1. jcsww

    Thread Question Band Selection Service Menu

    Has anyone had a chance to see if making changes to the band selection in the service menu work? Dial *#2263# in the Samsung dialer app.
  2. N

    Thread Will a ROM reflash reset the phone to an out of the box state and reset hidden menu(4636) settings?

    Hi, I'm in the process of trying to flash my phone back to stock because I messed some stuff up in the hidden menu. I've never really messed with any of this stuff before, but it seems like Sony offers all the tools I need and it seems straight forward. I have a couple of questions, though...
  3. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][ROOT][11+][19/07] Classic Power Menu - Power Menu Replacement w/ Wallet, Controls on Android 11, 12, 13+

    Classic Power Menu is a Power Menu Replacement for Android 11+, with the main aim being restoring power menu options (Device Controls & Quick Access Wallet) on Android 12. Classic Power Menu Requires root access to function, it is not possible without root Please read the FAQ before...
  4. K

    Thread Junsun V1 PRO 4GB + 64GB - Android 10 CANbus settings issue

    Hello from a new member. I'm pretty new to Android head units and i just bought this unit (Junsun V1 PRO 4GB (RAM) +64GB (ROM) Android 10) : Everything works pretty much correctly for the usage that I have...
  5. K

    Thread Blank menu when switching bluetooth connections

    When I am on a call using bluetooth, I can touch the connection label that used to allow me to switch to phone speaker, or speaker option. This is useful when going from by care to the office and back to a BT headset. For the last few updates, this screen is blank when selected. I can touch the...
  6. T

    Thread Side Menu bar on SM-P580 as on Note 10.1 2014

    Hello Is there a way to have a side menu bar on Tab A 10.1 like what we have on samsung Note 10.1 2014 edition? thanks
  7. Paras Lehana

    Thread [GUIDE] Device Settings Menu Guide, Tips & Discussions | Part I - Connections

    Device Settings Menu Guide, Tips & Discussions Part 1 - Connections If you're new to this series or want to see the index, please read Post #2 first. The post has been updated as per the settings menu in latest Pie update.[/CENTER] Wifi Click on any network: View supported Network speed...
  8. BigBrad75

    Thread US997 G6 Hidden Menu/Service Menu, I finally figured it out!!!

    For any of you curious on how to enter the service menu on the us997, or probably other models as well, heres the code (replace the 997 with ur 3 digit model number) However there is one big catch, which was what was keeping me from accessing the menu, and i imagine anybody else having trouble...
  9. oF2pks

    Thread [ADB|NoRoot] HIDE Nav/Status bars WITHOUT screen awaken Bug & [MENU] button

    Whether you enjoy LMT pie or dislike squary navbar, you may have already tried (with infamous screen awaken BUG) [ adb shell settings put global policy_control immersive.full=*] because of need for interactive com.sonymobile.lockscreen.otp to be excluded : · Hide Status Bar only type: adb...
  10. N

    Thread Modify to re-enable APN menu?

    Last night I successfully compiled LineageOS 14.1 for my SPH-L720 / jfltespr S4. It works pretty darn well. I'm not really a developer but I know how to follow directions. Trouble is that I use Freedompop, Sprint MVNO with a weird APN, and my usual method of flashing the Freedompop APNs (XDA...
  11. AlexMailOne

    Thread [App] [Free] Advanced Boot (Root) from GooglePlay

    [App] [Free] Advanced ReBoot Menu [Root] Advanced Boot [Root] - The extended reboot menu. ? Need Root. Reduce wear on the power button of the device. The app is useful to boot into recovery or the bootloader on devices with modified ROM. When you first start, wait for the pop-up window and...
  12. mhashim6

    Thread [Open Source] [App] [4.0.3+] [Quick Query] Search anywhere with a single click

    App is now open source, check the GitHub repo. Supported engines: Google DuckDuckGo YouTube Google Play Features: Copy to Launch: When copying a text, a floating button Will show on the screen. Select to Launch: simply select the text, and you will find a shortcut to search your text. no...
  13. F

    Thread How do I customize the Menu/Recent button in CM13

    I just recently flashed the CM13 and I found out the recent apps has to be accessed using the home button! I prefer the original lollipop button layout so I went searching around and found the 'Button' option in the settings and I was able to customise the home button, power button and the...
  14. P

    Thread Hiding the 3 dot menu (overflow buttons)

    Hello! I am using SlimSaber - SlimLP which is a 5.1.1 ROM and I'm facing a single issue with it, I'm posting it here since the ROM's thread seems pretty dead, but it's still a great ROM. I want to remove the 3-dot menu also called overflow buttons because I don't use the navigation bar. As you...
  15. gyurman

    Thread Where is a Flip Mute menu?

    Hello, I seen on any site the phone can Flip Mute function from menu. I can attach a picture. So, how can I enter the menu? Or why I haven't in stock rom?
  16. C

    Thread Qualcomm Settings Menu, how to? XT1575

    I need to know if someone of you already enter or found out how to change the Qualcomm settings in XT1575 i already did everything to turn on my radio but nothing works.
  17. repherb

    Thread Menu + Back keys not working after Upgrade to Lollipop 5.0?? READ THIS!!

    This post is to help anyone that upgraded to Lollipop 5.0 from KitKat 4.4.2 with any newer 2012+ devices (Not just the Note 3, but also s4 etc.) exhibiting the symptoms in the title of this post. So i picked up a Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8 and got the OTA update from KitKat 4.4.2 to Lollipop 5.0...
  18. L

    Thread (HELP) Menu Button Stucked

    Hello everyone. My old black Vivo Air got stollen so I bought a new one, white. Everything works like a charm except that apparently someone hit too hard the side of the screen by the menu button and it's kind of stuck, always. I mean, I may be doing nothing and it's like the menu pops up and...
  19. spithash

    Thread Change '"Menu" button to "Recents".

    Hello guys, I installed G2 Xposed module to change some things on my G2. After the installation and first reboot my "recents" button (it was by default) changed to "menu" button. Is there a way to change it back to "recents"? It really drives me crazy i can't find any solution. :eek: My Rom...
  20. S

    Thread [INFO] The Amazing Secret *cough* Codes!

    Ever since I had my first cell phone (one of those fancy little bricks by Motorola) I've loved finding ways to "mess around" with the software and hardware. Now that I'm a little bit older, and a little more experienced, I love to manipulate coffee to do exactly what I want. But who ever said...
  21. magnoidgoat

    Thread [Q] Is there any way to get a "menu" soft key on this device?

    I know it's possible with Xposed but unfortunately it seems like Xposed doesn't work on this phone yet. Is there any other way to change the soft keys? I would find a menu mey more useful than the "recent" key. Thanks!
  22. ardentis

    Thread [MOD] [ZIPs] Button remaps for the L90

    Hi fellow users, My D415 died awhile ago so therefore I cannot make nor test any new zips. I can add any of your zips to this thread as long as you PM me the zip and another user can verify that your zip works. Have fun and be safe! I made some zips to remap the button layouts on the LG...
  23. K

    Thread [Q] Missing MTP Settings Option

    So Im on a D802. It has Lollipop 5.0.2 on it. So heres my software info page . However when I connect my phone via USB to the PC. The MTP Options doesnt show up. It is also non existent in Settings under the General Tab as shown by the LG manual. I looked here: and here : and here...
  24. F

    Thread [Q] Note 4 task manager button on note 3

    Hi. I recently got my note 3. On note 4, the left button it's the task manager (I'm right?) so I want to know if there's any kernel or a rom that got that function on note 3. I want to use the menu button of my note 3 as the task manager as the note 4. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot!
  25. denenatse

    Thread [ROOT][HOW TO] Swap Menu and Back Button

    On Rooted Note 3, use and ROOT Explorer: -open System; -open USR; -open Keylayout; -Copy Generic.kl, while copied Rename Generic.kl > Generic.kl.old then Paste Generic.kl in same folder -Open Generic.kl.old as a text file using text editing app that usually comes with ROOT Explorer, and swap key...
  26. R

    Thread Extend the Power Off menu with reboot and so on in stock

    Hi there, I have a N6 running stock Android 5.1 LMY47D. By default "reboot" is not an option when you press "Power Off" button so how do I extend that menu to add "Reboot, "Reboot into Recovery" options? I know there are a lot of ways to do it: trhough XPosed and Advanced Power Menu module (not...
  27. N

    Thread [App] Quick Navigation - Open quickly navigation in anywhere.

    Hi everyone! I have an app which I want to introduce for you. Quick Navigation is very useful for launch quickly an your app and list app on navigation you can set up freely. Simple only slide from edge of screen to open menu. This app support your multi task. The main function: - Launch...
  28. M

    Thread [Q] hidden support menu and tcpdump

    Hi, On our Gear S, there is a hidden support menu. When you dial *#9900# on the dialer, you can reach it. On this menu, there is an option to take network traces with tcpdump. But it asks for an OTP key. Is this only open to Samsung Support ? is there a way to bypass the OTP key ? Thanks.
  29. F

    Thread Back & menu button not working Plz help ..

    Guys I have LG Optimus G pro E980. Recently my screen breaked now I changed sensor and screen but my Back and menu key button some time working some time not.. So please tell me that Can I add Menu and back button key via any modification I mean I wanna add Black line with menu and back keys...
  30. G

    Thread convert menu button into multitasking button

    Hi Guys, since xposed doesn't support lollipop i wasn't able to change the menu button into a multitasking button any more but following this I found a method that is applyable :D In short: you need a root file manager system...
  31. etoy

    Thread [Q] Force In App Overflow (3 dots) Menu to Appear?

    I come from a Nexus 4, i'm used to its buttons layout (back-home-recents) but i didn't want to waste screen estate enabling the virtual navigation bar. I already remapped (inverted) "back" capacitive key with "menu", so now i have "back" on the left now and "menu" on the right. Then i remapped...
  32. P

    Thread Apps on main menus Unrooted firetv

    Hi my first thread I was excited. I have been using aptoide for installing virtually anything without any difficulties and whilst browsing it informed me there was an upgrade for Amazon store, of course I clicked it, I have updates blocked in the router by the way. Well I didn't expect much ...
  33. M

    Thread Is there a way to get the dark Tab S menu on the Pro?

    I was watching a review video to see what the Tab S had over the Tab Pro. On the Tab S the menus are all dark themed and I find the menus on the Tab Pro to be so blinding with that bright white. I'm guessing there is no official way, but I thought maybe someone had made a tweak for it once...
  34. mackdaddy187

    Thread [Q] Long press menu to expand notifications

    Hi guys, long story short, my phone got some water splashed on it. So now the top portion of the touchscreen is insensitive (pretty much just the status bar area). So I cannot expand notifications by dragging down using my finger, but the pen still works. I was wondering if there is a way to...
  35. A

    Thread Change Power Menu longpress timeout (Xposed)

    One of the things I love about AOSP ROMs as opposed to LG ROMs is that the power menu activates a lot quicker. I recently found a way to replicate this effect using Xposed. 1. Install Xposed (make sure you're on Dalvik) 2. Install Xposed additions, then activate it and reboot. There appears to...
  36. M

    Thread actionbar icons add on orientation change

    Hey guys, am using the actionbar in my application. when rotating the device, one of them is added right next to the first instance of it. performing multiple orientation results in having a bunch of these icons right next to each other. Do you might know why? I'm using the navigation drawer...
  37. A

    Thread [Q] On screen nav features without on screen nav buttons

    Is there a way to make the system think you're using on screen nav buttons without actually using on screen nav buttons. The outcome i I'm looking for is in apps like Google chrome where if you have on screen nav buttons, the app gives you a drop down menu button. When using the hardware nav...
  38. jastonas

    Thread [Q] S5/Note 4 style capacitive buttons

    Is there any way to achieve the new layout that samsung uses on our "old" Note 3? I would like to have the menu button replaced with recents. Thanks..
  39. L

    Thread [Q] Best working Emulator Frontend?

    Hey guys, I've been trying to find the best way to put my games collection on my fire TV and so far all of them dont work well. I even tried to use XBMC with the config information here: No need to make any changes to the Rom Collection Browser...
  40. razorsbk

    Thread A1000 opens menus/settings/apps random all by itself

    So i have this Lenovo A1000 tablet for about 6 months. A few days ago started acting weird, opens launcher, menu, settings, options, apps randomly. I did a factory reset / format and still the same. It cant be stopped. Even after turn OFF and then ON acts the same. There is no virus, because i...
  41. T

    Thread Rounded Overflow Icons

    Hi, I'm pretty sure that this is not the perfect thread for this post, as it is generally related to android programming. Anyway, here is a link to the new rounded action bar overflow menu icons. I extracted those from the new Google Plus .apk . Feel free to share it...
  42. N

    Thread [Q] how to disable the "logo" hardware button? sense 6

    First off, I am using the "nusense six" Rom ( and have the HTC one m7. I have never used the stock sense six firmware but I have noticed that on this Rom, if you tap on the screen just above the HTC logo, it acts as if you pressed a...
  43. M

    Thread [Q] Force disable menu overflow button

    Hey all, In GravityBox there's an option to disable the overflow menu button. I was wondering if this would be possible without xposed, so I can use it on ART.
  44. drawde40599

    Thread [Q] advanced reboot

    Is there a advanced reboot menu available somewhere ? I cant find one , I don't want xposed or custom ROM ..
  45. R

    Thread [Q] Soft menu button

    I'm looking to buy the Z1 but I will miss the menu button on my Galaxy S1. Is there a way or a mod to add that soft menu key/button? I don't like the "3 round buttons" on the top right. I love that the LG G2 has a setting to modify those keys, is there something similar on the Z1? Thanks guys,
  46. nfaust01

    Thread [Q] Is there a 4 in 1 Reboot Menu for N5

    Just as the title states. I searched the entire N5 topics in all sections and nothing came up.
  47. W

    Thread [Q] power button longpress menu does not pop up

    Hello all, My apologies if this is a common issue. I have searched but the only old thread about it is the following: and no real answer was suggested there, which is why I am asking it again. So the issue is the same as in that previous...
  48. G

    Thread [ROM][Unofficial]SlimBean - The Menu Returns [build.2.1] [5-Nov-13]

    Here's presenting stock Slimbean ROM with just 2 commits reverted which prevented users from adding the big menu button to navigation bar and SlimPie. Besides this, this is pure Slimbean without any modification whatsoever. I'm not a developer, in fact I learnt to install linux because I wanted...
  49. S

    Thread Enabling Developer Menu Nexus 7 2013

    Hello, I have N7 LTE 2013 aka DEB Maybe this is stupid Q&A but I found this tricky to do, so I give a short help for those are completely new with Nexus 7 LTE/DEB: Q: How to enable Developer Menu? A: Go to Settings->About tablet->Tap 7 times (slowly) Build number - while tapping build number...
  50. JDMpire

    Thread [Q] T Mobile USA users. Whats your favorite rom?

    I'm looking for a rom to flash on my T Mobile US version One. I recently installed the Trickdroid rom and while it was fantastic, I had to restore to stock because the rom lacked one kinda major item.... LTE support. Sure, I know what your gonna say... "but the rom doesn't change the radio", I...