1. X

    Thread Question SMS Messaging on 12S Ultra with Xiaomi.Eu

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I recently purchased a 12S Ultra from a user on here that had installed the Xiaomi.Eu Rom. I got it up and running and everything seemed to operating just fine except SMS/Text messenging. I use Google Messages and gave the phone permissions, but in sending out...
  2. Mike-mei

    Thread Practice on Pushing Messages to Devices of Different Manufacturers

    Push messaging, with the proliferation of mobile Internet, has become a very effective way for mobile apps to achieve business success. It improves user engagement and stickiness by allowing developers to send messages to a wide range of users in a wide range of scenarios: taking the subway or...
  3. SigmundDroid

    Thread SMS-Messaging only 4 Lines? Help needed...

    Dear XDAnauts, I don't recall always having this problem but nowadays the LOS app for messaging and SMS/MMS shows only four lines while typing: And no matter how many lines you have typed, the window does not get bigger than 4 lines. Well, how shall I put it without using swear words...
  4. B

    Thread Override stock messaging app?

    Device: Realme X (China variant) So, other than installing a custom rom, is there any way to override the stock messaging app in ColorOS 6 that would allow to me to use Facebook Messenger instead as the SMS app? When I try to do that now, I always get a system message about it switching back...
  5. TK Studio

    Thread [APP][7+] AutoResponder for Instagram

    Hey guys, after AutoResponder for WA and AutoResponder for FB, here it is: The new AutoResponder for Instagram! I really appreciate your feedback. Happy testing! :) AutoResponder for Instagram Automatically respond to custom received Instagram messages with this chat bot. You have a lot of...
  6. rahlquist

    Thread Adjust number of SMS messages stored on Pie?

    So neither the stock OnePlus messaging app nor the vanilla messaging app seem to allow you to set the number of messages per conversation anymore? Does anyone have a clue if they have moved it somewhere outside the app or?
  7. I

    Thread [Confirmed bug] [Stock Rom] [IDEA Cellular] Can't send SMS to anyone when VOLTE is tu

    As you can see in the screenshot I am unable to send SMS to anyone. I am using idea cellular sim card. Here's what I have tried: * Switching to GSM/UMTS/LTE modes * Checking credits * Factory reset * Updating SMS center number * Switching to different SMS apps Still cannot send SMS. All I see...
  8. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Signal messages being sent from wrong SIM

    I have a UK SIM in slot 1, a Portuguese SIM in slot 2, and SIM 1 as the default for everything. Yet when I send a message via Signal to a non-Signal user it is sometimes sent using SIM 2 - has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if it's a bug in OxygenOS or a bug/feature in Signal. I am...
  9. A

    Thread Backup for RCS?

    If you haven't heard by now, there's been some strings in the Android Messages app indicating that there are going to be some new features coming to the app, potentially including RCS enabled by Google. That sounds all fine and dandy; there's a number of benefits to rcs over sms. One problem...
  10. ToXiC

    Thread Contact names not showing in messaging app (cm 13)

    I bought opo few days ago for regular use. Updated it to MM, now I am facing only one problem. Whenever I save a new contact it shows in contacts list but messaging app does not show name, instead it shows number. Old contacts which were synchronized from my google account show without any...
  11. agmtpd

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Call later whatsapp add on

    Call Later Whatsapp Addon DOWNLOAD Here is a small app developed for personal use but ended up being on play store. :D Any criticism or suggestion is welcome. Hope you guys find it useful. Here is the aoo description...
  12. H

    Thread HELP. How to restore messaging history from Titanium Backup without root

    Hi I recently sent my phone in for repair and they factory reset my phone. I had a full Titanium Backup before this. All I want is to be able to restore my Messages conversation history without root from my Titanium Backups. This is because my phone's bootloader was relocked and unrooted when I...
  13. B

    Thread Nexus 6p on SPRINT using RCS messaging causing massive wakelocks

    Hello everyone, I am on sprint and have the option for enabling RCS data messaging on my phone. it works great but will not allow my phone to sleep. It is keeping it awake nearly 50% of my screen off time and I was wondering if I am the only one experiencing this. Tried factory reset to stock...
  14. venus342a

    Thread OITS Offline Messaging FREE

    Introduction to OITS OITS is a simple messaging client which uses some protocols developed by team Venus342 which enables the app to transmit messages even when offline ENGINE BY ADITYA BANERJEE (VENUS342) The next version of OITS has released and can be downloaded using the button above...
  15. B

    Thread Where do i get AOSP for Android Marshmellow? (CM13 on SGS5)

    Title says it all. Ressources i find link on Google's Play Stop and other ressources are massively untrustful. There must be some kind of trustable source for the AOSP system apks, right?
  16. owenrg

    Thread [Completed] iPhone and Android Group text issues (still)

    Alright, this issue has gone on long enough! The issue is a little more complicated than just not receiving group mms from iphones. Here's the deal: iPhone user 1 and iPhone user 2 have the exact same settings under "settings/messaging" imessage ON Show contact photo: ON Read receipts: OFF...
  17. J

    Thread "Always On" Notifications for alternate message app?

    Is there a way to get the notifications on the "Always On" screen if I use an alternate messaging app, like Textra? Thanks!
  18. WastedJoker

    Thread Blue icon on send button on stock messaging app on 6.01

    Hi all, I've got a blue 1 icon next to send/receive times and a heart icon on the send button of the stock messaging app on my Sg Edge+ running 6.01 What do they signify? Edit:
  19. K

    Thread [Q] Windows 10 and SMS Messaging

    I saw a similar thread here, but it wasn't quite what I was trying to work on. Here's my situation: I have a cellular enabled Venue 11 Pro using a Huawei based LTE-enabled card. Even though the card is marketed as an LTE capable device, it is also capable of using several other SIM card...
  20. U

    Thread Receiving messages late / out of order on AT&T US

    Just got a new z5c - I'm in the US on AT&T. This didn't seem to be a problem until last night, but now I'm having messages take between 5 minutes and 2 hours to come into my phone. People are still getting my sent messages instantly. Never experienced this problem on my old phone (2013 Moto X...
  21. S

    Thread Reply, with Texting, by Long-Pressing "Caller" Number (*Caller*)

    Hello everyone, Has anyone noticed this: If someone CALLS you and you long-press on the Caller number, the Pop-up windows is ONLY for calling-back, NOT for messaging-back. Does anyone know how to have Call app and Messaging app integrated/joined with each other so that long-press incoming...
  22. morgan5814

    Thread MMS Pictures deleted

    My wife has a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 From AT&T Model Number: SAMSUNG-SM-N910A Android Version: 5.0.1 Kernel Version : 3.10.40-416876 dpi#SWDD3022 #1 Build Number : LRX22C.N910AUCuCOC4 The problem is whenever a text is sent with a picture she's able to open it real fast and then it immediately...
  23. svavartr

    Thread [Q] Handcent sms failes recieve sms from my bank, no other....

    I use handcent and quite like it. i have a problem tough, when i login to my bank I get sent a sms with a confirmation code. But it does appear different than other messages, it pop's up a window that has te message and the option to save or cancel. Does anyone know anything about these kind og...
  24. Y

    Thread [Q] PLEASE HELP! Notification sound and music library are gone!

    All of a sudden my sms notification sound doesn't work anymore. I try to look into it, finding out that the file is still in the Notifications folder and evetything, only to discover that in Play Music all my music library is also gone! Simply vanished! Of course, all the files are still on the...
  25. A

    Thread [Q] Please Help! Messaging Deleted.

    Dear all, Can anybody help me with my messaging app, please? I deleted carelessly. Anybody has a flashable zip file for Messaging? Model: XT1033 Rom: Stock 5.0.2 Great thanks in advance.
  26. T

    Thread Can someone post the default messaging app?

    I'd like to be able to use the iOS style notifications, which have the text field directly in the notification. I know that it likely won't work on an AOSP ROM, but I'd like to at least try. Thanks in advance!
  27. E

    Thread [Q] Text Messages Get Split Up - Nexus 6 on Verizon Wireless

    So I've been having this problem for a few weeks where my texts get split up if they are few sentences or longer. It doesn't happen with everyone either, that I know of. Not only do my texts get split up (with the few people that I know this problem happens with), but the texts they send me get...
  28. Julien.H

    Thread [APP][4.0+][NEW ENGINE] Dashdow SMS - Revolutionary SMS notifications

    Hello guys, today we released a application that extends our dashdow collection. Called Dashdow SMS. It offers you a beautiful way to receive SMS and answer to it. Incoming SMS from a contact will be shown in a bubble with a popup that displays the message. Also you have the option to quick...
  29. M

    Thread [Q] Wrong language in certain modules in custom ROM

    Hi there, I recently installed a custom Rom (Ultimate N7000 LT4 JB 4.1.2 v6 - deoxed) for my Note's father and after installing all his apps I found that some modules or rom apps are not "translatable". That is, even though I select my preferred language from Settings, some modules are still in...
  30. alone_in_dark

    Thread Galaxy S5 SMS app with Xperia Emoticons [GB 2.3]

    Galaxy S5 SMS app with Xperia Emoticons for Deodxed Gingerbread ROMS Here is my modded Galaxy S5 Messsaging app with Xperia Emoticons.. Tested on TouchWiz Resurrected rom for GT-S5570i.. :) Note: I haven't tested it on other ROMS or Devices. So,please take a backup of your Messaging app {i.e...
  31. E

    Thread Most messaging apps unable to handle group message efficiently

    I've had some issues with group messaging in the past. I've tried many apps but the only one that seems to work without error is 8SMS. While I have no problem with it, I prefer the look of stock or google messenger. The main issue is the app not downloading the mms at all or when the message...
  32. D

    Thread Failed text messages appear only after phone restart

    Hi all, I run into an intermittent problem where I see some 'messages not sent' errors after restarting my phone. However, I clearly recall that the messages looked like they were sent fine when I had composed them and hit send. I'm on T-Mobile if that makes any difference, using the Moto G...
  33. sabreem

    Thread Default messaging app prompt (annoyed) assistance needed

    Greetings XDA, O.k. I'm new to Samsung and touchwiz so please forgive me, coming from the HTC One to the Edge. I previously used a few messaging apps going to one for this and another for that, keeping one for private messages an another for this and that... Google voice, go sms or handscent...
  34. M

    Thread SMS Issues

    I'm having issues with my Sprint Note 3. Was originally running CM on it when it stopped receiving or sending text messages. MMS, Data, and Phone Calls all worked correctly. At first I tried a Factory Reset and wiped the Dalvik/Cache. Unfortunately I still had the problem so I updated my...
  35. H

    Thread [Q] Whssp Plus- Deleted msg show again

    Hello to all.. Does any one knows why when a deleted msg or conversation in whatsapp plus it comes back a little later and show again.. and the same,, doing the delete and back and back .. i had reinstalled and everything.. any way to fix these bug ? Rooted S4 Thank you. H.
  36. D

    Thread Why doesn't google integrate hangouts into the OS like iOS integrates iMessage and FT

    It would make everything so much more easier! Instead of downloading apps, signing in, having everyone online in order to call/text/video call, it would be so much better if Hangouts was just integrated into the OS. On iOS all you do is sign in to your Apple ID when you first buy and turn on the...
  37. F

    Thread [Q] GMAIL, HANGOUT, MESSAGES, CONTACTS irritating design decisions

    RE: GMAIL, HANGOUT, MESSAGES, CONTACTS irritating design decisions I was using Google Hangouts but am fed up of the way it hides the last message of a thread when the keyboard comes up. If i try and drag the message thread upwards to see what's obscured by the keyboard the keyboard itself then...
  38. P

    Thread [Q] HELP! Cant reply to text on moto 360. Stock messaging app

    using tmobile note 4 stock messaging app. i receive text and mms on my moto360 fine. i swipe left to reply. when i select reply it turns to a green check mark and disappears instead of opening google now. i look on my phone and it appears the phone saves a blank draft in the message thread...
  39. corbycave

    Thread [Q] US Cellular texting problem

    I have a brand spanking new account with US Cellular, and a brand spanking new S5. My wife has a brand new S3. My son, the S4 mini. Any text that we send between us that is over 60 characters long gets split. If it is over 200 characters long, it gets split into six separate pieces and the...
  40. P

    Thread [Q] Can anyone help me with MMS?

    Hello! Can anyone help me out? Everything seems flawless on my OPO except... I cannot send MMS messages! I keep getting "Message not sent. Touch to retry." I'm currently on AT&T and on my previous phone, which was an old Samsung Captivate, I was able to send MMS messages no problem. If anyone...
  41. anushajayanti

    Thread Knock app- Responsive missed calls.

    Knock is an app by Dexetra. It is fairly new, and still in beta. According to a market research conducted, a big percentage of the short calls are status calls. The regular Where are you? Are we on for dinner tonight? How about a movie? These questions can easily be answered with a simple yes...
  42. D

    Thread Enhanced Messaging and Phone for 4.4.4 (Call recording and more, NO XPOSED)

    Messaging (Conversations.apk) Enabled features: Real timestamp Slideshow editor Total Count Cost saving MMS preview MMS delivery report Inspired by niaboc79's Port (From an older App) Phone (SemcPhone.apk) Enabled features: Call Recording 2G Enabled Speaker Voice Enhancement Auto Retry...
  43. B

    Thread Chat bubbles

    Just wanted to know if it were at all possible to download different chat bubbles for the stock messaging app? Not really interested in using anything other than the stock app to text.
  44. M

    Thread [Q] Renable Stock Messaging App

    I had disabled the stock messaging app on my Moto X with stock Android 4.4.2. So far, this has been working great, and I don't have two messaging apps (Hangouts and Messaging) in the apps list. However, last night, I updated to 4.4.3, and now I can't send text messages. Hangouts crashes every...
  45. M

    Thread Unified Messaging for Android - First phase is READY

    I have been working on a messaging app which will combine your messages from Stock messaging, Facebook and Twitter. It will also support features similar to iMessage, which will allow you to message your friends over data, see if they are typing, send pictures, videos and group messages (if...
  46. riteshsaxena

    Thread Making an Instant Messaging App using GCM. Can anyone help me????????

    Hello there, I am familiar to android and want to develop an instant messaging app for android which runs on GCM and Google AppEngine. Can anyone Explain me how to do that......Please Reply its my humble Request
  47. winwiz

    Thread Group Messaging Failed - Advice please

    Hi guys I have a group of around 70 contacts, when I send a text to this group of people, it tells me 4 have failed. I can't for the life of me find out which 4, anyone know how to check which ones have failed please? Cheers
  48. M

    Thread [APP][2.2+] Text via Email (Send/Receive texts messages from your email) 9.0

    This application will integrate your text messages with your email address. When you receive a text on your phone, your phone will automatically forward this text message to your email address. When you reply to the email from your computer or tablet, other person will receive your email as a...
  49. T

    Thread [Q] please post the sixth sense messaging app apk

    Can someone please post the messaging app on the Sixth Sense ROM as an apk?
  50. Ben_Z98

    Thread Send SMS messages apps from PC

    Hello fellow Android users: Have you ever wanted to share a clipboard between your PC and phone? Have you ever wanted to send SMS messages from your PC's browser? Have you ever wanted to check the camera of a phone to ensure it's not stolen? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions...