all apps which were dispensable and moved all possible apps to sd card, using system menu...
  17. B

    Thread Slow Recent apps popup

    I re-imaged the phone with the latest (Oct '19) Factory Image. Cleared cache of every single app. Force stopped most of the non-system apps. Turned off all animations in the Developer Mode. When I open a several (less than 5) apps and try to switch between them, it freezes for a few seconds when...
  18. N

    Thread Which Memory card?

    So ordered the 10+ 512gb 5G (uk) version, was wondering if it would be worth my while to get a new memory card, or use the 64GB one I have had a few years? What recommendations do you have for a new card, will it be faster etc? thanks
  19. C

    Thread Root causes for OTG memory issues?

    I am using a 64GB Sandisk Memory Stick via USB and OTG adapter on a Oneplus 6. For backups, pictures, data, etc., and Titanium Backup. Works fine, unless every few weeks, even days, the phone reports that the external memory is corrupt and offers to "fix it", whereas the fix is really just...
  20. TopCoolAndroidApp

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] File Manager: Device Memory System Data Explorer

    File Manager Device Memory System Data Explorer to search, find, create, move, cut, copy, paste, delete, cleanup, erase, remove, rename, move all Android device data files in file system
  21. D

    Thread [MODULE] MultiFunctions (+Bootloop/Blackscreen Resolver For Apps, Modules & HideList)

    [MODULE] MultiFunctions (+Bootloop/Blackscreen Resolver For Apps, Modules & HideList) MultiFunctions Introduction: A Module To Do The Next Functions [Clearing DalvikCache-PlayStoreWithServices-MagiskHideList, Changing The SELinux Mode, Booting The Android Into Safe Mode, Opening Magisk In...
  22. mslezak

    Thread Root Magisk 19.2 9.5.16 EX Kernel Manager 415k AnTuTu Google Pay Working

    Sorry for the terse directions you can find them already on XDA... Note this is many hours of work and I believe EVERYTHING is working!!! Unlock BL through Xiaomi app (15 day wait) If you need a guide to show you how to flash everything this post is helpful, just...
  23. D

    Thread How can I make it so that my android will stop auto closing certain applications?

    I am using a Moto G6 Play (Boost Mobile Variant) and I run a few apps like discord, snapchat, and messenger. Sometimes I'll notice I haven't received a notification in a while, then open the app to see that it's been closed automatically some how. I read around and I think it has something to do...
  24. EEngineer

    Thread LG G3 Easy Fix For Battery Drain

    I was having a problem with an unusually high battery drain with my LG G3. I also began to notice a few corrupted images. So I turned my G3 off and removed my microSD card. I inserted it into a USB microSD card adapter & plugged it into my PC. I ran a check on the card using DiskGenius (free)...
  25. T

    Thread Memory/multitasking issue and potential fixes?

    Hello, I was going to make the jump to the pixel 3, but heard about the crashing problems some users were having when multitasking heavily. Everyone is blaming it on the low 4gb of RAM, but on this thread they...
  26. T

    Thread Storage memory in mi pad 4

    This is a question to mi pad 4 owner. Does it have a slot for external card memory or not? The youtube presentation shows extension slot, the aliexpress sellers write about 256 TF card (vfat) but thousands of news writters described this device as cadr memory slot less. What is a true?
  27. F

    Thread [Magisk Module] Ram Management Fix

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried the Ram Management Fix magisk module by crok. I was wondering if I could get your opinions about the module, is the difference noticeable? Does it affect battery life significantly? How much available RAM do you have before and after?
  28. aldrighi

    Thread SD write protected (for PC operations only)

    Hi there, After root stock fw 5.0 using CF I notice I can´t copy anything from PC windows 7 to SD (or erase anything in SD using PC) due write restrictions (it´s not possible to exclude FOLDERX. Storage is protected against writing. remove the protection against it and try again.). Is it...
  29. L

    Thread I need ROM with more than 827MB RAM available for user

    Hi all, Are there any custom ROM, kernel or method to have mare than 827MB RAM avalable for user? I need it to run Android Auto with my car head unit.
  30. ch3mn3y

    Thread Problem with memory or something else?

    I have my Ultra almost since it was available, but now I have a problem with it. I can flash and boot stock (tried with .108 and .236), I can flash and boot AICP 7.0, but after flashing RR 5.5.9 or CM12.1 /system got shrunk and device is bootlooping on kernel logo. As shrinking I mean that...
  31. B

    Thread Why after installing LineageOS 14.1 does the system occupy almost all memory?

    Hi, the HOS has an internal memory of 16GB, the system occupies almost everything, is there any way to solve it, partitioning the disk or something? How should this ROM be installed? ROM installed
  32. Z

    Thread [GAME] [4.1+] Memory Plus

    Upgrade your brain with the game "Memory Plus". A classic game in a new guise with a lot of different pictures. - More than 280 interesting drawings and 19 different categories. - Different levels of complexity. - Two game modes. The game is suitable for children and adults. Develop your brain...
  33. fruity101079

    Thread Camera record directly on a Pc

    Hello As my Nexus 5x got not much memory left, i was wondering if it was possible to record a video but no to store the file on the phone but on my PC through wifi? With that, i will be able to record long videos without any memory issues. Thanks.
  34. leofa

    Thread How to enable SD card to be used as internal memory???

    Hi friends, I have a 4x with only 16GB internal and its not enough for me. The hardware itself it is but I need more memory. I have bought a 64GB Class 10 MicroSD card and I have rooted it already. Does anyone know how can I enable/format it as Internal Memory?
  35. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.4+] FreeRam : Powerful RAM Cleaner ** PROMO CODES **

    FreeRam : Powerful RAM Cleaner FreeRam is the best tool to clean your phone memory with a simple tap. FreeRam optimizes your phone's performance and boosts its speed by closing running apps and prevents the apps from restarting automatically. It improves your phone's performance ☆ By...
  36. paultbear

    Thread missing memory after stock firmware flash

    I have the SM-T705W (Telus) came with 32gb internal memory. Currently using a 64gb sd card for storage I decided to reflash the stock rom in preparation to updating to a custom rom (6.0 or even 7.0), I wanted to start from a clean base. My problem started after completing the stock restore (...
  37. Xspeed

    Thread Reducing module memory footprint

    Hello fellow devs It's a well known fact that all modules are loaded into all processes, even if they have nothing to do with them, which makes a pretty big difference if you have ~20 modules active and ~30 processes running. Would something like this prevent the situation from happening...
  38. S

    Thread [GAME] Memory Ball

    Hello, I'm happy to present you my new game Memory Ball ! You will embody a navigator ball using a virtual joystick. The concept is simple, reaching the bottom rightcorner of the screen without touching the obstacles ... which become invisible as soon as you move! Video Demo ...
  39. E

    Thread Memory usage

    Hey, So I've been using my Nexus 5x with much pleasure but lately it's getting impossible to switch tasks fast, because they're all closing because of memory shortage. Looking in my settings it shows me that Android OS (780mb), play services (150mb) and Android system (140mb) and System UI...
  40. TENN3R

    Thread Pixel memory problem

    So I bought Pixel recently (32gb, for me it's enough), already rooted with custom kernel and so on. Today I made wipe and flashed last factory image 7.1.1, no problems until after first reboot the detected space is only 10gb that of course I have already filled up. What can cause this awful...
  41. S

    Thread High RAM usage?

    I notice that my P2 uses more then 1gb RAM. Granted witha 3gb/4gb RAM phone it may not matter, but I feel it's too high. My wife's Moto X2 is 9 months old, and it uses less than 600mb Ram. And it goes without saying, it flies.... No issues as such wth my P2 as yet, but wondering if the OS is...
  42. mihaum

    Thread CM13 camera - memory issues

    Does anyone have a memory (as for RAM) problem with the CM Snap camera. Every time I run and exit camera, almost every app gets killed, including launcher re-drawal. Moreover, I'm working on a QrCode scanning app based on zxing, which after the scan should pass result to the app, but the camera...
  43. D

    Thread Adoptable storage problems

    I was just wondering how many of you have had problems/success with the adoptable storage. I have had two Moto x pures and both have messed up memory cards. I have lost 3 cards total that I could not access even when I tried from my PC. If you have had success I would love to know what card you...
  44. M

    Thread [SOLVED][ROOT][DRIVERS] Drivers Aren't Working After Rooted

    Hi Guys After I've rooted the phone I can't open the Camera, I can't Transfer files from PC through USB, I can't Turn on the Bluetooth...Etc Please help me on this issues like are there a way to install drivers or anything? Thanks in advance GT-N7100 4.4.2
  45. B

    Thread Read only internal memory, and how i solved it.

    Removed, the method described doesn't work anymore
  46. B

    Thread Problem moto e memory

    Hello guys! I have my moto e for about 3months, it was Running perfect, I had it rooted 4 weeks ago. Untill now everything worked fine. Yesterday evening my music stopped playing out of nothing. Right now i Found out that under the folders "/mnt/", "/storage/" and "/sdcard/" the directory...
  47. J

    Thread Android 4.2.2 JB Memory Leak?

    Hello I have a Alcatel one touch fierce 7024w which is rooted with KingRoot. My issue is there seems to be a memory leak on Android JB 4.2.2(latest) and whenever I use a certain application for a period of time (usually YouTube) it will just crash no error anything just crash to launcher. I...
  48. J

    Thread [Completed] Android 4.2 memory leak?

    Hello I have a Alcatel one touch fierce 7024w which is rooted with KingRoot. My issue is there seems to be a memory leak on Android JB 4.2.2(latest) and whenever I use a certain application for a period of time (usually YouTube) it will just crash no error anything just crash to launcher. I...
  49. razorsbk

    Thread Question about lockscreen cleaned apps (closed apps)

    Usually after i unlock the phone i see a notification that during lockscreen the following apps were cleaned (closed) in order to reduce power consumption. I dont really want to close my chrome or some other apps every time i leave the phone locked for a longer time, but i can't find an option...
  50. C

    Thread RAM issue.

    So I'm having an issue on my GS6 where every time I switch between running apps, they will reload. Even if I only have two apps running. Say Disa and Chrome. I'll send a message in Disa, then switch to chrome and chrome will reload instead of just having the previous page already open. Then I'll...